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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weak pt. for Sandy Hook Farce: the Lanzas--just who are they, anyway?

Plan of Attack for Prosecution of Truth: The Lanzas–Who are they, anyway?–What's their HISTORY?

(Apollonian, 30 Mar 13)

Folks: any military commander will tell u–STRIKE AT THE WEAKLING (or weak-spot). Same goes for sports too. So what’s WEAK-PT. for Sandy Hook farce?–sticking-out like a sore thumb, w. a sign hanging, saying “kick me”–it’s the Lanzas, including but not limited to dear, little Adam, who died, u’ll remember, on the 13th (Dec, 12), ho hoo ho.

(1) For observe we KNOW the Sandy Hook “shootings” are gross farce–all the inductive evidence SCREAMS it–just look at the vids, all of them–ANY of them, not limited just to Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, or our good Dr. Carver–ANY of them.

(2) Look at all the photo-shopping and green-screening–it’s all a farce.
They won’t show us the real vids fm the “newly installed” security system, but they have the gall to show all these dumb vids, most of them packaged by the lame-stream morons of the mass-corp. “news”-media, like Anderson Cooper, who’s guilty of treason and conspiracy to overthrow US Constitution, penalty for which is serious business.

(3) And the VERY FEW little kiddoes who were interviewed didn’t hear anything like 150 or so shots fm an AR-15 which is EXTREMELY loud, only reporting they hrd someone knocking stuff down in the janitorial closet or “kicking” the door.

But what will REALLY do greatest damage to this putrid hoax and fraud is showing-up the farcical nature of the Lanzas for whom there’s NO HISTORY–do u notice?

For as a historian (or at least old history major, ho ho) I and u’ll quickly note there’s an ODD (but now typical, for this farce) lack of historical sense or feel, esp. for the Lanzas–who are they, anyway?–where do they come fm?

For we ought to know not only about Adam and his parents, but ALSO about the grand-parents, don’t u think?–why not? Observe Nancy was into guns, eh?–also she was “prepper” and home-schooled. So how did Nancy come to be this way? Did her parents take her out and teach her about guns?–did they have “strong” Christian values?–WHY DON’T WE KNOW ABOUT THIS SORT OF STUFF? Did Nancy and Peter have brothers and sisters?–what about people who knew their parents?

Why did Peter and Nancy get divorced?–was Peter too “liberal” for Nancy? What were Peter’s parents like?–so do u see how LITTLE we know? And do u doubt it’s precisely the object of the mass-corp. “news”-media (just think of that punk, Anderson Cooper) that we know so little about SIMPLE HISTORY of the Lanzas, who no doubt never existed? Why aren’t there any (credible) accounts of people who knew the Lanzas, INCLUDING knowing the grand-parents too?

It’s about time serious people–NOT the lame-stream, lying “news”-media–started DEMANDING ANSWERS. And it’s about time the police and investigative agencies started doing their proper jobs PROVIDING INFO to the people they’re supposed to be serving, and fm whose tax-money they’re paid.
  • Let me think about this one, some good points. To be sure, NOW, I’ll bet that ANY of those little kiddies who were interviewed would REMEMBER hearing hundreds of shots. Indeed! They’ve been worked on in the meantime, power of suggestion, morning meeting indoctrination, visits with psychiatrists who’ve put them on drugs, therapists installing “memories”. Newtown has excellent “teaching” methods – - witness their UNBELIEVABLY high test scores. They’re using ‘em now! (And for those of us who will push the tinfoil envelope just a bit, that new cell tower at Chalk Hill may have other uses!)
  • MB 11:53 am on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Aaah, but what can we say about ANY of the 28 “victims”? They HAVE no “history”, barely. It it just an effect of today’s transient society?
  • apollonian 12:20 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    MB: consider–our good editor and others of her outstanding colleagues on this blog have essentially PROVEN (by inductive logic and overwhelming evidence) Sandy Hook was/is TOTAL FARCE.
  • The interviewing of the little kidsoes have already had their fair opportunity and have failed miserably, indeed testifying AGAINST the media farce as I noted. ALL the vids work against them too, ho ho.
  • Don’t u see?–ANY facts now–anything–is bound to working against them–they’re on a DOWN-HILL course, the scum–as they deserve.
  • But the Lanzas are a PARTICULAR weak-pt., most telling, for us debunkers and truthers–the more we can make of it, the sooner, the greater effect it will have on the gun-control debate, (a), and (b) on other things, like how they set-up and lied and hoaxed for such things as Aurora, Co., and 9/11 too, never doubt.
  • I just got finished reading “The Big Bamboozle” by Phillip Marshall who was assassinated recently, just a couple weeks ago. Marshall pt.s out in his book how EXTREMELY closely associated was the Saudi Arabian gov., officials thereof, and pay-masters and controllers w. their cut-outs and patsies who supposedly hi-jacked the planes, like Mohammed Atta and the others–most of all, how it was then desperately covered-up by Bush and Cheney, the scum.
  • cossa6812:35 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Good post, Apollonian. I think the whole gun hoarder and prepper is all part of the psyop, and the latest information adds to the BS. If there were real investigative journalists left in this country, they could easily verify with receipts of gun range visits. Same goes for storing supplies for the collapse. I don’t buy any of it. Just because someone says its so doesn’t make it true. Remember the “uncle” who said Adam was on SSRIs? He was quoted by the media later proven to be a fraud. There was another guy who also made claims about Adam as if he was close to the family. He had to admit he only knew of them. Yet the lying media runs with the misinformation.
  • apollonian 12:41 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Exactly Coss, and note the search which turned up the books on autism, etc.–what OTHER books were in the house? Weren’t there books on economics and politics? Nancy was supposedly fairly well-educated, wasn’t she?
  • Police and judiciary scum better start talking turkey, I say, and presenting some serious EVIDENCE about things. After all, these puke are paid by our tax-money, and our Constitution is under attack for our necessary rights–they better be forth-coming for info that we DESERVE, which is our right to have.
  • LO PHATT 1:11 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    That’s right. Circling the bowl. Swirling, swirling………..glug! I find it strange that there were at least two other “theories”. One had it done by Germans and another by Lieberman. At the time I thought they were pretty far out there. Now they look sane compared to the state’s evidence!
  • Operation Gladio has more of a verifiable paper trail than the “Lanzas”. That’s a hoot. This is precisely why this has “spook” written all over it. There are little “synchronicities”all over the place. Did you know that the SSN that Obama uses was issued in Connecticut and used to belong to a guy who died at the hospital that Gene worked at? Interesting.
  • One gets the feeling that there is something there that has been around a good long time. It is said that the hospital was used in the MK Ultra program. It seems to check out. Over time, if you were doing a lot of undercover stuff, the area adjacent to your research would probably acquire a few interesting characters.
  • This little Potemkin Village has the butcher, baker and candlestick maker of psyops fully incorporated into the grand scheme. It appears that there is some reshuffling of players afoot as we speak. It will be interesting to see if they fold their tents or just change the character of the place again. It seems unlikely they can just leave things as they are.
  • apollonian 1:27 pm on March 30, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Indeed LP: they keep “going to the well,” ho ho ho. And don’t forget how they (the powers) faked Obama’s b. cert. too. They just have no respect for the people–too much, I think.
  • What happened, as I noted in another posting, was they just got so brilliant (they thought) at drill-drill-drilling (as u originally pt’d out), they decided, hey, why not concoct something totally out of whole cloth and see what we can make w. it?–see how far it can go?
  • After all, they totally control the mass-corp. “news”-media–they only grossly under-estimated the mighty I-net. But not to worry, people (the fools) are still taking their worthless Fed. reserve notes in exchange for real stuff. They just get the judges, whom they own, to seal all evidence.
  • This Sandy Hook stunt is latest instance of their HUBRIS and power-madness by which they’ve begun to over-reach a little tooooo much.
  • “We GOT to do something” for gun-safety, they say hysterically and repeatedly–when there’s simply nothing that can be done, ’cause we need semi and full -automatics to overthrow psychopathic dictators like these grinning pukes. After all, it’s our right to kill tyrants, ho ho ho

Friday, March 29, 2013

Object lesson of satanist(s) co-opting Christianity, construing it to meaning passivity, suicide, cowardice


Never Doubt Satanic Enemy KNOWS Value, Utility Of Co-Opting "Christianity"
(Apollonian, 28 Mar 13)

Talk about full-court press, ck this:, where the “artist” equates gun-ownership w. satanism.

“Artist” says: “I’m also perplexed by the claim of much of the nation to have ‘Christian values.’ If god tells us to love our neighbor and not to take another human life, where do the assault weapons and piles of ammo fit into these ‘Christian values’?”

So Christianity means being a slave, going dis-armed in the face of murder?

That’s why Christianity needs urgently to be understood–it’s NOT NOT NOT NOT primarily about “love”–it’s about TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other notions, including “love,” “faith,” “good,” or peace–ck Gosp. JOHN 14:6. And that’s why Christianity needs be appreciated properly, it being a literary-based religion, founded in New Testament.

But folks, one thing is sure, and the “artist” in question is quite astute, verily, for his allusion to dear Christianity–it’s crucial for the cultural conflict as to how our fundamental values are understood–what is Christianity and why is it so crucial?
Remember: most folks have greatest difficulty thinking–they need leadership, and this is why Christianity is soooooooo important and soooooo necessary to understand properly–it’s the way we’ll be able to rally, organize, and unite our people against the anti-Christ enemy–even the enemy, as we see, which tries to use Christianity as a weapon of its own.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sandy Hook Investigation In Hist. Context: Truth vs. lies?--or Pharisaic "good vs. evil"?

see [url][/url]

* * * * * * * *

Sandy Hook Investigation In Context Of Cyclic History & Sociologic Conditions
(Apollonian, 27 Mar 13)

Hello comrades: interesting discussion, truly (see link, above).  But let's sum up things for our over-all investigation: I think we're really on to an explosive particular for the powers, and that's the existence or not of the Lanzas--and note this is not complex thing for folks to grasp--surely the WEAKEST pt. for the concoction of this farce, even w. all the practice drills, etc., etc.

Too bad there's no genuine press to help investigate and get word out--thank goodness for the I-net, eh?  Thus complexity and babble will attempt to cover-up this simple little detail which is yet most telling.

Note basically we're up against CRIMINALS, pure and simple--these are a bunch of psychopaths who are colluding, hence satanists as they're dedicated to LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and HUBRIS, as I've always noted.  They think they're like God, capable of creating reality--so it's really just a sort of huge, colluding SUBJECTIVISM they're imposing upon folks, esp. by means of the mass-corp. "news"-media.

Observe then the top criminal enterprise is NECESSARILY the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam--this is the topmost scam possible or conceivable which then controls ALL other criminality of organized nature--the ONLY other criminality possible is of the petty, individual sort which the masterminds don't care too much about.

Under-lying this topmost criminal enterprise (the Fed, again) could only be ABSTRACT (philosophic-type) things which are, by nature, complex and speculative, and which is argued over by all and many so often, easily manipulated and tweaked so as to lead people astray and down false-paths.

Yet, I do think it's useful, still, to note the great Christian precept of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. lies (8:44).  This (Christian) concept is the basic abstract which the anti-Christs thereupon attempt to confusing by means of their heresies, specifically, by replacing the necessarily topmost precept of TRUTH w. subjectivist "good-evil" (Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy--look it up).

Thus u see, Truth, necessarily founded upon the objective reality (for criterion) renders the DETERMINIST course of things according to strict cause-effect--there is no perfectly "free" will, hence no "good-evil."  We're all sinners, as St. Paul notes, and no "free" will will EVER change that.

Thus things follow a determinist, hence CYCLIC course, according to Spengler's "Decline of the West," whence an original heroic generation (as of American Revolution) begets (eventually) a corrupt generation as we observe presently, addicted to TV, porno, football-games--but esp., over-all, this HUBRISTIC pretense to "good-evil," as we observe.  And u all can see just how abstract our analysis has already become.

Thus children insist upon this "good-evil" delusion as they've been sooooo intensively programmed, thus manipulated, and there's NO solution to this but for the killling-off of the excess weaklings and losers in "Decline of the West," aforementioned--such is the DETERMINIST CYCLIC course of things.

Hence, to remove fm this abstract discussion, so speculative, we can for practical purposes just go-back to that top criminal enterprise, the Fed COUNTERFEITING as the nub of the problem which everyone can agree upon, it being verifiable by means of simple perception, not abstract or speculative.

And once again, note the simplicity of the greatest immediate problem for criminals of Sandy Hook farce--the existence/reality of the Lanzas--this is where we can still all agree and focus upon, which the powers are now desperately wiggling and squirming to get folks to avoid.  Don't forget Adam's death cert. is dated 13 Dec 12.

How can ANYTHING get done if the stinking, corrupt judge and police CONTINUE to suppress evidence and info, and the corrupt bureaucrats continue to conceal the death certificates?--even in defiance of letter of law--TOTALLY obstructing justice--and NO ONE among the establishment says anything about this gross, putrid corruption in everyone's face.


lynne03121:23 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

This is a bit O/T but in line with what you keep saying about truth – the wrongful conviction cases I have researched all have corrupt prosecutors who throw a bunch of stuff out there before the jury, be it character assassination, bribing witnesses to commit perjury or bullying them to testify the way they need them to, police lie, the biased corrupt judge always sides with the State, lots of people talking about how wonderful the victim was, etc. (Police just want to solve the case and don’t care about finding the correct perpetrator.) All of this obfuscates the TRUTH, the facts. Plain and simple – facts. The jurors believe what is presented to them, don’t demand truth and facts and believe they are doing the “right” thing by always siding with the State, put the bad guy away. Family is happy, community feels safe…..BUT what about the fact that the truth wasn’t revealed? The innocent is locked up and the guilty remains free to commit more crimes.

I see the same thing but on a different scale with Sandy Hook, 9/11, OKC, etc. They throw a bunch of stuff out there, people crying, close community, lots of touching photos….BUT what about the truth? Why isn’t everyone demanding facts and truth?! I guess this is now the norm in our society.


Agreed, good editor: note the (Spenglerian) CYCLIC course of hist. indicates there's not a lot that can be done by mere individuals--eventually we can only hope to survive and endure, the lucky ones finally "inheriting" the earth--often after everyone else has killed one another off.

That's why I encourage folks for simple rationalist Christian principle of TRUTH above all/anything else--esp. hereticalist "good-evil" which ALWAYS fascinates the childish masses who prevail and dominate.  For at certain pt. these childish sort are just tooooooooooo over-populated and ONLY war, famine, etc., can remove them--the sad truth we must face.

Thus I pt. to early 4th cent. Roman empire, so moribund at the time, like our own presently, revived and resuscitated, at least briefly, by heroic St. Constantine the Great.
Hence u see the overwhelming, immediate sociologic problem--the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who dominate and leverage all the rest of the confused, dis-united, half-baked "Christians," so-called--this is primary KEY, I submit, sociologically, psychologically.


Anonymous 1:51 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

Apollo: Priority one- location, location, location. You also mention the Roman Empire and its history… aren’t you putting an awful lot of weight in the history as it has been passed? I do not believe most of what I learned in school. I do believe that over centuries and generations, those that are left standing change history so the cycle will continue with the next herd of enslaved ‘useless eaters’. The history you point to is only relevant if it is indeed TRUTH. I don’t believe it is. How do you believe SH will go down in history? How will it be recorded? How is Kent State taught in our schools? History is a tricky thing… especially when it’s rolled out by the likes of Beck and Jones.

lynne03121:55 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

It’s interesting. I homeschool my kids and I often struggle with how best to teach them history because I’m so distrustful of what we’ve been taught. I’ve decided to wait for them to get a bit older (at least my younger one) and I’m going to use Tom Woods’ History program.


Yes anon: u're right--one can't be too careful for quality of knowledge, indubitably, as u say--gotta go by what u know best.  Thus I studied philosophy for HOW we know (called "epistemology").  History is then application, "philosophy teaching by example"--thus hist. is (a) determined, (b) CYCLIC.  Romans are excellent example to learn fm.

Sandy Hook farce?--ho ho ho--it will go down as huge OVER-reaching by powers who became so smug w. their pretended ability to push a version of reality which was not swallowed by the people--one of the virtues of this blog, by the way.

All we gotta do is to keep pressing for publication of the info and evidence and insist on concrete ID of the Lanzas--everything else will fall into place if we do things right.


Anonymous 2:05 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

I wholeheartedly support educating your own- kudos to you. But as we’ve agreed, history IS a tricky thing. I always use the event of the revolutionary war. Can we truly believe that a bunch of rougue imports from across the world, mostly criminals and indegents, were able to forge steel in this new and wild land and manufacture the weapons they used to defeat the mighty Brittish all the while they were defending themselves from the savage Indians (the true and rightful owners of this land- (we are all immigrants)? Seems a bit of a reach, at least for me. The civil war was funded by the bankers- both sides! It didn’t matter to them which side won, just that we fought and killed each other. In the end, they were able to free many ‘slaves’ (most of which were Irish, btw) and instill the corporate mantra. The important part here is that in all of history, it is tainted because the bankers fund both sides and re-write their version to be passed on to another generation to perpetuate the tales.


Well anon: first thing to be done regarding hist. is to attempt to try to make serious, honest effort to understanding, which begins, I submit, to breaking things down to specific items.  Some things then can be well-understood, surely.

I totally disagree Indians are rightful owners--certainly not of ALL the land, which was bargained-for and righteously purchased by the eventual conquerors.

Regarding war for Southern independence, note the US Constitution was horribly perverted, the states-rights partisans tragically losing--which was surely most desired by the bankers for consolidation of the central gov. over/against the states, cent. gov. of Lincoln and "radicals" trampling things miserably.


Anonymous 2:37 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

Thanks for that lynne but I understand as I insist on the anon. title (like it matters…) But it may be partly on my end… I don’t even get cell service here. As I recently commented to apollo; location, location, location. DSL may be quick but one has to choose what’s important and speedy internet simply isn’t a priority to me.

Apollo: on the Indians, we will have to disagree on your interpretation of history. “Bargained for”? You refer to the many treaties that were negotiated and then ignored by those ‘conquerors’? No- what you speak of is no different than our presence in Syria or Iraq or in Africa. It’s all the same story, different day/century/people. It’s all bankers who lie and change history so they can do it all over again once the masses forget the true events and are convinced to give up their FREE WILL under the guise of a perverse and fabricated tale.


Well anon: note I try NOT NOT NOT to "interpret"--I make best effort to UNDERSTAND.  I guess it goes to philosophic basics, once again, and for that, note life is basically WAR and struggle, according to Homer, Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, Spencer, Nietzsche, et al.

Thus the course of hist. indicates corrupted masses "going along" w. the HUBRIS of a perfectly "free" will by which they can change and create reality in God-like fashion and esp. on false pretext of "good-evil"--and this course is demonstrated quite well, I submit, in the CYCLIC course we observe in the fall of the ancient world in Roman corruption, the long, slow revival to Renaissance to present hubristic corruption of "Agenda 21" genocide upon false pretext of "global-warming" lies obsessively, psychopathically pushed by satanists, always upon subjectivist "good-evil" and God-like "free" will.

The battle is btwn Truth vs. lies paradigm and such subjectivism as child's "good-evil" and hubristic "free" will.  We're all sinners, as I noted, and no one is "evil"--just insane w. hubris of godly "free" will, as I note.

U insist upon subjectivism ("good-evil"); I hold to Christian truth of the objective (hence determined) reality.


Anonymous 3:20 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

I hear your stance and understand what you premise your knowledge on. However, there are problems from whithin your very hypothesis. Homer, Plato, et. al., are very convenient works in that they perpetuate the futility of human kind to simply get along and be masters of our own destiny. History tells us that human-kind is incapable of it and those you reference substantiate those thoughts. I want to be perfectly clear in what I’m about to say; I am a believer in My Creator- I am not an athiest or other non-Christian type BUT: certainly you are aware that the Bible as we know it was supposedly writtten by hebrews- one would assume in their native language.

Then at some point, it was translated in to Latin. Then the Greeks got a hold of it and translated the once hebrew, now latin in to Greek. There are great differences between the King James versions of the text and other denominational Christian texts. It is NOT a consistent story. However, there are general ‘tales’, if you will, that follow throghout evvery religion. Even the Quran contains many of the same Atom and Eve (yes… atom, if you truly go way back in to philosophical study) tales. Then you have the issue of each denomination taking those ‘tales’ and putting their own spin on them (some believe the apple was the tree of knowledge, others believe it was an apple in a God-given garden). Mythology, although I will not elaborate on its truisms here, has comparable tales that cooborate many religious beliefs.

So, again, it comes down to history and what can be believed. I would laugh in Plato’s face and argue that, if given the opportunity for man to exert his FREE WILL, human kind could manage without interference from the overseer banker. That the rise and fall of all civilization is a direct result of peoples giving up their FREE WILL. And that FREE WILL can only apply if one operatees on TRUTHS, which, as exemplified by history, has not yet been allowed to manifest itself. Just sayin’…

As an example, and as applicable this time of year, the Passover and how that story has been passed. The story goes that in order to save their eldest sons, the people had to smear sacrificial blood upon their dwellings so the ‘evil’ would pass over them and spare their eldest son. What isn’t included in the story is where that ‘special blood’ came from. As with Abraham and many others in the flow of biblical history, the sacrifice was indeed their eldest son.. So- on it’s face, the story tells of the people sacrificing their sons to save their sacrificed sons. It’s a double-entondra (sp?) of a completely mind-bending concept and I would submit, is interpreted from Hebrew to Latin to Greek, to English to be just that by design. I believe these stories happened to the people’s of those times. It is the circumstance that it left out of the equation that allows for the complete telling of the story. Just like SH.


lynne03123:26 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

Maybe you two could take this discussion offline? Though interesting, it’s getting far too off topic.


 Anonymous 3:30 pm on March 27, 2013Permalink

I did reference SH I agree. I simply feel it’s important for us to not rely on history that is written by those that portend to be our masters… like the never-ending new stories out of Newtown. “If you say it enough times, it must be true.”.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"War on terror" evermore matter of psychology, historic, economic timing

"War On Terror"?--What Is It, Really?--War Against ZOG's Opposition, Comrades--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 26 Mar 13)

Well, u're invasively searched at the airport, many being irradiated, too stupid to know such radiation is DEADLY.  Cops are encouraged by ZOG to be punks and bullies, asking nosy questions; and now u can be arrested, even killed without legal due process--why?--because of the pretended "war on terror," "pretended" because the terror is done by our own gov., the CIA and MOSSAD.  And this "terror" done by our own gov. is then excuse for the present police-state.

Who first went along w. this idiotic "war" (on "terror")?--it was the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist puke who say Christ was Jew, etc.  JCs are truly KEY for this culture and all its corruption.  For these scummy JC puke then leverage all the other "Christian" -styled morons, half-assed scum and filth.

But note what's really happening--it's NOT NOT NOT anything other than war against all/any opponents of ZOG.  Note they say "protesting" and demonstrating is low-level terrorism--u get it?

So any non-conformity, any dissent against "political correctness" is terrorism--get it?--that's the program, prelude to fully-raging reign of terror, coming soon, fools.

Homophobia is terrorism.  Anti-semitism, hence Christianity, the real thing, is terrorism.

Reason and logic is terrorism, ho ho ho.

So we see how a buzz-word, "terrorism," is used as (psychologic) weapon in the assault of criminals and ZOG dictatorship, these criminals and psychopathic scum making use of ignorant puke and dupes like the JCs.

Thus we observe the CONTINUING hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus there's still a certain shoe to dropping, and that's substantial falling in living standards, sharp, substantial rise in prices, due to a failing economy hurtling to collapse, esp. in way of collapse of US Dollar and hyper-inflation--that's when people will really start to waking-up, making serious moves against the criminals and ZOG tyrants.

We patriots must merely prepare so as to be ready--and that's why I preach the real Christianity which is (a) absolutely anti-semitic (anti-lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and (b) rationalistic, founded upon TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all (JOHN 14:6), hence the objective (Aristotelian) reality.

Greatest heresy used to subvert this Christianity is pretense to "good-evil" and the typically hubristic (perfectly) "free" will--SUBJECTIVISM.

Thus the battle of ideology, following fm objectivity vs. subjectivism, is Truth vs. Lies, and hence determinism (founded upon absolute cause-effect) vs. "good-evil" heresy/fallacy/delusion.  Only reason can beat the psychopaths, but the psychopaths make use of the half-asses and trendies who go for such as the "war on terror"--long as it's convenient for them, anyway, during "prosperous" economic times.

Rationalists (hence Christians) must prepare to STRIKE at the right time, as when the economy seriously begins to collapse.  BUT, note the ground should be prepared much as possible--that's the great virtue of real (anti-semitic) Christianity.

Friday, March 22, 2013

JCs are Primary enemy/target, given the sociologic/psychologic structure


* * * * * * *

[QUOTE=Ensis;493325]It looks like the jewdogs are in a virtual panic over Bitcoin. Good. They want to destroy us anyway, so why not make life miserable for those miserable Oven Magnets. Jews make good lampshades, soap and fertilizer too.:)[/QUOTE]

* * * * * * * *

(Apollonian, 22 Mar 13)

Yes ensis, indubitably: but note--FIRST on list of targets MUST be the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) who (a) are PRIMARY sympathizers and accomplices of Jews, and TRAITORS, who run interference for kikes.

(b) And note these JC traitor scum then leverage and intimidate all the rest of the half-baked, nominal "Christians" to remaining at least passive in face of continuing outrages of kikes, etc.

(c) Secret and Key is to note and thus EMPHASIZE that Christianity is SUPPOSED to be anti-semitic (against Jew lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and if one isn't anti-semitic, one isn't and couldn't be Christian, Christianity being first and foremost worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (JOHN 14:6) above all/any other notions, including "love," "faith," "good," or peace.

These scum hereticalists pretend Christianity is primarily about "love" or "faith," such "faith" understood as act of BELEEEEEEEEEEEEVIN', as if "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'" then makes it true.  But "faith," only properly means LOYALTY.

And note TRUTH means there's objective reality, the criterion/premise for such truth--against subjectivism, the excuse for Jew lying, Jews most organized, "connected," and intensive liars--esp. regarding "good" (Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy).

These two heresies, "faith" (as of beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'), and "good" Pharisaism, seem to be the two primary fallacies which mis-lead present generation of "Christians" who genuinely want to be Christian, like their ancestors, but fail, falling victim to lies and kikes who are working to mass-murder the poor, brainless morons.

Hence then white patriots must learn, and even to FORCE themselves to OWN Christianity--even if they themselves imagine they're not such partisan and committed sort of Christians themselves.

For remember: most folks DESPERATELY need leadership (hence dear Christianity), not able to think too much for themselves, esp. on such abstract things as nature of TRUTH, necessarily founded upon objective reality--against Jewwy subjectivism, esp. "good" fallacy and pit-fall, soooooooo attractive to children.

Understanding, definition, use of "white" demonstrates moronic, pathetic state, stage of culture--take note, fools

[url][/url], #4

* * * * * * * *

[QUOTE=Gman;493239]Hmmm.....according to the video on CNN which showed the father of the child, the pappy was a pepperbelly mex so the child was not a true aryan child.  Still, it is a horrible crime and the two nigger "boys" should be executed upon capture.  Just illustrates how evil even young niggers can be.  To shoot an innocent baby in it's stroller and then shoot the mother, who but niggers could even do such an evil act?   I do indeed hate this evil race more everyday!  I suppose we can leave this thread under White Victims since the mother was white.  Too bad she mixed her blood and mated with a spic.  That in itself is a great crime!

* * * * * * * *

"White" Race Requires Cultural Clarity, Accuracy, Integrity
(Apollonian, 22 Mar 13)

U got it G-man--it WAS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT "white"--what's wrong w. people sooooooooooo desperate that they'll LIE and say a mestizoid is white?  This is precisely the problem w. the word, "white," which is an abstraction meaning diff. things to diff. people.  So what now is "white"?--mere non-pure-blood nigger or -gook?--anything w. SOME "white" blood?

White must ONLY be pure Germanic, Celtic, or Slav (or a mix of these, exclusively), w. some indulgence for other Europeans, i.e., those fm southern Europe who are sympatico w. culture of strict discrimination as matter of proper ethics.

Regarding the nigs: note there are honest blacks (maybe not too many, to be sure) and trained monkeys who do bidding of kikes, queers, and other psychos--it's mainly a kike problem, hence, most directly and immediately a Judeo-Christian (JC--see  and for expo/ref.) hereticalist problem--as these hereticalist scum are PRIMARY defenders of kikes, these JCs leveraging the rest of the "Christian" fools who've forgotten Christianity is SUPPOSED to be anti-semitic.

Finally, G-man, note there isn't any such thing as "evil," truth be told--for everything is DETERMINED according to absolute cause-effect (no perfectly "free"-will--only God having perfectly free will)--we're presently well within CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler whence previously heroic race degenerates, the descendent generations corrupt and perverted by MAMMON false god, due to the success, victory, and "prosperity" of truly great predecessors.

ONLY solution is TRUE Christianity of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH principle (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other notions, including "love," "faith," "good," or peace, against Jew-LIES (JOHN 8:44).  Immediate enemies then are JCs such as Hagee and Robertson--and Franklin Graham who supports present Obongo gun-registration.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Note ZOG Psychopaths are sooooo thoroughly single-minded for purposes/goals--get a clue, fools

ZOG Satanists Are Totally Psychopathic And Insane, But They Ain't Stupid, Morons--Get A Clue, Fools--To Save Ur Brainless Lives, Idiots
(Apollonian, 18 Mar 13)

Note satanists are totally psychopathic--insane, but in a stream-lined and nearly controlled manner--and one sign of psychopathology is the single-minded emphasis they're putting, as we see, upon dis-armament of the volk--THIS IS TERRORISM, comrades.

For dis-armament now is excuse/pretext for what's coming next--house-to-house searches for "illegal weapons," for example, as was done in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, if u remember--and indeed, if u simply remember history, what British tried to do at Concord Mass. during American Revolution.  IT'S ON, SUCKERS.

And there's a real satanic emphasis, very strategically exerted, if u only observe upon the pretext and circumstances for this satanic dis-armament by ZOG.  And it's especially well-dramatized by Piers Morgan, the scum at CNN who keeps asking, "why do u need an AR-15 and military weapons?"

Answer is obvious: to face-down and oppose a tyrannic gov., right?--but notice the satanic, psychopathologic REFUSAL to acknowledge this necessity, hence right, of and for the people to be well-armed, even w. fully auto weapons, not just semi-autos.

So the satanists' strategy is obvious as it's psychotic: they're determined to (a) marshall the small minority of morons and scum who are FOR treasonous, illegal, un-Constitutional dis-armament of citizens on excuse of "preventing" (which their partisans admit is impossible anyway) another "massacre" of little kidsoes which the scum pretend happened at Sandy Hook--which they've done.

(b) Meantime, satanic ZOG hopes the rest of the volk remain passive and flat-footed in face of this outrageous illegallity and treason--WHICH HASN'T HAPPENED.  (So watch out for nukes and EMP attack, ho ho ho.)

(c) And the satanist goal?--to intimidate the politicians and judges to now go-ahead and pass laws, state and federal, to effect this treasonous and illegal "gun-control"--which has only been partially successful.

(d) Another thing they've done, I note, is they (the satanists, again) seem to have monopolized and exhausted the supply of ammunition for the guns, according to reports, having bought-up all existing supplies and future orders--a couple billions worth, I understand.

ZOG satanists are totally, absolutely, completely insane and psychopathic, but they're NOT NOT NOT stupid, morons.  People need to getting a clue, ASAP, just to saving their stupid lives.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax: The Take-Over of US, In-ur-face, suckers--LIES justified for "good" of "gun-safety," ho ho ho

What’s Next For Sandy Hook Hoax?–Expose The SATANISTS Behind It, The “Noble Lie” Which Now Trumps And MOCKS Christian Truth
(Apollonian, 11 Mar 13)

Well golly, but what’s next now for Sandy Hook Truth?–after all, the hoax has been pretty well exploded and exposed definitively–practically reduced to the comical absurd, eh?

I mean, after all, if the Lanzas, of all folks, cannot be identified, cannot be verified just for basic existence, then WHAT is true or genuinely known about Sandy Hook “massacre”?–aside fm the fact it’s huge, gigantic psy-ops?

Well, so okay, we can well consider and assume we know it, the “massacre,” was just a gigantic hoax, a “noble lie,” whence “good” and “moral virtue” trumps TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, as of dear Christianity. The Sandy Hook Hoax was done for the “noble” purpose of gun-control–after all, gun-safety is a “good,” isn’t it? Ho ho ho. Thus moralism (Pharisaism) trumps TRUTH and law, like the US Constitution and 2nd Amendment.

So now, WHO was behind the hoax?–well, we know the President of US (POTUS) was integral part, even shedding fake tears, eh? Ho hoo ho. Then there were the Conn. state officials and the Newtown king-pin, Mr. Halstead, to name just one, Dr. Carver for another, who REFUSE to do their public service jobs by releasing and making public the death certificates.

And there are other elements, aside fm specific actors and “players” like Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen–like church organizations–what’s up with this?

And now we get to the ENORMITY of it all, exactly HOW this huge, gigantic, monstrous hoax is being put-over, esp. w. the active assistance of the utterly corrupt mass-corp. “news”-media.

And now, for fullest understanding, we only need historical context: specifically, consider the “Franklin Scandal” (by Nick Bryant) of 30 years ago–they got away w. everything then, just like they’re trying to get-away w. things now regarding Sandy Hook hoax.

So it’s important to understand how HUGE conspiracies like Sandy Hook hoax can possibly get-by–much like the old Franklin scandal got by. Obviously, the mass-corp. “news”-media is KEY, but there’s more–the gov., including politicians, bureaucrats, and judges–AND CHURCHES too, don’t forget–what is it that binds them all together?–SATANISM, as we note fm the Franklin scandal–so how does it work?

Note then, satanism is ultra HUBRIS–pretending to Godliness by which they murder people, including esp. little kidsoes, the parents just pawns whose souls are totally bought and paid-for.

Thus the satanists uphold LIES above and against especially Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, which Christians these satanists hate and mock.

And what’s the TOP-MOST lie, fm practical pt. of view (distinct fm the abstract/philosophical which is much more difficult for folks to understanding)–which we can VERIFY by means of sense perception?–that would be the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam/enterprise/operation which OWNS and/or controls everything and practically everyone–for even Ron Paul is intimidated by means of credible threat of assassination.

Thus w. nearly INFINITE funding and masses of money it is eminently possible, even practical and necessary, for the Fed powers to stage something like the utterly, totally fictional Sandy Hook massacre which nonetheless is put-over by the mass-media upon stupid, corrupted, otherwise apathetic and TV-addicted sheep and rabble of the captive USA.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ZOG satanism is built upon BIG-LIES, never forget--like "global warming," but especially "good" (Pharisaism)

Satanists Continue In-Ur-Face Terror, Based On Lies--So It Goes In CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline...."
(Apollonian, 6 Mar 13)

Well well, NOW the satanists tell us we lost our rights--like right to due process, as now Pres. can order us offed by drone-attack, EVEN on American soil, ho ho ho ho--are u surprised?  See

And what's excuse/pretext?--"terrorism," ho ho ho ho--which the puke satanists perpetrated in the first place, like on 9/11, eh?  Ho ho ho ho

Observe, where Rand Paul takes due note--but does he announce Pres. needs to be impeached for obvious reason(s)?--of course not, as he knows the insanity must continue.  Pres. says he can kill u, w. no due-process, and it's ho-hum fm everyone--is this TOTALLY insane society or what?

See comrades--this stupid crap gets over because there's just tooooooooo many stupid puke among the people willing and eager to eat this crap up--esp. the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist scum.  We really do have a kind of over-population--but what can u do?

And of course, in order for things to change (for the "better," ho ho), we'd have to get rid of good many of these over-populated puke, metro-sexuals and queers, and esp. JCs, but how to do that?--impossible.

So what's GOT to happen in the inevitable CYCLIC course of things is a big die-off of stupid puke, scum, filth, and morons.  Problem is lots of good people will die too, unfortunately.  Patriots gotta have a STRONG STOMACH for what's necessarily up-coming--not to mention the patience of a saint (like me, ho ho ho).

And if u notice, what is it that rules and flies past?--BIG-LIES--like, "the gov. is here to help u," ho ho ho ho.  Another huge lie is the WTC bldgs fell-down because of fire-damage, ho ho ho.  See, if u believe stupid crap like fore-going, then u're sunk, suckers.

What rules now?--simple--the money system continues to hold-up (barely), the people continuing to accept payment in terms of this evermore worthless "money."  And as long as the morons so continue to prop-up this money system, continuing to honor this money as payment for goods and svcs, the system will continue--continuing to bribe and extort politicians, judges, cops, and everyone else.

Our ONLY chance (for successful revolution) then will come when the money/currency system collapses, which is actually imminent, and which the puke at the top are anticipating too, u may be sure--that's why they're supplying themselves w. billions of bullets and now 2,700 tanks (or light-armored vehicles) to be used against civilian population.  See

And that's why we prepare for that moment when ZOG becomes vulnerable, the collapse of US Dollar--by preaching rationalist Christianity, featuring TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

This Christian worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideals, like "good," "love," "faith," or peace is what must necessarily set-up the successful (we ultimately can only hope) patriot resistance.

Presently, ZOG up-holds dictatorship and population-reduction (genocide, according to "agenda-21") upon the lying premise of "global-warming"--aside fm "terrorism," ho ho ho.  Christian Truth is trumped by the pretended "good" (Pharisaism and Pelagianism) of the "noble lie."