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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"War on terror" evermore matter of psychology, historic, economic timing

"War On Terror"?--What Is It, Really?--War Against ZOG's Opposition, Comrades--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 26 Mar 13)

Well, u're invasively searched at the airport, many being irradiated, too stupid to know such radiation is DEADLY.  Cops are encouraged by ZOG to be punks and bullies, asking nosy questions; and now u can be arrested, even killed without legal due process--why?--because of the pretended "war on terror," "pretended" because the terror is done by our own gov., the CIA and MOSSAD.  And this "terror" done by our own gov. is then excuse for the present police-state.

Who first went along w. this idiotic "war" (on "terror")?--it was the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist puke who say Christ was Jew, etc.  JCs are truly KEY for this culture and all its corruption.  For these scummy JC puke then leverage all the other "Christian" -styled morons, half-assed scum and filth.

But note what's really happening--it's NOT NOT NOT anything other than war against all/any opponents of ZOG.  Note they say "protesting" and demonstrating is low-level terrorism--u get it?

So any non-conformity, any dissent against "political correctness" is terrorism--get it?--that's the program, prelude to fully-raging reign of terror, coming soon, fools.

Homophobia is terrorism.  Anti-semitism, hence Christianity, the real thing, is terrorism.

Reason and logic is terrorism, ho ho ho.

So we see how a buzz-word, "terrorism," is used as (psychologic) weapon in the assault of criminals and ZOG dictatorship, these criminals and psychopathic scum making use of ignorant puke and dupes like the JCs.

Thus we observe the CONTINUING hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus there's still a certain shoe to dropping, and that's substantial falling in living standards, sharp, substantial rise in prices, due to a failing economy hurtling to collapse, esp. in way of collapse of US Dollar and hyper-inflation--that's when people will really start to waking-up, making serious moves against the criminals and ZOG tyrants.

We patriots must merely prepare so as to be ready--and that's why I preach the real Christianity which is (a) absolutely anti-semitic (anti-lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and (b) rationalistic, founded upon TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all (JOHN 14:6), hence the objective (Aristotelian) reality.

Greatest heresy used to subvert this Christianity is pretense to "good-evil" and the typically hubristic (perfectly) "free" will--SUBJECTIVISM.

Thus the battle of ideology, following fm objectivity vs. subjectivism, is Truth vs. Lies, and hence determinism (founded upon absolute cause-effect) vs. "good-evil" heresy/fallacy/delusion.  Only reason can beat the psychopaths, but the psychopaths make use of the half-asses and trendies who go for such as the "war on terror"--long as it's convenient for them, anyway, during "prosperous" economic times.

Rationalists (hence Christians) must prepare to STRIKE at the right time, as when the economy seriously begins to collapse.  BUT, note the ground should be prepared much as possible--that's the great virtue of real (anti-semitic) Christianity.

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