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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jewwy satanists prevail, so far, as they've corrupted establishment Christianity; nonetheless, it's the real Christianity which must be used, understood....

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Only Anti-Semitism, Hence Christianity Can Save Humanity
(Apollonian, 27 Feb 15)

Sutton is great author: he wrote many excellent works, one on Skull and Bones fm which we get so many of the ruling psychopaths--like Bushes.  I read Sutton's "Wall Street..." works.  The big banks funded EVERYONE, by means of "central banking" (just legalized COUNTERFEITING), including nazis and bolshies, the purpose being to drive to one-world gov., using the Hegelian dialectic, creating thesis and anti-thesis to arrive at synthesis one wants.

People are stupid, and prosperity creates over-population of morons which Jews and buddies manipulate--that's why we have Christianity.  But Christianity MUST be understood properly.  Thus Jews make established "Christianity" to serve Jews as we see now.  What's ESSENCE of Christianity?--that's what people must grasp--TRUTH against Jew lies--as in Gosp. JOHN.

Another problem is over-populated stupid people can't figure-out MONEY MUST be commodity--u can't just print it up.  But again, people are stupid (HUBRIS), imagine their wishes can come true, they can be God and create reality, making paper into money.  And Jews are always there to help, guide, and organize stupid people to kill themselves and one-another, glorying in "morality" by which they can be "good" w. a ticket to heaven, etc.

Thus the objective reality is DETERMINED (there being no perfectly "free" human will), hence CYCLIC, we being now in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, "decline" phases always ruled/controlled by Jews and collaborators who push the subjectivist, hence "good" illusion among the suckers who are over-populated.

Thus heroes and patriots must make use of the real Christianity against Jews, teaching folks how/why Christianity is necessarily "anti-semitic," which "good" suckers don't want to face.  Thus our work is cut-out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ISIS/ISIL are just paid thugs, murderers/assassins by ZOG serving as excuse for illegal invasions, overthrow of US Constitution....

Below-copied essay by ap in reply to essay first published at

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ISIS/ISIL Just Manifestation Of Real Satanist/Jew/JC Axis
(Apollonian, 17 Feb 15)

Vorlos: this "voxday" is nothing but satanistic propagandist, paid liar for Jews. For what's happening is simply Jews/ZOG here in Jew S A are paying ISIS/ISIL, hired thugs, w. "musselman" cover, to go in and kill folks, including Christians--and it's all used as pretext for more ZOG-instigated warfare and taking of the citizens' rights--very simple.

It can't be too much emphasized that three is no musselman problem--all the musselmen imported to West and USA has been product of ZOG satanists and Jews, pure and simple.

Note how the satanist pushes the usual Pharisaic emotional buttons about "tolerance is 'evil'"--for which, to be sure, there's surely a grain of truth. For "tolerance" of Jews is surely the original error, but there's just as surely no such thing as "evil," this merely being Pharisaism and sanctimony, the neo-cons and Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics' stock-in-trade.

The big-lie is idea ISIS/ISIL is product of anything other than kikes and their co-conspirators, esp. the JCs, though so many of these JCs are such brainless, hereticalist morons.

Problem then is Jews (a), and then (b) their foremost suck-alongs and cohort co-conspirators, the JCs who out-number the "leftists" (like queers, et al.), JCs intimidating practically ALL the other nominal "Christians" in Jew S A.

In broadest conceptual terms, one should say it's satanism (worship of lies, subjectivism) vs. the true Christians (worshippers of TRUTH, honesty), Jews foremost subjectivists and Satanists, JCs their primary "enablers"/cohorts. To solve the Jew problem requires treatment of the JCs--which is quite do-able by means of preaching the true Christianity.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Deception and psy-ops are most easily inflicted during time of hubris and Spenglerian "Decline of the West"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Satanism, Deception Founded In Hubris, Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 13 Feb 15)

Well, that was very interesting slide-show presentation of 50 pictures or diagrams regarding deception, psy-ops, etc.  See

But I've always thought people are deceived most when and as they deceive themselves--HUBRIS.  And this hubris happens most and best as society degenerates in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

And the deceiver(s) enjoy conditions most and best as he controls the money supply by means of CENTRAL BANKING, legally COUNTERFEITING nearly all the "money" (now called "currency") he needs or wants.  And of course, this general fraud can only go on for so long--it always comes to an end in CYCLIC fasion.

Perhaps most crucial is the approach of the very end of the cycle, which New Test. Book of Revelations tries to dramatize for us (it doesn't have to be the end of all time, just the end of any historical era or age--like the Roman instance, for example).

The satanists, psychopaths, and mass-murderers, as we see presently, want war in which they muddy the proverbial "waters," by which to make their get-away, setting up for a new cyclic age--as we see presently.

The heroes work to survive and begin again, trying to help the people survive, minimizing the warfare.  These end-times for this present age we see right this very moment at the end of the Petro-Dollar age.  Economics is the engine which drives history--Karl Marx was surely correct for that observation, though he probably wasn't the first.

A great problem is people can't figure-out what money is--they don't realize it must be commodity, gold and silver serving best.  And this simple fact about money is what enough people will have to finally grasp in order for genuine civilization to begin anew.  Until that moment of enlightenment, people will surely be subject to warfare.

Meantime people of the West will surely have to free themselves of phony "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for best expo) heresy founded in subjectivism, guilt, Pelagianism ("good-evil" fallacy), and mysticism, to regain that original Christian inspiration founded in objectivity, basis of Christian TRUTH and HONESTY, in accord especially w. Gosp. JOHN.

Satanism is the problem for which people are inveigled especially by means of child's "good-evil" delusion--it's how they fall for the funny-money system by which civilization is destroyed, socialist dictatorship always excused upon pretext of moralism and esp. Pharisaism ("good-evil").

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Christianity is that general thing, properly understood, which then provides for any other cultural progress, productivity, rule-of-law, freedom, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Integral Cultural Progress Must Be Basis Of Political Reform For Good, Production, Law, Freedom, Etc.
(Apollonian, 8 Feb 15)

Well JR, it took u long enough for resting-up for vacation. The way I see the present cultural struggle and conflict is fm most simple perspective first, Christian truth vs. satanic lies, the Jews foremost masterminds in leadership of satanists.

And before u protest u want to keeping things rationalistic, note Christian and satanist are mere names referring to opposed philosophic sides, Christians heeding the objective, hence determined reality, there being no "good-evil"; the satanists, led by Jews insisting upon the subjectivist, manipulating folks by chief means of fallacious, hereticalist "good-evil" delusion.

Note then satanists have gone beyond pt. of no-return, and that means they must get us all involved in war--this as means of diversion--in order to muddy the waters as US Dollar collapses and prices sky-rocket, the people starving, un-able to buying sufficient food.

So even without I-net, people must commune w. one another by means of Christian philosophy, relying upon state and local gov. against the satanic feds. Thus Constitution, rule-of-law, and individual freedom follow fm the Christian, objective reality philosophy as fascism flows fm the Judaic subjective.

But present Christianity must be clarified and in many cases reformed fm the tainted Judaization whence Christianity is understood as something mystic (a), "faith" understood in the Judaic manner of "beleeeeeeeeevin'" rather than the real, proper Christian LOYALTY (b), and hence (c) the Judaic reification of fictional, metaphoric "good-evil" heresy/delusion which has such devastating effect upon psychology of guilt-ridden youth.

Otherwise, satanism, hence mysticism and irrationalism continues to advance as we see by the recent grammy awards "entertainment" which emphasized such satanic mysticism and irrationalism, not to mention the "super bowl" half-time entertainment of Katy Perry, et al.

Note individual freedom, the free press, fair election process and such-like virtues cannot be impressed upon the broad population without the accompanying religious-style symbolism--precisely why such religion must be so carefully defined and understood. Satanists led by Jew monsters must be understood as the deserving enemy and duly dealt with.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Honesty: absolutely necessary element/part of Holy Spirit, never doubt....

[QUOTE=ytkm;535996]I haven't found or heard any other simple reference from any other source.
Those I have mentioned it to (who should know) have been dumbfounded.
 The 'good/bad' dialectic is cruel.[/QUOTE]

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Honesty: Necessary Christian Virtue Of Holy Spirit Which Sublimely Mediates Reason--Be Honest Regardless Of Anything Else
(Apollonian, 8 Feb 15)

Well, remember Christ spoke in the time when the Pharisees (along w. upper-class Sadducees) were dominant, who made such heavy use of "good-evil" and self-righteousness, SO how then did Christ handle the problem?

Thus u see how he was philosophical, explaining how we're all sinners, no one being "good"--esp. not scummy lying Pharisees.  St. Paul later expanded upon this, emphasizing how we absolutely need, and can't do without God's saving grace.

Further, Christ emphasized HONESTY as integral, necessary component to Holy Spirit--and it's that HONESTY that was such main msg of Christ.  Kikes are "smart"; Christians are HONEST.  So, long as u keep ur eye on that honesty, u can keep the "good-evil" dichotomy pretty well in hand.

Thus Christianity has been Judaized in at least THREE main ways: (a) fools imagine that Christianity rejects reason in favor of mysticism, esp. by the excuse of a Judaized understanding of "faith" (b).  For Christian "faith" really and properly only means LOYALTY--not not not "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

(c)  And then, of course, Judaization affects Christianity, as we see, by means of this horrific, putrid Pelagian heresy, fallacy of a perfectly "free" human will, which then leads to Pharisaism--self-righteousness, sanctimony, etc.

For Holy Spirit is reason which is integral w. HONESTY; reason grossly perverted when it's without honesty--as we see by satanists called Jews who always insist they're soooooooooooooooo "smart"--and utterly without any honesty.

For it's actually better to be HONEST, regardless how smart one is or isn't.

Thus given this absolute necessity and virtue of honesty, for Holy Spirit, one can then grasp and understand the mere metaphorical quality of "good-evil" and explain it to the youth--and even for those not so terribly bright, as long as they're honest, they will realize it's far BETTER to be HONEST, regardless of anything else, including being "smart" or "good"--typical conceits and presumptions of classic Pharisaists, the Pharisees actually being best negative examples--what we consciously want to avoid--what we rightly hate and despise--for these Pharisaists and Pharisaism are what killed truth (= Christ), the very moral to the New Test. story/literature.