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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jewwy satanists prevail, so far, as they've corrupted establishment Christianity; nonetheless, it's the real Christianity which must be used, understood....

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Only Anti-Semitism, Hence Christianity Can Save Humanity
(Apollonian, 27 Feb 15)

Sutton is great author: he wrote many excellent works, one on Skull and Bones fm which we get so many of the ruling psychopaths--like Bushes.  I read Sutton's "Wall Street..." works.  The big banks funded EVERYONE, by means of "central banking" (just legalized COUNTERFEITING), including nazis and bolshies, the purpose being to drive to one-world gov., using the Hegelian dialectic, creating thesis and anti-thesis to arrive at synthesis one wants.

People are stupid, and prosperity creates over-population of morons which Jews and buddies manipulate--that's why we have Christianity.  But Christianity MUST be understood properly.  Thus Jews make established "Christianity" to serve Jews as we see now.  What's ESSENCE of Christianity?--that's what people must grasp--TRUTH against Jew lies--as in Gosp. JOHN.

Another problem is over-populated stupid people can't figure-out MONEY MUST be commodity--u can't just print it up.  But again, people are stupid (HUBRIS), imagine their wishes can come true, they can be God and create reality, making paper into money.  And Jews are always there to help, guide, and organize stupid people to kill themselves and one-another, glorying in "morality" by which they can be "good" w. a ticket to heaven, etc.

Thus the objective reality is DETERMINED (there being no perfectly "free" human will), hence CYCLIC, we being now in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, "decline" phases always ruled/controlled by Jews and collaborators who push the subjectivist, hence "good" illusion among the suckers who are over-populated.

Thus heroes and patriots must make use of the real Christianity against Jews, teaching folks how/why Christianity is necessarily "anti-semitic," which "good" suckers don't want to face.  Thus our work is cut-out.

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