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Monday, March 2, 2015

Determinist (absolute cause-effect) CYCLE of hist. and "Decline of the West" MUST be understood....

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Politics Is Matter Of CYCLIC History, Following Culture, Spenglerian "Decline"
(Apollonian, 2 Mar 15)

Well JR, I thought ur essay (see above ref.) started out well enough, u describing general hubris of culture and people of Jew S A.  But u FAIL to note the obvious condition which I've explained to u dozens and dozens of times now: the deterministic (no perfectly "free" human will) CYCLIC nature and process of history, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, whence culture and people suffer corruption and degeneracy, moving fm objectivity-based Aristotelian, hence (true) Christian culture to subjectivist "decline" whence people obsessionately imagine and insist they're "good" (Pelagian heresy), following Jew Pharisaism, hence delusion of "central-banking" and legalized COUNTERFEITING following.

So it isn't that Jews CAUSED the "decline," but they're precisely the highly-organized criminals who capitalize and then take control, manipulating everyone else, even the establishment Christianity corrupted due to Judaized understanding of "faith" (of "beleeeeeeeeevin'")--against the true Christian LOYALTY.  Thus by means of this MYSTIC "faith" of beleeeeeeeeeeevin,' the old Christian culture of honesty and loyalty steadily collapses.  Again, Jews don't CAUSE it, but they do take fullest advantage of the previously productive society which has raised-up now an over-populated generation of weaklings given to this cultural hubris and "decline"--and it snow-balls getting evermore worse--as we see present economic situation.

Then, after a not-bad beginning for ur essay, describing the cultural decline, u give us this: "It seems that most leaders have all taken the bait of money over morality."

But that (just above) is precisely where and how u go wrong--because the beginning of hubris is "beleeeeeeeeef" in Pharisaism and "good-evil" so-called "moralism," this moralism/Pharisaism trumping Christian TRUTH.

Thus upon excuse/pretext of "good," Pharisaism/moralism corrupts the society, instigated by conniving Jews and collaborators, institutes CENTRAL BANKING (legalized COUNTERFEITING), and now Jews definitively take control, the state and culture now becoming totally satanic--as u also describe well-enough, the Jew S A now mass-murdering goyim of other countries at first, but also soon enough at home too, keeping the goyim fighting one-another, etc., as we see.

Again, note I don't say Jews CAUSED the deterministic CYCLE of hist. and Spenglerian "Decline...," I only note their place within it, Jews being foremost criminals due to their religion of criminality and lies founded in satanic Talmud (see and for best Talmudic expo).

Thus psychology (including ur "group-think"), hubris, and cultural decline undermine and render inoperative, the real Christianity for so many poor volk, nullify and void all law, Constitution, and Republican form, the people taken w. hubris and false "moralism," terrorism (done by ZOG itself, as infamous operation "Gladio"), as we see now, excusing the President issuing edicts by fiat--against law and Congress, the Congress bribed w. all the COUNTERFEITED funds to going along, "looking the other way," etc.

So then, what happens?--horror, disaster, war and the end of the hist. CYCLE as described in "Book of Revelations," for example--not necessarily the absolute "end of days" or world, but certainly the end of the hist. CYCLE.  So a lot of people may well have to bite proverbial "dust," though heroes and Christian soldiers strive to minimize the carnage.

U just have to grasp the NECESSARY CYCLIC course of things.  And the task now is to remove the Jews in way of cutting "head" off proverbial "snake" which now so much controls the corrupt culture--even though Jews are assisted and even carried by much and far larger numbers of willing collaborators among corrupt goyim.  And thus to remove Jews, one must first remove the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo on JCs) heretics who most support and enable Jews.

But as long as currency remains acceptable to the goyim Jews stay on top--and it's grim process for gentiles to successfully revolt and recover--it's much a matter of reviving, resurrecting the real, true Christianity among the remnant of survivors among the people, may God help them.

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