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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hoffman the Pharisaic falls all over himself now, desperate to defend his kikes, ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Hoffman: Torn Btwn Criticizing, Defending Anti-Christ satanists, satanism
(Apollonian, 19 Mar 15)

Hoffman: I have indeed read SEVERAL of ur books; over 15 yrs ago I read "Judaism's Strange Gods," a very good work, I thought at the time and still do.  Few yrs ago I then read ur "Judaism Discovered"; also I read ur extensive intro or preface to Eisenmenger's work, "Talmud Revealed."  I also read some works on Talmud which u recommended in notes.

And couple yrs ago I read ur amazing travesty on usury, " Christendom," ho ho ho--about which I explained to u u don't even grasp the basic definition/meaning of the very titular WORD, "usury"--it isn't and couldn't be mere charging of interest.  So u deserve credit for ur Talmudic expo, but great blame and well-deserved opprobrium for ur GROSS ignorance of simplest economics.

Regarding "Reform Judaism," it seems u admit the premise when u say "LARGELY devoid of Talmud"--so therefore there's still SOME Talmudic influence, "Talmud" indicating and implying "interpretation" ("midrash") of the original Torah.

Thus "Reform Judaism" MAINTAINS the basic METHOD--following rabbis' "interpretation," hence retaining that basic Talmudic method.  Hence Jews, including "Reform," relate in racial manner w. fellow Jews of race and spew the usual lies about "persecution" and holohoax, not to mention lying about Christianity, what it actually is, and what Christians have done, etc.

After all, the great conflict is Christian TRUTH (esp. fm Gosp. JOHN) vs. LIES (JOHN 8:44)--that's what Judaism is all about, beginning w. that Talmudic-style "interpretation."

"Evidence" I use begins w. basic meanings of simple words--which u so miserably fail to do for understanding of "usury."

I searched and went to and found this: "The Reform movement stresses retention of the key principles of Judaism."  Also there's "Belief that the process of reinterpretation of the Torah to the language of today is ongoing, and that every Jew has a stake and a role in that restatement and extension."

Sooooooooooo, "Reform Judaism" retains same basic method, Talmudic-style and -inspired "interpretation" ("midrash"); correct me if I'm wrong.

Additionally, I found (same source): "Belief in the strong moral and social action commitment inherent in the Torah and embodied in the concept of Tikkun Olam, rebuilding the world."
Did u catch that last phrase?--"rebuilding the world"?--same old Talmudic LYING, excused on pretext of "interpretation," reality being whatever u want it to be (subjectivism).

So u see, Hoffman, following Gosp. JOHN 8:44, we find Judaism, including "Reform" version, variety, strain, or "interpretation" is all the same old LYING--subjectivism.  "Reform Judaism" is much analogue of Protestant versions of Christianity.

It's as if u strive to set-up as sole authority upon, and critic of Judaism which allows u to pretend to being Jews' lawyer, Jews now ur captives whom u heroically (in ur mind) defend against us HONEST Christian soldiers.  U don't seem to realize just HOW pathetically u're discredited by that abomination u wrote on "Usury"--what a laughing-stock u've made urself in all ur Pharisaic-styled sanctimony and moralism.  I pity ur children and family, Hoffman.

-------------------above by ap in response to below by Hoffman-----------------

Michael Hoffman said...
You insist, on no evidence, that Reform Judaism “merely follow(s) slightly different rabbis’ interpretations of the Talmud.”
Reform Judaism arose as a result of the early 19th century Haskalah movement, when numerous Judaic persons renounced the Talmud and sought to create an ethical Judaism largely devoid of Talmud. Hence, it cannot be said that Reform Judaism is “Talmudic.” It has other deficiencies and liabilities for Judaic persons; immersion in the Talmud is not one of them.
Read one of my books on Judaism; they might help to clear up your confusion.
6:52 PM [still 18 Mar 15]

------------------------above by Hoffman in response to below by ap----------------------

apsterian said...
How can anything be "Judaic" unless it's based upon Talmud?--why didn't u answer question regarding Judaism = Talmudism?
Don't u note "Jews" are defined, even by themselves, as followers of Pharisees and Talmud?
So isn't it obviously true that "Reform," "Conservative," and "Reconstructionist" Jews merely follow slightly diff. rabbis for their own "interpretations" of Talmud?--they just have diff. "interpretations," right?
 5:14 PM [18 Mar 15]

-------------------above in response to below--------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
Apsteriqn wrote: "You mention 'Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Judaism,' but these are all based upon Talmud, right?"
No, only Orthodox Judaism is frum (Talmud-Observant).
 1:23 PM [18 Mar 15]

---------------------above in response to below--------------------------

apsterian said...
Well, Judaism is Talmudism, right?--yes or no?--seems pretty clear to me--what's "demagogic" about TRUTH?--isn't Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)?
U mention "Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Judaism," but these are all based upon Talmud, right?
 12:08 PM [18 Mar 15]

--------------------------above in response to below------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
A complex issue cannot be reduced to a demagogic “yes”or “no” answer. Details are central to Reason and the acquisition of true knowledge, as opposed to talk-show sound bites and simplistic Right wing slogans.
Judaism, in general terms, cannot be said to be Satanism because it incorporates Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Judaism.
Orthodox Judaism leads to a Satanic pride, idolatry (self-worship) and occult practices, as embodied in the Talmud Bavli and Zohar, which are of a Satanic nature.
 8:21 AM [18 Mar 15]

-----------------------------above in response to below-----------------------

apsterian said...
Hoffman: got a simple yes or no question for u--is it true Judaism (Talmudism) is satanism?--yes or no?
 10:14 PM [17 Mar 15]

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  1. Ho ho ho--I posted below-copied at


    Gee whiz, Hoffman: what happened?--u were given chance to blow the apster totally out of the water w. simple definition/expo for meaning of word, "usury"--ho ho ho ho ho--and like the cowardly, incompetent, lying anti-Chirst, Pharisaic slime u really, truly are, u just wimped out, eh? Ho o ho ho ho ho ho