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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is it possible, is it conceivable that goyim satanists could ever dominate kikes?--nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Satanism, Jews, & Subjectivism Within CYCLIC, Determined, Objective Reality
(Apollonian, 17 Mar 15)

And regarding this Jew falling-out among themselves, we see indeed there is SOME rivalry or contention among Jews, the recent Netan-yahoo speech in US Congress being important indicator/example.

For it would seem there are the "leftist" Jews, fronted by figure-head, Obola, who want to foment internal race-war within Jew S A, war in Ukraine, etc., who co-operate w. Israel to an extent, as for the war in Syria.

These "leftists" are surely in favor of "climate-change," for another example, and want to reduce human population by the various means, including toxic vaccines, GMO poisonous foods, glyphosate poisoning, among other poisons, like fluoride in the water.

Then there are the "rightist" -type Jews, like Netan-yahoo, who want to keep goyim around to continue exploiting them for the willing, idiot slaves they are, this all founded upon subjectivism--perhaps, as the sides sometime blur into one another on lots of issues.

Regardless, humanity will only have a chance to recover and survive as the satanists fall-out w. one another upon whatever pretext, the CYCLE continuing, the satanists/Jews suffering their own hubris. Such then is the CYCLIC and pyschologic/cultural calculation for things.

One thing is sure: Judaism IS satanism--see and for best Talmudic expo. Is it possible that goyim satanists could ever possibly, conceivably dominate the master satanists, Jews, the most PRACTICAL satanists?--surely not.

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