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Monday, March 23, 2015

Hal Turner EASILY fits-in, still, for all the massive Tower-of-Babel confusion that continues to reign for ZOG....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at commentary, (must be a member, but it's easy to just sign-up).

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[QUOTE=The Bobster;538302][url][/url]

Turner was a rat, not because he turned in people who wrote him advocating violence – that is simply avoiding being prosecuted as an accomplice – but because he literally encouraged people to write in and say they were planning acts of violence and then after that turned them in.
This is just the nutty way the FBI works sometimes. They actually try to create criminals so that they can arrest them. They do this same thing to Moslems. Though with Moslems it probably takes less energy.
I am shocked Turner is returning though.[/QUOTE]

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Cultural/Psychologic Pretext For Hal Turner--There's Distinct Place, Still
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 15)

Turner's reasoning isn't terribly difficult to decipher--there's actually lots of sense to it.  U shouldn't be too "shocked," given the circumstances within continuing "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Yes, Turner was a "rat" in every sense of the word, it now matter of record that he turned in a guy who had his own (un-licensed) gun-smith shop--I forgot his last name, but his first name was "artie."

Nonetheless, Turner's cover was he was working for Christian-oriented patriots, allied w. FBI, taking funding fm them, un-covering cells which were being funded by MOSSAD, JDL, and other leftists, like SPLC and ADL.  And fact is and was Turner was extremely effective against Jews, causing much mayhem for all the Jew fronts.

Don't forget, the top masterminds have distinct rivalries, esp. among the "rightist" neo-cons, favoring Israel, vs. the "leftists" who are fronted by Obola and presently stoking race-war w. blacks and Hispanics, etc.  Turner rather seemed to toss a monkey-wrench within this false Jew-run "left-right" paradigm.

Note the "leftists" want world gov., extermination of humanity by means of GMOs, toxic vaccines, poison fluoride in water, poison Round-Up herbicides, poisonous "chem-trails," etc.  The "rightists" want to keep humanity alive as drugged slaves working for ZOG.

So it's expedient for Hal Turner to take advantage of this rivalry among top master-minds--he's certainly talented w. "gift-of-gab," no less than Jewwy, limited hang-out Alex Jones (

And the false "left-right" paradigm isn't the only front for kikes--don't forget there's also Ron and Rand Paul (allied w. Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and others) who also get lots of funding fm more middle-class -types and Jews--like among "libertarians."

Sooooo, don't doubt there's a distinct "place" for Hal Turner for all the cultural dialectic and confusion which still reigns most actively within the minds of men--and American citizens.

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