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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Interesting incident (cop bullying ANOTHER poor sap citizen), caught on vid, is excellent case-in-pt. for state of culture, psychology....

Below-copied essay first published at comments,

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Incident Is Excellent Teaching Moment For All Culture, Psychology
(Apollonian, 31 Mar 15)

Buelahman: it doesn't matter if actual cop (see vid at site, above-noted) is/was Jew--all the goyim are affected by the Jew masterminds and bosses so that they act like Jews, Pharisees, and self-righteous psychopaths, the pattern of Jews and satanists, cops bullying the people, enforcing things for their Jew pay-masters and sundry Jew-friendly bureaucratic cohorts.

The political-correct moron writer of this article then asserts the cop was "racist"--as if there's anything wrong w. that (a)--and attributes this racism to question as to "how long" driver has been in country (b) which is legitimate question.

For racism is simply proper loyalty, and another political-correct pillar of chaos and anarchic confusion Jews and allies seek to infuse.

(c) Observe then, Jews have what they want, the people psyched-out and fighting one another--not only the cops--instead of being united against Jews and their cohorts--which will continue long as US Dollar remains reserve currency.

And theres no solution UNTIL the currency and economy collapse and ZOG loses that primary instrument of control--STILL, there will require organization of the people in accord w. Christian patriotism and revival of anti-semitic culture of reason.

Jews are having great fun, riding quite high at the moment, but suffer gross HUBRIS, their greatest vulnerability.

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