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Sunday, March 29, 2015

ZOG, as it seems to continue to win, merely approaches nadir of CYCLIC "Decline of West," Christian soldiers must only consolidate....

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NO wonder the borders or open and any fag, weirdos non English speakers can go in to "serve". What to take orders to go after US one day ?
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ZOG Must Lose As It Continues To "Succeed"--Cannot Avoid Up-Coming, Imminent Currency/Economic Collapse

Not sure what that (above) last sentence means, but it's now quite clear it's out-right satanism on the one hand vs. the people, most of whom are intimidated, scared, confused, and utterly subverted--problem is HOW to get them organized and motivated.

But such organization/motivation won't happen till ZOG continues to make itself (a) evermore clear for purpose and results--MASS-DEATH and genocide, BUT ALSO, ZOG must begin (b) to suffer some in-fighting within itself, flush w. its own HUBRIS--which can only happen after currency and economic -collapse which many, including Max Keiser, above, are predicting.

Fall-backs for Christian/West will be good ol' Christianity, "nullification," and states' rights, as during War Btwn States of 150 yrs ago--But ZOG will have to be weaker.

I lately read a (hist.) book which said McClellan was steadily winning in Pres. campaign of 1864 till Sherman finally took Atlanta, Jeff. Davis having replaced Gen. Johnston w. Hood who then lost a couple of big battles. We still have Internet, a revolutionary instrument.

Christianity must needs be clarified itself, and seen as anti-satanism, thus anti-semitism; Judaism must be seen as satanism (Talmudism). Satanism then must be understood as SUBJECTIVISM whence one makes oneself God, the pretext and excuse being child's "good-evil" delusion. We're all sinners. Keep up ur good work.

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