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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We DON'T NEED MORE "Limited Hangout" Balderdash pretending there are "good Jews"

Half-Baked Anti-Semitism Is Not Needed
(Apollonian, 31 Aug 10)

"Answer": I merely said u provide no real, substantial analysis--not to mention a plan. See below-copied fm, "Ground Zero...," 31 Aug 10, comments. So all u come off with is SMARM, SMARM, SMARM, smug, smug, smug--u don't help anyone w. any real info. People already know well-enough we need effective anti-semitism; u don't provide too much effective substance which will endure, is my pt.

We need and should prefer QUALITY, substance, and real info--not half-assed smarm, as urs is soooo often--like so many others.

In fact, the danger is u're just another one of the "limited hangout" Jewwy suckalongs who pretend there are "good Jews"--like there are good psychopaths--the "zionists" then being the only "bad" Jews.

And I DO PROVIDE info and serious analysis: u must attack at the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) WEAK-SPOT in the large Judeo-conspiracy--it's NOT just a "ZIONIST" plot.

For zionists are merely one part to it (large Judeo-conspiracy), one faction of topmost masterminds, they leading the "right-conservative" faction which then includes the JCs who are single strongest, most influential group/faction of gentiles--JCs intimidating practically all the rest of the Christian volk, hence people of Western society.

Jews at top play a "good-cop, bad-cop" charade, the "left-liberals" of CFR-Bilderberg behind communist United Nations (UN), vs. "right-conservatives" zionists and "neo-cons," as I pt'd out for u earlier.

"Saladin" is just a rug-head sand-nigger (based in California, if I'm not mistaken) who sucks along at these various blogspot blogs, supervised and overseen by Jews, which only attack "zionists" but insist then there are "good-Jews." Patriots--real patriots--must take-out ALL the Jews, the only "good one" being a dead one, I say.

And of course, along w. Jews, all their gentile sympathizers must be dealt with too, naturally.

"Saladin" is one of these half-brained "politically correct" morons who imagines mud-race people, along w. "good" Jews will be able to defeat the "bad" zionists, yet maintaining a PC dictatorship over and against the white Christian people. It's useless to removing "zionists" but leaving sand-niggers like "Saladin."

And "answer," u don't really have to have too much "interest" in Christianity--EXCEPT for fact it is the traditional CULTURE of this USA which u MUST respect. U can be non-Christian if u like, but u cannot be anti-Christ--that's the only proviso to which u WILL heed upon pain of treason, etc. And Muslims have no place here in USA, a Christian nation (actually, a federation), made by white Christians for white Christians and which WILL serve white Christians, never doubt.

CONCLUSION: Notice afore-mentioned sand-nigger exults in the censorship of my submissions, a perfect example why Muslims must not and WILL NOT be tolerated in USA. Thanks for ur attn. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-------------------

Saladin said...
Pay no attention to that idiot comment above, you are doing just fine. My theory is that it was the Super Freedom Hating from those Muslims that knocked the buildings down! They hate freedom so much they can level skyscrapers with a single thought.
August 31, 2010 10:30 AM

TheAnswer said...
@AppollonianDid you come all the way back here just to troll and rant about nothing? I try to burst through the dirty propaganda put out by the Jewish-run mainstream media and break down the mental illness passed off as "normalcy" and "status quo". There are a lot of zombies out there and my articles are sure to cause a few heads to turn. I could care less what you think. I could care less if YOU have heard this stuff before -- many haven't and my rhetoric should prove enlightening to them. So go proselytize on some street corners or whatever you do. Christianity is a fictional belief system that I have no interest in.
August 31, 2010 10:44 AM

Saladin said...
He has been 86ed from several blogs that I know of because of his amazing talent for typing a whole lot of nothing and managing to be very annoying in the process.
August 31, 2010 10:47 AM

TheAnswer said...
@SaladinYeah, those Muslims are so god-damn cunning that the intelligence services and multi-billion dollar defenses of America and Britain systematically fail to stop them on 9/11 & 7/7... but magically CANADA and its piddly defense budget -- compared to US/UK -- has foiled every so-called 'terror plot' on its soil and has suffered no major attack! Is this logical? lol
August 31, 2010 10:51 AM

TheAnswer said...
@ SaladinYeah he got pretty annoying pretty quick.
August 31, 2010 11:02 AM

-------------------above comments are in response to below-copied by Ap--------

"Answer" Needs To Do More Than Mere Smarmy-Type Platitudes
(Apollonian, 31 Aug 10)

Yeah, "answer," I must say it's hard to disagree w. most of this latest presentation of urs--but that's because it's really so much fairly empty platitudes, I submit, which have actually been hrd many times before, I'd add.

U don't really analyze too well; rather, u just describe things in a slick, glib, and sanctimonious manner, and u surely don't provide a plan to counter-act for the problem(s).

So are people to organize?--if so, upon what principle? I'd say Jews (not just "zionists") are much the problem, Jews being Talmudists (see and for best Talmudic expo/ref.), and if people are to organize against Jews, isn't Christianity precisely the traditional attempt thereto?

But there's a problem then, isn't there?--regarding the Jews' allies and stooges, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who so willingly serve enemy Israeli terror-state, isn't there? For JCs intimidate everyone else so well, don't they?

So then, I'd say these JCs are much the crux to the problem, JCs being integral for running "interference" for the Jews, but u and ur glib platitudes aren't very useful or practical regarding these JCs are they?

CONCLUSION: So I guess u imagine u provide a kind of an "answer" in a formal sort of way--but surely nothing of real, practical value or genuine information, just a smarmy sort of glibness. Keep trying, at least ur illustrations are still somewhat notable. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lying Mud-Race Scum, Like Jew, Wants To Have It Both Ways--He's Both "white" and dark at same time--really--check it out

[Here below, is one of my latest dialectics. Notice how, according to these morons, anyone who complains about presense of Muslims is automatically an ally of the Jew. A.]

* * * * *

[Wheeeeeeeeeeeee--this is neato--observe below, I catch this mud-race puke in a gross, blatant lying lie where he tells me he's white. I then dredge up HIS OWN WORDS whence he tells people he's "DARK"--literally. Of course, the scum wouldn't post my rejoinder, first up, just below, to his comment in bold, further below, though he did post my original entry, at very bottom. Ha ha, hee hee, ho ho; this makes my day today. These mud-race scum think we white folk are sooooo stupid, eh? A.]

* * * * *

Mark Glenn, Mud-Race Liar, Exposed By His Own Words, Writing
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

Hey Mark the mud-skin: thanks much for ur response. See below-copied fm, "Islamophobia--Israel's...," 30 Aug 10, comments. U may not indeed be Islamic, but u sure ain't "white." I googled up a picture of u, and u look like a mud-race, scummy piece-of-shit, for sure, without doubt--and I'm sure ur kids look it too, eh?

Further, then I found this, copied in part, below, written by u, posted on 24 Feb 2007 at, fm "Anti-Semite? Moi?" In this quoted text, U ADMIT U'RE "DARK," not "white" at all, which in ur abysmal, infinite ignorance, u assert is color ("white") of Abe Foxman, a Jew's Jew--which Jews are not white anymore than mestizos or mulattoes.

"You see, the reason that I am alarmed at the recent rise in ‘anti-Semitism’ is because I am a real, living, flesh-and-blood-Semite Abe, unlike you and those for whom you presume to speak. As such, my children are also Semitic and–if I am so blessed–my grandchildren will be as well.

"Do not let my non-Semitic-sounding name fool you. There is more ‘Semitism’ in one of my eyelashes than what you and your people could possibly dream of possessing in your wildest, most uninhibited fantasies. My relatives came from the Middle East, unlike yours which came from the ghettos of either Europe or Russia. My relatives are the ancient Filasteens and Phoenicians whereas yours (and those of 95% of the world’s Jewish people) came from the ancient kingdom of Khazaria in southern Russia. My skin is dark and my eyes are dark and almond-shaped, unlike your features which are fair and white in appearance. I grew up hearing dialects of the Aramaic language that was spoken by Jesus and his apostles and I ate the food that has been part of that region for thousands of years."

* * * * *

Mark, I think I'm quite rational when I question the presense of Muslims in USA--there are now literally millions of these scum infesting our land, and getting rid of Jews is good thing, but Muslims gotta go too. Further, u mud-race people have no proper business being here either, and calling attn to ur presense is good beginning step to dealing w. Jew problem, no?

Regarding the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, this is actually natural, predictable CYCLIC process: what happens is gentiles and whites "prosper" and become over-populated, then Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity sets in to weed out the weaklings. U mud-race people are a symptom of the diseased present state of our Western culture.

CONCLUSION: If u were soooooooooo "rational" Mark, u'd give an answer to my question regarding the Muslims--they're NOT our (meaning white folks') friends, and they are a SYMPTOM of the real problem, without doubt. And solving the Muslim problem is part of solving the Jew problem for USA, unquestionably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied--------------------

–note from me, MG [this is Mark Glenn responding to my first entry, very bottom of this copied dialectic]–whenever I hear people within the “patriot movement” talk about “taking America back” I laugh to myself, not because our enemies are so strong, but because THIS–meaning the person who posted this comment–represents a large percentage of those in this “movement,” individuals who CANNOT think rationally, morally or otherwise. People who let their ‘racial pride’ get the best of their rational side and who are so myopic in their understanding of the battlefield in front of them that they couldn’t hit the inside of a barn with a .22 rifle if they were locked inside.


Death to me? I am survived by 9 beautiful (and brilliant) children. My guess is that you are survived by NO ONE since there isn’t a woman (or man) in the world who would have you.


Northerntruthseeker August 30, 2010 at 5:57 pm
Ignore the last comment by “Apollonian”, Mark… Other sites have sussed him and his cohorts out as being part of the Hasbarat/Sayanim network sent in to do the usual “Jew-spew” and to cloud any issues, including yours….

Islam has absolutely nothing to do with any so called “terrorism”…. In almost ALL cases of so called “terrorism” we find the fingerprints of the Mossad all over them…. It is no wonder why these criminal Talmudic Jews are trying to whip up anti-Islamic hatred in America… They want their 300 Million slaves in America to destroy their neighbouring Muslim countries for them!

Remember the motto of the Mossad, readers: “By Way Of DECEPTION, Thou Shalt Do War!”… It does not take a rocket scientist to see the usage of deception in this whipping up of the American public by false Islamophobia!

--------------above are responses to my original entry, below-copied-------

Just What ARE Muslims Doing Here In USA, Made By White Christians?
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

"White piece-of-trash"?--whoooooohooooooo, pretty bold and presumptuous sort of statement by a rag-head like urself, eh Mark?--at least he's white, unlike mud-race filth like urself, eh?

Hey Mark, wasn't USA made by white Christians?--so what are Islamic scum like u doing here anyway?--answer: u were brought in here by Jews, weren't u? Of course, Jews got here by bribing their way in, getting the white leadership to betray the white people.

I think u're right, Jews are worst enemies of us native whites--but u Muslims are no better--u're enemies just as much. Death to u. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Useless, Screaming, Psychotic Bully Now "Disappeared" From Cyber-Space

"James Blood," Criminal Psychopath, Site Blink Out--Once Again--Due To Lack Of Substantial Content, Naturally
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

Well, I've kept close watch for GentileAlliance--MY SITE, that is, until it was stolen fm me by criminal psychopath, "James Blood"--and it's been gone fm the cyber waves since 16 Aug, about two weeks ago.

"James Blood," criminal psychopath, obviously must have run-out of ideas for subject-matter to post--what a pathetic, empty-headed, scummy weakling, liar, thief, and saboteur he is. At least I always could think of something to put up which had some use--at least a pertinent dialectic w. some other human being, if nothing else. Now is gone, utterly useless, destroyed for any worthwhile purpose by a self-righteous, holier-than-thou psychopath, as I note.

See previous blog-entry, this site, July 20, for further reference, details--and get a load of the screamer's psychotic screamings which I published in "comments" section--boy he sure can huff and puff, can't he?--a big, dumb-ass blow-hard, if ever there was one.

This complete and total moron, "James Blood," always wanted to portray himself as an anti-semite--but he was toooooooooooo good to be a Christian, the brainless, incompetent filth. So what good is a piece-of-shit like this who's too good to be Christian? Who does he expect to recruit?--the damned, brainless son-of-a-bitch--does he think USA is a Muslim country or something?

"James Blood," the raging, screaming psychopath, wanted to be an anti-semite, and that was about the ONLY thing he had going for himself, but he was filled with the same Jewwy sort of self-righteousness, pretending kikes were/are "evil," the stupid scum. And the psychopath never could say why or how Jews were soooooooo "evil." Blood, the psychopathic screamer would never bother to define such "good-evil," the utterly brainless, useless moron.

And like I say, this screaming psychopath, "James Blood," was really just himself the Jewwy-est sort of self-righteous punk/bully, pretending he was the ONLY one who had courage and "guts" to face the Jews--BUT NOT THE SLIGHTEST BRAINS AT ALL, whatsoever.

"Blood," the psychopathic screamer never could or even tried to give an analysis for Jew mentality and place within large scheme of things cultural. Hence he ("Blood" the screaming psycho) never could provide a plan, though he promised his readers he would--which promise he soon forgot, the pansy, brainless, little bastard.

So GOOD RIDDANCE, "James Blood," utterly useless psychotic scum--u're worse than useless, u thieving, destructive psychopath who stole my site. I hope u get run over by a truck, flatter than a pan-cake, u disgrace to the human race. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

People Must Take Note: We're in need of "Paradigm" change--at end of historical CYCLE of "Decline of the West"

WhiteReference Sociologic And Journalist Worth Deserves Due Appreciation
(Apollonian, 29 Aug 10)

AA, interesting comment u make upon ur "disgust"--but u gotta get past that and realize this is how things happen and work at the end of a CYCLIC historical era according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--we're now in an "emptying-out" phase, still in "decline," still approaching the historic, CYCLIC culmination for things. See below-copied fm, "Former Aryan...," 28 Aug 10, comments.

Remember, u made it one of ur primary sociologic-journalistic purposes to "cater" to these "white nationalists" (WN) -types, and now, I suspect, u see how shallow they are for serious ideals and principles, how easily manipulated they are by Jews and their queer agents. For only Christianity (NOT Mormonism, which is NOT Christian) has real prospect of integrating, co-ordinating, and organizing serious anti-semitism. For ONLY Christianity has serious, genuine SUBSTANCE to oppose Jew satanism.

Note again, Jews are leading, most ACTIVE agents--but they're NOT the ONLY factor, being mere parasite disease-of-opportunity.

And PEOPLE DO NOT BEGIN TO REALIZE THE FULL HORROR OF WHAT WE'RE IN FOR--very very soon now--for the "culmination" to Spenglerian "Decline...."

Note greatest, strongest, single faction of gentiles are the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.)--this is real, vital, crucial weak-pt. for Judeo-conspiracy. But note JCs persist, and very, very few have guts to have a go at them.

For if these idiot "nazis" (almost all of them just SPLC and ADL plants and agents) and WNs really had serious strategy, they'd know and see they need to hit at the OBVIOUS, necessary target, the JCs--but they, so strangely, so stupidly, just leave them alone.

For I say we're in need of a serious, genuine change of "paradigm" (basic mental framework), and that paradigm consists of old (fallacious) notion of a perfectly "free" will by which dupes and suckers are conned upon simple idea of "good-evil"--and of course, it begins and works and builds fm very earliest, youngest stages of life.

But don't doubt comrade AA, u've done good work--even if u get a little disgusted (hey, it happens to all of us, never doubt)--for u and we can still LEARN things as we OBSERVE, like good scientists. Our entire culture is in a lull, a "malaise," but things are very soon going to break decisively, u may be sure. US Dollar is going to collapse, and all king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put it together like it was, again.

CONCLUSION: So maybe if u hear fm one like me, who sincerely appreciates ur blog-efforts, u might gain a little, deserved encouragement for real, genuine value of ur work--which I've certainly found informative. Ur efforts are not, and have not been in vain, never doubt. U're outstanding sociologist and journalist in ur own, individualist, inimitable manner, unquestionably. Take good care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Anchorage Activist said...
Kyle - I took a slight break from this blog because I got disgusted with all the infighting between NSM, ANP, and AN advocates. Decided to "recharge" my batteries, so to speak.
1:38 PM

Thursday, August 26, 2010

History of "white nationalism" depends on hist. of Christianity, Culture of USA, including causes of US Civil War

Political Movements Always Dependent Consequences Of Deeper Culture, Philosophy, Religion--Christian TRUTH Vs. Jew Lies, Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 10)

Pastor Martin, I'd like to make a note on our historical narrative here regarding hist. of "white nationalism" (see "white nationalism" is actually, to great extent, a campaign by Jews to take away fm the Christian leadership and integration of the necessary anti-semitic movement--JEWS being "THE problem," precisely as in Roman Empire of St. Constantine the Great.

My specific pt. then is that "whites" have nothing necessarily to do w. it ("movement") so much as all gentiles who presently suffer fm this horrific Jew-led and -dominated dictatorship. But whites are surely integral and natural leaders of anti-semitic movement.

So go back, and observe how our "national" problems began--way back in the American "Civil War" (and before) when whites in the north decided to go ahead and mass-murder the good white folk in the south, northerners out-numbering southerners by about solid 3 to one.

Jews weren't the original problem--it was whites who felt it their "MORAL" duty to go down south and kill their fellow whites--for the nominal and specific sake of stupid niggers who should have been sent back to Africa--but also, in general, for the sake of "MORALITY," perhaps most of all.

So note it was a horrific Constitutional crisis, truly, by which the consolidated and usurping Federal gov. now conquered the states--including the northerners too, the stupid puke--all in the name of MORALISM and "good."

And upon this stupidity of HUBRISTIC white race, refusing to heed to the Constitution, Jews have taken due advantage, prospering tremendously, the white folk now, presently, about to suffer horribly in a catastrophic economic take-down, USA about to be rendered literally a third-world -type nation, economically and politically, US Dollar about to crash horrendously within veritable hyper-inflation.

So note this racial problem we've been grappling with for so long now, lately exacerbated by the literal invasion of illegal aliens, IS NOT MERELY POLITICAL; rather, it is positively CULTURAL and philosophical, hence genuine matter of RELIGION.

For the people's Christianity has been horribly traduced, mis-represented, mis-construed, and mis-understood, greatest sign of this gross confusion being the present HEGEMONY of "Judeo-Christian" (JC see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11--see for expo/ref.

So u see good pastor Martin, our problem now is really much one of proper analysis of things Christian--what is it, this Christianity?--and how must it be sold, understood, and presented?

Thus my idea and approach is to understand Christianity, for one thing, as HEGELIAN ANTI-THESIS to Jew Talmudism and their worship of lies, lying being their Jew thesis for strategic disinfo and deception against poor, stupid, hubristic gentiles, not just whites, Christianity thus standing for TRUTH, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8.

So I'll stop here for the basic statement of the cultural and political problem regarding Jew dictatorship and white and gentile liberation--it really is a matter of proper grasp, conception, understanding, and presentation of Christianity. Note then there are DIRECT and concrete implications for this Heglian opposition and conflict.

CONCLUSION: For TRUTH vs. Jew Lies conflict translates and converts immediately into that of reason vs. mysticism, "faith" properly understood as merely LOYALTY and NOT, not, not opposed to necessary Christian reason vs. Talmudic mysticism and subjectivism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Present cultural problem, including Jews, is CYCLIC, and requires reformed, rationalized Christianity which is truly anti-semitic (anti-Talmud)

Large Cultural Problem Is Systemic, CYCLIC--Part Of "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 10)
Hello "answer": u have real neato blog w. pictures, videos, and all--u'll surely soon have numerous fans, and when u get enough of them, Jews will have ur blogspot blog taken down, like all the rest of the good blogs. See, "The Fundamentals...," 24 Aug 10. So I hope u're preparing a real site w. reliable server.

I submit our greatest problem regarding "zionists" are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who run "interference" for the Jews, these amazing JCs intimidating all the rest of the Christian volk, saying Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist--see and for expo/ref. on Talmud), and who support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

And these JCs are the real "weak-spot" for the large Judeo-conspiracy which includes especially their COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.--which is SOURCE of all their PRACTICAL power.

So u see, Jews have essentially BOUGHT and paid-for everything within present hubris-ridden ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, Jews now essentially owning and controlling everything, politics, judiciary, education, all the largest corporations, including the "Jews-media," and esp., as noted, the establishment Christian institutions, every single one of them, Catholic and Protestant, with no exceptions.

And overall, one must realize it's CYCLIC historical-cultural phenomena whence Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity now THRIVES upon over-populated, hubris-ridden gentiles addicted to false MAMMONIST "prosperity," now totally corrupted by aforementioned COUNTERFEIT scam, this scam now ready to explode in HYPER-inflation which requires Jew masterminds to start-up wars by which gentiles can become distracted/diverted as top Jews make their get-away to yet another country. Lower-level Jews will be thrown to "wolves" as further distraction/diversion.

Note Jews take advantage of gentiles' stupidity and hubris, and surely the greatest delusion of gentiles is idea of a perfectly "free" human will, thus "good-evil" to and with which so many are so absolutely addicted and obsessed.

My own suggested solution to this great, huge cultural mess is to remind folks (a) it's much simply a necessary, DETERMINED part of the process by which hubris and over-population is disposed of in natural manner which however includes horrific wars, starvation, etc. which must and can only be endured to great extent.

CONCLUSION: (b) To extent these problems can be managed by human effort, it will require a rationalist and revived Christianity which is explicitly understood as anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9)--which is sooooooo obviously missing fm present-day establishment Christianity so totally bought, paid-for, controlled, and manipulated by Jews. A great exemplar for this sort of real Christianity is given by Pastor Carlson at Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christianity is KEY to Western Culture; hence Christianity MUST be Anti-Semitic if West is to be saved

Judaic Grip Upon Western Psyche Must Be Decisively Broken
(Apollonian, 22 Aug 10)

Great video info NTS, thanks much. See, "Demolishing...," 21 Aug 10). We have to face fact we're living in a MAMMONIST-type wonderland wherein people are positively ADDICTED to the phony "prosperity" which is rapidly fading--even though people are still in a mesmerized -type daze over it all, not wanting to believe it's going, never to come back.

The other thing, I submit, is along w. this addiction to Mammonist "prosperity," there's something else that goes along for mentality, this being phony MORALISM of "blessedness" and "good" smarminess which has been programmed in--esp. by Jew-masters, this founded upon a PROFOUND fallacy/delusion of a perfectly "free" will.

But NTS, perhaps the greatest factor one must consider for the strength of Jews is their supporters among "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, surely the very strongest single group among all the gentiles, these people probably being about 20 million strong here in USA, more or less, depending upon particular issues.

The effect of these JCs then is they intimidate and over-awe ALL THE REST OF THE "Christians" in USA and indeed the world too, Jews now having bought and bribed ALL THE establishment Churches without exception, both Catholic and Protestant, the people then left without leadership or guidance, indeed even terribly mis-led and mis-informed now by a totally, thoroughly rotten and traitorous leadership.

Such then is the extent and SHEER POWER and effect of Jew-controlled COUNTERFEITING (legalized--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) which has ruled in USA since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act--they now OWN EVERYTHING, literally, and only the very most obstinate and independent individuals even have a chance to resisting.

So NTS, u can see the formidable task we have as patriots--WE MUST TAKE THIS JC and theologic "BULL" BY the proverbial "horns" and literally preach an understanding of Christianity which can rectify the sad situation dominated by Jews.

But never fear, I've been working on the problem, and I've been able to clear away a lot of confusion over the theologic issues. Don't forget the problem is really not too difficult at the root, we humans striving to achieve knowledge of the TRUTH, truth, truth, truth--this, in face of Jew lies and conspiracy which always opposes us.

And the main problem then w. est. Christianity is it fails for its basic duty--WHICH IS ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9)--simple, eh?

And so I submit once one sees things in terms of basic issues, people are then best enabled to proceed.

For believe it or not, our culture really is now enmired within a horrific, Jew-induced MYSTICISM, and the task is simply one of regaining that rationalistic grasp for things. Christianity was the great anchor for original Western Reason which emerged fm the chaotic middle ages, and this Christian reason is what we have to resurrect, revive, and resurge.

CONCLUSION: And this great second Renaissance then will begin decisively for us of present age when folks remind themselves Christianity IS AND WAS MEANT TO BE anti-semitic, first, last, and always. Thus we must deal w. these traitorous JCs forthrightly and confront them w. their GROSS hereticalism--it's not difficult. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things get needlessly complicated if basic definitions aren't understood at beginning--so what then IS Christianity, anyway?

Honest Discussion Of Christ And Christianity Never Hurts Anything--Except Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 10)

Hello Pastor Martin: yes, we've discussed things before, so u might well have considered urself warned I'm going to give things thorough examination as I proceed to speak truth (best I can, anyway). See

Note I essentially challenge u CI folks to say what u're really all about. And what this discussion now has come to is what Christianity really and truly is--needless to say, this is important subject--what in heck are we talking about, anyway? What is Christianity?

"Jett" is NOTHING but a Jewwy troll who speaks, thinks, and acts like NOTHING but a Jew--now there's a Jew for us, who shows what a Jew is, does, and talks like--he's great example/model of utter reduction-to-absurd. I'm actually rather amazed "Jett" is still here at place like Stumble Inn--but like u seem to indicate, he's expedient model for reductio-ad-absurdum, regardless, as I note.

So Pastor, what is Christianity?--can u say?--one must wonder.

Is Christianity something on the order of "rocket-science"?--I doubt it, for if it was it would be impractical and unaccessable for far too many people.

So then is Christianity MYSTERY?--it almost seems like it is, doesn't it?

So this issue over what Christianity really is is why we have that magnificent New Testament (NT) literature and aestheticalist dramatization (much like Homer's Epic Poems, regarding preceding Greek culture) to refer to for definitive ideas as it is here in NT that Christ speaks--as nowhere else, including esp. Old Testament (OT).

Christ, the un-questionable main character, who speaks so forthrightly as he does, is OBVIOUS reason NT is DEFINITIVE, OT mere supplement--U NEED TO GET THIS STRAIGHT WITHIN UR MIND.

Thus pastor, I submit it's in NT where Christ tells us definitively WHAT "IT'S" ALL ABOUT. And "it's" ALL ABOUT TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8)--and this is made abundantly clear in glorious, magnificent Gosp. JOHN, to which I make it a virtue to refer so often as u surely notice.

St. Paul is more complex, and rather seems to be more concerned with other stuff that comes after the strict subject of TRUTH. Truth then orders everything else for us, including "peace," "faith," "love," etc.--everything is understood according to this PRIMARY value, truth. But correct me if u think I'm wrong, of course.

For that's the great human struggle and quandary, Pastor Martin, as I'm sure u'd eventually agree--what is truth?--it's a life-or-death question, esp. as we're all born into an otherwise difficult world of GREEK TRAGEDY, this world dominated by liars, criminals, conspirators, murderers, and (literal) cannibals who worship the devil--LIKE JEWS, the topmost CRIMINAL gang of all-time, who worship lies (JOHN 8:44) and whom Christ explicitly reviled and called-out and exposed soooooooo definitively, hero as Christ is and was.

So u see Pastor Martin, how simple "it" all really is? For then, after dear Gosp. JOHN, we have gosp.s of MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9 who/which record what Christ tells us about "heaven" and "eternal life"--all u need do is (a) love God (hence TRUTH--which is what God is, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and (b) do justice--what's soooooooooo difficult or complicated?

Why do u need this idiotic "covenant" crap?--what good does it do?--what problem does it solve that isn't already taken-care of? Do u think u're going to SUE God?--take him to "court"?--it's idiotic--don't u see u just need to drop that brainless, idiotic "covenant" bull-shit?

There's NO idiotic "covenant"--u just do as God demands--OR ELSE, that's it--that's all there is to it, PERIOD. And it's same for all races.

For what is un-questionably anti-Christ is trying to take something that's really simple--like TRUTH--and now making something complicated out of it--or making it into something else. Note that's how Jews so often work: first making something "complex," and then out of that into something entirely else altogether.

To my very good comrade, friend, and bro. in spirit, "JA Whiteman," I would only assure that here I'm just trying to get these CI folks to come out and say exactly what this CI stuff is really supposed to be all about. Note we already have NT, and they gotta speak things in their own words--don't tell me to go reading "Atlas Shrugged" or "Decline of the West," or "War and Peace"--just say it simply in ur own words--if u can't, how can u be sure for urself u even know?

To good Pastor Martin, I caution u to beware wishing horrible things upon the world as u seem to do w. such un-caring non-chalance--this is tooooo dangerous, chancey, and presumptuous--we should be much more Christ-like, warning folks, unceasingly, how horrible things ALREADY are and how things threaten to be even MORE SO. People need re-assurance, Pastor--what good does it do smirking and chortling at the horrendous things that could very well happen?

And note the ORIGINAL "catholics" (which actually just means "universal"--thus good and appropriate in generic sense--for all peoples) were the psychological warriors and "chaplains" of St. Constantine's army as they were going about things which weren't necessarily all sure-fire and cut-and-dried in those dangerous days when Jews were still strongest element of Roman empire.

Original catholics were the ones who kept the army together and in proper, necessary spirits as they faced the Jew-headed and -funded enemy with all their lies and psy-ops of the time. "Catholics" then had to consolidate the empire after the initial victories to making sure, for example, kikes wouldn't and couldn't come back. Remember, even during time of St. Constantine and even well after, MOST people were NOT Christian.

Later, the catholics definitively missionized and converted (to a great extent, anyway) the Germanic and Slavic peoples of northern Europe.

And never forget those magnificent, original patriots and catholics are the very heroes and saints who accomplished and effected the ONLY successful, culture-wide Jew-Expulsion of all time. So the catholics deserve great respect and admiration, I say, and present-day "Christians" do well to take note of the original catholic heroes and soldiers who accomplished soooo much against such otherwise overwhelming odds.

CONCLUSION: So I think I've here covered things sufficiently so u KNOW I'm honest Christian soldier. We've all got NT to consult with, so I think I've made a good case for my HONEST understanding of it. CI seems to be too top-heavy w. FAILED ideas, esp. like "covenant." Christianity is really much a matter of simple REASON vs. mysticism and confusionary dis-info and psy-ops fm the Jews. Christians do best w. plain HONESTY, reason, and simplicity, as I've noted. Jews want to intimidate folks w. complexity and mysticism. Those are the two basic opposites, TRUTH vs. Jew lies--thus Christian reason and simplicity vs. mysticism and confused complexity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Today, 04:26 AM

ArchBishop of Lindstedtania

Hello Apollonian:
We've had this 'discussion' before in which you try to change Christian Identity to something you think will be 'better.' Hearing that you come from the Papist bunch simply explains a lot. The Popish Roman Catholic religion is within Christian Identity deemed to be nearly as big a Babylon as jewrusalem is.
Now the basis for Catholicism is racial. The Mediterraneanoids are a sinful lot of mamzers who simply cannot and will not obey any law, and thus they have derived a racial religion which lets them fall prey to theyz' inner mamzer and then they go to a baal-priest who lets them off with a penance of simony -- the first poop was Simon Magus -- and a bit of idolatry for the more poverty-stricken in order to go put and commit more bestial acts. Pastor John Britton alluded to this sort of 'religion' by correctly saying that Catholicism is derived from sundry fertility cults such as Cybele, which originated from the Old Hittites, progeniturds of the Khazars.
Now the Aryan/Nordics, as soon as militarily and politically feasible, and after much patience, put up with Romish ways for approximately 500-1000 years, and upon the advent of the Reformation decided that little guidos and wops and other lesser breeds didn't need to have the Aryan White man support this amoral scum headquartered in the New Babylon of Rome.
Now it was another 150 years or so before the Mediterraneoid religious parasites got the message, but after a little event called the Thirty Years War, in which the ancestors of myself and Pastor John Britton would routinely perform the religious ritual of Das Swedentrunken, in which several thousand mackeral-snappers were asked to show that they had faith by being forced to try to turn boiling Swedish piss into the blood and Swedish turds into the body of Christ, and theyz' failure to have sufficient faith to actually do theyz' popish kikeshit, the papist dogs decided that 'freedom of religious faith' for the Aryan Nordic Israelite man might be the best policy. Me, myself am looking forward to a little 'Swedish waterboarding' in the future as payback for this Catlick bitch holding a mock ecclesiastical hearing in defiance of RSMo 610.180 and voting that I was "not a member of a state-recognized religion." That's the problem with you Catlick mother-fuckers: You don't ever get the message until the pliers and gelding and skinning knives are applied, and then you are only ever so willing to behave.
Now we've had this argument before in which you've tried to explain how Christian Identity needs to be changed to fit your notions, Appy. And I've simply blown it off as you have no idea of what the fuck you are yapping about. Indeed, you are unable to understand Christian Identity, because it is indeed an Israelite thing. But I am positive that you can learn from the Swedish waterboarding of other papists that the Christian Israelite isn't someone you ever want to fuck with.
Now Jett Rink is from what I gather a natural-born whigger solipsist. In 'normal' life Jett Rink would join Cousin John Q. Whigger and the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and openly worsheep hisself in the First Church of Solipsism. But Jett Rink doesn't live in normal times, and being a smart, somewhat smarmy little whigger fuktard would probably be more than happy to mouth Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) dogmatic platitudes in order to skin out regime criminals, and take theyz' property and pussy as a DSCI-sanctioned warlord, just like Constantine and Clovis and Charlemagne. You see, Jett Rink knows about as much about religion as Paddy's Pig, but being a sort of Linder-lite is always open to the main chance. Like Lenin at the Third Communist Congress, ArchBishop Lindstedt might have to acknowledge that out of 100 DSCI warlords that 69 are criminals, 30 are fools, and but one out of the hundred are true Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, but that the Great Tribulation was fought with what we could get.
You are in rebellion against YHWH's Law because you are not an Israelite and thus the Law of YHWH is not written on jewr heart -- or so it would seem. Or perhaps you are yet another typpycull whigger fool. You see, Chaos is coming, and it is us DSCI people, highly lawful, who will bring Order -- as well as a Sword -- upon the Great Tribulation carrying away 150 million whiggers and 140 million jew muds, cruds, and mamzers. My political goal is to make Dual-Seedline Christian Identity the White Man's Racial HATE Religion, to get Ten-Thousand Warlords to rule absolutely over Ten-Million surviving Whites. Now whether of not any of these warlords or the surviving White population really truly understand Christian Identity, and in understanding, believe, is not my concern. For it is Jesus Christ, holder of a Rod of Iron and a Double-Edged Sword, who decides who He calls, who are His sheep, and only His sheep can hear His voice. I am a Servant of Jesus Christ, not Christ's master, and thus I cannot say who Christ calls or why. What I can do, and do indeed do, is to drive out baal-priests and mamzers and scrofulous whiggers from the above-ground Church, re, Sci-Fi Faber and jewromy Visser.
So, Apollonian, Christian Identity needs not emulate some other character who does what you want. Indeed, your support of a self-admitted ZOG snitch/agent provocateur Hal 'Diamond' Turner shows that you are a complete idiot regarding who can and who cannot be trusted. All ZOG did was to turn on a thieving rat who pulled a 'Madoff' on ZOG, stole a couple hundred thousand from ZOG, made ZOG look like a bunch of Fumbling Bumbling Idiots (FBI), actually didn't end up sending any 'domestic terrorists' to a jewlag, and had no further use other than to try to keep the rest of the Corps of Informants and ZOGbots in line. You have insisted on being a fool, indeed a dogmatic buffoon, whom everyone in the bowel Movement thinks must be an honest idiot. It is sort of pathetic that you are dumber even than Sci-Fi Faber, who seen the handwriting on the wall a year ago, and decided that he should put some non-copulatory distance from Hal Turner. You are going to be to Hal Turner what WhiggerSwill is to Cosmotology -- the last, final and only True BeeLIEver.
Lastly, Appollonian, I have no problem with you being on this StumbleInn forum, on the Lindstedtania subforum, or even being on my Christian Nationalist forum. Why? Because you give those like Strike 3, JA Whiteman, and others a chance to polish their arguments concerning Christian Identity on a typpycull, but outstandingly stupid, bowel Movement ZOGling whigger or mamzer ass-clown. You might be ass common as kudzu, but the unpracticed need to exercise their theological talents on ZOGlings. It might be as unproductive as trying to get to a turtle in itz shell, but eventually a smart eagle learns to take the turtle and let gravity provide the meal by dropping the turtle upon the rocks. There is more than one way to skin a whigger.
Or, you could learn to simply leave us Christian Israelites to be what we be, as you do what you do in the Movement. You write good essays most of the time, at least until you decide to turn that which you do not understand into something you want us to be which is more in line with your limited understanding. As said before, you are unable to understand Christian Identity with either your head, and certainly not with your heart at this time. So rather than try to make us into your own image, let us be what we be, while you be what you be, and let us live in amity. Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
Originally Posted by JA Whiteman
Hey Appy, I went out on a limb for you, mostly just wanting to clear the air about you being ixaturd but you now come into Pastor Lindstedt's CHRISTIAN IDENTITY subforum and go on the attack.
Seems to me that you are only using the NT as a vehicle to flame the fire of antijewism which in itself can't be a bad thing. My question to you is, why do you come here and intentionally insult those that hate jews and love YHVH/Christ?
Pastor MLD Lindstedt refers to CI as the white man's hate religion. How is that any different from yours? The results should be the same in that we get the goyim to llsten to us.
You are welcome to post what you wish but you will win no friends in this subforum by spitting on our faith. Your views are welcome but your delivery sucks. You are among possible allies but choose to attack them. It's one thing to puke in the direction of jewt stink but WTF?
You always want references to everything and that's fine but please, why not start another thread where you question our scriptural interpretations point by point? Wouldn't that be more constructive and educational for all? YHVH's laws are forever. You will get no converts to your ideas by first spitting in our faces.
I liken your entrance to this subforum to us inviting you to dinner and you sitting down, letting a long, loud smelly fart and wiping your boogers on the bottom of our table. You then reject our food as substandard. We don't like it much and some will just ignore you but you can expect for the Pope of Lindstedtania to chime in and you might not like it but you certainly are asking for it. You may even hear from the Archbishop of L on this too. Me? I have said my piece and refuse to debate my LOYALTY to YHVH as being misplaced or distorted in some way with you.
I don't agree with you on HT issue either but I do see how you come to your conclusions and do not attack you for them. You know my position on that fat fucktwat fedsnitchbitch. He got burned because he is greedy and wanted to play both sides of the fence. He grabbed a tiger by it's slippery tail and got bit hard.
Hey, JA:
I think above was a good response, as was Strike 3's, and Pastor John Britton's. You need not explain yourself to those who cannot understand because they are not called by Christ, nor likely will ever be called by Christ. But someone must make up the Legion of the Damned, and be the vessels of wrath, just as we are the vessels of mercy, cf. Romans 9:13-23.
But I think that Apollonian is useful as a sort of foil, as someone who is useful as a sort of 'training whigger' who has deliberately crippled hisself by having a man-crush on Hal Turner. Yes, Hal Turner was entertaining -- actually pretty talented -- as a bowel Movement radio yapper. Far more clever and funny than jewdas Roid Rage Retard Giles. I know because I've been listening to the 'Best of' both Hal Turner and Triple-R, of Harold Covington and myself using my new mp3 player when doing chores.
The ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns we will have among us always in our bowel Movement -- at least until the Great Tribulation carries them all off. And thus we need our 'training whiggers' and 'training mamzers' and if they be superficially funny or learned or talented, and fun to fight with, then all that more the better.
Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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Today, 05:20 AM

Two Wongs made a Wright

Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Cloud 666
Posts: 2,920

Martin, not only is Appy a papist but a papist Hibernigger, you can't fix that. It's in his DNA to be a papist, just as it was in his ancestor's DNA to worship the Magna Mater, Nimrod's heifer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gotta see Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity in proper context--CYCLIC "Decline of the West," in hubris

Wise Physicians Battling Jew Disease Must Heed To Conditions, Necessary Measures(Apollonian, 17 Aug 10)

Incog: u hit proverbial "nail" pretty well--as usual. See, "The Stinking...," 16 Aug 10. But note the full sublimity of things, good comrades:

Jews are un-questionably most profound, sublime "criminals" who overthrow all law, reality, truth, reason, order, justice, logic, etc. Jews succeed as they "go big" (as former SecDef Rumsfeld would have put it)--in all possible ways.

For note Jews deny at the very git-go that basic OBJECTIVITY of reality, Jews advocates of SUBJECTIVITY (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) which they enforce successfully as they're so brilliantly UNITED, "connected," collectivistically co-ordinated--u get the picture.

So now observe how it only takes a couple/few million of these Jew scum (world-wide) to successfully MASTER-MIND this great criminal conspiracy founded (for practical purposes) on their COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), on top of which they charge interest. These Jew criminals could ONLY do this if they were most absolutely RUTHLESS for their ambition and conception, and hence, chutzpah--a necessary component to their plottings.

Observe then charging interest on COUNTERFEITED funds is like my breaking ur arm--AND THEN CHARGING U FOR THE "PRIVILEDGE"--now I ask u, is that "chutzpah"?--or what? Jews are truly masters of the "big-lie"--and they show how to enact it and enforce it--they deserve some credit, after all.

So u see Incog, we're doomed against these monsters UNLESS we genuinely grasp what's going on fm the very basic premises and principles of things.

For Jews ONLY TAKE ADVANTAGE of a basic delusion which is voluntarily begun by stupid, over-populated goyim--the Greeks called it, "HUBRIS," the delusion that one has become God, capable of creating reality (subjectivism).

Of course, Jews are subjectivists too (Talmudists--see and for best expo)--BUT they at least KNOW IT, and they make sure they STAY TOGETHER while all the others, the stupid goyim, remain "individualized" in their hubris, thus ISOLATED fm one-another, incapable then of either perceiving the Jews for their criminality, OR doing anything about it.

Observe the PROOF is in our very own US history, esp. when the northern states of USA genocided their fellow white folks of the South during the US "Civil" war. Consider the 10th Amendment (only 28 words) states, "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the people, respectively, or to the states."

So where in the Const. does it say states cannot secede?--u see?--the Jews didn't make the stupid goyim be this stupid--that they voluntarily mass-murdered their own fellow white citizens. Jews, like any parasite-disease, ONLY TAKE ADVANTAGE of something they themselves couldn't have started just on their own.

And that basic delusion, incog, as I've noted over and over for us, is the pretension to a perfectly "free" human will--by means of which stupid people pretend they can be "good."

This imaginary "free" will then, I submit, is the basic problem--which Jews, scum as they are, are NOT responsible for. We gentiles cannot rightly blame Jews that we maintain these idiot delusions regarding perfect "freedom" of will and thence "good-evil" delusion.

So u see, mighty incog, we've GOT to, like physicians dealing w. plague of Jew-disease-of-opportunity, DEAL w. that basic condition that allows Jew disease to thrive and prosper in the first place--we have to "stamp-out," so-to-speak, that prior delusional stupidity of our own which then gives Jew disease their "food" upon which they prosper so horribly.

Verily, it seems to be an intractible problem of CYCLIC history whence hubristic, over-populated gentiles must be removed by Jew-disease, and now we're consigned to simply "weathering" the great storm--though it's not like there's absolutely NOTHING we can do.

CONCLUSION: So our task is EXACTLY like doctors and physicians attempting to TREAT the conditions of this great and horrific plague of Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity. Infernal Jews KNOW they were decisively DEFEATED ONCE BEFORE in history--under leadership of magnificent St. Constantine the Great. All Jew-Expulsions after St. Constantine were (unfortunately) only local events, too little, too late. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, August 16, 2010

Jew parasites will fall-out (as they're doing even now) with one-another as gentile suckers die-out

Essence Of Present Cultural Crisis Is CYCLIC History And Over-Population
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 10)

Note the great cultural ANTI-THESES are Western reason and (Christian) TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) vs. Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and conspiracy. See, "The Real...," 15 Aug 10, comments. Note further, u can't have "truth" without objective (Aristotelian) reality as necessary criterion--which naturally Jews deny, insisting there's no way to verify this alleged "objectivity," which is simply necessary first assumption/premise, as Aristotle explained.

"Flanders," (above, at 3:42 am) then pt.s out fm the Rosenthal interview HOW the Jews accomplish this cultural/psychologic mastery of theirs--aside fm the successful Jew criminal enterprise of ("legalized") COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref.)--the gentiles so willingly going along w. Jews and their lies.

For gentiles, now over-populated, CYCLICALLY suffer that horrific, suicidal, and absolutely FATAL HUBRIS--that madness by which one imagines one is like God--hence w. perfectly "FREE" human will--this is what Jew disease-of-opportunity simply capitalizes upon.

For remember Jews couldn't do anything without cooperation--fm over-populated goyim, as I note.

So u see once again, we're simply in midst of a socio-biologic phenomena, phase, or "situation" whence we just have tooooooooooo many "over-populated" gentiles given to this madness and delusion of perfectly "free" will--Jew parasites now must thrive, feeding off these hordes of goons, dupes, inferiors, weaklings, and general scum--who believe in "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism).

Just look at all the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who worship enemy Israeli terror-state which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref.) and say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist, which Talmud Christ explicitly repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

Thus our only hope and strategy must simply be to WEATHERING this present storm, best we can--it just has to run its course, and there's not much we can do about it but to protecting ourselves, as suckers fall by proverbial "way-side."

CONCLUSION: Only thing we can do MUST start w. preaching TRUTH there is no perfectly "free" human will--and thus be confident Jew parasites will destroy themselves once they've eliminated host-victims they've heretofore lived-off, Jews then having become over-populated themselves, now falling-out--as indeed we seem to see, the "left/liberal" Jews behind communist United Nations (UN) quarelling w. the "right/conservative" Jews (Israeli "zionists" and "neo-cons" allied w. JCs)--with yet a third faction of Jews at lower-level, sociologically, but still amazingly rich compared w. gentiles, who back Ron Paul and Alex Jones. Good luck. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jew Problem is one of parasite vs. host--it's deterministic and CYCLIC in nature

Problem Is Jews--NOT Just "Zionists"--And It's CYCLIC, Entailing Parasite Vs. Host Relation
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 10)

NTS: comrade, note we're simply learning, once again, just how life sucks--GREEK TRAGEDY--as our cultural forefathers taught. See, "How They...," 14 Aug 10. Life is just one problem after another, isn't it?

Another necessary note is Les Visible (Smoking Mirrors) is himself a Jew, and is only interested in "limited hangout" operation, putting blame on what he pretends are "bad" Jews--the "zionists." For all Jews are by definition TALMUDISTS and thus at war w. gentiles, Jews--not just "zionists"--Jews being worshippers of lies, lying, and liars, esp. themselves, Jews. See and for best expo on Talmud.

And Christian msg follows, it emphasizing great THEMATIC battle all we individuals must fight in our lives to KNOW TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8), this against Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and conspiracy which always oppress us, Jews being merely most efficient, most organized for their lies, always dominating gentiles who are less "connected," more "individualistic," hence isolated for their own puny lies and criminality.

Thus topmost, ruling criminal fraud and conspiracy is COUNTERFEITING, commanding everything else, which is then legalized by corrupt gov. fiat--such as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. Thus with such legalized COUNTERFEITING (on top of which they charge interest!), these criminals eventually end owning everything and practically everyone except for a few "mis-fits" who are then slandered and targeted as "anti-semites."

So u see comrade NTS, it's IMPOSSIBLE to beat these COUNTERFEITERS as they have practically INFINITE funds by which to operate and combat us few who try to tell truth to un-appreciative people who'd rather be diverted with fairy-tales to effect they are "good" for being soooooooo "tolerant" of "intelligent," "persecuted" Jews like Les Visible.

Greatest DELUSION taught by Jews and their "Jews-media" (see is perfectly "free" human will by which stupid, gullible people imagine they can be "good"--and it's this "good" delusion then which soooooooooo perfectly occupies all the inferior and weak-minded people who suck it up sooooooo willingly, with such gusto.

Thus note, comrade NTS, we true patriots can only calculate in DETERMINIST, strictly scientific fashion according to socio-biologic host-parasite relation which is CYCLIC in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus Jews are foremost parasite disease-of-opportunity (frauds and criminals) who capitalize upon over-populated, hubristic host-victim--UNTIL the parasite disease then begins to seriously DE-POPULATE such host-victim suckers--which thereupon causes parasites to fall-out w. one another, this upon well-known principle of "NO HONOR among thieves."

And we see this falling-out now as there are at least THREE (3) discernable factions of Jews, w. associated gentile accomplices: (a) the "left"/"liberals" behind communist United Nations (UN) backed by CFR-Bilderberg, fronted by Obama/Soetoro; (b) the "right"/"conservative" Jews, called "zionists," "neo-cons," and Israel-firsters, associated w. "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist); and now (c) the lower-level Jews, who are still quite rich in comparison to gentiles, who back such as Ron Paul ( and Alex Jones (

So NTS, u gotta realize there are no "good" Jews--TALMUDISTS, never forget. We gotta get rid of ALL JEWS, not just "zionists."

But again, things economic and political have to get worse than they are now for people to fully see truth about these infernal and insidious Jew liars, whose lies never cease.

For people only UNITE BRIEFLY AND AGAINST A NEGATIVE--Jews being foremost, all-time villians, likely candidates, and targets with their NEVER-ENDING lies, like the lie to effect there are "good" Jews (like there are "good psychopaths"). Christianity then provides cover for this anti-semitism, Christianity championing TRUTH, once again--as Gosp. JOHN, quoted above.

CONCLUSION: Thus we only now need a Christianity freed fm the dominance of JCs who are so heavily funded/financed by Jew COUNTERFEITING, a REVIVED and resurrected Christianity which is rational, meaningful, and active for most effective anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:30-9), this anti-semitism the real patriot basis and Hegelian ANTI-THESIS to Jew lies, fraud, and criminality, sooooo sublimely organized, effective, and absolutely dominating as we see in present day. Good luck; take care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hal Turner took Fed Money, true--but it's no reason to totally condemn him--Besides, remember it's freedom-of-speech which is issue here

Hal Turner Episode Is Sad Chapter--But Still Instructive For Analysis
(Apollonian, 14 Aug 10)

My issue for this Hal Turner episode (thus present trial and latest verdict) has to do w. strict matter of Hal's freedom of speech--which then affects the general principle as it applies for us. See, "Three Strikes...," 13 Aug 10.

Hal said he thought these scummy, dirty traitors, called judges, ought to be killed--it was his opinion--it was what he personally thought, and he so spoke. So this issue of freedom-of-speech is what is MOST, salient, important, and germane for our attention, I submit.

So Hal Turner decided to push the "envelope" against Fed fascist puke, and they called his bluff, terrorizing the citizenry for freedom-of-speech and criticism of Fed judicial scum, Feds finding 12 brainless shits on a jury to go along w. them. So don't trust ur fellow cowardly citizens to back u up against ZOG-Mammon, comrades.

Poor Hal Turner, like Bill White, let himself get ISOLATED, cut-off, and now put-away (pretty much). Lesson is u GOTTA HAVE AN ORGANIZATION behind u--like an army. And Christianity is then that perfect anti-semitic thing which is made-to-order.

Stupid Bill White couldn't figure it out about dear Christianity, saying he didn't need anything by which to expiate "sins," which he didn't think he was guilty of. Hal Turner was less stupid on this Christian issue, but not sufficiently.

Regarding Hal Turner's association w. Feds, I still think Hal was sincere for much of what he said, esp. against Jews, and remember a lot of us were just celebrating for Hal's willingness to say what he thought and pleased. We then all had great fun commenting on Hal's magnificent blogs--I know I had greatest fun, getting lots of attn, and savaging stupid scum who would write in.

Hal went for the money in co-operating w. Feds, never doubt--I guess now he found out how reliable Feds are for their treachery. Question is DID HAL TURNER DAMAGE the patriot movement?--NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO--he couldn't have--how could he?

So dumb-ass, brainless morons and stupid idiots would gratuitously solicit Hal and volunteer compromising info?--WHO WOULD DO THIS?--answer: ONLY Jews and their agents trolling for suckers, that's all--that's who really objected and got Hal busted, I suggest.

So my take and appraisal for this Hal Turner episode is JEWS WANTED TO INTIMIDATE and terrorize patriots fm speaking out against Jew-controlled gov. and empire, AND THEY SUCCEEDED, didn't they? Hal Turner was surely doing MOST DAMAGE against Jews and their trolling agencies at SPLC and ADL.

And it's all (regarding Hal Turner) IRRELEVANT anyway, for patriots still must do basic work of organizing the people, the volk, BEGINNING w. basic principles of ANTI-SEMITISM, hence real, proper, TRUE Christianity, which is basically anti-semitism, first, last, and always. If u're NOT ANTI-SEMITIC, U AIN'T NO CHRISTIAN, comrade.

For Christianity is properly, naturally, and logically built upon anti-semitism--it just then adds some common-sense items by way of positive pt.s for keeping the people TOGETHER and staying united against this infernal Jew monster:

(a) Thus Christianity is for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) against Jew lies.

(b) Thus Christianity orders the other virtues according to this primary value of truth, including then "love," "peace," and "faith" (loyalty).

For never forget: PEOPLE ONLY UNITE IN FIRST PLACE AGAINST NEGATIVE--and Jews w. their hook-noses are made-to-order for this negative. Musselmen don't cut it for too long--after all, USA/Israel has mass-murdered over a million in Iraq now--all for nothing they ever did against USA.

So Hal Turner COULD have done much more and better in way of uniting the volk--but hey, he did well enough, probably the best he could. Associating w. the FBI was probably un-avoidable in the long-term for Hal's abilities to stage the various propaganda shows he put on. I personally benefitted fm exposure and exercise (and sheer fun) of posting on his blogs, as I note again.

So consider comrades, this issue about associating w. FBI is rather blown-out of proportion, I submit. Hal Turner surely was greedy, and he wanted that money, so I guess there's lesson there.

But note how Feds have the money-COUNTERFEITING machine, the Fed (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud/scam), which can generate nearly INFINITE funds--NEVER FORGET this incredible power they have.

If they can't get u for the first sum they propose, they can always UP the "ante"--there's no necessary limit--and don't forget also, they can make things difficult for u too. WE shouldn't blame Hal Turner for going for that moooolah, like he did--it's common failing among humans, u know.

So again, remember this Hal Turner episode turned out BAD for freedom-of-speech--a successful terrorizing by the Feds against the people, without a doubt. And the issue of association w. Feds is highly problematical for the good pt.s and bad pt.s--it's largely "Judgment" issue, I'd say--a matter of tactics for what exactly one is trying to accomplish.

CONCLUSION: Patriots must STILL work to UNITE the people. Greatest problem, surely by far, is still those stinking, scummy "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist dumb-shits who suck-along w. Jew monsters, saying Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist) and supporting enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref. on 9-11). But JCs are YET ZOG-Mammon's GREATEST WEAK-PT. too, never doubt--it's where and upon what we must SET SIGHTS and concentrate efforts. ZOG-Mammon IS WEAK--if we only exert ourselves. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, August 13, 2010

Note reality and history are DETERMINED (no "free" will), hence CYCLIC, and we must plan accordingly--Jews are simply parasite disease-of-opportunity

CYCLIC Nature Of History Precludes "Free" Will Delusion
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 10)

Hello Incog: Sad thing about old Curt Maynard, eh? See, "Interstate Slasher...," 12 Aug 10.

Well Incog, to re-summarize things for us--our problem is un-questionably having to do w. Jews, for one thing, undoubtedly, but they're not all, as they're mere "active agents"--a disease-of-opportunity--taking advantage of a condition upon which they merely capitalize, but don't cause themselves.

Thus we must examine these conditions of culture and history, I submit. For note reality is DETERMINED (in accord w. absolute cause-effect)--there being no perfectly "free" human will, the prime human delusion, foundation to basic "sin" of hubris.

For that pre-condition which initially welcomes Jews is HUBRIS of the host, now victim, gentiles--which persuades gentiles in first place that they can and should tolerate Jews, a FATAL mistake. Jews then are rather a disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of a cultural-societal weakness or sickness which precedes Jews--that afore-mentioned HUBRIS of gentiles who imagine now they're enjoying (false) "prosperity" of MAMMON false god, I submit.

So u see, as physicians of a sick society, we must treat the society so that it ceases to afford the Jew parasite disease their opportunities to thrive.

One circumstance that will surely help us, as we observe accurately, is that as Jews succeed, they being parasites, the host-victim will necessarily and inevitably recede, affording now over-populated Jew parasites less to live off of, the Jews now tending to fall-out among themselves--as we rather see. For there are "left"/"liberal" Jews (behind the United Nations [UN] of CFR-Bilderberg, fronted by Obama/Soetoro), and "rightist"-styled Jews of Israel and "neo-cons" who are allied w. "Judeo-Christian" (JC) gentiles (see below note on JCs).

So u see Incog, it's really much a CYCLIC sort of condition, in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--when gentiles get too over-populated, "prosperous," and hubristic it naturally draws in Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity which then de-populates gentiles. But note that very same (CYCLIC) process eventually, inevitably works against Jews too, as gentiles recede, Jew parasites now over-populated.

So Incog, what I emphasize to u and ur associates and fans here is u must eliminate ALL JEWS--there are no "good Jews" anymore than there are "good Talmudists" (see and for best Talmudic expo), or "good psychopaths."

And u must eliminate all gentiles who are allied w. Jews too--and this is crux to present struggle, esp. Jews' most powerful weapon, the JC (see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, who say Christ was Jew, hence Talmudist (which Talmud Christ repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref. on 9-11). JCs are most sublime traitors, though most of them are really dupes.

Thus gentiles can unite upon premise/principle of ANTI-SEMITISM--but naturally, it needs a positive, unifying cover, this then called "Christianity"--which never forget has a history of success even though it presently is so thoroughly subverted, traduced, and infiltrated by means especially of Jew-masterminded COUNTERFEITING of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) scam/fraud--see for expo/ref.

Thus we can now perceive and discern opposed ANTI-THESES, Jew lies and conspiracy vs. Christian TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8), this converting and translating in strict philosophic terms to Jew subjectivism (highly collectivized) vs. Western reason founded upon Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY, the necessary premise/criterion to truth.

CONCLUSION: For practical purposes, the great error of presently demoralized gentiles is imagined idea they possess a perfectly "free" will--which then falls into the Jew trap of subjectivism by which they deceive gentiles so brilliantly. Presently we're still in the down-turn, "decline" phase of CYCLIC historical process--dumb gentiles are still too over-populated at present, I'm afraid. US Dollar must still register a CRUSHING collapse, USA turned into a third-world nation, most emphatically, with rampant starvation and serious civil unrest yet impending. Good luck. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jew bolshevism in Russia just ONE PIECE of larger puzzle entailing Jew criminality, Fed COUNTERFEITING, Gentile Hubris in "Decline of the West"

Jew Criminals, COUNTERFEITERS, And Conspirators Are Mere Disease-Of-Opportunity Within, Upon Hubristic "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 10)

Great story and blog-topic by Chris Moore (see, "State-Sanctioned...," 12 Aug 10): but note--it wasn't ONLY "zionists," but JEWS, JEWS, JEWS, some of whom were indeed "zionists," and their cohorts among gentiles, who followed devilish, infernal, anti-human, murderous TALMUD (see and for best Talmudic expo) who invented communism-bolshevism, fought for it, and actually then ran it operationally, which acted as enforcer for world-dominating and -conquering COUNTERFEITERS centered in New York, London, and Paris axis. See for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud.

See esp. Perloff's "Shadows of Power" for expo/ref. on Jew-founded Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which semi-officially guided policy in USA for the Fed criminal conspirators. And there are many other outstanding ref.s, like Antony C. Sutton's "Wall Street..." works, esp. "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution."

Thus we see it's NOT MERELY "ZIONISTS," but Jews, followers of the murderous, anti-human Talmud, who are criminals and conspirators by simple virtue of Talmudic principles and idealogy, inspiring them to conspire and murder gentiles--even their fellow Jews too. Such gentile-depopulation then is simple program of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And gentiles themselves are not exempt fm blame as their putrid, brainless, and suicidal HUBRIS and delusions (esp. regarding perfectly "free" human will, thence Pelagian heresy of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion) allows and impells them to first (a) TOLERATING JEWS, as Jews pay them or their leaders off w. bribes, and (b) then further, willingly enforcing and applying Jew criminal conspiracy, false-prosperity, and Mammonist empire-of-lies, as we see even now, by means of Jew-controlled and -directed COUNTERFEITING fueling everything else w. massive funding and financing, engine for "big brother" and Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

What then are the basic, operational philosophic/cultural anti-theses?--it's TRUTH (hence Christian virtue) vs. Jew lies, conspiracy, and criminality. And the opposed anti-thetic ideals are OBJECTIVITY VS. SUBJECTIVISM; then determinism vs. "free" will delusion. Jews then make use of gentile hubris and delusion of "free" will, encouraging Pharisaism-moralism, esp. of Pelagianism and "good-evil."

CONCLUSION: It's "good" then, according to Jews and cohorts, to induce self-deception, esp. as by ultimate sublime fraud of COUNTERFEITING and "central banking" which presently grips the world, threatening massive, horrific de-population, this by means, for one thing, of flouride poison deliberately placed in the water supplies, then by toxic drugging, like aspartame and MSG, not to mention GMO (genetic engineering) foods, and "vaccinations"--see for expo/ref. on this massive poisoning and de-population effort, carried on presently right under people's noses. Great story and blog-topic, once again, by in effort to inform the people, communist political theme merely one part of larger criminal-conspiratorial puzzle. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Most Important For Present Cultural Struggle Is IDENTIFICATION of sides AND IDEALS--IT'S Christian Truth vs. Jew lies--get it straight

Christianity Is Necessary, Traditional Rallying Symbol For Anti-Semitic Force
(Apollonian, 11 Aug 10)

"Jimbo!"--thanks for ur comments. See below-copied fm, "Former Order...," 9 Aug 10, comments. But note when u talk about "most Christians," u're only talking about MOST PEOPLE--as far as the West is concerned.

Note Christians are NO MORE "kike-kissers" than anyone else--what actually is the attraction? Answer: the "kike-kissers" are really just gross ADDICTS to Mammonist (false) "prosperity" which now they associate w. Jews--that's what they're "kissing" and why.

For the people of our land (USA and the West--including Australian, N. Zealand, and other white-inhabited lands) are Christian for the necessary cultural background--there's nothing else.

Hence u need to get it firmly in mind ANTI-CHRIST WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, PERIOD. Creators better figure it out--OR WE CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS WILL RUTHLESSLY EXTERMINATE THEM, without mercy. Treason will NOT be tolerated.

Presently, the way it is, Creators are just an instrument for the Jews sowing discord and dis-unity within ranks of anti-semitic patriots.

So u see, the whole problem/task for winning present cultural struggle depends upon identification for the "us" vs. "them." Thus it's best to understand the Jews and their allies as the enemy, all other gentiles as "the people" who are being oppressed by these Judaic CRIMINALS and cohorts who dominate by means of their heretofore invincible COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) which they've put over as "banking."

So u see, Christianity holds the struggle is all about TRUTH vs. lies, Jews the ultimate frauds, criminals, murderers--all this built upon lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

But then "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists twist things around for Christianity, insisting Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist, which Talmud Christ repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), confusing "Jew" with Judean, and insisting Christians must support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

So u see "Jimbo!"--Jews just pay with COUNTERFEITED funds the JCs to confusing things Christian--that's basic problem.

CONCLUSION: For otherwise, Christianity is the means of organizing the ANTI-SEMITIC forces against Jews--that's what we have to resurge and revive, anti-semitism needing something (like Christianity) to unify the host-people, Christianity standing for TRUTH, once again. The only next step for understanding is mere technicality, Christian TRUTH necessarily implying Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY as obligatory STANDARD and criterion for such truth, naturally, Jew lies founded upon subjectivity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian
----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

jimbo! said...
@ "Apollonian": if the over-whelming majority of xtians weren't such blatant "kike-kissers", then, there wouldn't be so much of a problem.....they could, quite easily, be absorbed into CI or some-thing similar!
"creators" have their own set of beliefs and, in a White Homeland, would prefer to live in their own separate enclaves...probably some-thing like "the Amish" do now!
we would be fools not to acknowledge that most WNs are xtians of one sort or t'other....NSM, KKK, Aryan Nations, CI &, it would be foolish to be "at war" with them!
....all WN "groups" need to work together to achieve that common goal....a white home-land!
(Covington's ideas on this seem to be "the best bet"....i say nothing about his character....because i have not met him nor do i know him personally!)
that said: this still doesn't pre-clude us from advocating our own beliefs....may the best "set of ideas" win!*join the Creativity Alliance forum!..."White Will" now a prominent member!*
8:40 PM

------------------above by "Jimbo!" was in response to below-copied by Ap-------------

"Creators" Need To Figure Out WHO IS BOSS Among Patriots And Whites
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 10)

Hey "Jimbo!"--I followed ur advice and got into the Creator Alliance forum (briefly)--this specifically in accord w. ur posting a few days ago. So I found out how things are there among those [Creator] blokes.

Their (creator) forum seems to be reasonably active with quite a few members, but they are poorly led in certain respects, and grossly ignorant upon certain pt.s, esp. regarding Christianity.

The "pontifex" there kicked me out when I made it clear creators need to respect Christian people if they knew what was good for them. "Pontifex" told me, I was "warned about preaching Christianity."

But I never actually preached any Christianity, really; rather, I found I only replied to the stupid cracks those presumptuous and ignorant morons (some of them, anyway) would make against Christianity.

I found, w. few exceptions, those "creator" scum DON'T CARE ABOUT WHITE FOLKS OR WHITE PEOPLE--they're just into their own little, brainless, self-righteous, self-pitying trolling for mal-contents and those who think they've something against Christianity.

For if u care about white people, u'd care about their culture which is so heavily Christian. And u'd make a decent effort to understand what Christianity really is about.

A couple of those creatures would say stupid crap like, "Jesus never existed," or "there is no God."

So I reminded them of basic law of logic which states simply u CANNOT PROVE A NEGATIVE--like "there is no God." All u can say is u have no evidence.

Like Jews they'd never or seldom acknowledge the pt.s I made and just keep on repeating their stupid balderdash.

As u might know, one of the creators' main pt.s is Christianity is mere version/variation of Judaism--to which I pt.d out Christianity EXPLICITLY repudiates Talmud--as at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9. Like Jews, they most often would just ignore my info.

So anyway "Jimbo!"--I'd say u need to let those "creator" people know we real Christians WILL NOT TOLERATE scum who fail to sympathize w. Christian white folks--WE ARE "THE PEOPLE"--and we're not going to submit to those ignorant pieces-of-shit who disparage Christianity. They--at least many of them--need to get a serious clue.

CONCLUSION: On the contrary, "creators" better get it firmly within their little minds they can be NON-Christian, BUT they CANNOT BE ANTI-CHRIST--upon pain of ULTIMATE PENALTY, same as that for TREASON. We Christian soldiers are serious--and don't forget what low-life scum we can be when we get mad. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Jews--Jews Everywhere--on the left, on the right too--they want to kill gentiles not only by war, but poison too, as Alex Jones shows

Jews Lead Criminal Conspiracy Trying Now To De-Populate Gentiles
(Apollonian, 9 Aug 10)

NTS (NorthernTruthSeeker), u're surely doing excellently on the terrorism front--I mean 9-11 was unquestionably "inside job," WTC buildings obviously deliberately imploded, US Air Force stood-down, and 9-11 Commission Report a gross cover-up, PROVEN in serveral books now, a couple just by David Ray Griffin himself. See, "Newest Al-Qaeda...," 9 Aug 10.

But next front is on domestic scene regarding POISONING of nation's water and food-supply, this by means of Flouride, aspartame, MSG, and GMO foods--ESPECIALLY as trumpeted by Alex Jones (, who yes, is an Israeli front-man, but hey, getting those other Jews on the "left," behind the CFR-Bilderberg, will also do quite well--esp. as it has to do w. important thing like poisoning the very food supply.

Jones does outstanding work regarding this POISONING story, which he explains, is designed for serious de-population purposes, part of "Eugenics" program first begun yrs ago.

For the MAIN GAME being played against the people is CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY--not primarily race war--headed by the (a) COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) at the very top, these then controlling (b) homosexuals, (c) bolshevikis, and (d) illegal aliens at the bottom, most of them among illegals, dupes, as usual.

But NTS, most critical faction among these conspirators, the WEAKEST LINK, I submit, for entire network, are (e) "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist), many, if not most, of these JCs dupes too.

Large pt. then is Christianity is essentially ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), a pt. far too many JCs are so grossly ignorant of, not to mention Christians in general. For there's urgent reason Jews must be opposed: Talmud, their founding document, is anti-human, anti-gentile war program--see and for expo/ref.

This POISONING conspiracy then completes the large picture, the Jews and criminal conspirators at the top working to de-populate gentiles at the bottom, sociologically, by every means possible, war, toxicity, and every other way imaginable, including psychological.

CONCLUSION: Hence opposed (Hegelian) themes are Christian TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence objectivity, necessary criterion, vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, Jews most active agents and criminals by means of their money-power weapon in form of key Fed COUNTERFEITING scam. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apollonian reaches out to "Creators"

How Abstracts Cover And Mask Simple CONCRETES Such As Present Fed COUNTERFEITING
(Apollonian, 8 Aug 10)

Dear Comrades among Creators:

First, I'd like to say I'm disappointed my thread on Christianity and how it deserves to be evaluated in most objective terms was ended so peremptorily. See I guess I just would remind u good folks of the great number--incredible numbers--of Christians who are receptive to so many and much of the creator purposes and pt.s creators have presented about the Judaic enemy.

Don't blame the people too much that they're cultivated to patronize those infernal monsters called Jews--remember we're dealing much w. child-like mentalities in so many ways. Creators should not hold it against volk for their simplicity and lack of guile.

Never forget Christianity is primarily and first LITERARY allegory seeking to preach basic truth against the masters-of-lies, the Pharisees (now called "Jews"--distinct fm the Judeans of the time) who are God's foremost enemies, "God" understood as allegory for truth itself (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), Pharisees pretending to have killed God (thus truth itself).

And remember too, how most people are not nearly as astute, intellectually, as creators, and this is why that magnificent and sublime Christian allegory is made so as to be presentable to the entire population, beginning w. the children, as we are when we first learn and try to think about things.

Finally note the Judean people of the time were so oppressed, pathetically subject to ignorance and most primitive diseases, these being circumstances for Christ's ministry against Jews (Pharisees). Never doubt the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC intrinsic to Christian New Testament story--Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies (philosophically then, objectivity vs. subjectivity).

For there's tremendous advances to be made by patriots, including creators, and I'd like to discuss one particular topic regarding the COUNTERFEIT scam of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo/ref. on Fed scam/fraud), and how this can be brought home by means of proper and astute rhetorical presentation of which creators are so well capable.

Don't forget so many of Christian-sympathetic and -oriented people have been traduced by Jews and Jew-friendly operatives who've infiltrated Christian-establishment churches and organizations, and who've accomplished this dread traducement and subversion simply by means of HUGE MASSES of money--money that is literally just COUNTERFEITED up. "Usury" then is actually a side-issue which is used to CONFUSE the COUNTERFEIT scam itself, otherwise so easy to understand.

Primary pt. then is HOW EXACTLY TO BRING HOME the way Jews have commandeered things cultural so completely--BY MEANS OF THIS COUNTERFEITING.

Thus the Fed is made to seem to be this huge, complicated and esp. respectable thing called "banking," specifically then "fractional-reserve" money and banking--also known as "central" banking--BUT IT'S REALLY MUCH, MUCH SIMPLER THING, merely that old criminal enterprise known as COUNTERFEITING of which these scum have achieved a legally formalized monopoly by which, in addition, they actually CHARGE INTEREST ON TOP of this COUNTERFEITING they do at the beginning.

So note then, my good creator comrades: FIRST these criminal scum literally just COUNTERFEIT up this so-called "money-supply," also known as "fiat-money"--AND THEN THEY CHARGE INTEREST UPON IT--is that gall ("chutzpah") for u? But note again it really takes quite a bit of guts to even begin to put across such a gigantic farce upon the people--u gotta give kikes credit.

But remember the most important pt. now is the original COUNTERFEITING--that's the base of the whole fraud scheme--Jews love to get the controversy then side-tracked upon the subject of charging interest, esp. by means of the buzz-word, "usury"--which hardly anyone can understand for real, intrinsic meaning and even origin.

And observe now how this filthy, devilish, infernal scam, COUNTERFEITING, actually gets by the people--by means of the "big-lie" technique. For if u tell most folks that's what the Fed is and does (COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple), people are automatically disposed to not believe u as it is just tooooooo grossly SIMPLE for their child-like imaginations and mentalities, they thinking (as so often they fool themselves) they are really more sophisticated. "Oooooh nooooo," they're most likely to say--"it couldn't be as simple as that"--and this is classic manner in which "big-lie" works--the sheer simplicity and enormity of the idea in the first place.

Thus the Jews (and remember, it's mainly Jews at the top-levels--many of the lower-level kikes themselves don't entirely understand this COUNTERFEIT fraud) perpetrate a scam by which the gentiles and goyim essentially FOOL THEMSELVES, most of all.

So what we must do, I submit, is to emphasize CONCRETE terminology for otherwise difficult words and phrases which are couched in ABSTRACT TERMS--like "inflation" or "capitalism," for examples. Patriots and creators must emphasize the simple, CONCRETE word, "COUNTERFEITING," which now EVEN SMALL CHILDREN CAN UNDERSTAND.

Next, and at same time, DON'T LET THE (counterfeiting) TOPIC BECOME COMPLICATED or diverted by means of the charging-of-interest ("usury") aspect, which is mere side-issue--the "icing on the cake" as far as the basic, prior COUNTERFEITING is concerned.

To sum up for this exposition of mine, I'd only emphasize, that it's this COUNTERFEITING, first and most, that gives Jews all their worldly, practical power--it's how the Israel and AIPAC lobby in US Congress is able to intimidate, bribe, extort, and command such huge majority of Congress. Note then this COUNTERFEITING and "central banking" extends to all the rest of the world too. "Euro Dollar" scam is dominated by same, basic Rothschild network running same basic scam.

This COUNTERFEITING is how Jews literally own nearly all politicians, judges, top bureaucrats (no less than 3 of 9 Supreme Ct. Justices now Jews--NO PROTESTANTS), all education, public and private, the "Jews-media," top corporations, and esp. then even the establishment Christian churches (!) which were designed to protect the people fm these satanic Judaic criminals in first place.

Again, then observe the operative things working upon the people: their willingness to allow themselves to be fooled by means of ABSTRACTIONS and the imagined intellectuality of complex concepts like "banking" and "capitalism"--and most of all, their OVERLOOKING of simple CONCRETE things, like sheer criminality and the infinite gall of satanic, Talmudic frauds making use of the "big-lie," getting the poor schmucks to FOOL THEMSELVES.

CONCLUSION: This is why creators do well to respect that basic Christianity for its plain warning against Jew liars, criminals, and frauds (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). For it's FAR BETTER POLICY to SYMPATHIZE w. Christain volk and making use of their own ready-made idiomatic regarding these Jew frauds, murderers, and criminals. For creators surely have that necessary, basic intellect--they only now need to apply the sympathetic art and rhetoric--don't be bullies. Thus we make use of highest Christian value of simple, CONCRETE TRUTH--we're not making anything up, never doubt. With just a little persistence added in, we won't lose in long-term. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian