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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hal Turner took Fed Money, true--but it's no reason to totally condemn him--Besides, remember it's freedom-of-speech which is issue here

Hal Turner Episode Is Sad Chapter--But Still Instructive For Analysis
(Apollonian, 14 Aug 10)

My issue for this Hal Turner episode (thus present trial and latest verdict) has to do w. strict matter of Hal's freedom of speech--which then affects the general principle as it applies for us. See, "Three Strikes...," 13 Aug 10.

Hal said he thought these scummy, dirty traitors, called judges, ought to be killed--it was his opinion--it was what he personally thought, and he so spoke. So this issue of freedom-of-speech is what is MOST, salient, important, and germane for our attention, I submit.

So Hal Turner decided to push the "envelope" against Fed fascist puke, and they called his bluff, terrorizing the citizenry for freedom-of-speech and criticism of Fed judicial scum, Feds finding 12 brainless shits on a jury to go along w. them. So don't trust ur fellow cowardly citizens to back u up against ZOG-Mammon, comrades.

Poor Hal Turner, like Bill White, let himself get ISOLATED, cut-off, and now put-away (pretty much). Lesson is u GOTTA HAVE AN ORGANIZATION behind u--like an army. And Christianity is then that perfect anti-semitic thing which is made-to-order.

Stupid Bill White couldn't figure it out about dear Christianity, saying he didn't need anything by which to expiate "sins," which he didn't think he was guilty of. Hal Turner was less stupid on this Christian issue, but not sufficiently.

Regarding Hal Turner's association w. Feds, I still think Hal was sincere for much of what he said, esp. against Jews, and remember a lot of us were just celebrating for Hal's willingness to say what he thought and pleased. We then all had great fun commenting on Hal's magnificent blogs--I know I had greatest fun, getting lots of attn, and savaging stupid scum who would write in.

Hal went for the money in co-operating w. Feds, never doubt--I guess now he found out how reliable Feds are for their treachery. Question is DID HAL TURNER DAMAGE the patriot movement?--NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO--he couldn't have--how could he?

So dumb-ass, brainless morons and stupid idiots would gratuitously solicit Hal and volunteer compromising info?--WHO WOULD DO THIS?--answer: ONLY Jews and their agents trolling for suckers, that's all--that's who really objected and got Hal busted, I suggest.

So my take and appraisal for this Hal Turner episode is JEWS WANTED TO INTIMIDATE and terrorize patriots fm speaking out against Jew-controlled gov. and empire, AND THEY SUCCEEDED, didn't they? Hal Turner was surely doing MOST DAMAGE against Jews and their trolling agencies at SPLC and ADL.

And it's all (regarding Hal Turner) IRRELEVANT anyway, for patriots still must do basic work of organizing the people, the volk, BEGINNING w. basic principles of ANTI-SEMITISM, hence real, proper, TRUE Christianity, which is basically anti-semitism, first, last, and always. If u're NOT ANTI-SEMITIC, U AIN'T NO CHRISTIAN, comrade.

For Christianity is properly, naturally, and logically built upon anti-semitism--it just then adds some common-sense items by way of positive pt.s for keeping the people TOGETHER and staying united against this infernal Jew monster:

(a) Thus Christianity is for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) against Jew lies.

(b) Thus Christianity orders the other virtues according to this primary value of truth, including then "love," "peace," and "faith" (loyalty).

For never forget: PEOPLE ONLY UNITE IN FIRST PLACE AGAINST NEGATIVE--and Jews w. their hook-noses are made-to-order for this negative. Musselmen don't cut it for too long--after all, USA/Israel has mass-murdered over a million in Iraq now--all for nothing they ever did against USA.

So Hal Turner COULD have done much more and better in way of uniting the volk--but hey, he did well enough, probably the best he could. Associating w. the FBI was probably un-avoidable in the long-term for Hal's abilities to stage the various propaganda shows he put on. I personally benefitted fm exposure and exercise (and sheer fun) of posting on his blogs, as I note again.

So consider comrades, this issue about associating w. FBI is rather blown-out of proportion, I submit. Hal Turner surely was greedy, and he wanted that money, so I guess there's lesson there.

But note how Feds have the money-COUNTERFEITING machine, the Fed (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud/scam), which can generate nearly INFINITE funds--NEVER FORGET this incredible power they have.

If they can't get u for the first sum they propose, they can always UP the "ante"--there's no necessary limit--and don't forget also, they can make things difficult for u too. WE shouldn't blame Hal Turner for going for that moooolah, like he did--it's common failing among humans, u know.

So again, remember this Hal Turner episode turned out BAD for freedom-of-speech--a successful terrorizing by the Feds against the people, without a doubt. And the issue of association w. Feds is highly problematical for the good pt.s and bad pt.s--it's largely "Judgment" issue, I'd say--a matter of tactics for what exactly one is trying to accomplish.

CONCLUSION: Patriots must STILL work to UNITE the people. Greatest problem, surely by far, is still those stinking, scummy "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist dumb-shits who suck-along w. Jew monsters, saying Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist) and supporting enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref. on 9-11). But JCs are YET ZOG-Mammon's GREATEST WEAK-PT. too, never doubt--it's where and upon what we must SET SIGHTS and concentrate efforts. ZOG-Mammon IS WEAK--if we only exert ourselves. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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