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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things get needlessly complicated if basic definitions aren't understood at beginning--so what then IS Christianity, anyway?

Honest Discussion Of Christ And Christianity Never Hurts Anything--Except Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 10)

Hello Pastor Martin: yes, we've discussed things before, so u might well have considered urself warned I'm going to give things thorough examination as I proceed to speak truth (best I can, anyway). See

Note I essentially challenge u CI folks to say what u're really all about. And what this discussion now has come to is what Christianity really and truly is--needless to say, this is important subject--what in heck are we talking about, anyway? What is Christianity?

"Jett" is NOTHING but a Jewwy troll who speaks, thinks, and acts like NOTHING but a Jew--now there's a Jew for us, who shows what a Jew is, does, and talks like--he's great example/model of utter reduction-to-absurd. I'm actually rather amazed "Jett" is still here at place like Stumble Inn--but like u seem to indicate, he's expedient model for reductio-ad-absurdum, regardless, as I note.

So Pastor, what is Christianity?--can u say?--one must wonder.

Is Christianity something on the order of "rocket-science"?--I doubt it, for if it was it would be impractical and unaccessable for far too many people.

So then is Christianity MYSTERY?--it almost seems like it is, doesn't it?

So this issue over what Christianity really is is why we have that magnificent New Testament (NT) literature and aestheticalist dramatization (much like Homer's Epic Poems, regarding preceding Greek culture) to refer to for definitive ideas as it is here in NT that Christ speaks--as nowhere else, including esp. Old Testament (OT).

Christ, the un-questionable main character, who speaks so forthrightly as he does, is OBVIOUS reason NT is DEFINITIVE, OT mere supplement--U NEED TO GET THIS STRAIGHT WITHIN UR MIND.

Thus pastor, I submit it's in NT where Christ tells us definitively WHAT "IT'S" ALL ABOUT. And "it's" ALL ABOUT TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8)--and this is made abundantly clear in glorious, magnificent Gosp. JOHN, to which I make it a virtue to refer so often as u surely notice.

St. Paul is more complex, and rather seems to be more concerned with other stuff that comes after the strict subject of TRUTH. Truth then orders everything else for us, including "peace," "faith," "love," etc.--everything is understood according to this PRIMARY value, truth. But correct me if u think I'm wrong, of course.

For that's the great human struggle and quandary, Pastor Martin, as I'm sure u'd eventually agree--what is truth?--it's a life-or-death question, esp. as we're all born into an otherwise difficult world of GREEK TRAGEDY, this world dominated by liars, criminals, conspirators, murderers, and (literal) cannibals who worship the devil--LIKE JEWS, the topmost CRIMINAL gang of all-time, who worship lies (JOHN 8:44) and whom Christ explicitly reviled and called-out and exposed soooooooo definitively, hero as Christ is and was.

So u see Pastor Martin, how simple "it" all really is? For then, after dear Gosp. JOHN, we have gosp.s of MARK 12:29-31 and MATT 22:37-9 who/which record what Christ tells us about "heaven" and "eternal life"--all u need do is (a) love God (hence TRUTH--which is what God is, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and (b) do justice--what's soooooooooo difficult or complicated?

Why do u need this idiotic "covenant" crap?--what good does it do?--what problem does it solve that isn't already taken-care of? Do u think u're going to SUE God?--take him to "court"?--it's idiotic--don't u see u just need to drop that brainless, idiotic "covenant" bull-shit?

There's NO idiotic "covenant"--u just do as God demands--OR ELSE, that's it--that's all there is to it, PERIOD. And it's same for all races.

For what is un-questionably anti-Christ is trying to take something that's really simple--like TRUTH--and now making something complicated out of it--or making it into something else. Note that's how Jews so often work: first making something "complex," and then out of that into something entirely else altogether.

To my very good comrade, friend, and bro. in spirit, "JA Whiteman," I would only assure that here I'm just trying to get these CI folks to come out and say exactly what this CI stuff is really supposed to be all about. Note we already have NT, and they gotta speak things in their own words--don't tell me to go reading "Atlas Shrugged" or "Decline of the West," or "War and Peace"--just say it simply in ur own words--if u can't, how can u be sure for urself u even know?

To good Pastor Martin, I caution u to beware wishing horrible things upon the world as u seem to do w. such un-caring non-chalance--this is tooooo dangerous, chancey, and presumptuous--we should be much more Christ-like, warning folks, unceasingly, how horrible things ALREADY are and how things threaten to be even MORE SO. People need re-assurance, Pastor--what good does it do smirking and chortling at the horrendous things that could very well happen?

And note the ORIGINAL "catholics" (which actually just means "universal"--thus good and appropriate in generic sense--for all peoples) were the psychological warriors and "chaplains" of St. Constantine's army as they were going about things which weren't necessarily all sure-fire and cut-and-dried in those dangerous days when Jews were still strongest element of Roman empire.

Original catholics were the ones who kept the army together and in proper, necessary spirits as they faced the Jew-headed and -funded enemy with all their lies and psy-ops of the time. "Catholics" then had to consolidate the empire after the initial victories to making sure, for example, kikes wouldn't and couldn't come back. Remember, even during time of St. Constantine and even well after, MOST people were NOT Christian.

Later, the catholics definitively missionized and converted (to a great extent, anyway) the Germanic and Slavic peoples of northern Europe.

And never forget those magnificent, original patriots and catholics are the very heroes and saints who accomplished and effected the ONLY successful, culture-wide Jew-Expulsion of all time. So the catholics deserve great respect and admiration, I say, and present-day "Christians" do well to take note of the original catholic heroes and soldiers who accomplished soooo much against such otherwise overwhelming odds.

CONCLUSION: So I think I've here covered things sufficiently so u KNOW I'm honest Christian soldier. We've all got NT to consult with, so I think I've made a good case for my HONEST understanding of it. CI seems to be too top-heavy w. FAILED ideas, esp. like "covenant." Christianity is really much a matter of simple REASON vs. mysticism and confusionary dis-info and psy-ops fm the Jews. Christians do best w. plain HONESTY, reason, and simplicity, as I've noted. Jews want to intimidate folks w. complexity and mysticism. Those are the two basic opposites, TRUTH vs. Jew lies--thus Christian reason and simplicity vs. mysticism and confused complexity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Today, 04:26 AM

ArchBishop of Lindstedtania

Hello Apollonian:
We've had this 'discussion' before in which you try to change Christian Identity to something you think will be 'better.' Hearing that you come from the Papist bunch simply explains a lot. The Popish Roman Catholic religion is within Christian Identity deemed to be nearly as big a Babylon as jewrusalem is.
Now the basis for Catholicism is racial. The Mediterraneanoids are a sinful lot of mamzers who simply cannot and will not obey any law, and thus they have derived a racial religion which lets them fall prey to theyz' inner mamzer and then they go to a baal-priest who lets them off with a penance of simony -- the first poop was Simon Magus -- and a bit of idolatry for the more poverty-stricken in order to go put and commit more bestial acts. Pastor John Britton alluded to this sort of 'religion' by correctly saying that Catholicism is derived from sundry fertility cults such as Cybele, which originated from the Old Hittites, progeniturds of the Khazars.
Now the Aryan/Nordics, as soon as militarily and politically feasible, and after much patience, put up with Romish ways for approximately 500-1000 years, and upon the advent of the Reformation decided that little guidos and wops and other lesser breeds didn't need to have the Aryan White man support this amoral scum headquartered in the New Babylon of Rome.
Now it was another 150 years or so before the Mediterraneoid religious parasites got the message, but after a little event called the Thirty Years War, in which the ancestors of myself and Pastor John Britton would routinely perform the religious ritual of Das Swedentrunken, in which several thousand mackeral-snappers were asked to show that they had faith by being forced to try to turn boiling Swedish piss into the blood and Swedish turds into the body of Christ, and theyz' failure to have sufficient faith to actually do theyz' popish kikeshit, the papist dogs decided that 'freedom of religious faith' for the Aryan Nordic Israelite man might be the best policy. Me, myself am looking forward to a little 'Swedish waterboarding' in the future as payback for this Catlick bitch holding a mock ecclesiastical hearing in defiance of RSMo 610.180 and voting that I was "not a member of a state-recognized religion." That's the problem with you Catlick mother-fuckers: You don't ever get the message until the pliers and gelding and skinning knives are applied, and then you are only ever so willing to behave.
Now we've had this argument before in which you've tried to explain how Christian Identity needs to be changed to fit your notions, Appy. And I've simply blown it off as you have no idea of what the fuck you are yapping about. Indeed, you are unable to understand Christian Identity, because it is indeed an Israelite thing. But I am positive that you can learn from the Swedish waterboarding of other papists that the Christian Israelite isn't someone you ever want to fuck with.
Now Jett Rink is from what I gather a natural-born whigger solipsist. In 'normal' life Jett Rink would join Cousin John Q. Whigger and the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy and openly worsheep hisself in the First Church of Solipsism. But Jett Rink doesn't live in normal times, and being a smart, somewhat smarmy little whigger fuktard would probably be more than happy to mouth Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) dogmatic platitudes in order to skin out regime criminals, and take theyz' property and pussy as a DSCI-sanctioned warlord, just like Constantine and Clovis and Charlemagne. You see, Jett Rink knows about as much about religion as Paddy's Pig, but being a sort of Linder-lite is always open to the main chance. Like Lenin at the Third Communist Congress, ArchBishop Lindstedt might have to acknowledge that out of 100 DSCI warlords that 69 are criminals, 30 are fools, and but one out of the hundred are true Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, but that the Great Tribulation was fought with what we could get.
You are in rebellion against YHWH's Law because you are not an Israelite and thus the Law of YHWH is not written on jewr heart -- or so it would seem. Or perhaps you are yet another typpycull whigger fool. You see, Chaos is coming, and it is us DSCI people, highly lawful, who will bring Order -- as well as a Sword -- upon the Great Tribulation carrying away 150 million whiggers and 140 million jew muds, cruds, and mamzers. My political goal is to make Dual-Seedline Christian Identity the White Man's Racial HATE Religion, to get Ten-Thousand Warlords to rule absolutely over Ten-Million surviving Whites. Now whether of not any of these warlords or the surviving White population really truly understand Christian Identity, and in understanding, believe, is not my concern. For it is Jesus Christ, holder of a Rod of Iron and a Double-Edged Sword, who decides who He calls, who are His sheep, and only His sheep can hear His voice. I am a Servant of Jesus Christ, not Christ's master, and thus I cannot say who Christ calls or why. What I can do, and do indeed do, is to drive out baal-priests and mamzers and scrofulous whiggers from the above-ground Church, re, Sci-Fi Faber and jewromy Visser.
So, Apollonian, Christian Identity needs not emulate some other character who does what you want. Indeed, your support of a self-admitted ZOG snitch/agent provocateur Hal 'Diamond' Turner shows that you are a complete idiot regarding who can and who cannot be trusted. All ZOG did was to turn on a thieving rat who pulled a 'Madoff' on ZOG, stole a couple hundred thousand from ZOG, made ZOG look like a bunch of Fumbling Bumbling Idiots (FBI), actually didn't end up sending any 'domestic terrorists' to a jewlag, and had no further use other than to try to keep the rest of the Corps of Informants and ZOGbots in line. You have insisted on being a fool, indeed a dogmatic buffoon, whom everyone in the bowel Movement thinks must be an honest idiot. It is sort of pathetic that you are dumber even than Sci-Fi Faber, who seen the handwriting on the wall a year ago, and decided that he should put some non-copulatory distance from Hal Turner. You are going to be to Hal Turner what WhiggerSwill is to Cosmotology -- the last, final and only True BeeLIEver.
Lastly, Appollonian, I have no problem with you being on this StumbleInn forum, on the Lindstedtania subforum, or even being on my Christian Nationalist forum. Why? Because you give those like Strike 3, JA Whiteman, and others a chance to polish their arguments concerning Christian Identity on a typpycull, but outstandingly stupid, bowel Movement ZOGling whigger or mamzer ass-clown. You might be ass common as kudzu, but the unpracticed need to exercise their theological talents on ZOGlings. It might be as unproductive as trying to get to a turtle in itz shell, but eventually a smart eagle learns to take the turtle and let gravity provide the meal by dropping the turtle upon the rocks. There is more than one way to skin a whigger.
Or, you could learn to simply leave us Christian Israelites to be what we be, as you do what you do in the Movement. You write good essays most of the time, at least until you decide to turn that which you do not understand into something you want us to be which is more in line with your limited understanding. As said before, you are unable to understand Christian Identity with either your head, and certainly not with your heart at this time. So rather than try to make us into your own image, let us be what we be, while you be what you be, and let us live in amity. Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
Originally Posted by JA Whiteman
Hey Appy, I went out on a limb for you, mostly just wanting to clear the air about you being ixaturd but you now come into Pastor Lindstedt's CHRISTIAN IDENTITY subforum and go on the attack.
Seems to me that you are only using the NT as a vehicle to flame the fire of antijewism which in itself can't be a bad thing. My question to you is, why do you come here and intentionally insult those that hate jews and love YHVH/Christ?
Pastor MLD Lindstedt refers to CI as the white man's hate religion. How is that any different from yours? The results should be the same in that we get the goyim to llsten to us.
You are welcome to post what you wish but you will win no friends in this subforum by spitting on our faith. Your views are welcome but your delivery sucks. You are among possible allies but choose to attack them. It's one thing to puke in the direction of jewt stink but WTF?
You always want references to everything and that's fine but please, why not start another thread where you question our scriptural interpretations point by point? Wouldn't that be more constructive and educational for all? YHVH's laws are forever. You will get no converts to your ideas by first spitting in our faces.
I liken your entrance to this subforum to us inviting you to dinner and you sitting down, letting a long, loud smelly fart and wiping your boogers on the bottom of our table. You then reject our food as substandard. We don't like it much and some will just ignore you but you can expect for the Pope of Lindstedtania to chime in and you might not like it but you certainly are asking for it. You may even hear from the Archbishop of L on this too. Me? I have said my piece and refuse to debate my LOYALTY to YHVH as being misplaced or distorted in some way with you.
I don't agree with you on HT issue either but I do see how you come to your conclusions and do not attack you for them. You know my position on that fat fucktwat fedsnitchbitch. He got burned because he is greedy and wanted to play both sides of the fence. He grabbed a tiger by it's slippery tail and got bit hard.
Hey, JA:
I think above was a good response, as was Strike 3's, and Pastor John Britton's. You need not explain yourself to those who cannot understand because they are not called by Christ, nor likely will ever be called by Christ. But someone must make up the Legion of the Damned, and be the vessels of wrath, just as we are the vessels of mercy, cf. Romans 9:13-23.
But I think that Apollonian is useful as a sort of foil, as someone who is useful as a sort of 'training whigger' who has deliberately crippled hisself by having a man-crush on Hal Turner. Yes, Hal Turner was entertaining -- actually pretty talented -- as a bowel Movement radio yapper. Far more clever and funny than jewdas Roid Rage Retard Giles. I know because I've been listening to the 'Best of' both Hal Turner and Triple-R, of Harold Covington and myself using my new mp3 player when doing chores.
The ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns we will have among us always in our bowel Movement -- at least until the Great Tribulation carries them all off. And thus we need our 'training whiggers' and 'training mamzers' and if they be superficially funny or learned or talented, and fun to fight with, then all that more the better.
Hail Victory!!!
Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky LindstedtChurch of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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Today, 05:20 AM

Two Wongs made a Wright

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Martin, not only is Appy a papist but a papist Hibernigger, you can't fix that. It's in his DNA to be a papist, just as it was in his ancestor's DNA to worship the Magna Mater, Nimrod's heifer.

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