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Friday, August 6, 2010

Here's tremendous dialectic for most likely converts who show just the right sort of spirit

[DIALECTIC--it's just what blogging was most made for, latest great art-form for mighty Internet. A.]

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New Testament Literature Is Aestheticalist Complement To Strict Logic, Philosophy--For Common Folks
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 10)

Thanks much for ur comments, and I'm confident u'll see soon enough, as u consider things in more detail, Christianity comes out and off much better than u might have expected. See

(a) Christ was NOT "Jew," Jew by definition a follower of Pharisees and Talmud, which Talmud Christ explicitly repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9. Also see MATT ch. 23, all 39 verses whence Christ definitively reviles Pharisaic (hence Jew) scum. Christ was Galillean of JUDEAN (not "Jew") descent, of which Judeans, Pharisees only led about 5-15% of population. See (also and for best Talmudic expo.

(b) All u can say is u have no conclusive evidence Christ ever existed. It's simply well-known law of logic negatives cannot be proven. So what if New Testament (NT) is mere literature?--so was/is the Homeric epics of Illiad and Oddysey which are equivalent productions. Note u've got to be careful for ur logic if u want to earn and win respect of our white and gentile fellows.

(c) Christ was preaching Mosaic law--so he merely reminded Samaritan woman of the context he intended--which again was for all Judeans AGAINST THE PHARISEES.

(d) Regarding ur last comment, I need to see the ref. citation u refer to for best info. But regardless, note in Gosp. JOHN 14:6 God is equated w. truth itself which is necessary premise for obvious virtue of racial loyalty.

CONCLUSION: Pontifex, I note u're quite competent and ready for textual questions and issues u present. Don't doubt u'll surely impress our Christian fellows and co-racialists when and as u invoke this literary material. Remember the whole pt. is in persuading our volk of the great virtue of anti-semitism AND racial loyalty, both in (a) strict logic, and then also, (b) supplementarily fm NT text and literature WHICH THEN BACKS UP LOGIC most excellently, as u'll see. NT literature is actually just a story (aesthetic) which DRAMATIZES necessary anti-semitic logic and philosophy. Thanks for ur comments and attn. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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Quote from: apollonian on August 07, 2010, 08:11:02 AM
CONCLUSION: But Christianity over the years and centuries has indeed been corrupted
So many things to pick but I'll take the simplest and leave the rest for now.
Your lord and saviour is a Jew who never existed. Your god is a Jewish construct. Even if you discount the Old Testament, you have plenty of problems: Is it not your Jesus who said in a conversation with a Samaritan woman that - in a pre-paraphrase of Adolf Hitler - Christianity is not for export.
You also speak of honouring thy father and mother as if it's a command to racial honour, which needless to say is Mosaic law - Old Testament which you deny. Furthermore, the New Testament states that Jewsus is the sword of God and anyone who places their mother and father (and by (your) extension their race) before the Lord Jewhovah will not be able to enter heaven.
Creators, have fun.
Pontifex Cambeul.
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We Urgently Need Jew-Expulsion: Christianity Has Glorious Record Of Success When Applied Properly
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 10)

Thanks much for ur comments, Rev.s Scott and Cook. See below-copied fm, Rev. Scott, believe me, I don't at all say Creativity is a problem--on the contrary, lots of folks try their best to doing something about this horrible Jew problem we have--but note it's larger than the Jews, who are basically A DISEASE-OF-OPPORTUNITY taking advantage of an already weakened host-victim within CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Creators deserve much credit for all their honest attempts to solving the problem(s).

And note I only urge folks, all gentiles, white and non-white, to co-operate in rationalist, "Christian"-type fashion for solution to our grave cultural problems--we shouldn't be looking to make enemies, and we should be willing to co-operate, as I suggest, on rational, honest basis against our common Jew problem. But like I say, problem is actually greater than just the Jews, who are really a disease-of-opportunity taking advantage of a dire situation which is systemic and a matter of CYCLIC historical circumstance.

For what has happened is our civilization has, in the CYCLIC course of things, become "mature" and thence degenerate in the Spenglerian sense, "prosperity," much of it really phony, having had a most insalubrious effect upon the people, white and non-white alike--but mostly, for our civilization, esp. whites, never doubt.

Thus the people suffer dread HUBRIS by which they imagine they're capable of God-like, perfectly "free" will whence they can achieve "good"--so they've seen fit to play "mighty-white" to these infernal Jews, among others, surely, who now take advantage and as we see, have now taken over our culture, this especially by means of "banking"--but really, simply COUNTERFEITING--for this is what US Federal Reserve Bank really is, basically, nothing but a big COUNTERFEITING scam, as I note--see for best expo/ref. on US Fed scam/fraud. "Usury" and charging-of-interest is additional complication, but really just a side-issue and distraction to basic COUNTERFEITING at the root.

Problem now is so many of our volk are in firm grip of this horrific HUBRISTIC mentality, and it's in a TERMINAL stage for our culture and people, things ready to culminate in a cataclysmic (not just disastrous) collapse of the money-banking system. USA is cooked, w. a 13 Trillion dollar foreign debt upon which we now can't even pay the interest--the party is over--forever, unless we get our act together, quick-like.

Thus as I was hist. major in grad school (U. of New Mexico State), I can assure u all Christianity has an excellent record for achievement of necessary Jew-Expulsion--and ONLY Christianity has ever achieved such saving Jew-Expulsion in all history of humankind, never forget--this was the glory of St. Constantine the Great, the only hero who ever succeeded in a (nearly) complete, culture-wide Jew-Expulsion (the others were mere local achievements, as Spain's of 1492).

Present-day Creators must understand correctly and most clearly the conditions--MOST PEOPLE (in our culture) ARE "CHRISTIAN"--and we must work in accord with these circumstances. Denigrating Christainity is NOT GOING TO WORK--we must "go with the flow," so to speak, and communicate w. the people in their own Christain idiomatic--this can be done, indubitably--but it's really much a matter of ART in the way of rhetoric, propaganda, and sociologic treatment and manipulation--creators can do it.

Thus we must merely understand general sociologic and historic conditions--and then especially the Christian religion/mentality in most accurate manner. So comrades, never doubt Christianity is easily proven to be fundamentally anti-semitic (anti-Talmudic, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), this by its own documentation fm the basic literature, as I've already noted for us.

CONCLUSION: But Christianity over the years and centuries has indeed been corrupted, this by means of that Jew COUNTERFEITING. But no matter, we still can well take up the challenge for understanding Christian aesthetic properly for our volk and then using it appropriately to achieving necessary JEW-EXPULSION. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

« Reply #3 on: Today at 02:30:39 AM »
Welcome to the forum Apollonian.
You suggest that Creativity is a problem because we won't unite with the muds against the Jews? You then go on to say that your brand of Christinsanity would involve Whites allying with muds against the Jews? If I am correct in this analysis of your post, then I disagree that your brand of Christinsanity is truly racialistic. Creators consider all the muds races, the Jew especially, as our Natural enemies and we do not believe that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Creators aim to unite all the good White people of the world against our racial enemies, as the White race united is one hundred times more powerful than all the mud races combined.
You suggest that Christinsanity is a unifier? In all the history of Christinsanity, from the year "0," it has been nothing but a means of confusing the White race in to destroying itself. It caused the Romans to fight amongst themselves and allow the mongrelisation of their race that led to their demise. It launched a bloody fraternal war between the White Romans (Christians) and the White Germans (Pagans) that murdered millions of good White people, infighting that destroyed much of our great civilisation. Christinsanity led to the "Reformation" period, that killed two thirds of Europe's population, another slaughter of White people in the name of a Jewish spook. This violence continued and still continues, with Protestant Irish killing Catholic Irish and vice versa, not in the name of White Racial Loyalty but under the banner of a Jewish desert religion.
There are hundreds of different brands of Christinsanity - the Roman Catholic, the Anglican, the Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist - all criticising one another and arguing over who loves their Jewish god more. Your brand of Christianity, albeit anti-Jewish, will most likely do the same; launch White people against other White people in the name of a pointless and superstitious religion that offers no benefit to the White race. Christinsanity is not a unifier, it is a religion that has served to corrupt, confuse and abuse White people from it's very inception.
As for judging Christinsanity based on it's founding texts (New Testament), every Christinsane says the same and every brand of Christinsanity has a different interpretation of the same Jewish book. I have never been able to find a simple, logical explanation of Christinsane doctrine, when I find something that remotely seems reasonable, I find somebody else saying the total opposite. Creators have examined the various Christinsane factions and none of them offer anything close to a real racial religion equipped with the tools necessary to defeat the Jewish beast. All Christinsanity is, is a superstitious mind-muddle, preaching suicidal values that you would only ever encourage your worst enemy to adopt.
We Creators understand that we have a lot of work to do, it's going to take hard work and dedication if we are to unify the White race against it's racial enemies. However, unlike the Christinsane, we have the right tools for the job. We're equipped with a racial religion, completely devoid of Jewish superstition and suicidal values. We aim to not create a new brand of an already failed product but rather to offer the White race a completely new and 100% superior product that is totally dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White race.
You're welcome to stay on this forum Apollonian, I hope you do stay and continue to read about Creativity and converse with Creators. I hope that one day you will think again about Christinsanity and understand the damage that it has caused the White race over the past 2000 years.
I wish you well, enjoy your time here.
Reverend Scott Harrison.

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