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Abstractions vs. Concretes

[This page covers the topic of abstractions vs. concretes for the people's understanding.  Simplicity thus demands preference for CONCRETES for ease of communication w. people for information.  Abstractions only make things needlessly complex and difficult for understanding of the dear volk.  For example, the operation of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) is best understood as simple COUNTERFEITING--which use of such simple concrete works then to make things easy for folk's understanding.]

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Isn't Over-Elaboration Precisely The Very Problem?--Why Not Just Be Anti-Semitic?
(Apollonian, 15 May 10)

Chris: I got a serious question for u--I notice ur use of phrase, "Statist-Corporatist Zio-Bolshevik" in ur second-to-last paragraph, and I'm wondering if perhaps this isn't a little ponderous, complex, and over-elaborate--for a phrase. See, "The Zio-Bolshevik...," 15 May 10.

Why not then let's just get rid of Jews?--JEW-EXPULSION? And get rid of the people who support and defend Jews too--gentile traitors and collaborators--like ESPECIALLY those in present-day establishment "Christianity."

Wouldn't this SIMPLICITY greatly help things?--and help people to understanding things? Isn't "Statist-Corporatist Zio-Bolshevik" actually quite ridiculous? Do u really think u help people's understanding by use of such absurd phrases?--I myself would be embarrassed to speak thus.

CONCLUSION: After all, Jews are by definition Talmudists (see and for expo/ref. on Talmud)--LIARS who worship lies and war against gentiles--and wouldn't it help to be rid of these psychopaths? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Intense Intellectuality Actually Hurts Patriot Cause--We Need Rather AESTHETIC And Idiom To Unite Volk, White And Non-White
(Apollonian, 13 May 10)

Chris: MacDonald and others far too much work to ISOLATE white folk--much as u indicate, I suspect--and I submit MacDonald is taking money for doing this (which is major reason why he kicked me off fm commenting on his blog). See, "With Common Enemies...," 13 May 10. Besides, what UNITES folks, white and non-white, historically and traditionally, is agreement upon and against a common enemy--and Jews fit the bill perfectly. And I'm not talking about mere "zionists"--but Talmudists--Jews.

Otherwise, one must observe the horrific MALAISE so many whites and middle-class folks have fallen into, suffering "information overload," the "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome, and the "Big-lie," all at once. Thus whites suffer that intangible hubris of narcissism, evidently, as they fail to observe the 7,000 lb. Jew sitting among them and the entire society.

Most of all, whites are, like MacDonald himself, I would say, rather quite lost within a world of ABSTRACTIONS, dis-connected fm the CONCRETE reality, whites now become so much a race of myopic GEEKS who fail to see and register what's before their very noses.

So we desperately need to get away fm fixation upon such intensive INTELLECTUALITY and rather embrace AESTHETIC and IDIOM--esp. that of dear old Christianity which features already-made appeal and familiarity to a great many of our volk, surely most of them.

For what Jews are doing is simply running a huge scam known and understandable, even by CHILDREN, as COUNTERFEITING, this in form and guise of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref.

And there's an easy target to attack, this target making up great part of Jews' strength, consisting of their ENABLERS among gentiles, and these are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and support enemy terror-state of Israel.

And anyway, we patriots can relax for one thing: ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies is imploding in soon up-coming HYPER-inflation, never doubt, price of gold currently sky-rocketing. Soon enough, in mere matter of months people will be veritably STARVING.

Thus Christianity, properly understood, champions TRUTH, as in Gosp. JOHN, hence objectivity, thus REASON--these against Jew lies and hysteria, thus mysticism and subjectivism of Jews and their satanic Talmud. And greatest ethical virtue therefore, in honor of such truth, is HONESTY--there is no "good-evil" in a determined universe of cause-effect.

CONCLUSION: Pt. then is lots of head-way can be made simply by focusing against JC leadership, stripping JCs of their sheep by means of honesty, truth, and simple reason. As cultural-economic break-down snow-balls in effect, our steady, sure, and simple patriot efforts will be progressively rewarded, never doubt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Virtue Of Aesthetic Over Mere "Intellect"--It's Fuller, Often More Healthy And Effective
(Apollonian, 8 May 10)

Don't get me wrong: I endorse intellect--u gotta have it, and u gotta use it. But we need more than mere intellect--we need AESTHETIC and IDIOM.

For purposes of reaching out to people, most people, we need more than mere intellect--we need AESTHETIC and "IDIOM"--what then are these? Well, "aesthetic" is simply an artistic sort of mode by which one uses such thing as emotion and sentiment. "Idiom" then is simply a kind of MENTALITY, usually understood in manner of speech or expression--as in "idiomatic expression."

Thus we begin, for example, at the "git-go," which is a notable "saying," or "phrase," or "expression"--which is common and understood well among people who share same basic culture. Idiom then is less than an entire language--it's usually a kind of "lingo" or even a "slang"--like "street language" one would use in practical sense when talking to people u didn't know personally.

And note for one thing, "intellect" is sooo often something pretentious and even phony--so often people use "intellect" in order to impress or intimidate their way with other folk. And the other problem is so few people really understand or even care to appreciate intellect, as in form of strict science, logic, etc.

And that's why I endorse Christian AESTHETIC--it's an entire mode and mentality, including "idiom," which invokes a common reference for our people who share it (not mere "intellect"), and it also provides a commonality of sentiment, interest, understanding, and ideal.

Thus Christian mentality and aesthetic is so useful--even if particular individuals don't consider themselves to be actual "Christians." People can still invoke for themselves something common enough for sentiment, back-ground, and understanding--most often far better and more effectively than by mere intellect--though never doubt intellect can be very good, especially for some, even if not too many.

So I go through these examples of aesthetic and idiom in order to explain what I mean by "Christian"--I DON'T MEAN "RELIGION," necessarily, certainly not in any formal sense.

But most of all, there's one BRILLIANT USE of that Christian aesthetic and idiom: COUNTERING the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and hereticalists who are KEY allies and accomplices of topmost Judeo-conspirators. JCs simply need to be EXPOSED for apostates and gross traitors they really are--real HERETICS who mis-represent the real thing (Christianity--as originated fm the literature, New Testament [NT]).

For note JCs are liars, pretending, as they do, that Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist), which is gross, miserable lie. Christ was Galilean, descended fm Judeans, NOT same thing as "Jew," defined as follower of Pharisees and Talmud--as easily confirmed by any authority, Jew or Christian.

So note again my recommended Christian AESTHETIC by means of which we patriots can so well COUNTER the Jews, making use of proper understanding of such aesthetic to expose and show-up JCs as liars and mis-representers they really and truly are, JCs traitorously working for Jews AGAINST the people, esp. real Christians, as they do. JCs traitorously supporting enemy terror-state of Israel.

CONCLUSION: Pt. is one DOESN'T NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE "CHRISTIAN" oneself in order to well and brilliantly show up these JCs as traitors--one only has to know enough about real Christianity, as fm NT literature, in order to do necessary patriot work and job. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


[Apollonian is now banned fm TOO (see below noted citation, 1st para.) site, found-out when I attempted to posting this below-copied. A.]

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Money, Intellect, ARE NOT Sufficient For Patriot Task: We Need Aesthetic, Idiom--Note It's Getting Late In Proverbial Day
(Apollonian, 7 May 10)

TOO is largely a scholarly-intellectualistic-type indulgence, and its political orientation is general and vague--and utterly IMPRACTICAL, almost by design. See, "Kevin MacDonald...," 5 May 10, where this essay might otherwise have been posted if not being banned fm site now.

It's same problem w. Ron Paul ( and abstract for approach and context--hence doomed for serious political practicality.

Comrades, u gotta face fact "intellectuals" are cowardly by basic nature and scared silly--but of who, exactly?--THEY DON'T EVEN WANT TO SAY (they just babble in their abstract manner). But I've already identified EXACT nature of the criminal Judeo-conspiracy we're suffering.

People in general still have difficulty as they're victim to "BIG LIE"--"ohhhhhh no, it couldn't be simple as thaaaaaaaat"--mere COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed])--as if they don't want to believe what suckers they've been all their lives heretofore. Poor creatures--still in denial they'd be soooo grossly BETRAYED by their leaders, who've simply sold-out.

Mere "money" is NOT going to help--it's only playing the game Jews are waiting for u to play so they can continue to getting u to compromise and dis-credit urself, even in ur own minds. Look at Storm Front--it's GONE--forever, bought and sold-out, for so little too. VNN is a Jew front.

That's why it's far better to NOT ask for money; just SAY WHAT exactly it is u want to do--the money, though not too much, will then come if there's merit for whatever plans. But THERE ARE NO PLANS that really make any sense--that's the problem.

Meanwhile, remember CIRCUMSTANCES will determine things--all things in the long run, in this deterministic universe. USA is steadily, methodically being de-constructed, its industry essentially long gone, the basic economy now LITERALLY bankrupted, effectively strangulated--it's all over but for the ending sing-songing, comrades.

We're in the end-game now, close to the finis, culmination of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. It's like Roman Empire, I say, in 3rd cent. when it was ready to collapse, only rescued by the Christian resurgence of St. Constantine the Great.

And remember, I'm not asking u idiots to be "Christian"--I'm only telling u u need to make use of that AESTHETIC mentality and idiom, that's all. For this aesthetic and idiom is what's necessary to "get through" to enough of the right people--pure, sheer INTELLECT and abstract mentality IS NOT GONNA DO IT--u've failed, and u need to face facts just to save ur miserable lives.

CONCLUSION: For, as I've noted for us: "Judeo-Chritian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists are KEY WEAK-POINT to present Judeo-conspiracy which so dominates and rules. U only have to be competent enough w. aesthetic and idiom (mentality) to be able to have most productive effect. And good Pastor Carlson of does best for showing the basic way, though he's very tame and mild for my own tastes. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

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The Devilish, Clever satanic System, And "Deep State" Operating Like Clock-Work In Culture Of Death
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 18)

So u see how the scam of central-banking works--legalized counterfeiting (literally)--it's not only a criminal enterprise, but it's a MONOPOLY--only this one entity, a privately-owned corp., the central-bank, the US Federal Reserve (also the Bank of Int. Settlements, the IMF, etc.), can legally do this, effectively issuing the "currency" (NOT real money, commodity-based, like gold/silver, which is necessarily limited in quantity and finite).

(a) For every new wave of currency now that is issued by this criminal enterprise devalues that currency already existing, hence effectively TAXES the wealth of the entire economy.

(b) Thus it's the "gift" that keeps on giving as "currency" is theoretically INFINITE in amount, and one can issue more and evermore, taxing more and evermore--till the people behind it all own EVERYTHING and everybody--including esp. all the assassins and enforcers who necessarily grow evermore oppressive.

(c) Thus these criminal monopolists at the top own and control the mass corp. "media" (the "Jews-media") who keep the lies about central-banking going, telling the people they're so lucky to have such central-bank and an "elastic currency," etc. (d) They own and control the "edjumacation" system, the "teachers" all belonging to a union which eliminates and agitates against any rival system, like home-schooling.

(e) They own and monopolize the medical and "big-Pharma" corp.s who kill and sicken the people, the people encouraged then to buying more and other poison drugs.

(f) They own and control the agricultural corp.s which use the glyphosates and other poisons to keeping the people sick, including the GMO (genetically-modified) food substitutes which they force upon the people as it's all one gigantic monopolistic system, u see.

(g) And by means of such infinite funding and "currency" they're able to buy, own, and control all the politicians, lawyers, and judges who all work for the powers around the central-bank--anyone who dissents is eliminated one way or another.

Thus the central-bank is the KEY to the utterly corrupt society, run by criminals at the top who own all the monopolies, controlling the entire society.

And they maintain control by further means of constant warfare for the sake of warfare btwn and among contrived enemies, as we see now btwn "Muslims" and "Christians," whose "leaders" are controlled, bought, and paid-for by these powers at the top.

So now we see who's the "deep-state"--the powers behind and around this basic institution of central-banking, everything else dependent, feeding, and serving this basic, central, monopolist criminal enterprise issuing that secret weapon and instrument, the "currency."

To cap it all, the gov. follows an explicit program of GENOCIDE as in form of "Agenda-21" and -2030 addendum.

Thus the people are impoverished, sickened, mis-informed, and busy fighting one another so that there's no possible solution as long as the masterminds play their cards right.

And it's all absolutely fool-proof, this utterly corrupt society, as "money" is an abstract subject, don't forget, and far too many cannot figure out what such money properly is and must be--the small minority that can understand what money really is and must be is easily dealt-with, truth-tellers like Ron Paul neatly marginalized.

The entire scam and criminal enterprise then will continue until practically all the people are DEAD, dying fm sickness and disease, having killed one another, the only ones to possibly survive being those master-minds at the top who are left unto themselves, ultimately, and now must suspect one another--for "THERE'S NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," and that's only thing that eventually brings the system down, people being the stupid scum ("sinners") they naturally are.