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Monday, April 29, 2013

Case-in-pt. for neo-con logic trying to work both ways--against consp. theory when it threatens precious Israel

Ditzy Neo-Con Broad Works Both Ways
(Apollonian, 29 Apr 13) Interesting article, this pathetic, brainless creature, the author, trying to play it both ways: (a) “evil” and tyranny is gripping the nation, but (b) irresponsible “consp. theories” don’t help–like saying there were no kiddies killed at Sandy Hook. She also babbles about latest Boston event.

See, this (above site) is a neo-con operation, similar to (Joseph Farrah) who are HEAVILY subsidized by zionists. They want to appeal to “rightists” and “conservatives” (esp. neo-cons), among “Christians” (but actually “Judeo-Christians” [JCs]–see and for expo/ref. on JCs) so they’re not averse to knocking the “leftists,” including the CFR, Tri-lateralists, and Bilderbergers, BUT they’re leery of fully investigating such as 9/11 for obvious reason Israel and MOSSAD were heavily involved.

Like I’ve noted: all u gotta understand is the US Federal Reserve Bank as the fundamental, obvious conspiracy, behind everything else, hiding in plain-sight–it’s just legalized COUNTERFEITING, the big-lie (denying, of course, that it’s COUNTERFEITING) which gets past so many morons, including the fools who’s only complaint is it’s “debt” money, that printing-up money is otherwise okay, long as it’s issued by gov. (without “debt”), not private banks.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Long as ZOG has that Fed COUNTERFEIT scam working, they're invincible, never doubt--BUT US Dollar is gonna collapse--and soon--and that's when we'll have our chance

[Below essay I wrote-up today off top of my head for blog.  A.]

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Way The World Works, Continued....
(Apollonian, 26 Apr 13)

Folks remember basic SOCIOLOGY:

(a) There’s small minority of criminals, always trying to get their way, etc., now determined to install police-state so they can exterminate and conduct genocide, all according to their well-publicized plan of “Agenda-21.”

(b) There’s small minority of . . . what would u call them?–truth-tellers?–whatever.

(c) And then there’s MOST PEOPLE, stupid, brainless, TV-addicted morons, who suck-along, and they’re not going to EVER be too concerned until just before they’re about TO DIE, poor scum.

They’re NOT “bad” people–just not very bright–as we all start-out in life not knowing or even HOW to know.

THIS IS THE WAY IT’S ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BEEN in the CYCLIC process of history, according to Oswald Spengler and his great work, “Decline of the West.”

As long as we got the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam printing-up endless masses of fiat-money, and this funny-money continues to be widely accepted for goods and svcs, the issuers of this money are going to rule and reign and say what to do.

Fed powers are thus able to pay for goons and scum to ENFORCE whatever.
Our only chance will come when–and not before–the US Dollar collapses. Meantime, we can only continue doing what we’re doing–the best we can do–that’s all God asks.

And knowing u’re doing the best u can do is ur ONLY consolation, never forget.

Life SUCKS–that’s the way it always has been. When it seems like it didn’t suck so much–well, u were just being toyed-with, weren’t u?

--------------------------above by apster in reply to below-copied-----------------

hattieann1712:21 am on April 26, 2013PermalinkReply | Follow
What if this is all some hugely narcissistic form of entertainment for tptb? What if they are tired of voluntary reality TV and so they are doing this to keep themselves entertained? Maybe that is why it is happening so frequently. They want their weekly programming and we, as a whole, are it. They put out the fake photos to get a rise out of us. They laugh when we try to point it out to the mindnumb around us. They don’t cry, so that won’t matter. They’ve got scriptwriters and B actors all lined up to keep themselves entertained and to keep us preoccupied. I’m tired of it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Have u noticed?--the (constant) drilling is now being punctuated w. distinct idea of BOMB, BOMB, BOMBINGS, esp. for the morons

Drills = Bombings (don’t say terrorism)–except when we deign to give u tax-paying scum a break

(Apollonian, 24 Apr 13)

Drills, drills, drills–what’s purpose of drills, after all is said and done? Well, remember: drills are for training and regimentation of the mind and habits.

So that means drills REMIND, with maybe a little bit of special emphasis, u and everyone that we’re against terrorism, see?–so what is terrorism, anyway?

Terrorism then is ANYTHING not approved as politically-correct, unnastand maggot?

Criticism, dissent, dis-agreement, esp. PROTESTING, and all/any opposition to the (New World Order [NWO]) regime is just low-level terrorism at best, never doubt, scum–got it?–and don’t u ever forget it, either–matter of fact, that’s why we’re having all these drills, drills, drills–so u slaves get the idea.

And hence the bombings are good for drills too, notice?–we added that in for . . . training purposes, see.

Thus we transition to the DRILL CULTURE whence u slaves and tax-payers are trained to obedience–the bombings are for emphasis so u morons LEARN, eh?–and don’t give us any lip, either, maggots. U wouldn’t want to be known as a terrorist, would u?–better not, anyway–look what happened to the Tsarnaevs, the scum.

Soon enough, u morons, dumb as u are, are gonna LEARN, w. all these drills we’ve been stamping upon ur little minds (like w. the bombings), u better OBEY and do what u’re told, eh? Don’t even think about protesting either or u KNOW what’s gonna happen.

After all, we mean business, see?–we’re not asking or suggesting things for u anymore–we got a war on terror we have to prosecute, didn’t u know?

9/11 Truther?--oh, my!

[Ho ho ho--good post up at the blog about the Ron Paul Institute (RPI):  I entered below comment.]

* * * * * * * * * * *

9/11 Truther On RPI?--Well, Good, By Golly
(Apollonian, 24 Apr 13)

Well, looks like Ron Paul Inst. (RPI) has now been sunk without a bubble by means of most devastating criticism. U ignorant people in favor of freedom should have known better, suckas.

Seriously, I thought the article was actually quite good ad for RPI; the "criticism" was pretty fair, w. extensive quotations. So there's a 9/11 truther or two--GOOD!--we need some of that. After all, does ANYONE (w. at least 3/4 of a brain) doubt the latest Boston Marathon bombing was TOTALLY staged?--this is serious question, folks--and I wonder what Prof. Woods thinks, along w. any of his fans here on his blog.

Observe the false-flag(s) are built upon DRILL, DRILL, DRILLS, the training, forming, and regimentation of mentality for anyone who might imagine daring to dissent, dis-agree, or oppose the ruling regime built upon political-correctness and sucking-along.

U dare to dis-agree?--u're a terrorist, scum, and any/all who are not with us are w. the T-ists.

So the take-away of article is that RPI is for critics and dissenters--and the article did good for advertising for RPI.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pushy, pushy, pushy, Jewwy puke, "protesteth" just a tad-bit tooooo much, eh?

Desperate, Pushy Puke, Jumping “Gun,” Calling Tsarnaev “Terrorist”

(Apollonian, 22 Apr 13)

Ck, Carney, the White House spokes-flack, already calling Tsarnaev “terrorist.”

Ck, whence traitor scum say FBI “screwed-up,” ho ho. Note then how they “spin” fact they did the false-flag, now to it being all a big mistake, tsk tsk tsk.

So, note comrades, even as they maintain and even increase the flow of funds fm the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, keeping their dupes so cheerily singing and dancing, more and evermore patriots get wise.
Still the problem is how to DEFINITIVELY organize–it’s got to be Christian-styled, featuring that basic TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all things, esp. above false “good-evil” which is what continues to rule as basic idiomatic (mentality) for our culture of morons who so over-populate, hence rule (as they’re sooo willingly led by noses).

What RULES now?--the DRILL culture, mentality, society--we desperately need a new cultural idiomatic

What's Real Nature, Circumstances Of Present, Ruling DRILL Culture?
(Apollonian, 22 Apr 13)
It's that over-all MENTALITY (which I call the cultural-idiomatic) of HUBRIS of the large population absolutely addicted to bread-and-circuses, TV, porno, and idiot foot-ball games, the necessary CYCLIC stage of the culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, which rules.
Note the Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam needs merely increase for whatever level of funding they need to generate the false-reality, and u, good editor, Lynne, are foremost among those who are showing and demonstrating exactly HOW it's being done for the false photos, vids, the actors and "players," etc.
Thus when u consider everything, the society and population is absolutely OVER-LOADED w. willing actors, players, and dupes. Don't forget the 40 MILLION "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) always sure to cheering for those mass-murdering psychopaths in Israel.

There's surely a great many, hip to the internet and such as this blog, who become evermore alert and informed, but there's still a great need for an over-all, fundamental, cultural-type awakening, and once again, I submit this "awakening" HAS to be similar to original Christian inspiration, TRUTH the only way to Godly happiness, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6.
For note this REAL Christianity and mentality then has best chance to COUNTER the present ruling JC culture which leverages everything else.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What was actual purpose of the goon security w. tan pants & boots?--Notes on Boston Bombing "event"

Weak Pt. & Give-Away For All NWO Productions?–The Drill Cover; Other Notes On Boston Event

(Apollonian, 20 Apr 13)

At this pt. we KNOW now all NWO events are accompanied, necessarily, by DRILL. For by means of “drill,” even people who are not entirely, and only marginally, “in” on the farce and staged “event” are constrained to particular functions and actings (literally). So the “drill” configuration/meme was/is the first dead give-away to the Boston Marathon event.

Further, we see the drill was kept secret for some people, the morons at the top DENYING there was a drill immediately after the blow-up, the lower-level functionaries at the time not having gotten the memo, evidently, freely telling folks to “relax,” it was all just a drill.

Finally, there’s an important note to be made of the tell-tale “security” w. the head-phones, wearing the black back-packs, tan pants and boots, w. baseball caps, etc.–who were these goons and what exactly was their function?

Observe that practically the entire (Boston) event is staged act, there not having been a real lethal explosion, just a smoke-bomb producing enough smoke to allow the numerous actors and players to get into position, fall-down, and apply the gore, fake blood, and props, etc.

SOOOO, u see, there needed to be “security” there at the place, “pt. zero,” TO MAKE SURE ONLY THE PLAYERS AND ACTORS were present and properly in position–get it? So there was plain-clothes security among the actors and players, BUT then note also, there had to be the more conspicuous -type “security,” the guys in tan pants and boots, etc.–they were there to make sure no real public was present, ONLY the actors/players, again.

Regarding the two Chechnyan guys, one allegedly dead, the other now captured?–u can be sure they are also “in” on the farce to some degree. Note the Chechnyan people in general are heavily recruited and treated by the CIA to committing acts of real terror against the Russians and have been for many years now.

Keep up all ur great detective, analytic, and investigative work, fellow commando correspondents. All this tom-foolery and staged nonsense is going to come to screeching halt soon enough when US Dollar finally collapses, u may be sure–they (powers-that-be) don’t have much time left now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

What's Playing Now?--It's Rich Kikes vs. Lower-level Jews behind Ron Paul and Alexei Jones

What's The Real Conflict?--It's Just Rich Vs. Poor Jews
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 13)
Note we KNOW at least what the public charade is for the present cultural conflict:
(a) the "leftist"/"liberals" who are ATHEIST-styled, fronted by Obama who always stands for United Nations NWO.

(b) the "rightist"/"conservatives" (or "neo-conservatives") styled as religious-mystics w. their "Judeo-Christian" suck-alongs backing the zionists of Israel.

(c) Both of these afore-mentioned are backed by the COUNTERFEITERS of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

(d) But look now how MOSSAD is sending people to Boston to "help" investigate--but actually to "clean-up" any loose ends that might implicate Israel or their agents fm Saudi Arabia, etc.

But what's the REALITY?--it's still, obviously, the Fed, at the top, they being OBVIOUSLY the top CRIMINALS.

And what's then the real conflict?--it's the top NWO including all (above-noted) the pretend "left" and "right"--BUT now, against who?

I submit it's the middle-class & lower-level (relatively "un-connected") Jews on the other side, these fronted by Ron Paul and Alexei Jones ( But I think Paul and Jones are pretty honest--they beleeeeeeeev in what they do and say.

And that's why the basic cultural idiomatic (large, collective cultural mentality) HASN'T CHANGED--this is why illegal invaders continue to swarm across US borders and homosexuals keep demanding "rights."

Most of all, observe Christianity, the REAL THING, is STILL under heavy, intense attack in the name of modernism and "reason," etc. 

It's much still an INSIDE struggle going on, basically rich vs. poor Jews, gentiles in the middle, the poor, stupid goyim ignored as they're sooooo brainlessly stupid, sated and thoroughly suffused w. the most toxic thing imaginable, the present anti-Christ (anti-rationalist) cultural idiomatic, keeping the goyim STUPID as dirt, blind as bats.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's REAL enemy of NWO, presently?--"right-wing" or Inter-net?

Drama & War Against NWO: They Must Remove I-Net Next–Not Too Easy Thing
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 13)
Observe now the war we're presently fighting: 
(a) We KNOW who's the enemy--(a) w. all the power, means, motive, and opportunity as for the Boston Marathon bombing--the New World Order (NWO) behind the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam (which is their basic weapon/instrument).

(b) And we know they're behind all this "terror," they having left all the marks that IDs them.

(c) So they want to put into place their police-state against the people--ALL the people, never doubt.

(d) Thus they have to have a credible, substantial enemy--the "right-wing" as justification for dictatorship--will this work?

(e) And here then is the interesting observation: it (prospective dictatorship) certainly MIGHT work IF they could maintain at least a mediocre economy. After all, that's all the TV-addicted goons among the "masses" care about--bread and circuses, eh?

(f) But here's their tragedy, ho ho--US Dollar is about to collapse, causing horrific misery, poverty--for all people, and that's what's going to mess it all up for NWO, boo hoo hoo. When Dollar collapses, they won't be able to deficit-spend anymore, poor puke.

But NWO is not deterred: they have a "solution" for everything, and that's to get rid of the I-net, presently their worst enemy--that's what they've got to accomplish for the very next major step--can they do it? ho hoo ho. Drama is whether the puke (NWO) can do it all BEFORE Dollar collapses.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Money/Banking Issue Rests Upon Public Grasp for CONCRETE simplicity--keeping AWAY fm ABSTRACT mystification of the issue....

Greatest Problem For Rhetoric: Abstracts Vs. Concretes
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 13)

This is great expo by Prof. Woods (see I suspect the aim by these green-backers is to parasitize and hi-jack the end-the-Fed movement by the Ron Paul fans in order to pretend the answer is to just have the gov. issue the money--like the French Assignats and Confederate money--though they wouldn't dare mention these fiascoes and the horrific results.

To me, the way to handle the issue of money, esp. in ref. to the Fed, and including the "greenback" issue, is to simply note only gold/silver can be real money, as it's commodity, hence finite and limited in quantity, and cannot be COUNTERFEITED (too easily).

Problem is the money issue is now sooooo miserably ABSTRACTED, most people have difficulty bringing it down to simple, CONCRETE terms. Thus, I always make it pt. to say: paper money is COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple--and it doesn't matter who does it, gov., or private interests.

For when one uses word, COUNTERFEITING, people, even kidsoes, immediately understand.

Then the shills can and do bring-up the supposed problem that gold and silver lead to "shortage of money" which is easily handled by basic general principle of quantity going down ("deflation") only then raises the price--which is what happened during late 19th cent., I understand, GDP increasing significantly, even w. deflation.

This basic problem of communicating w. people by means of abstractions vs. concretes was and still is surely the greatest political problem. Keeping things concrete and at same time accurate is the great rhetorical art.

Still looking for satisfactory, opposing cultural idiomatic--it MUST be Christianity, and it must be anti-semitic, etc....

Serious, Solid, Genuine Opposition Still Remaining To Arise, Emerge
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 13)
Yes LP (see below-copied), good comments and observations, BUT note things aren't yet totally catastrophic (at least economically), people starving, strong-arm robberies going-on in the streets all over, see. So the morons and goons who predominate in our society continue to stand-pat, nearly militant in their passivity--one like u is mere "consp. theorist," and perhaps an anti-gov. agitator too, ho ho ho.

U see, a distinct opposition has NOT yet coalesced or solidified--which must be militantly Christian, I submit, forthright Christians who understand the REAL BATTLE/conflict--TRUTH vs. lies.

Thus, gov. has nearly EVERYONE intimidated--AFRAID to oppose the continuing, ruling cultural idiomatic (large, collective mentality of the people in general). Observe Alexei Jones and Ron Paul, WHO GO-ALONG--they won't dare oppose (a) gays, (b) illegal invaders/aliens, (c) ESPECIALLY the terror-state & genocidalists of Israel, which I really think is the BIG-ONE.

So u see: things within present CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West," must continue to get WORSE and evermore worse--in order for a serious, genuine, substantial opposition to coalesce/solidify and emerge, this upon a SOLID ideologic foundation--it can't be mere child's "good-evil," which is subjective and subject to endless "spin."
* * * * * * * * * *
lophatt10:55 pm on April 14, 2013Permalink | Reply | Follow

Wheels Within “Wheelers” – Pushing the Limits of Spin

It looks like they won’t be deterred. Never mind the fact that none of this makes sense even if you bought the psy-op. They have a GOAL by gawd, and they are pulling out all the stops to achieve it. Of course, the other parasites in the “opposition” aren’t really “opposed”. After all, when the boss tells you to do something, you do it.

Looks like we aren’t the only ones trying to run down backgrounds on these enablers. There are some interesting bits here. Actors from New York. They seem to lie about how long they’ve been in lovely Newtown. I wonder why? Moved there when the “victim” was 15 months old. There’s nothing like professional help when you’re running a scam. She even gets to deliver the diatribe for Emperor Soetoro.

The streets of D.C. must be slick with tears tonight. There’s Smokin’ Joe Biden doing his best huckster action as he milks every ounce of mindless emotion he can sink his ravenous fangs into. This guy is the “Joe Izuzu” of politics. It’s all just a product and he’s selling it. He’d sell popsicles to Eskimos in the same determined way.

We’ve talked about this here before. if you actually lost a child to a killer (its right there in the script, page 3, line 6), would you prostitute yourself to help these goons run their boss’s agenda? I’m afraid there’d be another killing to report!

But, I forget, we live in a world where buildings “collapse” from imaginary airplanes, murderers win the Nobel prize, and CG creations tell us what to think. Not only that but that it’s our DUTY to believe! There is only one solution to this. Tell them you’re not in a buying mood.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teacher in Albany, NY assigns research on Jews, why they're scum, predictably gets canned

Jews Rule, Suckers--And Don't Ever Forget It
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 13)

Ho ho ho ho ho--ck, a teacher in Albany NY gave a writing assignment to students:

"The teacher gave three classes of 10th grade students a persuasive writing assignment as part of a class project to demonstrate how Nazis thought and showed their loyalty to the Third Reich before World War Two.
""You need to pretend that I am a member of the government in Nazi Germany, and you are being challenged to consider that you are loyal to the Nazis by writing an essay convincing me that Jews are evil and the source of our problems," the assignment instructions said."

Story says they won't make the teacher's name known, ho ho ho--and I guarantee it's because the teacher was a Jew, eh?

Of course, it's disaster for Jews as it merely gets people THINKING--like, Jews follow the Talmud don't they?--ho ho ho (ck for best Talmudic expo; see also

Golly, but what does Talmud teach?--that it's okay to lie to and murder gentiles?  Ho ho oh ho ho.  And then, when u ck actual history, u quickly see Jew criminals and their horrific effects are duly verified.

It's actually mere ruling cultural idiomatic to paying obeisance to kikes and their genocidal agents over in Israel who stole the Palestinians' land--u can't even think about criticizing our dear lords and masters, these filthy Jew scum.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Over-the-top insanity, truly--surely, we're getting towards the end of this, eh?

Whoosh: Doubt Power Of Fed COUNTERFEIT Bribery?–Or Prostitution Of Politicians?–Ck This

(Apollonian, 12 Apr 13)

Get this, at, a Conn. Senator (Murphy) is now agitating Fox network to NOT air the up-coming NASCAR Sprint Cup race–why?–because the NRA is sponsoring it.

Talk about “grand-standing”!–what does this moron imagine he’s going to accomplish?–alienating people who are into cars?–like most males? Talk about desperate “politically-correct”!

Question is this: who (and why) would do anything this utterly stupid and brainless?–going out of his idiot way to rile-up the MOST ordinary people who are fans of auto-racing and auto-mechanics?

The moron has to know this is suicidal to be pulling such a stunt–he must be getting lots and lots of money (which is so easily just printed-up, u know), aside fm being threatened in some way.

Murphy says he’s protesting NASCAR “endorsing” the NRA’s “extreme” position–up-holding the US Constitution, right to bear arms and self-defense, etc.

What’s going on, anyway?–I seriously submit it could only be that hubristic power-madness of the satanistic psychopaths at the top of things, Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and CFR, surely.

This is actually taking-place in USA today, folks–madness. So what else is new? Insane scum are going to go to the proverbial “well” once too often, I suspect–the more they do it, the sooner that time is gonna come, surely. Pushy, pushy, pushy–keep pushing, suckers.

Want to know what is, HOW it's perpetrated/staged, for the fabled "BIG LIE"?--observe the Sandy Hook farce, suckers

Sandy Hook Farce: Truly, Most PERFECT Example Of “Big-Lie”–In Our Faces

(Apollonian, 12 Apr 13)

“A lot of us have been talking about the indications that the gun shop where Nancy allegedly bought the murder guns is fake too. Why are they doing this? Why even mention the gun shop at all, and if they’re going to do that, why not at least make it convincing?

“To me this is further evidence that none of the Lanzas existed.”
-lynne0312 11:35 am on April 12, 2013

  • * * * * * * * * * *

Methinks u’ve merely hit on ANOTHER weak-spot for their stinking story, good editor. There’s just no evidence for their version of the story, anywhere, anyhow–EXCEPT FOR “WITNESS” testimony, u’ll notice–and all other evidence pt.s to a total farce/hoax/fraud.

There’s a name for this kind of a fraud: the fabled and storied “Big Lie.” We’re just being shown how such “big-lie” is perpetrated, Sandy Hook an object lesson. Observe how it (the “big lie”) works: the victims are made to fooling themselves, telling themselves, “oh, no one would dare possibly try to make something like this up,” ho ho ho–even as we demonstrate it being done in instance after instance after instance for this amazing Sandy Hook episode.

Same thing was done for 9/11–”oh, our dear gov. wouldn’t dare to this to its own people, nooooo.”

See, all these questions and issues (like now about the gun-shop) ought to be covered by the police, who are paid by tax-dollars, who should be forth-coming for making public all the evidence and facts–but observe they do the opposite. This is blatant OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

Ditto for the people who put-in the supposed $300,000 surveillance/security system for the so-called “school”–we need to have all this info (as for WHO it was who did the install)–it’s our right to have this info, but we’re being obstructed.

Perhaps most of all, note how these false premises, regarding the supposed “deaths” of all the kidsoes and everyone, and the entire legend of Sandy Hook, are so blithely, thoughtlessly, un-critically ACCEPTED by such “leaders” as Alexei Jones (, as well as others, like Senator Rand Paul, et al.

Thus the top criminals (Bilderberg, CFR, and Trilateralists) are exploiting the false cultural idiomatic (large, collective mentality) by which anything the mass-corp. “news”-media puts out is accepted practically without criticism. This idiomatic, u’ll notice, also and additionally goes, presently, for gay-marriage, legalizing the illegal invaders, called “immigrants,” and other things too.

Thus the mistake being made by Alexei Jones is he’s not grasping how this (Sandy Hook) incident was SOOO calculatingly plotted and perpetrated deliberately fm the very beginning, he rather assuming it was real, actual, which then powers merely took advantage of–thus TOTALLY missing it all for what really has transpired, forgetting even his own conspiracist premises and suspicions.

Again, observe the self-righteous Alexei Jones, always ranting about how satanic and psychopathic these powers are, totally missing the evermore obvious, complete, TOTAL staging of this Sandy Hook “incident”–out of the proverbial “whole cloth.” Alexei tells us all how the powers are soooo “cold-blooded,” but then the fool so utterly fails to see it and pick it out in the present instance.

This Sandy Hook incident then is PERFECT example of the “BIG-LIE” perpetrated in everyone’s face, the witless fools not stopping to thinking how they’ve been so totally bamboozled, the poor, pathetic fools. Alexei Jones, the moron who thinks he’s sooooooooooo smart, perceptive, and virtuous, is thus found to be most pathetic sucker, truly. Thank goodness and the dear Lord for Sandy Hook truthers, by golly.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jewwy spokesman and dis-info agent rebutted

Got below response, below copied fm anon, today at 1:45 pm (see below blog-post and comments fm 8 Apr, "Pieczenik on Alex Jones..."), fm a determined and subtle dis-info agent, indubitably, so intensively he wants to pit the gentiles against each other, this guy working for the Jews.

So what I like to do in cases like this is to first analyze and note the specific pt.s and then, if necessary, to make an over-all exposition.  Thus my comments in below text are bracketed and capped.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"but we must and should ALLY w. them in reasonable fashion in order to fight ZOG which thrives when the goyim are in-fighting. We must emulate St. Constantine the Great who united all the gentiles of the Roman empire against the Jews of his day."

"I wish this had the possibility to happen but it won't, not ever. [THERE'S NO WAY FOR U TO KNOW THIS.  BUT IF U HAD AN EXAMPLE FM HISTORY, THEN U SHOULD HAVE MADE A CITATION.  I CITED ST. CONSTANTINE.]
"The best plan is to let the leaders of the different groups fight ZOG their way, [YES, OBVIOUSLY--BUT WE CAN STILL BE ALLIED AT SAME TIME, WHY NOT?]
"...which is sheer fantasy. [AN ASSERTION OF URS WHICH U DON'T SUBSTANTIATE.]
"Unity among gentiles of different races has never done much good, unless we go back 1,600 years to a plan shrouded in mystery and possibly a mere legendary fantasy.  [NO COMRADE, THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT--AND THAT'S UR PROBLEM.  I CAN TELL RIGHT NOW U'RE NOT NOT NOT CHRISTIAN URSELF, ARE U?  HO HO HO--AND THAT TELLS US A LOT RIGHT THERE, DOESN'T IT?  SPECIFICALLY, U'RE MAKING JEW-FRIENDLY, JEW-SERVING ARGUMENTS--U JUST AREN'T CLEVER ENOUGH TO KNOW THIS IS EASILY DETECTED.]
"Let's take Mexicans, say the traitors get their way and allow the 11 million (more like 30 million conservatively) illegal aliens to take root, how many of them will take up the cause against ZOG? [PERHAPS U PRESUME I'M IN FAVOR OF LEGALIZING THESE ILLEGAL INVADERS--I'M NOT.  I RATHER CATEGORIZE ILLEGALS AS ALLIES OF THE JEWS, ALONG W. QUEERS AND "JUDEO-CHRISTIAN" HERETICALISTS.]
"I say, zero. So, we further drown our own voices out because we cling to the fantasy of educating these ineducable big government loving welfare sponges; purposefully brought in to do just that, drown out the voices of the patriots. [SEE ABOVE NOTE--I'M NOT IN FAVOR OF LEGALIZING THESE CRIMINAL INVADERS--AND FM WHAT I UNDERSTAND, THE LEGAL CITIZENS HERE IN USA THINK LIKE-WISE.  IF THERE ARE SOME WHO DON'T, THEY MERELY PLACE THEMSELVES ON SIDE OF JEWS AND WILL BE DEALT WITH.  BUT THE ONES WHO STICK W. THE CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS SHOULD NOT BE BETRAYED BY THE REST OF US CHRISTIANS.  U'RE JUST ARGUING FOR THE JEWS, COMRADE.]

"It's evil brilliance how ZOG has sold it to the stupid Americans too, using Christianity and egalitarianism to put this over on us collectively.  [U OBVIOUSLY DON'T UNDERSTAND THE REAL CHRISTIANITY, WORSHIP OF TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH ABOVE ALL/ANY OTHER NOTIONS--ZOG MAKES USE OF DUPES LIKE URSELF, COMRADE.]

"So much for mestizos and their worth in the movement. [SEE ABOVE NOTES: UR ARGUMENT HAS FAILED.]
" I see no point in reaching out to them, besides the Jews have been on top of doing just that for years unbeknownst to the stupid gentiles. Just search "Jewish/Hispanic Alliance" in any search engine and see what you find. Hispanics are the perfect slaves for Jews, the Jews gleefully boast about just this. [FALSE--THIS IS JUST JEW-FRIENDLY, JEW-SERVING PROPAGANDA, KEEPING THE GENTILES FIGHTING ONE ANOTHER--U'VE BEEN UN-MASKED AS SPOKESMAN FOR JEWS--TAKE HEED, COMRADE.]

"Asians play for their own team if they play for any team at all. Most Asians live life as robotic automatons and I have yet to meet, or even hear about, an Asian who really understands or cares about Jews. Most Asians actually try to emulate the Jews. [FALSE, AND U GIVE NO CITATIONS OR SUBSTANTIATION--TYPICAL JEW TACTIC.  EVERYONE WHO KNOWS JEWS--INCLUDING SOME KIKES THEMSELVES--HATES JEWS.]
"Long gone are the Asians with the memory or those who care and who hold grudges against the Jews for such things as the Opium Wars.  [MORE JEW-SERVING, JEW-FRIENDLY ASSERTIONS TO KEEPING GENTILES AGAINST ONE ANOTHER.]

"Blacks are an interesting pit of vipers. Yes, there are blacks who despise Jews and understand them better than many whites. Still, the blacks are only interested in their own kind and if you think that they will help rid of us of our Jew problem without also going on to hack Whitey apart afterward, you are dreaming. [NO I'M NOT; SOME, PERHAPS MANY, BLACKS (ACTUALLY NIGGERS) WILL SIDE W. KIKES--THEY WILL BE DEALT WITH, U MAY BE SURE.]

"Let's see who's left: Eskimos are worthless, Feather Indians are worthless, Dot Head Indians are worthless, and so are the rest, [JUST MORE JEW-SERVING, JEW-FRIENDLY PROP.--WHO DO U THINK U'RE KIDDING?]
"...except for the hope in the Muslims, but Arabs are a special case and worth further examination.  [MUSSELMEN ARE TRULY A SPECIAL CASE, BUT THEY ALSO CAN BE TREATED AS ALLIES AGAINST ANTI-CHRIST MONSTERS--IF THEY REFUSE, THEY'LL BE DEALT WITH.]

"Muslims, like the blacks, have the possibility to fight against the Jews with us but let's just look over to Europe to how well that's been working out for us. I say, case closed on counting on Arabs to help our cause in any way.  [JUST MORE JEW-FRIENDLY PROP.]

"Not to say you are wrong in wanting to try seemingly worthwhile allegiances with other groups which theoretically should work, however, experiences have proven that none of those allegiance ever will; [U NEED TO GIVE CITATIONS AND/OR EXAMPLES TO SUBSTANTIATE UR ASSERTION--ASSERTING WITHOUT SUBSTANTIATION IS TYPICAL JEW TACTIC--DO U SEE HOW U'VE BEEN UN-MASKED, WORKING FOR JEWS?]
"...if anything those kind of allegiance will just speed up the doom the Jews have planned for us. [U WISH.]

"As far as trying to educate them to turn them to the light, as I said, they are ineducable. Please do not climb into a pit of multicolored vipers and expect to come out with trained attack dogs.  [U UTTERLY, TOTALLY, MIS-PERCEIVE THE SITUATION, LIKE THE JEWWY MOUTH-PIECE U OBVIOUSLY ARE--WHITES WILL BE THE MAJOR FACTION, STILL, AND THE NON-WHITES WILL ACTUALLY BE HAPPY TO BE ALLIED WITH US.]

"I understand the biblical references and that's the problem, so do the Jews. [NO U DON'T, AND NEITHER DO THE JEWS--JUST MORE JEW-SERVING ASSERTIONS WITHOUT SUBSTANTIATION.]
"The Jews have been twisting the words of truth against us for centuries. [THIS IS FIRST ACCURATE STATEMENT U'VE MADE, EH?  HO HO HO--BUT THEN, THAT'S BECAUSE U'RE PROBABLY A JEW URSELF, EH?]
"As long as they flood us and overwhelm us with non-whites they can convince enough whites to believe that they need not worry about being flooded with non Jewish colored hordes and simply concentrate on Jews. The battle is against the Jews by themselves but thanks to their open border assault the battle is now on on two separate fronts, even if the origin of both problems comes from a single source: Jews." [OKAY, BUT THIS IS RATHER DIFFERENT ARGUMENT; I NEVER WAS IN FAVOR ALLYING W. ILLEGAL INVADERS AND CRIMINALS.]
* * * * * * * * * * *

So, to extent our interlocutor makes any sense for argument, I trust he's thoroughly refuted and exposed as spokesman for kikes.  I doubt he'll be back to show his Jewwy face.  Nice try, Jew--deliberately mis-construe Christianity and try keeping the gentiles fighting one-another.  Ho ho ho

"Witness" testimony is particular problem for Sandy Hook farce--along w. cultural idiomatic

Problem With “Witness” Testimony & The Cultural Idiomatic

(Apollonian, 10 Apr 13)

Folks: always remember there’s gonna be a HUGE problem for truthers when it comes to “witness” testimony on Sandy Hook. Never forget, it (the Sandy Hook farce) arose fm the drill, drill, drilling culture/mentality which master-minds have cultivated for DECADES now. Drills are nothing but rehearsals, obviously–but for what, exactly?A

Alexei Jones ( tells (true) stories about how these literal terrorists, though gov. agents, have had drills–WITHOUT telling anyone, several times, on record, swooping down on schools w.. little kids and absolutely horrifying them, along w. the adults too w. idea they were gonna be killed. These gov. scum would come in and say they were “militia” and “home-schoolers,” and tell the little ones they were gonna DIE. The little kids would start crying and some of them actually lost control of their little bowels and soiled themselves–totally terrorizing them all. That’s how gov. cares about u and us.

Thus we see how big bro. programs and trains the citizenry, terrorizing them to fear their fellow citizens–and again, they’ve been doing this now for decades.

Sandy Hook truthers need to understand we and fellow citizens are going to be veritably inundated w. lies and false testimony fm “witnesses”–and this will be our weakest link to the truth and actual facts, why?–because gov. can TOO EASILY control, manipulate, intimidate, and outrightly terrorize any “witnesses,” both for and against–why?–because of the absolute, nearly TOTALITARIAN control the powers have over the culture, the judiciary and the cops, fed, state, and local.

For the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam controls all, never doubt, never forget–however much “money” they need to bribe, extort–or even assassinate–they got w. snap of fingers–they just print it all -up, LITERALLY. See,,, and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

Such control over the entire culture and popular mentality–the “idiomatic,” I submit–people too easily over-look. And this cultural control is soooooo complete and total that it extends now to US Army saying Christians are terrorists, see

Do u grasp it?–we now have an active, in-ur-face ANTI-CHRIST regime, the regime–and culture–of lies lies lies lies lies lies lies. And the culture of lies is the culture of DEATH–like “agenda-21.”

Truthers gotta realize we’re gonna be FLOODED w. this false witness testimony, over and over, day-in and day-out. And there won’t be anyone to speak against as they will be terrorized and ultimately ELIMINATED if necessary–such is ABSOLUTE CONTROL of Fed COUNTERFEITERS and their bought-and-paid-for police and judiciary enforcement.

Our colleague/correspondent, “Lo Phatt,” is absolutely correct when he says it is WARFARE, literally. Karl Rove wasn’t kidding when he said they (the regime, enforcers for the Fed powers) MAKE THEIR OWN REALITY (see

Where I differ w. Lo Phatt is regarding the VERY BASIC conflict of ideals--I say it's Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence OBJECTIVE reality (necessary criterion for such truth), vs. lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), lies predicated upon such as the fallacious "good-evil" premise which is mere subjectivism, Pharisaism, and actually Pelagian heresy.  Only God has perfectly "free" will.

Our cultural enemy has thus rationalized its dictatorship and the phony war on "terror" (any dissent to the regime) upon paganist religion of "green environmentalism"--that's how they justify "agenda-21" genocide.

* * * * * * * * * *

iseelies6:04 pm on April 10, 2013Permalink | Edit

Apollonian – Agree with you completely – yet terrified of the truth. My husband was talking with a guy at work today and began talking about the 4 year old who supposedly shot his brother and my husband asked the guy how he really knew this happened and the guy’s response was how could you say it didn’t and my husband just said because he hadn’t witnessed himself had only been told it happened. He then went on and mentioned SH being a false flag and got the anticipated you’ve got to be kidding response.

This psychological conditioning has taken such a grasp on society it is truly amazing how well it did work for the Evil that is. How they have been able to squelsh all attacks from the other side using political correctness, racism, or whatever other -ism they can come up to be able to further their agenda is truly remarkable. Very subtle, but very effective.

I thought I had woken up to the world on 9/11, paying attention to politics, listening to all the conservative talk shows (Rush, Sean, Mark Levin) feeling I was now in tune with the world situation. Then SH happened and seeing the non-response of the parents was what motivated me to do some digging and then “YOU ALL” (lol) woke me up to the REAL truth.

I really don’t view life the same anymore. I find myself looking at everything with suspicion. Driving today saw a Border Patrol vehicle with the famous Green and White coloring (I now hate green and white together) on it, and it makes me think Global. Looking at a HighLite mag in dr office today and see the “Forrest Sustainability” wording on the back of it. I was watching a news report by the local FOX station last night about an incident nearby and it involved guns, etc, and it appeared as if this witness, a dr., was reading for the interview because her eyes were moving back and forth. So, it seems to me that they have so deeply engrained themselves in our lives, it seems like an almost impossible task to rid ourselves of everything that is Agenda 21. I even looked into my grocery store Kroger, and they are all over this Green crap! That was their niche, make the Earth a God and treat it right. If not, you’re scum.

I know more and more people are waking up, but is the pace fast enough? I hope there are some groups for good out there that are working underground to provide some network of defense because I think they jumped the shark too quickly on SH. Treating these parents like they just found the cure for cancer or something, it’s disgusting. Not to mention all the money that is changing hands, while they party like it’s 1999 in the WH with all their scumbag Hollywood traitors. Give me a book, a chair, some sun, my family, my pets and a garden – don’t want or need anything else.

  • apollonian 6:25 pm on April 10, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Thanks much Holly: that’s why I like Alexei Jones–he finds the exact same stupidity, conditioning, and gullibility sooo rampant among the goons, with whom we’re simply over-populated, but who need leadership. It’s satanist psychopaths on one side vs. Christian/rationalist patriots on the other, the large mass of poor people in the middle.
  • Such is the CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler–at first the nation is established by heroes and patriots, BUT they inevitably then breed-up a generation of pampered scum–didn’t we discuss this?–it’s like Roman example all over again.
  • Anyway, things are gonna come to a head with imminent CURRENCY-COLLAPSE of US Dollar–which, in fact, is precisely why masterminds have panicked and brought this all about upon us.
  • And thus I’m anxious and striving to establish the proper BASIC ground-work for patriots–that of Christian truth vs. lies, as noted. The “good vs. evil” is grossly fallacious and hereticalist, and everyone is SELFISH, the only virtue being that people must temper natural selfishness w. reason–as per Hobbes and Locke who discussed the issue.

  • Monday, April 8, 2013

    Pieczenik on Alexei Jones says purpose of present N. Korea fracas is DIVERSION fm un-raveling Sandy Hook false-flag fiasco

    Newsflash: Purpose Of N. Korea Brouhaha?–To Distract/Divert Fm Un-Raveling Sandy Hook False-Flag–Pieczenik On Alexei Jones Show

    (Apollonian, 8 Apr 13)

    Comrades: don’t doubt our efforts on Sandy Hook front are TELLING. According to Steve Pieczenik (ck Sunday Apr 7 Alexei Jones show at, last hr of the show), one of the main reasons for the recent activity w. N. Korea, deliberately provoked by US, is as distraction for the un-raveling Sandy Hook false-flag fiasco, where everything is presently hanging by the very weak link of the alleged Lanza family about which we have soooooooo little info, all truth be told.

    And don’t be discouraged just because the police and judicial agencies in question are OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE, refusing to divulge simplest, basic info, esp. regarding the Lanza family, among the others, having obviously threatened all friends and relatives to keeping mum. It’s tough when the police and judiciary are foremost, active CONSPIRATORS.

    Also, don’t fail to observe the parallel “media” psy-ops campaign that’s on-going regarding the gov. terrorist attempts to dis-arm the population, pretending it’s about “gun-safety,” when fact is these traitorous, conspiratorial scum are actually trying to OVERTHROW US Constitution and people’s basic right to defend against a traitorous, genocidal gov. pushing “agenda 21″ GENOCIDE–this is what’s going on.

    So 20 kids got horribly killed along w. 7 adults?–so what?–people STILL need to be armed, even w. FULL-AUTO weapons, against corrupt, TRAITOROUS US gov. exposed now to be kidnapping veterans, and stealing their guns, putting them into psych-hospitals and then having the victims actually billed for the “evaluation.” We’re up against most DESPERATE psychopaths, never doubt.

    TRUTH is on the side of patriots as people–even the stupidest of them, who are still LEGION–steadily are brought to awareness of satanic powers behind US gov., poisoning the people and killing them/us by slow-kill methods w. fluoride in water supplies, GMO foods, toxic vaccines, poisonous chem-trails, forced drugging and vaccinations of the people and school-kids, radiation poisoning, including by electro-magnetic means, etc.

    And why the desperate conspiracy against the people, Constitution, and rights?–because of the phony war on “terrorism” whence ANY criticism, any dissent whatsoever, is deemed “terror”–all predicated upon a phony, anti-Christ religion of “green environmentalism,” whence dictatorship and genocide are glorified and justified against the pretended human parasite, don’t forget.

    So keep up the pressure and good work, patriot heroes and comrades; as Alexei Jones ( tells us, “resistance is victory,” never doubt.

    Saturday, April 6, 2013

    Don't doubt: Sandy Hook farce is essentially solved--only idiots could still be fooled, seriously

    Take Heart, Note Case Is Essentially Solved For Sandy Hook Farce & False Flag, Only Details Left To Nail Down

    (Apollonian, 6 Apr 13)

    Comrades note and take heart for ur investigative and analyzing SUCCESS as Sandy Hook Farce is truly, essentially solved, never doubt. Surely, all further info can otherwise be readily had fm the police and gov. (bureaucratic) agencies who, however, unfortunately are simply hiding info fm the public.

    And I’ll observe this gross fraud and obstruction of justice by all the official parties constitutes CONSPIRACY to overthrow US Constitution–TREASON. Penalty for treason is serious business, comrades–they’re NOT going to get out of it either.

    For observe the process/method is one of observation and INDUCTION, taking all the details and items, drawing the conclusion(s) and then testing. This scientific procedure has been done and the conclusion is strong w. overwhelming evidence for the staged farce and false-flag. Grand jury members, are u listening/reading?

    Look at just some of the most prominent evidence:

    (a) For me, the stongest, single “smoking gun” is surely the 16 min press-conference of Dr. Carver whence he jokes, clowns, and smiles throughout, upon occasion of supposed horrific murders of small children along w. 7 adults. Even someone w. 3/4 of a brain has to know this could only be farce.

    (b) Next is the vid of the kid who says definitively he did NOT hear any gun-shots. Also quite pertinent is fact this crucial testimony/statement was actually EDITED-OUT of the American/English language vids, caught only on the French version.

    (c) Aside fm obvious facts we’ve known fm the beginning, no bodies, blood, vids or photos fm the school security system, THERE WERE NO KIDS, either, to speak of, at the actual scene, either at the school or the nearby fire-station where so much of the pretended activity took place, “staging,” as it was called by the people on responder radio transmissions.

    (d) Then there was all the green-screening and photo-shopping as it’s been demonstrated, including, most infamously, by Anderson Cooper and his disappearing nose.

    (e) Another crucial note is the DRILLS going on at very same time, very close-by–literally only minutes away. Observe these drills are the basic foundation for the actual staged event as we now know fm Sandy Hook–herein are assembled ready-to-order all the officials and actors, all rehearsed, psyched-up and ready to roll. Drills were also genesis of the London 7/7 bombings, 9/11, and surely many, many other false-flags.

    Such then are just some of the details for means and opportunity–the motive is also quite plain, these being classic New World Order types working to reduce population according to “Agenda 21,” hence to dis-arming and terrorizing the people, readying for the mass-arrests, etc.

    Finally, don’t forget Obama had reportedly promised he was working “under the radar” to infamous gun-grab conspirator, Sarah Brady, Obama and cohort AG, Eric Holder, in formal contempt of Congress regarding info on “fast and furious” scandal, arming Mexican drug gangs.

    Only thing left for the people’s further and most decisive info is something dramatic–like finding out definitively the Lanzas are practically totally made-up, cut-outs and fictional characters. Adam was allegedly sooo computer literate, but has no foot-print on the social I-net media?–unlikely, to say the least.

    People will steadily and rapidly enough get “hip” as their elders and natural leaders (not the compromised stooges, traitors, and charlatans presently occupying formal political office) acknowledge the simple and OVERWHELMING evidence regarding Sandy Hook Farce and false-flag. Excellent work by Sandy Hook Truth bloggers and editor.

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Psychopath-in-chief plays who's kidding who? Ho ho ho

    Bald-Face Liar, Obongo, Confronts The Suckers, Ho Ho Ho
    (Apollonian, 5 Apr 13)

    Here's Obongo, following the script written for him by satanists behind-scene(s), playing stupid for the morons, ho ho ho,

    Obongo says, reading fm his teleprompter, well golly gee, but what do u need guns for when u got us psychopaths and pathologic liars for ur government?--hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?  Ho ho ho

    This, when he's elected by means of totally rigged electronic-voting, funded by ZOG's Fed COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on Fed) and powers behind it, and hooked-up w. the Jews-media running interference, lying and smearing any/all opposition?

    Thus note it is demonstrated before ur very eyes: top psychopaths and satanists have nerves of steel--kikes call it "chutzpah," ho ho ho

    Thursday, April 4, 2013

    This is war, suckers--Conn. cops kidnap vet, take guns, no warrant, no law--total tyranny

    War Is ON, Comrades--Conn. Cops Kid-nap Vet, Take Guns; No Warrant, Zilch
    (Apollonian, 4 Apr 13)

    Ck  Conn. police kid-napped vet, went into his house, without warrant or prob. cause, took his guns, and then took him to hospital to have him "evaluated"--and now he's got a bill fm the hospital for his "evaluation."  Oh, while at the hospital, they drugged the poor man too.

    How did this all happen?  Well, a doctor called the vet's house and said the answering machine sounded strange and called cops to ck on vet's "well-ness."  Upon this, cops proceeded as described above, no law, no warrant, no prob. cause, zilch.

    Obviously, the cops are simply criminals, but no doubt followed orders as part of conspiracy.  And u may be sure NOTHING is going to happen to these criminals; indeed, they'll be rewarded and commended.

    Isn't it lovely?--(a) first, they stage a false-flag hoax, like at Sandy Hook, (b) now they bribe and harass the politicians and other public servants to pass idiotic, traitorous, un-Constitutional laws, (c) foment hysteria over the Jews-media, and VOILA, criminal cops go into action.

    And this will FLY, suckers--nothing's going to stop these satanistic psychopaths--not as long as US Dollar continues to be accepted as payment for goods and svcs.  Such is the power and necessary consequences of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam--see for expo/ref. on Fed scam.

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Narrative founded upon idiom, this idiom manufactured by ZOG masterminds, pushed by "Jews"-media, etc.

    Grassley going along w. prevailing Sandy Hook narrative is NOT good sign–Well Demonstrates the Problem

    (Apollonian, 1 Apr 13)

  This (at link) is a very troubling article on Sen. Grassley who now indicates he’s willing to co-operate w. the NWO psychopaths and Agenda-21 genocidalists. Why is it so troubling?–because Grassley far too willingly goes along w. the Sandy Hook narrative–ck the link and the attached vid. Why can’t Grassley be at least somewhat critical and non-receptive to this stinking lie of Sandy Hook?

    We don’t need more gun-control–on the contrary, we need more citizens armed and ready to confront these NWO murderers and psychopaths pushing their genocide.

    Grassley, as many of u might know, is almost legendary as one who DOES NOT go along so readily w. the “liberals,” known to oppose democrats going back to the Clinton yrs. Grassley in fact, was/is one of the MOST out-spoken for outrage over the recent “fast-and-furious” scandal whence Obama and co. were found to be supplying drug-cartels w. auto weapons, AND trying to blame it on 2nd amendment. AG Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over related documents.

    So I find it disgusting Grassley–who already notes the “fast-furious” scandal–can’t find any suspicion within himself for this equally putrid Sandy Hook farce. What’s the problem?

    Thus far too many politicians, esp. those who’ve been in office for so long as Grassley, become co-opted, seduced, and let’s face it, just plain corrupted, eh? They end-up going along w. what’s called the regnant “narrative” which actually consists of an idiom–a kind of mentality, not merely a lingo–much like NYC mayor Bloomberg who tells people, well, (surveillance) drones are the inevitable wave of the future, so just get used to it, suckers.

    So u can see the mentality (cultural idiomatic) we’re up against which so pathetically lacks the critical and suspicious attitude which is NECESSARY for simple law and freedom of the people. What’s ultimate source of this mentality?–well, it can get pretty abstract and psychologically speculative, obviously. BUT, un-questionably, fm an immediate, practical, down-to-earth pt. of view, it’s that Fed COUNTERFEIT scam which finances everyone and everything which is existential source. We got a bunch of CRIMINALS in charge, and they want to perpetuate their rule. Agenda-21 genocide is their program for which Sandy Hook farce was part-parcel.