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Friday, April 12, 2013

Want to know what is, HOW it's perpetrated/staged, for the fabled "BIG LIE"?--observe the Sandy Hook farce, suckers

Sandy Hook Farce: Truly, Most PERFECT Example Of “Big-Lie”–In Our Faces

(Apollonian, 12 Apr 13)

“A lot of us have been talking about the indications that the gun shop where Nancy allegedly bought the murder guns is fake too. Why are they doing this? Why even mention the gun shop at all, and if they’re going to do that, why not at least make it convincing?

“To me this is further evidence that none of the Lanzas existed.”
-lynne0312 11:35 am on April 12, 2013

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Methinks u’ve merely hit on ANOTHER weak-spot for their stinking story, good editor. There’s just no evidence for their version of the story, anywhere, anyhow–EXCEPT FOR “WITNESS” testimony, u’ll notice–and all other evidence pt.s to a total farce/hoax/fraud.

There’s a name for this kind of a fraud: the fabled and storied “Big Lie.” We’re just being shown how such “big-lie” is perpetrated, Sandy Hook an object lesson. Observe how it (the “big lie”) works: the victims are made to fooling themselves, telling themselves, “oh, no one would dare possibly try to make something like this up,” ho ho ho–even as we demonstrate it being done in instance after instance after instance for this amazing Sandy Hook episode.

Same thing was done for 9/11–”oh, our dear gov. wouldn’t dare to this to its own people, nooooo.”

See, all these questions and issues (like now about the gun-shop) ought to be covered by the police, who are paid by tax-dollars, who should be forth-coming for making public all the evidence and facts–but observe they do the opposite. This is blatant OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

Ditto for the people who put-in the supposed $300,000 surveillance/security system for the so-called “school”–we need to have all this info (as for WHO it was who did the install)–it’s our right to have this info, but we’re being obstructed.

Perhaps most of all, note how these false premises, regarding the supposed “deaths” of all the kidsoes and everyone, and the entire legend of Sandy Hook, are so blithely, thoughtlessly, un-critically ACCEPTED by such “leaders” as Alexei Jones (, as well as others, like Senator Rand Paul, et al.

Thus the top criminals (Bilderberg, CFR, and Trilateralists) are exploiting the false cultural idiomatic (large, collective mentality) by which anything the mass-corp. “news”-media puts out is accepted practically without criticism. This idiomatic, u’ll notice, also and additionally goes, presently, for gay-marriage, legalizing the illegal invaders, called “immigrants,” and other things too.

Thus the mistake being made by Alexei Jones is he’s not grasping how this (Sandy Hook) incident was SOOO calculatingly plotted and perpetrated deliberately fm the very beginning, he rather assuming it was real, actual, which then powers merely took advantage of–thus TOTALLY missing it all for what really has transpired, forgetting even his own conspiracist premises and suspicions.

Again, observe the self-righteous Alexei Jones, always ranting about how satanic and psychopathic these powers are, totally missing the evermore obvious, complete, TOTAL staging of this Sandy Hook “incident”–out of the proverbial “whole cloth.” Alexei tells us all how the powers are soooo “cold-blooded,” but then the fool so utterly fails to see it and pick it out in the present instance.

This Sandy Hook incident then is PERFECT example of the “BIG-LIE” perpetrated in everyone’s face, the witless fools not stopping to thinking how they’ve been so totally bamboozled, the poor, pathetic fools. Alexei Jones, the moron who thinks he’s sooooooooooo smart, perceptive, and virtuous, is thus found to be most pathetic sucker, truly. Thank goodness and the dear Lord for Sandy Hook truthers, by golly.

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