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Friday, April 19, 2013

What's Playing Now?--It's Rich Kikes vs. Lower-level Jews behind Ron Paul and Alexei Jones

What's The Real Conflict?--It's Just Rich Vs. Poor Jews
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 13)
Note we KNOW at least what the public charade is for the present cultural conflict:
(a) the "leftist"/"liberals" who are ATHEIST-styled, fronted by Obama who always stands for United Nations NWO.

(b) the "rightist"/"conservatives" (or "neo-conservatives") styled as religious-mystics w. their "Judeo-Christian" suck-alongs backing the zionists of Israel.

(c) Both of these afore-mentioned are backed by the COUNTERFEITERS of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

(d) But look now how MOSSAD is sending people to Boston to "help" investigate--but actually to "clean-up" any loose ends that might implicate Israel or their agents fm Saudi Arabia, etc.

But what's the REALITY?--it's still, obviously, the Fed, at the top, they being OBVIOUSLY the top CRIMINALS.

And what's then the real conflict?--it's the top NWO including all (above-noted) the pretend "left" and "right"--BUT now, against who?

I submit it's the middle-class & lower-level (relatively "un-connected") Jews on the other side, these fronted by Ron Paul and Alexei Jones ( But I think Paul and Jones are pretty honest--they beleeeeeeeev in what they do and say.

And that's why the basic cultural idiomatic (large, collective cultural mentality) HASN'T CHANGED--this is why illegal invaders continue to swarm across US borders and homosexuals keep demanding "rights."

Most of all, observe Christianity, the REAL THING, is STILL under heavy, intense attack in the name of modernism and "reason," etc. 

It's much still an INSIDE struggle going on, basically rich vs. poor Jews, gentiles in the middle, the poor, stupid goyim ignored as they're sooooo brainlessly stupid, sated and thoroughly suffused w. the most toxic thing imaginable, the present anti-Christ (anti-rationalist) cultural idiomatic, keeping the goyim STUPID as dirt, blind as bats.

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