Wheels Within “Wheelers” – Pushing the Limits of Spin

It looks like they won’t be deterred. Never mind the fact that none of this makes sense even if you bought the psy-op. They have a GOAL by gawd, and they are pulling out all the stops to achieve it. Of course, the other parasites in the “opposition” aren’t really “opposed”. After all, when the boss tells you to do something, you do it.


Looks like we aren’t the only ones trying to run down backgrounds on these enablers. There are some interesting bits here. Actors from New York. They seem to lie about how long they’ve been in lovely Newtown. I wonder why? Moved there when the “victim” was 15 months old. There’s nothing like professional help when you’re running a scam. She even gets to deliver the diatribe for Emperor Soetoro.

The streets of D.C. must be slick with tears tonight. There’s Smokin’ Joe Biden doing his best huckster action as he milks every ounce of mindless emotion he can sink his ravenous fangs into. This guy is the “Joe Izuzu” of politics. It’s all just a product and he’s selling it. He’d sell popsicles to Eskimos in the same determined way.

We’ve talked about this here before. if you actually lost a child to a killer (its right there in the script, page 3, line 6), would you prostitute yourself to help these goons run their boss’s agenda? I’m afraid there’d be another killing to report!

But, I forget, we live in a world where buildings “collapse” from imaginary airplanes, murderers win the Nobel prize, and CG creations tell us what to think. Not only that but that it’s our DUTY to believe! There is only one solution to this. Tell them you’re not in a buying mood.