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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Don't doubt: Sandy Hook farce is essentially solved--only idiots could still be fooled, seriously

Take Heart, Note Case Is Essentially Solved For Sandy Hook Farce & False Flag, Only Details Left To Nail Down

(Apollonian, 6 Apr 13)

Comrades note and take heart for ur investigative and analyzing SUCCESS as Sandy Hook Farce is truly, essentially solved, never doubt. Surely, all further info can otherwise be readily had fm the police and gov. (bureaucratic) agencies who, however, unfortunately are simply hiding info fm the public.

And I’ll observe this gross fraud and obstruction of justice by all the official parties constitutes CONSPIRACY to overthrow US Constitution–TREASON. Penalty for treason is serious business, comrades–they’re NOT going to get out of it either.

For observe the process/method is one of observation and INDUCTION, taking all the details and items, drawing the conclusion(s) and then testing. This scientific procedure has been done and the conclusion is strong w. overwhelming evidence for the staged farce and false-flag. Grand jury members, are u listening/reading?

Look at just some of the most prominent evidence:

(a) For me, the stongest, single “smoking gun” is surely the 16 min press-conference of Dr. Carver whence he jokes, clowns, and smiles throughout, upon occasion of supposed horrific murders of small children along w. 7 adults. Even someone w. 3/4 of a brain has to know this could only be farce.

(b) Next is the vid of the kid who says definitively he did NOT hear any gun-shots. Also quite pertinent is fact this crucial testimony/statement was actually EDITED-OUT of the American/English language vids, caught only on the French version.

(c) Aside fm obvious facts we’ve known fm the beginning, no bodies, blood, vids or photos fm the school security system, THERE WERE NO KIDS, either, to speak of, at the actual scene, either at the school or the nearby fire-station where so much of the pretended activity took place, “staging,” as it was called by the people on responder radio transmissions.

(d) Then there was all the green-screening and photo-shopping as it’s been demonstrated, including, most infamously, by Anderson Cooper and his disappearing nose.

(e) Another crucial note is the DRILLS going on at very same time, very close-by–literally only minutes away. Observe these drills are the basic foundation for the actual staged event as we now know fm Sandy Hook–herein are assembled ready-to-order all the officials and actors, all rehearsed, psyched-up and ready to roll. Drills were also genesis of the London 7/7 bombings, 9/11, and surely many, many other false-flags.

Such then are just some of the details for means and opportunity–the motive is also quite plain, these being classic New World Order types working to reduce population according to “Agenda 21,” hence to dis-arming and terrorizing the people, readying for the mass-arrests, etc.

Finally, don’t forget Obama had reportedly promised he was working “under the radar” to infamous gun-grab conspirator, Sarah Brady, Obama and cohort AG, Eric Holder, in formal contempt of Congress regarding info on “fast and furious” scandal, arming Mexican drug gangs.

Only thing left for the people’s further and most decisive info is something dramatic–like finding out definitively the Lanzas are practically totally made-up, cut-outs and fictional characters. Adam was allegedly sooo computer literate, but has no foot-print on the social I-net media?–unlikely, to say the least.

People will steadily and rapidly enough get “hip” as their elders and natural leaders (not the compromised stooges, traitors, and charlatans presently occupying formal political office) acknowledge the simple and OVERWHELMING evidence regarding Sandy Hook Farce and false-flag. Excellent work by Sandy Hook Truth bloggers and editor.

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