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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Witness" testimony is particular problem for Sandy Hook farce--along w. cultural idiomatic

Problem With “Witness” Testimony & The Cultural Idiomatic

(Apollonian, 10 Apr 13)

Folks: always remember there’s gonna be a HUGE problem for truthers when it comes to “witness” testimony on Sandy Hook. Never forget, it (the Sandy Hook farce) arose fm the drill, drill, drilling culture/mentality which master-minds have cultivated for DECADES now. Drills are nothing but rehearsals, obviously–but for what, exactly?A

Alexei Jones ( tells (true) stories about how these literal terrorists, though gov. agents, have had drills–WITHOUT telling anyone, several times, on record, swooping down on schools w.. little kids and absolutely horrifying them, along w. the adults too w. idea they were gonna be killed. These gov. scum would come in and say they were “militia” and “home-schoolers,” and tell the little ones they were gonna DIE. The little kids would start crying and some of them actually lost control of their little bowels and soiled themselves–totally terrorizing them all. That’s how gov. cares about u and us.

Thus we see how big bro. programs and trains the citizenry, terrorizing them to fear their fellow citizens–and again, they’ve been doing this now for decades.

Sandy Hook truthers need to understand we and fellow citizens are going to be veritably inundated w. lies and false testimony fm “witnesses”–and this will be our weakest link to the truth and actual facts, why?–because gov. can TOO EASILY control, manipulate, intimidate, and outrightly terrorize any “witnesses,” both for and against–why?–because of the absolute, nearly TOTALITARIAN control the powers have over the culture, the judiciary and the cops, fed, state, and local.

For the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam controls all, never doubt, never forget–however much “money” they need to bribe, extort–or even assassinate–they got w. snap of fingers–they just print it all -up, LITERALLY. See,,, and for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

Such control over the entire culture and popular mentality–the “idiomatic,” I submit–people too easily over-look. And this cultural control is soooooo complete and total that it extends now to US Army saying Christians are terrorists, see

Do u grasp it?–we now have an active, in-ur-face ANTI-CHRIST regime, the regime–and culture–of lies lies lies lies lies lies lies. And the culture of lies is the culture of DEATH–like “agenda-21.”

Truthers gotta realize we’re gonna be FLOODED w. this false witness testimony, over and over, day-in and day-out. And there won’t be anyone to speak against as they will be terrorized and ultimately ELIMINATED if necessary–such is ABSOLUTE CONTROL of Fed COUNTERFEITERS and their bought-and-paid-for police and judiciary enforcement.

Our colleague/correspondent, “Lo Phatt,” is absolutely correct when he says it is WARFARE, literally. Karl Rove wasn’t kidding when he said they (the regime, enforcers for the Fed powers) MAKE THEIR OWN REALITY (see

Where I differ w. Lo Phatt is regarding the VERY BASIC conflict of ideals--I say it's Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence OBJECTIVE reality (necessary criterion for such truth), vs. lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), lies predicated upon such as the fallacious "good-evil" premise which is mere subjectivism, Pharisaism, and actually Pelagian heresy.  Only God has perfectly "free" will.

Our cultural enemy has thus rationalized its dictatorship and the phony war on "terror" (any dissent to the regime) upon paganist religion of "green environmentalism"--that's how they justify "agenda-21" genocide.

* * * * * * * * * *

iseelies6:04 pm on April 10, 2013Permalink | Edit

Apollonian – Agree with you completely – yet terrified of the truth. My husband was talking with a guy at work today and began talking about the 4 year old who supposedly shot his brother and my husband asked the guy how he really knew this happened and the guy’s response was how could you say it didn’t and my husband just said because he hadn’t witnessed himself had only been told it happened. He then went on and mentioned SH being a false flag and got the anticipated you’ve got to be kidding response.

This psychological conditioning has taken such a grasp on society it is truly amazing how well it did work for the Evil that is. How they have been able to squelsh all attacks from the other side using political correctness, racism, or whatever other -ism they can come up to be able to further their agenda is truly remarkable. Very subtle, but very effective.

I thought I had woken up to the world on 9/11, paying attention to politics, listening to all the conservative talk shows (Rush, Sean, Mark Levin) feeling I was now in tune with the world situation. Then SH happened and seeing the non-response of the parents was what motivated me to do some digging and then “YOU ALL” (lol) woke me up to the REAL truth.

I really don’t view life the same anymore. I find myself looking at everything with suspicion. Driving today saw a Border Patrol vehicle with the famous Green and White coloring (I now hate green and white together) on it, and it makes me think Global. Looking at a HighLite mag in dr office today and see the “Forrest Sustainability” wording on the back of it. I was watching a news report by the local FOX station last night about an incident nearby and it involved guns, etc, and it appeared as if this witness, a dr., was reading for the interview because her eyes were moving back and forth. So, it seems to me that they have so deeply engrained themselves in our lives, it seems like an almost impossible task to rid ourselves of everything that is Agenda 21. I even looked into my grocery store Kroger, and they are all over this Green crap! That was their niche, make the Earth a God and treat it right. If not, you’re scum.

I know more and more people are waking up, but is the pace fast enough? I hope there are some groups for good out there that are working underground to provide some network of defense because I think they jumped the shark too quickly on SH. Treating these parents like they just found the cure for cancer or something, it’s disgusting. Not to mention all the money that is changing hands, while they party like it’s 1999 in the WH with all their scumbag Hollywood traitors. Give me a book, a chair, some sun, my family, my pets and a garden – don’t want or need anything else.

  • apollonian 6:25 pm on April 10, 2013Permalink | Edit

    Thanks much Holly: that’s why I like Alexei Jones–he finds the exact same stupidity, conditioning, and gullibility sooo rampant among the goons, with whom we’re simply over-populated, but who need leadership. It’s satanist psychopaths on one side vs. Christian/rationalist patriots on the other, the large mass of poor people in the middle.
  • Such is the CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler–at first the nation is established by heroes and patriots, BUT they inevitably then breed-up a generation of pampered scum–didn’t we discuss this?–it’s like Roman example all over again.
  • Anyway, things are gonna come to a head with imminent CURRENCY-COLLAPSE of US Dollar–which, in fact, is precisely why masterminds have panicked and brought this all about upon us.
  • And thus I’m anxious and striving to establish the proper BASIC ground-work for patriots–that of Christian truth vs. lies, as noted. The “good vs. evil” is grossly fallacious and hereticalist, and everyone is SELFISH, the only virtue being that people must temper natural selfishness w. reason–as per Hobbes and Locke who discussed the issue.

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