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Friday, April 12, 2013

Over-the-top insanity, truly--surely, we're getting towards the end of this, eh?

Whoosh: Doubt Power Of Fed COUNTERFEIT Bribery?–Or Prostitution Of Politicians?–Ck This

(Apollonian, 12 Apr 13)

Get this, at, a Conn. Senator (Murphy) is now agitating Fox network to NOT air the up-coming NASCAR Sprint Cup race–why?–because the NRA is sponsoring it.

Talk about “grand-standing”!–what does this moron imagine he’s going to accomplish?–alienating people who are into cars?–like most males? Talk about desperate “politically-correct”!

Question is this: who (and why) would do anything this utterly stupid and brainless?–going out of his idiot way to rile-up the MOST ordinary people who are fans of auto-racing and auto-mechanics?

The moron has to know this is suicidal to be pulling such a stunt–he must be getting lots and lots of money (which is so easily just printed-up, u know), aside fm being threatened in some way.

Murphy says he’s protesting NASCAR “endorsing” the NRA’s “extreme” position–up-holding the US Constitution, right to bear arms and self-defense, etc.

What’s going on, anyway?–I seriously submit it could only be that hubristic power-madness of the satanistic psychopaths at the top of things, Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and CFR, surely.

This is actually taking-place in USA today, folks–madness. So what else is new? Insane scum are going to go to the proverbial “well” once too often, I suspect–the more they do it, the sooner that time is gonna come, surely. Pushy, pushy, pushy–keep pushing, suckers.

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