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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pieczenik on Alexei Jones says purpose of present N. Korea fracas is DIVERSION fm un-raveling Sandy Hook false-flag fiasco

Newsflash: Purpose Of N. Korea Brouhaha?–To Distract/Divert Fm Un-Raveling Sandy Hook False-Flag–Pieczenik On Alexei Jones Show

(Apollonian, 8 Apr 13)

Comrades: don’t doubt our efforts on Sandy Hook front are TELLING. According to Steve Pieczenik (ck Sunday Apr 7 Alexei Jones show at, last hr of the show), one of the main reasons for the recent activity w. N. Korea, deliberately provoked by US, is as distraction for the un-raveling Sandy Hook false-flag fiasco, where everything is presently hanging by the very weak link of the alleged Lanza family about which we have soooooooo little info, all truth be told.

And don’t be discouraged just because the police and judicial agencies in question are OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE, refusing to divulge simplest, basic info, esp. regarding the Lanza family, among the others, having obviously threatened all friends and relatives to keeping mum. It’s tough when the police and judiciary are foremost, active CONSPIRATORS.

Also, don’t fail to observe the parallel “media” psy-ops campaign that’s on-going regarding the gov. terrorist attempts to dis-arm the population, pretending it’s about “gun-safety,” when fact is these traitorous, conspiratorial scum are actually trying to OVERTHROW US Constitution and people’s basic right to defend against a traitorous, genocidal gov. pushing “agenda 21″ GENOCIDE–this is what’s going on.

So 20 kids got horribly killed along w. 7 adults?–so what?–people STILL need to be armed, even w. FULL-AUTO weapons, against corrupt, TRAITOROUS US gov. exposed now to be kidnapping veterans, and stealing their guns, putting them into psych-hospitals and then having the victims actually billed for the “evaluation.” We’re up against most DESPERATE psychopaths, never doubt.

TRUTH is on the side of patriots as people–even the stupidest of them, who are still LEGION–steadily are brought to awareness of satanic powers behind US gov., poisoning the people and killing them/us by slow-kill methods w. fluoride in water supplies, GMO foods, toxic vaccines, poisonous chem-trails, forced drugging and vaccinations of the people and school-kids, radiation poisoning, including by electro-magnetic means, etc.

And why the desperate conspiracy against the people, Constitution, and rights?–because of the phony war on “terrorism” whence ANY criticism, any dissent whatsoever, is deemed “terror”–all predicated upon a phony, anti-Christ religion of “green environmentalism,” whence dictatorship and genocide are glorified and justified against the pretended human parasite, don’t forget.

So keep up the pressure and good work, patriot heroes and comrades; as Alexei Jones ( tells us, “resistance is victory,” never doubt.


  1. I am not so fond of Jones whatsoever.

    My main gripe with Jones and his crew is his false promotion of unity, the kind of unity which never, ever existed; the kind between blacks, whites, mestizos, etc.

    The only divide and conquer we ever needed to worry about is the division growing among whites as outlined by Yuri Bezmenov in "Deception Was My Job" when he details what's necessary in demoralization and deconstruction in order to take over a society.

    I seriously do not care what mestizos, blacks, or anyone else thinks and do not welcome any of them joining the team against the NWO because they are on their own team and seething with hatred towards whites, therefor can never be trusted for any reason. Frankly, they can fuck off.

    Another main problem with Jones is that he is all over the place and never sees anything/any issue all the way through. It sure seems that his job is to overwhelm his viewers with bad news without any resolution of any kind but failure after failure, after failure, or at best loose end, after loose end, after loose end as we lose ground by miles per day.

    If he stuck to the Sandy Hook case and nothing else until everybody had it branded into their heads that the whole thing was a hoax I would have more respect for him, instead he jumps around from issue to issue leaving most fools dizzy.

    Sorry, Jones has the stench of a sewer rat.

    Here's something sewer rat Jones won't speak of, something with very real possibilities in the fight against tyranny:

  2. Yes anon, I agree somewhat, about Jones: he's gross LICK-SPITTLE for the Jews.

    But regardless, he's necessary for opposition to New World Order, and he does good work well when it comes to how they're KILLING US, by slow-kill methods, even as we speak, by means of (a) fluoride poisoning of water supplies; (b) GMOs; (c) poisonous food additives like aspartame, MSG, etc.; (d) the legal drugging of the population, esp. the little school-kids, the (e) "chem-trail" poisoning of us and the ground-soil by means of metallic particulates, so small it goes through our lungs, straight into the blood-stream, the (f) radiation poisoning, by nukes and electro-magnetic too.

    Remember also, WE'RE NOT MASTERS OF OUR OWN FATE now--we need the top factions of ZOG to start fighting one another just to have hope of survival. Alexei is one of those who takes part of lower-level kikes against the top criminal class behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), along w. Ron & Rand Paul.

    Finally, I disagree w. u about the muds--they're not our people, but we must and should ALLY w. them in reasonable fashion in order to fight ZOG which thrives when the goyim are in-fighting. We must emulate St. Constantine the Great who united all the gentiles of the Roman empire against the Jews of his day.

    As long as the muds can handle and grasp racial exclusivity, there's no reason we can't work w. them on basis of separatism and nationalism--we gotta, anyway--in similar fashion as the Pauls and Alexei, though w. much more anti-semitism.

    The battle is Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), NOT white vs. non-white.

  3. "but we must and should ALLY w. them in reasonable fashion in order to fight ZOG which thrives when the goyim are in-fighting. We must emulate St. Constantine the Great who united all the gentiles of the Roman empire against the Jews of his day."

    I wish this had the possibility to happen but it won't, not ever. The best plan is to let the leaders of the different groups fight ZOG their way, which is sheer fantasy. Unity among gentiles of different races has never done much good, unless we go back 1,600 years to a plan shrouded in mystery and possibly a mere legendary fantasy.

    Let's take Mexicans, say the traitors get their way and allow the 11 million(more like 30 million conservatively) illegal aliens to take root, how many of them will take up the cause against ZOG? I say, zero. So, we further drown our own voices out because we cling to the fantasy of educating these ineducable big government loving welfare sponges; purposefully brought in to do just that, drown out the voices of the patriots.

    It's evil brilliance how ZOG has sold it to the stupid Americans too, using Christianity and egalitarianism to put this over on us collectively.

    So much for mestizos and their worth in the movement. As for Mexican "Americans" we can count on a mere handful to side with truth and reason so I see no point in reaching out to them, besides the Jews have been on top of doing just that for years unbeknownst to the stupid gentiles. Just search "Jewish/Hispanic Alliance" in any search engine and see what you find. Hispanics are the perfect slaves for Jews, the Jews gleefully boast about just this.

    Asians play for their own team if they play for any team at all. Most Asians live life as robotic automatons and I have yet to meet, or even hear about, an Asian who really understands or cares about Jews. Most Asians actually try to emulate the Jews. Long gone are the Asians with the memory or those who care and who hold grudges against the Jews for such things as the Opium Wars.

    Blacks are an interesting pit of vipers. Yes, there are blacks who despise Jews and understand them better than many whites. Still, the blacks are only interested in their own kind and if you think that they will help rid of us of our Jew problem without also going on to hack Whitey apart afterward, you are dreaming.

    Let's see who's left: Eskimos are worthless, Feather Indians are worthless, Dot Head Indians are worthless, and so are the rest, except for the hope in the Muslims, but Arabs are a special case and worth further examination.

    Muslims, like the blacks, have the possibility to fight against the Jews with us but let's just look over to Europe to how well that's been working out for us. I say, case closed on counting on Arabs to help our cause in any way.

    Not to say you are wrong in wanting to try seemingly worthwhile allegiances with other groups which theoretically should work, however, experiences have proven that none of those allegiance ever will; if anything those kind of allegiance will just speed up the doom the Jews have planned for us.

    As far as trying to educate them to turn them to the light, as I said, they are ineducable. Please do not climb into a pit of multicolored vipers and expect to come out with trained attack dogs.

    I understand the biblical references and that's the problem, so do the Jews. The Jews have been twisting the words of truth against us for centuries. As long as they flood us and overwhelm us with non-whites they can convince enough whites to believe that they need not worry about being flooded with non Jewish colored hordes and simply concentrate on Jews. The battle is against the Jews by themselves but thanks to their open border assault the battle is now on on two separate fronts, even if the origin of both problems comes from a single source: Jews.