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Saturday, April 20, 2013

What was actual purpose of the goon security w. tan pants & boots?--Notes on Boston Bombing "event"

Weak Pt. & Give-Away For All NWO Productions?–The Drill Cover; Other Notes On Boston Event

(Apollonian, 20 Apr 13)

At this pt. we KNOW now all NWO events are accompanied, necessarily, by DRILL. For by means of “drill,” even people who are not entirely, and only marginally, “in” on the farce and staged “event” are constrained to particular functions and actings (literally). So the “drill” configuration/meme was/is the first dead give-away to the Boston Marathon event.

Further, we see the drill was kept secret for some people, the morons at the top DENYING there was a drill immediately after the blow-up, the lower-level functionaries at the time not having gotten the memo, evidently, freely telling folks to “relax,” it was all just a drill.

Finally, there’s an important note to be made of the tell-tale “security” w. the head-phones, wearing the black back-packs, tan pants and boots, w. baseball caps, etc.–who were these goons and what exactly was their function?

Observe that practically the entire (Boston) event is staged act, there not having been a real lethal explosion, just a smoke-bomb producing enough smoke to allow the numerous actors and players to get into position, fall-down, and apply the gore, fake blood, and props, etc.

SOOOO, u see, there needed to be “security” there at the place, “pt. zero,” TO MAKE SURE ONLY THE PLAYERS AND ACTORS were present and properly in position–get it? So there was plain-clothes security among the actors and players, BUT then note also, there had to be the more conspicuous -type “security,” the guys in tan pants and boots, etc.–they were there to make sure no real public was present, ONLY the actors/players, again.

Regarding the two Chechnyan guys, one allegedly dead, the other now captured?–u can be sure they are also “in” on the farce to some degree. Note the Chechnyan people in general are heavily recruited and treated by the CIA to committing acts of real terror against the Russians and have been for many years now.

Keep up all ur great detective, analytic, and investigative work, fellow commando correspondents. All this tom-foolery and staged nonsense is going to come to screeching halt soon enough when US Dollar finally collapses, u may be sure–they (powers-that-be) don’t have much time left now.

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