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Monday, April 15, 2013

Money/Banking Issue Rests Upon Public Grasp for CONCRETE simplicity--keeping AWAY fm ABSTRACT mystification of the issue....

Greatest Problem For Rhetoric: Abstracts Vs. Concretes
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 13)

This is great expo by Prof. Woods (see I suspect the aim by these green-backers is to parasitize and hi-jack the end-the-Fed movement by the Ron Paul fans in order to pretend the answer is to just have the gov. issue the money--like the French Assignats and Confederate money--though they wouldn't dare mention these fiascoes and the horrific results.

To me, the way to handle the issue of money, esp. in ref. to the Fed, and including the "greenback" issue, is to simply note only gold/silver can be real money, as it's commodity, hence finite and limited in quantity, and cannot be COUNTERFEITED (too easily).

Problem is the money issue is now sooooo miserably ABSTRACTED, most people have difficulty bringing it down to simple, CONCRETE terms. Thus, I always make it pt. to say: paper money is COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple--and it doesn't matter who does it, gov., or private interests.

For when one uses word, COUNTERFEITING, people, even kidsoes, immediately understand.

Then the shills can and do bring-up the supposed problem that gold and silver lead to "shortage of money" which is easily handled by basic general principle of quantity going down ("deflation") only then raises the price--which is what happened during late 19th cent., I understand, GDP increasing significantly, even w. deflation.

This basic problem of communicating w. people by means of abstractions vs. concretes was and still is surely the greatest political problem. Keeping things concrete and at same time accurate is the great rhetorical art.


  1. I too am a big fan of brevity, so let's simplify your point to a fine point: it's the ***JEWS*** Counterfeiting is just an end product of having JEWS among us.


  2. Well, note the COUNTERFEITING is not really "end" -product--it's their basic MEANS.

    And don't forget the kikes' accomplices and henchmen, the "Judeo-Christian" hereticalist "Praetorian Guard," without whom kikes couldn't do nearly so much as they so successfully do.

    Finally, note also, the kikes' MENTALITY of lies and subjectivism by which TRUTH is perverted so crucially.

    We don't want to OVER-simplify, but rather must be incisive, accurate, and analytic for the essence of things.