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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's REAL enemy of NWO, presently?--"right-wing" or Inter-net?

Drama & War Against NWO: They Must Remove I-Net Next–Not Too Easy Thing
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 13)
Observe now the war we're presently fighting: 
(a) We KNOW who's the enemy--(a) w. all the power, means, motive, and opportunity as for the Boston Marathon bombing--the New World Order (NWO) behind the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam (which is their basic weapon/instrument).

(b) And we know they're behind all this "terror," they having left all the marks that IDs them.

(c) So they want to put into place their police-state against the people--ALL the people, never doubt.

(d) Thus they have to have a credible, substantial enemy--the "right-wing" as justification for dictatorship--will this work?

(e) And here then is the interesting observation: it (prospective dictatorship) certainly MIGHT work IF they could maintain at least a mediocre economy. After all, that's all the TV-addicted goons among the "masses" care about--bread and circuses, eh?

(f) But here's their tragedy, ho ho--US Dollar is about to collapse, causing horrific misery, poverty--for all people, and that's what's going to mess it all up for NWO, boo hoo hoo. When Dollar collapses, they won't be able to deficit-spend anymore, poor puke.

But NWO is not deterred: they have a "solution" for everything, and that's to get rid of the I-net, presently their worst enemy--that's what they've got to accomplish for the very next major step--can they do it? ho hoo ho. Drama is whether the puke (NWO) can do it all BEFORE Dollar collapses.

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