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Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's NOT NOT NOT "America first" at all--rather Israel-first--but Trump (and Jews) wants to pretend it's same thing, America = kikes....

Trump Continues Big Lies, Lying, Fakery--All For Israel And Jews
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 17)

Well folks, never forget and never doubt: EVERYTHING being done by US gov. is FOR JEWS, satanists, and Israel--it's NOT "America first" at all, not in the slightest, and this is the greatest, huge Big Lie, suckers (a).

(b) The other huge lie is "fake news"--which is mere cover for the afore-mentioned Big Lie about "America-first." For the fact is everything is for Israel (and Jews) first, u poor moronic goons.

Note we find-out now an FBI agent was indicted for lying and making false statements in the Lavoy Finicum murder of a yr and a half ago, which was presided over by the same criminal, James Comey. And there's lots of other strange activity continuing w. the ATF gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, the IRS tampering in the T-party tax-status, and now lately for the Obama-care funding which was mis-directed fm the housing bureaucracy, reported by Jerome Corsi and

And the ex-FBI director, Mueller, is still in place providing for the fake-investigation of Trump and Russia.

Note then, Ajax Jewns of continues to help fan the hysteria and diversion fm this Israel-first activity, same as Fox News.

So evidently the theme is being pushed that Israel = USA, and being Israel-first is same as "America-first." U notice the "UN representative" fm US, someone named Nicky Haley, the Hindu ex-gov. of S. Carolina, I understand, is pushing the lies about "chem-attacks" by Syria--these people (Jews in the Trump admin) are psychotic--WHO do these scum think they're fooling?

So here we all are wondering what these scummy kike-loving puke are getting ready to do--surely there are the usual false-flags coming up--they can't figure-out it's getting old and predictable. And it all centers on Israel, Israel the focus, for Israel must benefit--that's why they keep USA illegally fighting in Syria, Iran being steadily readied as the next to be victimized by Israel and Jews, Trump the willing henchman, hired for the purpose. Meantime, Jews keep making money on Wall St., the US Federal Reserve continuing to pumping-out that funny-money. And notice the supposed "fix" by Republicans for Obama-care is just the same old Insurance corp.-serving crap, meant to benefit the Insurance corp. monopoly.

So everything we see on TV and "news" is all for cognitive dissonance (confusion) and distraction, and when Syria gets boring, then Jews-media brings-up Ukraine or N. Korea. Jews stay floating on top long as they keep the goons and people distracted, and CNN and their "fake news" is the latest joke, travesty, and diversion played-up by the Jew suck-alongs, like Ajax Jewns and Mark Dice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bible is product of Holy Spirit, but it isn't God, and should be treated as literature and w. reason....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but so far not published, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...l-enemies.html

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Hoffman: Liar Who Lies, Like About The Bible
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 17)

Hoffman in an earlier blog article, 14 May, this yr, noted the "great divide" is btwn truth and lies, and that's why God gives humans reason so as to discern truth fm lies. Christ is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and thus we worship truth above all. For truth is dependent upon the God-given (objective) reality. Truth is NOT subjective, as satanists (who make themselves God) and Pharisees teach ("midrash"--in accord w. their satanic "Oral Law Tradition," see and

So lending at interest is simply a matter of rational analysis, but Hoffman wants to lie and say, "the Bible says so," regarding a so called "commandment" against such lending--which isn't contained in original Ten Commandments, and which isn't contained anywhere. Hoffman says "usury" is Biblically debarred, but if it is, there would have to be good reason for it. For "usury" couldn't merely be lending (real money) at interest in a real money system (without "legal tender" laws, for example, which requires people to accept "currency" in all buying and selling).

For again, the Bible teaches necessity of human reason, hence freedom, reason the only way to discern lies and truth. Hence if "usury" and lending at interest were wrong, there'd have to be reason for it. But Hoffman isn't aware of any reasoning regarding such "usury" or lending at interest, but he insists they're bad things as the Bible "says so," which Bible additionally enjoins us fm so behaving in such manner, according to Hoffman.

For Bible is mere literature, NOTHING more. People say Bible is God's word, but then so would any other book or written material be God's word. Bible surely is exalted literature and ought to be taken seriously, but to worship the Bible as Hoffman demands is idolatry, by definition, not to mention heresy, and just stupid lying.

So Hoffman needs to realize the Bible is only useful as it complements human reason and informs accordingly--as we see it does so often and upon so many subjects. And just because Hoffman insists the Bible says so upon some subject-matter doesn't mean it's true. Hoffman is just pathetically confused--on lots of things, like "usury" and lending at interest, but also regarding the Bible and why and how it's so valuable to humanity.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our hero and saint, unc' Adolf (Hitler), within context of large hist. and sociologic trends, CYCLIC "Decline of West," by Spengler....

Context Of Hitler Within Large Scheme Of History, Sociology
(Apollonian, 10 Jun 17)

Thus to see the great heroism of our saint, Adolf Hitler, we need merely place him most accurately within proper historic and sociologic context. Consistent then w. objective reality and determinist cause-effect, we observe the CYCLIC nature of things in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West." And observe Spengler wrote his great work during the first world war (WWI), a hundred yrs ago.

So first we note the CYCLIC waves of "Enlightenment" and following late modern period fm French Rev., and we see at least two or three large trends: (a) the rise of the Rothschild central banking empire (the criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting; see for expo on central-banking), with serious, even monumental effects and implications for USA throughout its history, and (b) the continuing rise of the middle-class, but now additionally the new moralistic culture and psychology of Immanuel Kant, featuring the hubristic and subjectivist ethics of "good-evil" and altruist self-sacrifice, leading ineluctably to Marxian socialism/communism (bolshevism) as political expression.

(c) Thus, especially in USA and England (UK), the great economic machine, guided by middle-class culture and remnant Christianity, continued to generate an incredible force and productivity which grew even despite in USA the outbreak of horrendous war btwn the states of the 1860s, north and south, the northern section enabled to decisively and ruthlessly conquering the south, and doing this while the economy barely suffered, the north simply continuing along, pacifying the western parts of the continent and expanding even further fm there in 19th cent. to 20th, to world empire, beginning in Hawaii and Philippines, for examples.

Meantime we see (historically) dear unc. Adolf (Hitler) growing-up in the middle-class German culture, but having to work on his own then, among the working-class, after his parents died when he was still quite young, thereupon after the outbreak of WWI becoming a hardened veteran soldier and later political leader by his thirtieth yr., after his country found itself the loser of the first world war.

The second world war (WWII) must be seen as mere continuation of the first as it was designed to be, the satanic objects being (a) world-"government" dictatorship by means of the League of Nations (1919), later the United Nations (UN), during and after WWII; (b) the taking of Palestine fm Ottomans and Arabs, and (c) the establishment of Bolshevik Russia, the specific template/model for eventual world dictatorship begun officially by League of Nations (see "Shadows of Power," by Perloff).

Thus Hitler and the Germans faced-off against the satanist-bolshevik power, the Germans to be attacked once again, the people of the West rather blind-sided by infernal perfidy of the satanist Anglo-American leadership led by Jew bankers, the pure criminal and satanic nature of central-banking not yet understood by the people, yet the tremendous economic power unleashed fm the former enlightenment, rationalist, middle-class culture continuing for impetus, all of these factors feeding the horrific HUBRIS of that very same middle class and Western culture, now in Spenglerian "decline."

But again, note though the Western middle-class culture was surely in "decline," yet the economy, just as after 1860s war btwn states in USA, continued in strongest health and vitality, even though it would be doomed to increasing and eventual bureaucratic encumberment soon enough, as we see today.

Here in USA of the second decade of 21st cent., we are watching the twilight of American post-WWII boom-times and economic "prosperity," such as it was. US Dollar as world reserve currency is about to decisively vanish, perhaps never to return, and the poor fools of the population, distracted by the Jew-tube (TV), among sundry other diversions, hardly realize the disaster as it arises all about them.

Such then were and are the horrendous and tragic circumstances of Spenglerian "decline" which afforded the satanic treachery which suddenly confronted Hitler and the Christian people of the West. The Germans never really had much of a fighting chance during the wars, the satanists having worked so sublimely to rig things in favor of bolshevism, criminal monopolism, and world government dictatorship, as we see presently, the people doomed to "population-reduction" and genocide, according to Agenda-21 and -30 addendum.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hitler: dear unc' Adolf, evermore the hero, as we observe continuing rise of satanism, rule of Jew filth....

Hitler, The Hero; Lincoln The Real Demon Within Cultural Setting Of Ever-Rising satanism
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 17)

I'm now in process of reading, "Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939," by Volker Ullrich, the latest "definitive" biography (defamation in svc to Jews); it's 758 pages, so it'll take a little time yet to finishing it, but already I see Ullrich quotes Hermann Rauschning, the fraud, who wrote the hoax, "Voice of Destruction," also titled "Hitler Speaks," though he acknowledges problems w. Rauschning also brought up by Kershaw (another, slightly earlier biographer of unc' Adolf who first published in the 1990s).

But great and most notable thing about Hitler, no matter what else, is he fought the satanic (hence Jew) power to the best and fullest of his ability, and he made use of the great strength of determinist metaphysics (absolute cause-effect) for his racialism, flawed though the rest of his cultural-political-economic effort may have been. Hence Hitler is presently and naturally defamed and demonized most intensively by satanists, specifically, Jews, Jews the leaders, most organized and "successful" of satanists (see,, and for expo on Jew, Talmudic "religion").

A good and useful contrast for Hitler, Hitler great victim of Jew/satanic defamation, is the 16th American President, Lincoln, so much lionized by Jews/satanists, Lincoln truly the real mass-murderer, definitive destroyer of American freedom and constitutionalism.

Thus we observe now, in the great historical CYCLE, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," satanism (extreme subjectivism) has become so popular and entrenched within the corrupt culture in "decline," as it has, the phony currency, in place of real money (see for expo on central-banking) continuing to holding-out, the stupid, corrupt, and hubristic people continuing, so far, to accept such currency in place of real money, commodity-based, gold and silver.

How does satanism prevail, succeed, and prosper as we see it has?--the HUBRIS (increasing subjectivism and especially moralism) and cultural corruption of the over-populated masses of descendent generations who merely now continue to parasitically subsist upon achievement of original, founding, conquering, and producing generations, who made USA, now become corrupt Jew S A, the great economic power it was, though not much anymore.

For note subjectivism at root, is idea that reality is mere construct or product of consciousness which reality doesn't otherwise exist on its own (objectivity). Satanism then is the more extreme subjectivistic idea that one, by means of consciousness, is the God-like creator of any "reality," such as it's contrived by consciousness. Note subjectivism often leads to psychosis, but in a collectivistic form, as with Jews, for example, it can be quite effective in way of group-think for attainment of particular ends.

That original and monumental economic productivity of original USA has now been practically entirely squeezed out along w. rule-of-law and constitutional respect for natural law and rights of the individual, Jew S A now mere fascistic, mass-murdering enforcer for Jew and satanic world order and Israel.

Thus Hitler sought to rally and restore Germany and Christian West against the Jew and satanic world order dictatorship and came so close to success, Jews want to make sure they've definitively defamed Hitler in the minds of people so that no more threat to their infernal and satanic hegemony can ever again arise. But the Jew effort is in most pathetic vanity, surely, Hitler only a single element by himself, but also along w. significant others, like the real Christianity, standing against Jews and satanists, yet Hitler standing by himself so well.

Thus Jews have so pathetically staked their survival and continuing dominance to the huge lies they tell about holohoax (see,, and, for example, which they strive to make a kind of secular religion, disallowing free speech, discussion, and inquiry. But the free society and especially free Internet has not served them, people evermore aware of Jew crimes, lies, mass-murders, and psychopathology--Jews only benefit as so many gentiles aren't aware of who they are, esp. in history, and what they do and believe (Talmudic satanism).

Thus the great saga of Adolf Hitler and world wars of the twentieth century serve as such problematic mystery and preceding culmination of world history, people striving and struggling to make sense of it all, both for large principles along w. the innumerable details. Slowly but steadily people see how Jews, their fascist suck-alongs and toadies who serve them, and the lies and lying done by Jews and satanists work, the heroic and saintly figure of Hitler weathering all the Jew slanders and slurs, Hitler the great and noble lightening-rod, defying satanic lies, liars, and Jew monsters.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jew/satanist main, immediate goal is REMOVAL OF FREE I-NET, fools--try to get a clue....

Trump's Big-Lie: That He's For "America First" When He's For Israel First
(Apollonian, 2 Jun 17)

Well, we have the "good-guys vs. bad-guys" for many if not most of the people, at least involving significant minorities--the "in" people who are "hip." They are the "leftist" "globalists" (according to Ajax Jewns of who are "anti-racist," the "antifas" who hate hatred (a). See (b) And the other side is Trump and his people who are for Israel first, the biggest big-lie Trump pushes--pretending to "America first"--which is "racist" according to the "Prophets of Rage" (see aforementioned vid).

So Trump and Ajax push the subtle equation of Israel w. America, appealing to the significant Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) constituency--which conflates Judaism w. Christianity which are necessarily opposites.

So u have the battle btwn subtleties, conflation of America and Israel and Judaism w. Christianity (a) vs. (b) the equation of racism w. bad or "evil," and hence mixed-race racism as "good"--I hope this isn't too subtle for people, though I guess it is.

So what's the pt. then?--well, it's designed for cognitive dissonance and confusion of the people, because never doubt or forget, Trump's foremost mission and purpose is to back Israel, hence ISIS, though he lies and says he's against this "terrorism."

And that's the other big lie--about "terror," which is totally a product of CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, and their satellites, Saudi and Paki. Notice the lies on top of lies, on top of lies and lying--typical Jews, whom Trump works for, never doubt.

And goal is removal of free Internet which will come about by means of civil strife btwn these elements, the "left" and "antifas" on the one hand, and the Ajax constituency, "Christian" is general style, but actually the same old JCs who were suckered by G. W. Bush, if u remember, and his daddio before that, fm 1988 campaign.

And remember, G. Soros is old collaborator w. mafia-don, Trump, so the antifas and leftists will continue to prosper, committing acts of violence and getting-away w. it all, the larger, slower-witted Christians being the victims. And Trump will then declare martial law completing the ruin of the free I-net--THIS IS THE PLAN.

But, as usual, it will be Jews and Israel that will benefit, along w. SATANISM--which Trump will play stupid about, pretending he doesn't know what's going on (regarding satanism, which is extreme subjectivism, making oneself God).

Meantime we're headed for economic and currency collapse, but through it all, and no matter who suffers, Israel and Jews will benefit and prosper, as always--we still have tooooo many stupid people for whom all this brainless stupidity, "good" Jews, vs. "bad" Jews, "left vs. right," is such entertainment.