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Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's NOT NOT NOT "America first" at all--rather Israel-first--but Trump (and Jews) wants to pretend it's same thing, America = kikes....

Trump Continues Big Lies, Lying, Fakery--All For Israel And Jews
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 17)

Well folks, never forget and never doubt: EVERYTHING being done by US gov. is FOR JEWS, satanists, and Israel--it's NOT "America first" at all, not in the slightest, and this is the greatest, huge Big Lie, suckers (a).

(b) The other huge lie is "fake news"--which is mere cover for the afore-mentioned Big Lie about "America-first." For the fact is everything is for Israel (and Jews) first, u poor moronic goons.

Note we find-out now an FBI agent was indicted for lying and making false statements in the Lavoy Finicum murder of a yr and a half ago, which was presided over by the same criminal, James Comey. And there's lots of other strange activity continuing w. the ATF gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, the IRS tampering in the T-party tax-status, and now lately for the Obama-care funding which was mis-directed fm the housing bureaucracy, reported by Jerome Corsi and

And the ex-FBI director, Mueller, is still in place providing for the fake-investigation of Trump and Russia.

Note then, Ajax Jewns of continues to help fan the hysteria and diversion fm this Israel-first activity, same as Fox News.

So evidently the theme is being pushed that Israel = USA, and being Israel-first is same as "America-first." U notice the "UN representative" fm US, someone named Nicky Haley, the Hindu ex-gov. of S. Carolina, I understand, is pushing the lies about "chem-attacks" by Syria--these people (Jews in the Trump admin) are psychotic--WHO do these scum think they're fooling?

So here we all are wondering what these scummy kike-loving puke are getting ready to do--surely there are the usual false-flags coming up--they can't figure-out it's getting old and predictable. And it all centers on Israel, Israel the focus, for Israel must benefit--that's why they keep USA illegally fighting in Syria, Iran being steadily readied as the next to be victimized by Israel and Jews, Trump the willing henchman, hired for the purpose. Meantime, Jews keep making money on Wall St., the US Federal Reserve continuing to pumping-out that funny-money. And notice the supposed "fix" by Republicans for Obama-care is just the same old Insurance corp.-serving crap, meant to benefit the Insurance corp. monopoly.

So everything we see on TV and "news" is all for cognitive dissonance (confusion) and distraction, and when Syria gets boring, then Jews-media brings-up Ukraine or N. Korea. Jews stay floating on top long as they keep the goons and people distracted, and CNN and their "fake news" is the latest joke, travesty, and diversion played-up by the Jew suck-alongs, like Ajax Jewns and Mark Dice.

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