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Sunday, October 22, 2017

There seems to be something "up" w. the top Jew powers, the "zionists" having double-crossed Bill and hitlery in super, major way--question is what is Trump to do for them (zionists)?....

Zionists Dealt Heavy Blow Against Bill And Hitlery, But What Did They Get From Trump?
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 17)

The ENORMITY of the scandal and treason may escape someone--certainly has the liberal news-media--which means the entire Jews-media aside fm the I-net. After all, Russia needs uranium--why?--to make weapons in order to threaten USA and allies, right? So heck, we should surely sell it to them, for otherwise how would they be able to threaten us w. millions in potential casualties? And after all, they're our precious enemy, aren't they? See

And then there's OBVIOUS bribery of paying 145 million to the Clinton Foundation, Bill able to double his "speaking fee" to half a million--good sort of work if u can get it.

Then, there are all the other scandals, esp. involving Clinton e-mails, not to mention the IRS, and the selling arms to the drug cartels, ObamaCare mis-appropriation of funds, etc.

And note, Clintons, Obama, et al., did all this presuming Clinton would win the "election," right?--they knew it, and they knew they had it in the bag--THAT'S why they went along w. all this treason, corruption, blatant bribery and criminality.

But THEN, something happened, right?--a slight, little thing like--they failed to win the election, tsk, tsk. And now they're exposed HUGELY--"bigly," golly gee. What happened?

Well the Jew powers at the top (the central-bank--see for expo) who run things and arrange and rig things (like elections) pulled a slight, little surprise, didn't they?--and they either rigged the election the other way, or maybe they just un-rigged it--doesn't matter, but the effect was the same--Trump got elected. After all, Trump may very well be Jew--see

But don't doubt, they got something fm Trump--what could it have been?--probably had something to do w. a hit on Iran, right? After all, it's Israel first, far as Trump is concerned--see Doubt Israel lead Jew S A by the nose? And don't forget, Israel gets all the NSA (nat. security) raw data, first thing--Israel is the boss--they did 9/11 w. willing help fm CIA.

I wonder what happened at Las Vegas shootings on first of this month?--see So now the false-flags and terror-hoaxes are a little exposed, eh?

Seems like there's something of a war going-on btwn the top powers of the deep-state, the "globalists" on the "left" vs. the Israel-first, "Zionists" on the right, eh?

I only wonder WHAT they were thinking about Las Vegas?--imagine the tremendous COMPLEXITY of everything that happened there?--HOW did they think they were going to succeed, with all the skeptics, not to mention debunkers, seasoned and expectant of yet another one?

So the very top powers that be, CFR, Tri-Lateralists, and Bilderbergers, seem to be quite a bit in dis-array versus the Zionists who messed-up the election--that's for sure, given the tremendous compromising of satanic agents, Bill and hitlery. "Globalist-leftists" seem to be very angry at the Zionists--which they mainly take-out on Trump.

Bill and hitlery have been dealt huge and heavy blow--but again, the serious and significant thing is WHAT are they (the Zionists, evidently, who did it against Bill and hitlery) planning w. Trump--a hit on Iran, but is that all?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Hoffman, pathetic and deranged, cannot refrain fm lying in his miserable manner, so desperate, so satanically obsessed he is w. virtue-signaling and Pelagian heresy....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...c-law-not.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hoffman's Pathetic Lying Has Destroyed His Reputation--Deservedly
(Apollonian, 20 Oct 17)

Hoffman: aside fm Pelagian heresy and playing "mighty-white," pretending no one can criticize Jews but u and only w. ur approval, u like to lie, don't u?

Above, u assert a "Biblical ban on renting money (usury)..."; this is a lie, and u give no reference. Further, there's no definition in any Biblic reference for "usury," which most probably actually refers to central-banking and issuance of currency, not to real money or the loaning of such. The only Biblic statements are against "usury," which then u falsely insist refers to loaning of real (commodity-based) money.

And we know there couldn't be a ban on mere loaning of real money as there's no reason for any such ban on loaning of real money. Bible only denounces "usury," which again, most probably refers to central-banking and issuance of currency--which genuinely does deserve Godly denunciation as it's literally legalized counterfeiting and criminal enterprise; see for expo.

This lying of urs regarding "Biblic ban" on loaning of real money is direct result and consequence of ur desperate, satanic obsession for pretending to "moral" virtue, Pelagian heresy, and virtue-signaling. And the result of ur Pelagian heresy is the ruin and dis-crediting of ur status as reputable researcher and scholar. U have destroyed urself, and only u are to blame.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
To David
When we reinstate the Biblical ban on renting money (Usury) the Money Power will no longer be supreme.
5:53 AM

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Isn't it simply OBVIOUS that Talmudism prevails and dominates as Christian West degenerates and accepts Talmudic/satanic premises of subjectivism and moralism?....

Below-copied essay first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...c-law-not.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Talmudism/Subjectivism Prevails And Dominates In Hubris And "Western Decline"
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 17)

Well Hoffman: the obvious pt. to my original essay, above (see, is Talmudism = subjectivism, and this subjectivism is given pretext by the hubris of Pharisaism, fallacious moralism of non-existent and hereticalist "good-evil," Pelagianism, according to St. Augustine. There's no "free" will for the human to ever not be a sinner. Humans are doomed to sin and must depend upon God's grace and mercy.

So the pt., once again, is Talmudism (subjectivism) prevails and rules to extent the gentiles and Christians ACCEPT the Talmudic PREMISES of subjectivism, which is to say, specifically, Pelagian heresy, the fallacious moralism of "good-evil" in the obsession for virtue-signaling as we see in this day--ESPECIALLY in the matter of "racism" which the Talmudists and partisans of George Soros use to CENSOR and suppress free speech and expression, making use of MONOPOLIES which get tax-payer -provided subsidies and favorable regulation, like the various present platforms, including YouTube and Google.

Charles Martel merely begs question as to WHAT is Christianity, which is worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44). Christ clearly rejected and repudiated Jew/Pharisaic subjectivism and "midrash" (interpretation) in Gosp.s MARK ch. 7, and MATT ch 15.

Thus the Christian society, at first so firm in respect for principle, Christian truth (hence objectivity) above all, gradually gives way in CYCLIC manner of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the corrupt, "prosperous," degenerate people evermore given to hubris of "good-evil" and virtue-signaling as we see promoted so heavily in the idiot-factories of public "education." Thus the Jews, for example, were given their foot-hold in Palestine as direct object and result of first world war--HOW did that happen that Jews became so immensely powerful and influential?

For meantime, the people of the West were persuaded that "currency" should be substituted for real money, commodity-based, like gold/silver--which allows the criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting (the central-bank), the continuing issuance of currency devaluating the currency units already in circulation, the people defrauded and despoiled. Thus the Talmudic monopolists and criminals are empowered and enabled to eventual extermination of the gentile people, as we see by means of Agenda-21 and -30 "population-reduction" policies--and Palestine and its people are ignored and "disappeared."

So I consider my arguments in first essay, above, abstract as they seem, to be actually quite well demonstrated in reality and history, and indeed, also in the scripture too.

-------------------------------above essay by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

Charles Martel said...
apsterian said "... the necessary pretext to subjectivism (hence Talmudism/Judaism) is MORALISM, the fallacious and hereticalist idea of "good-evil," which doesn't exist in a God-given world of strict determinism and absolute cause-effect, the only will being God's will, there being no possible human "free"-will, humans being sinners, incapable of "good" which doesn't exist, there being no possible or conceivable premise/criterion, known to Christianity and St. Augustine as Pelagian heresy, equating to Pharisaism."

That is the view of a Calvinist, i.e. not a Christian.
5:01 AM

Michael Hoffman said...
It would be great if we would confine our comments to the topic of the column: the ramifications of the revelation of the Talmudic laws cited, their impact on the Sharia debate and on the conservative family values, and Constitutional patriot, movements, as well as the Catholic neocons and Protestant fundamentalists who have been misdirected away from the influence of rabbinic halacha by the Sharia hysteria.

Why do online comments so often veer off-topic and become an opportunity to debate issues that are not germane to the subject at hand?

Whether Calvinism is Christian or not has very little (if any) relevance to the question of the dominance of Talmudic law over America. Those who wish to reignite the fratricidal Protestant-Catholic wars of religion should do so in some forum other than the comments section of this Talmud/Sharia exposé.
6:45 AM

Monday, October 16, 2017

Jew world order (JWO) makes its satanic presence known and blatant, pushing contempt in face of gentile goons, morons, suckers, fools, and over-populated masses....

Satanic Deep-State Makes Itself Evermore Apparent For Las Vegas False-Flag Event
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 17)

Jew world order (JWO) makes itself evermore prominent, obvious, blatant, and apparent as it contemptuously exerts its force and will. I give u for decisive, conclusive proof, esp. in way JWO pushes it in ur face for this crisis-actor, purest Jew--who went by name of "Alex Israel" in the sandy hoax of Dec., 2012.

So now we see the genesis of the Las Vegas shootings of over two weeks ago, presently steadily fading in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, if u've noticed. Soon enough there will be further incidents, false-flags, and hoaxes, and note who else is in midst of it all pushing the JWO narrative, but Ajax Jewns of Ajax, to his credit, does pt. out some of the blatant anomalies of the Las Vegas event, but fails for the proper analysis and simplest observation of presence of crisis-actors.

But what surely amazes the dedicated observer/analyst is the salient fact that JWO is pushing this crisis-actor and acting in everyone's face, not caring that so many observe and take note. For JWO KNOWS these observers are small minority, and they don't care--they have a horrifying plan, obviously. So purpose is to generally TERRORIZE the people w. idea of these false-flags (a), and (b) to use the terror as excuse for evermore police-state, but specifically, for ever-increasing CENSORSHIP on Jew-tube and the other "social-media."

For simple, evermore obvious JWO plan is to continue the series of false-flags leading to a more decisive war, for example, against Iran, as we see, neo-cons and deep-state driving relentlessly, single-mindedly, megalomaniacally, Ajax Jews integral, knowing, consenting part to it all.

Seems obvious to me now that Las Vegas was originally meant to be staged ISIS event, but then there arose problem for HOW such (totally phony and staged) ISIS terrorism could have actually been carried-out, requiring the collusion of inept local police and FBI. Regardless, it all obviously turned into a disaster, the morons looking like "Keystone Kops."

Pt. now is we see "Deep-state" conclusively in control, dictating to Trump, along w. Ajax Jewns--and it all falls into the predictable pattern, the central-bank master-structure continuing to COMMAND the empire. People MUST begin to WAKING-UP, taking note of simple observations. Only interesting thing is (a) will Jew-tube take-down the vid noted at beginning top of this article here?--or (b) will they leave it up as a satanic gesture of contempt and hubristic mockery of the people?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's now evermore plain--it's deep state, not only against Trump, but against USA and the people, and Ajax Jones (InfoWars) works for them, defending Jews, always....

The Horrific Dis-Info Agent Ajax Jones (InfoWars), Plainly Now Working For Deep State
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 17)

Folks, u KNEW Ajax Jones (InfoWars) was and had been recruited by "deep-state" Jew world order (JWO) when noneother than hitlery Clinton mentioned his name, famously, during the 2016 Presidential campaign. For Clinton's mentioning is classic and well-known PUFF puffery, obviously designed to play-up and advertise someone--and now we see why and how. For Jones' purpose is to puff Trump who works for Israel, who are aiming at striking Iran, an obvious primary objective. The other objective is to promote race-war and civil war, Jones doing the typical anti-Muslim bit, covering for the Jews, for his idiot, psychotic ranting, yelling, and raving sooooo self-righteously, always pushing Pharisaic, Jew-friendly "good-evil."

Meantime, Jones says NOTHING about the Cliven Bundy persecution going on in state of Nevada, covering for Trump and Sessions who all take instructions fm the deep-state, including about the heroic Bundys.

And what's the very worst, most TREACHEROUS thing about this filthy Jew-suck-along scum, Ajax Jones?--he protests he's such a hero fighting for patriotism as he leaves-out the Bundys, never saying a single, solitary word on the subject.

And note Jones pushes all the same false-flags and hoaxes that the deep-state and Jew world order push, including now 9/11 which for Jones has gone down the proverbial "memory-hole."

And we note nothing is being done for prosecution of hitlery treason and gross criminality, nothing being done about the Obama wire-tapping which even Trump himself admits was done against him, nothing about the IRS scandal involving Lois Lerner, the Trump Justice dept. refusing to cooperate in handing over documents as requested by such as Judicial Watch.

And meantime we observe the on-going censorship prosecuted by the tax-payer subsidized monopolies, Google, YouTube, and Facebook, not to mention Twitter. Trump is duly following instructions obviously given to him by JWO deep-state, and that's why JWO has ex FBI head, Mueller riding herd on Trump, threatening to indict Trump's people and Trump himself--which Trump has dutifully allowed as he's no doubt quite compromised in his manner, one way or another--the only way he'd have been allowed to run for presidency in first place.

Note: Mueller rides herd on Trump for sake of utterly compromised and totally dependent leftists and establishment Democrats who otherwise would all be sitting in jail awaiting trials and executions for treason--they're actually lucky Trump is in there controlled and manipulated by "deep state."

Nothing is going to save USA but for a grass-roots movement against the obvious Satanism, hence against Jews and Israel, but there's still tooo many stupid people who'd prefer to watching TV and stupid football games as USA, now Jew S A, hurtles towards catastrophe.

What then is the ultimate purpose of Ajax Jewns?--to pretend it's still left vs. right, that there are "good" Jews, and to cover for the deep state consisting of Jews working the central-bank.

Friday, September 15, 2017

"White-Supremacy": another Jew-serving buzz-phrase, invoking Jewwy weapon, moralism....

"White-Supremacy"?--What Exactly Is It Supposed To Mean?--Just Another Jewwy Buzz-Phrase
(Apollonian, 15 Sep 17)

So WHAT is "white-supremacy"?--ho ho ho ho ho ho Are u a "white-supremacist"? Why wouldn't white folks want this white-supremacy? So do white folks think white is "supreme"?--but, "supreme" in what?--everything? Thus Jews and their satanist buddies seem to pretend there's something wrong w. "white-supremacy"--like there's something wrong w. "racism," this racism being something pretended to be wrong or bad or evil or immoral, etc. And of course, whites are supposed to deny being racists, being loyal to their people, and to deny advocacy of "white-supremacy"--whatever that's supposed to mean.

So does "white-supremacy" refer to something metaphysical?--like, do whites live longer, or jump higher, or something metaphysical like that? We know Jew filth are "smart," right? So how could whites be "supreme" if kikes are soooo "smart"? Does God like white folks more than anyone else?--is that what's meant by "white-supremacy"?

Or is it POLITICAL "supremacy" which is meant?--and what actually would be wrong w. that? But after all, a real equality would be good enough--"supremacy" might have problems attached--like if there was a hierarchy of such "supremacy," including something like an aristocracy.

And shouldn't whites be satisfied w. being white?--is that "supremacy"?

So u see "white-supremacy" is quite questionable notion, rather lacking for specific meaning, and it's just another buzz-phrase put-out by kike filth who, as always, want to keep the races fighting one-another, pretending such "white-supremacy" is somehow wrong or bad, etc.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

What is the bait for satanism?--none other than non-existent "good," believe it or not....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Worst Enemy Of Truth (= Christ) Is "Good"
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 17)

Brian: I sympathize w. u (see below), but u've got to be more adult and grown-up, rather than keeping it at the kid's mentality. CHRIST IS TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and truth is Christ, and only way to the Father is through truth (the "son"). Christians worship truth truth truth truth--get the picture? And HOW can u have any such thing as "truth" without the God-given OBJECTIVE REALITY as the basis/foundation of such truth?

And satanism is idea of the SUBJECTIVIST reality whence the subject is God the creator, all reality created by consciousness/mentality, this then being the foundation of satanic lies and lying (JOHN 8:44). Thus satanists assure whoever that their contrivances are as good as "truth" or any reality--and the satanist is psychotic enough to believe this.

And here's the next, crucial step. Some of these satanists ORGANIZE AND COLLECTIVIZE and contrive further a most effective and practical "GROUP-THINK," upon which they can profitably co-operate, working against the rest of the individuals of the society. These organized satanists soon enough become most powerful, especially when they contrive a practical weapon/instrument consisting of "central-banking" (see for expo), by which they replace real (commodity-based) MONEY w. CURRENCY, this currency now capable of being massively, nearly infinitely replicated for the units, known then as "INFLATION," by which they impoverish and despoil the rest of the citizenry who are required by such as "legal-tender" laws to accept this corrupt currency for payments for goods and svcs.

Such then is the nature of satanism which begins rather randomly, but soon enough becomes ORGANIZED, and proceeds to dominates the society--as we see. People nowadays must most crucially realize (a) this organized satanism is now all-powerful, and (b) that it's really simple for its root essence--extreme SUBJECTIVISM--denying the objective reality and idea of TRUTH (= Christ).

But now here's the hard part: HOW does one become attracted to this satanism/subjectivism in the first place?--by means of that hubristic pretension, insistence, obsession w. "good," distinct fm "evil"--FOR THERE IS NO "GOOD-EVIL," this being mere contrivance for purpose of intimidating obedience fm the very young, and then indoctrinating these poor victims w. a tradition of obedience for mere sake of obedience.

Thus Christ emphasizes there is no "good-evil," that EVERYONE is a sinner, and that ONLY way to salvation is by means of God's grace and mercy. Worst enemy of TRUTH (= Christ) is pretended "good"--which doesn't exist. For no one is perfect in eyes of the Lord, "no not one," says St. Paul.

-----------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------

Brian Heinz | August 25, 2017 at 12:48 pm |
We have been given a stay for 4 yrs at the moment if this country does not turn back to God and leave satan behind I am afraid we will not know this as America any more.