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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Get ready for huge "terror events" w. traitor Trump, suck-along, flunky for Israel, moving embassy to Jerusalem....

Trump's Treason: Moving Embassy To Jerusalem, Start Of Huge War, Terrorism, Hit On Iran
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 17)

It never, ever was really "America first"--it is all Israel, all for Israel--that's what's behind Trump and the announced move of American Embassy now to Jerusalem, just a ratification of the inexorable Jew take-over of Palestine, the purpose being WAR, especially a big hit against Iran. But there's more.

Perhaps most of all, it (the war and Jerusalem gambit) will allow martial-law and the removal of the free internet as more than anything else, the free I-net and truthful information is fatal to Jews and Israel.

So now w. the American move to Jerusalem, the "terror incidents" that will ensue will be all done by Israel, Saudi, and US, and will be blamed on Iran, and the turmoil even here in USA, now the Jew S A, will lead to martial-law and removal of the worst enemy of Jews and Israel, the free I-net. Such is the obvious plan now made clear by Trump's announcement on the embassy move.

So we see it took a year to set-up, the move to Jerusalem, just like it took Bush administration about nine months to set-up for 9/11, but here we go--also just in time to preclude and accompany the huge economic disaster that's on-going, the decisive down-turn and crash of American "prosperity" imminent.

And now we know what Trump meant when he talked about the "calm before the storm"--it was all planned, all the way, for yrs and yrs now. And isn't it telling Trump is such good buddies w. Giuliani, the Mayor of NY during 9/11?--they're all in on it--including that fat-head, yankee hill-billy, Ajax Jewns of, just another shill, as we see.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Good"?--it doesn't exist, snow-flake, and it's NEVER been proven or demonstrated, never will be....

"Good": Non-Existent, And Worst Enemy Of TRUTH
(Apollonian, 3 Dec 17)

Human beings are such stupid, scummy, stinking, filthy puke, so given to HUBRIS (the idea humans can create reality, as by means of perfectly "free" will), it's a wonder they can survive, and they'll NEVER be happy, though it does seem possible to be fairly satisfied. Wisdom is surely the one thing humans never learn except by means of the "hard-way."

So what's a neat way to rule humans, taking advantage of their stupidity?--teach them HUBRIS, that it's "good" or advantageous to be hubristic and then try to take advantage of that--even though this also is doomed to failure and likely disappointment.

To a significant extent, this hubris is partially taught to many people when they're young, in way of "good" and "bad" (or "evil"), and it's often effective as the young accept it so easily. Thus "good" becomes the false-God so many are persuaded to pursue, and the problem is there is no such thing (simply try to prove a criterion for such "good"--it's impossible), but most people never can figure it out, and they incessantly and obsessively continue to pursuing it, time after time, failure after failure.

And as stupid humanity continues to pursue this false God (of "good"), they're persuaded the reason they never can attain and achieve this "good" and the "good society" is various excuses, but they're always synonymous with "bad" and "evil," and since these don't exist they simply take evermore different forms which always mystifies and fascinates the masses of stupid people.

So however it is people continue to be confused, through it all, the one thing the satanists (extreme subjectivists) pursue is that instrument of power by which they maintain their mastery, rulership and hold upon political power, and that's the CENTRAL-BANK instrument/mechanism (legalized counterfeiting--see for expo) by which they own and control everything, especially such as the mass-media and "education" by which they push their lies and lying. Thus the central-bank is always held to be that indispensable instrument which achieves "good" for the stupid people--or would if it weren't for "evil" people who are always "gumming-up the works," according to the propaganda.

Thus humanity is always struggling in the mystic pursuit of non-existent "good," and they're deliberately led in this fruitless pursuit of the non-existent, mythical "good" by the satanists who are always sure and dedicated to the mystification and confusion of the people, the satanists always lying, but doing so in clever and sufficient manner for keeping the stupid people mystified and confused, never informed.

The analysis of this lie regarding non-existent "good-evil" could go further, but it's best to keeping things simple. But the "good-evil" delusion is founded upon a further delusion regarding human "free" will, which human will is not perfectly "free," humans being sinners, slaves of their will, hence self-interest. Regardless, it's enough to note and conclude at this pt. to the horrific consequences of human delusion and esp. the delusions regarding non-existent "free" will and "good," worst enemies of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Newsflash: hatred is something that's deserved, earned, and justified; real question/issue is WHAT was cause?....

Below essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...sive-than.html

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Isn't Hatred Natural Effect And Consequence?--Isn't It Often Just And Deserved?
(Apollonian, 30 Nov 17)

Who cares about Jews?--isn't that question properly up to Jews? And if Jews wanted humanity to not hate Jews w. a special sort of anti-semitic hatred, wouldn't it require Jews to examine or re-examine their own hatred of gentiles?

My question is, what about humanity?--that's who I care about. Isn't hatred/repulsion then just a negative kind of emotion, the reciprocal of love/attraction?--and isn't it something that naturally happens as result of prior conditions? So the question rather regards prior conditions, including treatment given to humanity by Jews, hatred mere result and effect of natural justice.

So my observation in case of Israel and Jews, for example, stealing the land of Palestine fm the rightful owners, including the incessant murders of Palestinians through the years, is just one of those natural circumstances which causes hatred of Jews.

Jews insist on keeping the stolen land, so the murder of Palestinians becomes just a ritual thing incident to that stealing of the land which Jews want to make and keep an institution--they go together, quite naturally. Ritual murder is incident to Jews' hatred of humanity.

Thus hatred of Jews is natural consequence, and indeed, all history reflects this attitude of all humankind of all races towards Jews who have been expelled fm practically every country on earth--there's natural reason for this hatred, and it has to do w. Jews' war against God, truth, and human-kind which gives natural rise to this anti-semitism.

And of course, Jews blame this natural hatred and anti-Semitism upon God, reality, and humanity--it's all their fault. So the real problem goes beyond mere "hatred"--it has to do w. cause-effect, reason, justice, and the way the world works which Jews REFUSE to accept.

For the world is objective, God-given, according to Christ and Christian truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), objectivity the basis of truth (= Christ), but the Jews refuse to accept this, Jews holding that reality and truth are rather what they say it is, all in accord w. "midrash" (subjectivism) and what's "good for Jews."

Hence the problem of hatred of Jews stems fm Jews' problem w. nature of reality itself and their satanic worship of lies, lying, and liars as noted in Gosp. JOHN 8:44. Humanity doesn't appreciate lies, lying, and liars, so naturally humanity doesn't appreciate Jews--and this is properly Jews' problem, not humanity's; Jews' fault, not humanity's.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Latest InfoWars "star," Owen Shroyer, reductio for Ajax Jewns--another demonstration of "Peter Principle"....

"Peter Principle" At Work In Ajax Jewns (InfoWars) Embracing Owen Shroyer
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 17)

Ajax Jewns ( just can't understand things: gee whiz, but his Jewwy hero, Trump won, for goodness sakes--so Jewns wonders, gee, but why and how are the jews of Fake-book and now Jew-tube censoring him (Jewns) sooooo scandalously, openly, brazenly?--don't they know that Jewns and Trump won?--ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. See the story by jewns at , and esp. his pathetic vid on the subject at

What a poor, stupid bastard--see, he's (Ajax) just a flack for the Jews, a gate-keeper, who lies and pretends he's not, and he refuses to see it's Israel-first for Trump and the Jews he has in his cabinet and everywhere else. And u can ck Judicial Watch which continues to be stone-walled by the Jew-controlled Trump Justice dept. Even the morons at FOX News, like Judge Jeanine are stunned, not to mention certain Republicans in Congress, even, who cannot figure-out why the Trump AG, Sessions, can't get started for prosecution or even serious investigation of Clinton crime corporation, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.

And we note how the false-flags and outright hoax "shootings" just continue along, including the Las Vegas fiasco, next the Texas church shooting--which rather distracted somewhat fm the previous Las Vegas hoax. And obvious purpose is to eventually declaring martial law, founded upon these continued fakes and frauds now being done under auspices of Trump. So does Ajax warn us about this up-coming catastrophe?--not at all; rather the opposite, shilling along, giving credence to it all.

And so now (see we see Ajax employing his latest star protégé,' one Owen Shroyer, a TOTAL zero, in his early 20s, w. no experience, who knows NOTHING and has nothing of any substance to say. BUT, what's dear little Owen good at?--emotional expressions and utterances of moral outrage, all done in style of Ajax. And we see in dear little Owen the reduction-ad-absurdum for Ajax Jewns and the visible proof of the justly-famous "Peter Principle" in action (arriving at level of INCOMPETENCE).

So instead of the "globalist"-leftist Jew world order (JWO), we're just going to get the straight-out fascist martial-law fm Trump and his Israel-oriented cohorts, Ajax sucking-along and flacking for it all, including his little side-kick, Owen Shroyer, yet another reduction-ad-absurdum in the "Peter Principle" demonstration.

Thus the JWO continues to roll along, just w. a diff. style, featuring now the "golems" of Ajax and Trump, replacement for the Clinton crime corp. as face and front-men. For there are serious "events" up-coming: one is the absolutely certain economic implosion, the Chinese Yuan replacing the Dollar as world reserve currency, and another will be a more catastrophic false-flag, like perhaps an EMP attack to be blamed on N. Korea--which will be a perfect scam to distract fm the truly horrific economic catastrophe--all this while we watch Owen Shroyer exulting in all his empty-headed little "moralist" glory, though actually most perfect reduction-ad-absurdum for Ajax, who blazed the original moralistic trail.

Moralist HUBRIS, foundation of satanist triumph, never forget.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Incredible!--the un-mistakable signs of absolute genocidal mass-murder--by means of AI (art. "intelligence")--is now too blatant on Trump was hastily put in place....

AI Satanism Takes Decisive Control: Doubt Mass-Murder And Genocide Is On "International" Menu?--U're An Absolute Moron
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 17)

Here's perfect example of anti-human, anti-rational program is IN PLACE and operating. Of course we KNOW as well as are "globalist" operations/corporations, pushing for the "leftist" Jews, led by hitlery and Obola--against the "right-wing" Jews of Trump. But further, note these leftist-globalists are ABSOLUTELY serious about Agenda-2030 genocide and pop.-reduction (a), and this is the official and operating policy working by means of AI (artificial intelligence).

Specifically, u can tell this anti-human AI is in place when u ck simple thing like the sports scores. Today is merely Saturday evening, some college football games are still in progress even as I speak. But get this: if u try to ck for the scores of the college games just now played, earlier today, u'll find, on, the scores are not posted on front page--it's treated as past news, and what's posted is the game-time for next week's games--again, this is Sat. evening, some of this week's games still in progress--such is AI--such is the genocidal, anti-human program WHICH IS ALREADY IN PROCESS.

For don't forget the poison prescription drugs and poison vaccines being pushed and administered to the stupid TV-addicted population, not to mention the GMO poison foods and food-additives, poison fluoridated water, poison "chem-trails," poison glyphosate herbicides, toxic radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic.

Note this (sports scores, as I note) isn't human--for any humans of any culture KNOW the people want the news of current games and scores, which obviously such currency must exist for the games played for today--it means only one thing: anti-human genocide--it's SATANIC, and nothing less.

It all just goes to show the pass things have come to for the satanic leftist-globalists--it's all OUT-OF-CONTROL for the blatant anti-rationalism, anti-humanity, and such then is the "legacy" of hitlery Clinton and Obola the magic nigger, the faces of globalism-left, "antifa," political-correctness, and genocidal AI. The rightist-Jews evidently have taken note, seen that AI has taken decisive control for the leftist-globalists, and that's how and why they pushed Trump and paid huge funds to the controllers of the electoral college to see Trump was elected in place of hitlery which would have been absolute sociologic disaster.

So the Israeli-rightist Jews decided to intervene, installed Trump, and actively prepare for war against Iran--a few more false-flag hoax shootings is all they want, and total removal of the free Internet. And when the false-flag hoaxes push Iranian "terrorists" Ajax Jewns of will be the loudest voice pushing for war, don't doubt--Ajax Jewns, the Jews' foremost Golem.

Friday, November 3, 2017

NOW WE KNOW what and who Ajax Jewns ( is and does--he's a GOLEM, most perfect, willing dumbass, sucker, dupe for the Jews....

Ajax Jewns (, The Perfect Golem--Most Perfect Characterization For The Fool
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 17)

People have been wondering and discussing who/what is Ajax Jewns of"controlled opposition"?--gate-keeper?--flack? Well, yes, he's all of the afore-mentioned, though he surely doesn't think of it that way--for Ajax is fairly honest and sincere in his fat-headed, stupid manner, though he imagines he's soooooooooooo successful and even talented, ho ho ho hoh oho--after all, he's rich, kinda', somewhat, probably has a couple million, not doing too badly.

But he works for Jews, and he surely knows it--even though it doesn't bother him as he probably thinks Jews are perfectly all right humans, no diff. fm anyone else, hoho ho ho ho ho--as he so often says, hoho ho ho ho, scummy liar. But hey, he figures, if Jews are good to him, well, hey they must be ok--they're just like anyone else, right?--ho ho ho o ho ho--that dumb fat-faced, fat-head scum better hope so. Because if the kikes decide to getting rid of the dumbass yankee hill-billy, then he's a goner, hoh o oh ho ho ho. See and for expo on Jews and what their Talmud teaches.

For Ajax Jewns is best and most perfectly understood as a "golem"--look it up. "Golem" is a creation of the Jews, a monster, meant to serve a purpose of theirs, satanic and monstrous. For Ajax, though he doesn't know or realize it, stupid hill-billy as he is, is a satanic master-mind, most perfectly promoting and encouraging satanism which is built upon EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, subjectivism the idea that all reality proceeds fm consciousness/mentality, making oneself God.

And Ajax is most loud-mouthed, hysterical, even psychotic pusher of morality, moral virtue, good-evil, and free will--HUBRIS, though the stupid hill-billy won't admit to the last one, hubris. For Ajax is just stupid enough to truly believing in it all, good-evil, moral-virtue, and free will--he's honest in all his stupidity--the perfect, self-propelled golem. Don't forget, Ajax was psychologically examined as part of his litigation against his ex-wife, I understand, and he was diagnosed as serious narcissist.

For note, as satanism is built upon subjectivism, it requires only a pretext like "good-evil" and "free" will. And many if not most people are taught these "good-evil" and "free-will" delusions at early age, few ever over-coming these horrific, sublime lies and delusions.

And I KNEW something was up when I saw and hrd hitlery Clinton mention Ajax Jewns by name in one of her campaign speeches in 2016. I didn't immediately think of "golem" then, but I knew those filthy Jews MUST have some purpose for such otherwise against-interest puffing on part of consummate satanist as hitlery. And then, earlier today, 3rd of Nov., 2017, listening to his (Ajax) idiot babbling on his show, talking about Cory Feldman and child molesting, it hit me for his (Ajax's) putrid, moronic self-righteousness--in which self-righteousness HE NEVER FAILS, and always mentions dozens of time on his show, denouncing "evil," as he does. I knew and know and understand (a) he's totally psychotic, but in a devilish way, but (b) he's also HONEST so far as his belief in "good-evil" goes--THE PERFECT GOLEM, the perfect leader, even if he doesn't realize it, for satanism.

Thus we see how the Jews work and operate, always taking advantage of HUBRIS--and this insanity works sooooooooooooo well for Ajax as it affords him his fantasy of patriotic and moral virtue on one hand, and now combined w. MONEY on the other--it sure does PAY to being so self-righteous in his idiot's putrid fashion.

And Trump is yet ANOTHER such-like golem, though I must wonder if he seriously believes in himself in such stupid, brainless, self-righteous manner as Ajax, Trump so readily making himself of service to kikes. For Trump has to know about all the false-flags and psy-ops hoaxes, like the recent fake truck running-over of 8 people in NYC. And Trump also surely knows all about ISIS being creation of MOSSAD and CIA--just like the Russkies say.

And evermore people have to realize how Trump never makes a move without strict instructions fm his Israeli-Jew master-minds who are working in the Justice dept., state-dept., and defense-dept., all of them working for Israel, even if not so much for Jew world order gov. And one thing Jews and Israelis want is CENSORSHIP of the I-net, Jew-tube, etc.--absolutely necessary for continued domination and rulership of the goyim--even though Wikileaks was much a part of what got him elected--but Jews don't care.

People must grasp the satanic condition of the culture (a), and then (b) how Jews are masters of it, ruling by means of it and manipulations--w. stupid scum like Ajax Jewns, it's not that hard to do, most people so stupid and easily manipulated by means of inferiority-complex, moralism, and virtue-signaling, Jewns willing, eager tool, so well-paid, so self-satisfied--really and truly the PERFECT golem.

Friday, October 27, 2017

There's a HUGE, humongous, gigantic, monumental STORY that's begging to be made public: WHO double-crossed hitlery, Dems, and Obola?--and how exactly did it happen?--and now what's price they will extract fm Trump?....

Who Was It--WHO?--Who Double-Crossed Hitlery, Dems, And Obola?--And How Did It All Happen?
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 17)

Observe once again, hitlery, Democrats, and Obola himself are now EXPOSED as such gross criminals, even traitors--selling uranium to potential enemy, Russia, taking bribes, etc. And we ALREADY knew so much before this latest uranium scandal, like the Clinton e-mails, the Pakistani techs who worked the Democrat Congressional e-mails, etc.

But the Dems went ahead to doing it all, so extravagantly and recklessly--HOW did they do this and yet failed to win the election?--HOW could that possibly happen?

For obviously, hitlery and co. would have much more easily swept these horrendous scandals aside had they won the election--HOW could they possibly have failed?--given the dire and urgent positions they'd placed themselves for all these scandals--the lost election wasn't mere "blunder"--it was/is fatal (it seems).

So this is the great question--WHO was it (and how) who double-crossed hitlery and co.? For hitlery and co., MUST have thought they had everything in the bag, right?

Next question is WHAT Trump is obligated to doing in exchange for this miraculous double-cross?--looks like he's promised to kill Iran for the Israelis.

Well, we know it had to be a Jew or a few of them, at least--so WHO, exactly--and at what price?--for they sure suckered the Democrats, the saps, didn't they? The actual anatomy of this HUGE double-cross is the real, big story, un-questionably.