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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why really does Hoffman, Pelagian heretic, grudge and envy Jews for "holocaustianity"?--Hoffman is really just JEALOUS....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...-of-their.html

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Hoffman: Really Only JEALOUS Of Jew Rivals For Lies, Lying
(Apollonian, 20 Feb 18)

Hoffman writes, "dopey and disgusting neo-Nazis...," but how is that any worse than Hoffman himself, compulsively passive-aggressive, pathetic, and self-pitying?

And Hoffman actually, nearly, almost himself puts his finger on the real issue, the fallacious idea of "good" in the form of what he calls "holocaustianity." But in that case ("holocaustianity"), it's just a form of the very same hereticalism that Hoffman himself suffers--Pelagian heresy--whence Hoffman makes himself equal and similar to God w. a perfectly "free" will, capable of "good," Hoffman worshipping such non-existent "good" above TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

For that's the pretext of satanist (extreme subjectivist) HUBRIS by which Hoffman, no less than Jews, equates himself w. God, creator of reality, capable of otherwise non-existent "good" by means of perfectly "free," hence Godly, will.

For thus Jews worship satanic lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and lying by means of the pretext of non-existent "good" (as in form of "holocaustianity"), a perfectly "free" God-like will--extreme subjectivism. And Jews thus dominate the satanic culture built upon such subjectivism, "good," and pretended "free" will, the Jews most organized, most collectivist, most cohesive subjectivists, most capable of most effective "group-think," thus manipulating and exploiting that most powerful weapon and instrument of fraud and criminality, the CENTRAL-BANK--see for expo.

And when one can thus create such fiat CURRENCY (not real money, commodity-based, which is static and finite for amount) out of nothing, one quickly comes to own and control everybody and everything, literally--legalized counterfeiting. But unfortunately Hoffman isn't capable of figuring it out about this fiat currency--he's too busy pretending he's "good" as he accuses people of "mortal sin" for imagined and fictitious "usury" which Hoffman, pretended "researcher," doesn't understand for original meaning, reference, and source, Hoffman lying like the very worst Jew, insisting "usury" is mere LENDING of money (or currency).

For Hoffman thus is really only JEALOUS of the Jews as his lies, lying, and Pelagianist heresy, as about "usury," doesn't slide past as easily as holohoax lying and fraud which is enforced and carried by the central-banking criminal financing scam and its Jew manipulators and operatives.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another, text-book example, Jew liar, lying, omitting, diverting, using ridicule to cover-up facts, truth....

Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Cole, Typical Jew Liar, Omits Central-Bank Scam, Diverts To Ridicule, Etc.
(Apollonian, 13 Feb 18)

Jew, D. Cole, lies like the typical Jew, attempting to divert by means of half-truths, omission, and ridicule. For Jews run the topmost, dominant criminal enterprise and illegal monopoly for this sick, rotten, thoroughly degenerate nation and world, the central-banking, fiat-currency system--LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING--see for expo on the subject; use their search engine for specific topics.

For previously, indeed, gentiles attempted such criminal "banking," excluding the traditionally hated anti-Christ Jews (there's no other kind of Jew), but gentiles were/are too subject to in-fighting. Jews however, are criminals by their very gentile-hating religion, Talmudism (see,, and for expo), and Jews are naturally thus more cohesive and organized--"thick as thieves," united against hated humanity.

So historically, we see Jews were imported by gentiles to help run the various central-banking scams, and inexorably the Jews came to dominate the "business," such as it is and was, Jews strategically rewarding a few selected gentiles and esp. the royalty along the way; see Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island." Now Jews rule nearly absolutely, owning practically everything and everyone, owning all politics, politicians and judges, and esp. the Jews-media, now and lately increasing control over the I-net.

For central-banking is actually quite a sublime fraud, the subject of money itself being ABSTRACT and not too easily understood by most people who don't grasp the actual diff. btwn real "money," which must be commodity and finite for amount, and mere CURRENCY which is (potentially) infinite, evermore issuances of such currency steadily devaluing the currency units, defrauding and despoiling the people, as we see here and now in USA, now become Jew S A, slave of Israel, as we plainly see.

So Cole, typical Jew, tries as usual for Jew liars to slithering past by means of omission of things he imagines gentiles won't admit they don't quite entirely understand, like central-banking, which literally controls and so heavily affects all the rest of the corrupt society, in "Decline of the West," by Spengler, which easily and readily allows a mere small minority, 2.2%, or even less, of pop., to so completely control, manipulate, and dominate.

Thus the corrupt society is doomed, there being soooo many dumb, ignorant gentiles not capable of grasping the central-banking scam, and Jews are precisely that bio-sociologic disease which so fatally affects the society, bringing about the inevitable and obligatory collapse which definitively reduces the incompetent population, all in accord w. Agenda-21 and -2030 Addendum genocide.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wow--Jew satanist slips-up and delivers cogent, even honest, analysis and admissions for basic (satanic) principles, plan, motivations....

Satanist(s) Slip-Up And Honestly Admit Facts, Strategy, Motivations
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 18)

Well, Infowhores ( has done us all excellent svc for story and analysis they posted (see on Jew satanist, Rob Reiner, actually being honest and laying it all out for us both for strategy and motivations--it couldn't be more clear. We should applaud--seriously.

For it's surely true Jew satanists see world gov. dictatorship as mere natural, logical, and following steps of the "Civil war" of 1860s consolidation/centralization. And it all, the exposition given by Reiner, well demonstrates and verifies the horrific insanity of those murderers of the north at the time, back in the 1860s who "nullified" the sovereignty of the states, even for the north, the fools.

Ho hoh o ho--so the union created by the white folk of 1788 is now to become "brownized" and taken-over, and this is the logical destiny of the original founders?--at least according to the satanist(s) like Reiner--an amazing leap of logic, though it is not surprising for satanists and Jews, no doubt.

And the Jewwy satanist, Reiner, is quite right, given his text, which is recorded in our story, above-cited, fm InfoWars: it does indeed boil-down very much to issue of racism--which the Jews and satanists imagine is their trusty, un-failing, little moralistic weapon so much taken-up even by their phony/fake "opposition" Trump and Ajax Jewns (InfoWars).

For even this phony/fake "opposition," Jewns and Trump, agrees virtue of racial loyalty is wrong and "bad"--and such is the satanist conditions this racialist pretension and treason to ancestors continues to hanging-in, the goons, morons, and fools, so intimidated, not imagining it can be legitimately or even rationally opposed or denied--as moralism for them trumps reason, truth, and reality, u see.

Committing suicide upon pretext of racial suicide is simple morality which cannot be controverted or even disputed, according to Jews and satanists--who's kidding who? Further, note this racial premise as virtue isn't shared by the dear Jews of Israel, is it?--they just laugh at it all, ho ho ho ho ho--racial preservation is valid and ok for us, just not for goyim, they say, in typical double-standard style.

So the real patriots are confronted w. simple, really easy, responsibility for plain HONESTY (a) regarding virtue of racism and racial loyalty--in accord w. fifth of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)." And then (b) the presumptions of the 1860s war--were (and ARE) the states sovereign or not?--for note the Constitution still remains as supposed, pretended law of the land.

For sovereignty is inalienable, and the states only delegated powers to the union, not sovereignty--very, very simple and easy to understand for basic issues, not to mention the actual facts.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ajax Jewns (, the PERFECT golem, soooooooo sincere, perfect example of "Peter Principle," ho o ho ho ho ho....

Ajax Jewns: Perfect Golem--Again, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 4 Feb 18)

Ho hohoh o ho, the fat-head, fast-talking hill-billy, Ajax Jewns (, is losing it, over his head, both now for tactics and strategy, practically crying, complaining, gee whiz, but they're calling us "racists," boo hoo hoo, ho o ho ho ho oho ho ho. Ajax is most perfect, archetypal demonstration of the Peter Principle, having reached his level of incompetence--just ck-out the last 13 minutes of today's Ajax Jewns show, first hr, .

Jewns practically breaks-down to crying like a baby over the Saturday-Night-Live skit on Trump which insinuates "racism" on part of Republicans--the stupid hill-billy can't figure-out (evidently) he shouldn't be puffing that show and the attempted lampooning of Trump as he only gives it currency, the stupid fat-head buffoon (speaking of Jewns), ho ho ho ho ho.

And it's interesting that even though the Democrats, including hitlery, Obola, et al., have been caught red-handed, along w. utterly corrupted FBI, they have the all-powerful Jews-media shilling and fronting for them and sticking-in w. the usual amazing brazenness and lying, ho ho ho ho ho--thus showing how abysmally stupid and brainless American people (the puke) really, truly are, ho ho ho ho ho ho. But don't forget to watching the stupid-bowl, today, sports-fans, ho ho ho ho ho oho

And how do u KNOW the Democrats are going to get-away w. this literal treason and outrageous criminality?--because why wouldn't they?--given the continuing central-bank criminal enterprise and scam (see for expo) which the stupid puke ("the people") can't figure-out--which is so easily covered-up by Jews-media and the various flacks, stooges, and charlatans who are regularly paraded out (including now, especially, afore-mentioned Ajax).

And of course, u ALREADY know, the big joke is Russian "collusion" is nothing compared to Israel-Jew manipulations--like the way they (Jews and satanists) short-circuited the vote-rigging which denied hitlery--that was the amazing stroke. See .

And of course, Ajax the moronic hill-billy is the PERFECT GOLEM, a brainless monstrosity who probably doesn't realize what an outstanding shill, spectacle, and diversion he is, even as he surely, mostly, takes himself soooooooooooo seriously, as for his Pharisaic "good-evil" babbling and insisting. Ajax shills for the "good" kikes of the "right" and who backed Trump (against the "bad Jews" of the "left," don't forget).

"Free will"--upon which "good-evil" delusion is founded--is truly the most effective and powerful superstition and delusion there ever was, is, and will be, surely, foundation of most putrid HUBRIS for the most putrid, stinking puke--"the people," now grossly over-populated in Jew S A, who urgently need to be killed-off, somehow. And don't forget, this stupid puke ("the people") is ALREADY being slow-killed on mass scale, by means of the poison vaccines, poison drugs, poison "chem-trails," etc.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hoffman, satanic golem, Pelagian hereticalist, wants to babble about trivia, details, ignore simple fact(s)....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...jerusalem.html

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Hoffman Continues To Fooling Himself, Despite Knowledge Of Trivia And Details
(Apollonian, 1 Feb 18)

Hoffman: it's very interesting, indeed, ur giving us all this info about the "Hasidism" and the "Shekhinah." But surely u understand this additional info doesn't essentially change ur previous expo regarding Talmudic "midrash," foundation of their lies, lying, and reverence for liars.

And don't forget Gosp. JOHN 8:44 which sums it all up best and most for the Talmudic lies which puts the basic issue in simplest clearest terms: satanic lies vs. Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). For note existence of TRUTH (= Christ) necessitates an OBJECTIVE, hence God-given, reality, basis for such truth, which Jews deny saying only thing that exists is what Jews say ("midrash")--purest subjectivism, by which Jews insist reality is created by their mentality/consciousness, denial of objectivity, making themselves God, the creator.

Jew distinction then is they're most collectivist, practical, organized, and cohesive of subjectivists, thus naturally dominating the less organized, more isolated gentile subjectivists and satanists, who vastly out-number the Jews, these satanists as a whole thus and thereupon leveraging and intimidating the rest of the demoralized, corrupted empire and population which has become aged, corrupted, and degenerate fm original founders who valued genuine honesty and objective reality.

Such then is the basic PHILOSOPHIC dichotomy btwn Christ (TRUTH) and satanic lies, objective vs. subjective, found within the Biblic LITERATURE, the literature serving as vehicle for basic philosophic conflict btwn satanism and lies vs. Christian TRUTH. Get a clue, Hoffman.

Ur problem for grasping Christianity and Christ (= truth), Hoffman, is ur psychotic, satanic, hereticalist insistence, addiction, and pretending to being "good" (Pelagianism) and obsession w., for example, "love of money" being "root" of all evil. For there is no "good or evil," buddy--there's just truth vs. insanity.

And this Pelagian, hereticalist (and insane) pretending to being "good," original pretext for satanism (extreme subjectivism), arises in CYCLIC, deterministic fashion, as of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," as the corrupt and priviledged following generations of original founders descend into inferiority-complex and following, consequent indulgence in "good-evil," as in ur case, Hoffman--u're a perfect case-in-pt. regardless all ur babbling and knowledge of details about "Shekhinah."

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hate, hatred fully legitimate, useful emotions, AVERSION, mere reciprocal to love/attraction....

The Virtue Of Hate And Hatred
(Apollonian, 28 Jan 18)
This virtue of hatred is important to understand, especially in these days when the scum, satanists, Jews, and liars all insist hatred is something bad, etc., their excuse for hating u--if they declare u're guilty of hatred.  To listen to the politically-correct morons, puke, goons, and suckers, the only thing to be hated is those who are declared guilty of hatred.  It's ok to hate "haters."
But hatred, never forget is mere reciprocal emotion or emotional reciprocal of love, subject to degrees of passion and that emotional intensity.  So if one loves, one is equally subject to the reciprocal hate, necessarily.  And don't forget love is mere attraction; hate is aversion.  If one sees one is averse to something, there may well be excellent reason, never forget.  And if one cannot hate; one equally cannot love.
Thus our dear Christianity teaches a general "love" of humanity, but one should note the necessary reciprocal hatred of that which is anti-human, including Jews.  But even Jews deserve understanding, even as one is rightly averse to Jews who are monsters of hatred themselves--as is easily observed and confirmed, Jews taught to hate Christ, hence TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  See also Talmudic expo at and
Thus Jews are understood as extreme subjectivists, leaders and masters, hence satanists, by their putrid religion of lies, "midrash" (interpretation, as of reality and Torah), and love thereof (lies).  But one sees Jews then as simply a DISEASE by which the over-populated goyim weaklings, so partial and susceptive to Jew lies and lying in general, are killed-off, as we see now, the central-bank (see for expo), a criminal enterprise (legalized counterfeiting), funding the social corruption, including the politics, liars, politicians, and judges, including the corrupt corporations, like the mass Jews-media and especially "big Pharma" slow-killing the people w. poison drugs, vaccines, food and drink, etc.--along w. so many others given to satanic culture of lies and lying, founded upon subjectivism, esp. the pretext of non-existent "good" and a perfectly "free," God-like will.
Note further the corrupt culture, dominated and so heavily controlled by the central bank criminal enterprise, literally practices a culture of death and suicide by means of Agenda-21 and -2030 addendum, "population-reduction," genocide.
Further, one must not forget the Jews' and satanists' cohorts, enablers, assistants, allies, sympathizers, and other victims of lies, lying, hubris, and liars, like free-masons, homosexuals, Judeo-Christians, "liberals," and other such liars and suckers thereto, pretending to "good" and a perfectly "free" will.
Note also such aversion and hatred for such anti-human institutions, trends, practices, and people, doesn't at all mean one renounces reason, and hatred/aversion is as much something rational as the reciprocal love/attraction.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

USA is longggggg lost, suckers, since wayyyyyy back in 1861....

Country Is STILL "Lost," Suckers
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 18)

Charlie Daniels says we "almost lost our country last fall [in the election]"?--see . Thus Daniels demonstrates the utter and evidently HOPELESS stupidity of the brainless ****s of present Jew S A. And Jew S A is mere captive to Jews and especially Israel, Jew S A now mere hired murderers of Jews and Israel. Jew S A was lost wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in 1861 when Lincoln and the northern psychopaths decided to destroy the US Constitution and sovereignty of the states.

For the northern psychopaths of 1860s discovered they had a tremendous economic machine which was irresistible, capable of providing a nearly invincible military which thereupon destroyed the American south, making it a mere conquered pile of rubble, the people effectively mass-murdered and destroyed. Americans and immigrants merrily continued along the way moving to the west (of the Mississippi), and relatively few took notice of the horrific massacre which had taken place.

For that was the great discovery of the 1860s--the incredible economic power of a free market now super-powered for industry and manufacturing--which then was prostituted and used for mass-murder and conquest of the American south--and later the rest of the world, as we see in this day. Only now, over a hundred and fifty yrs later (!), is that incredible, massive economic power fading under the weight of socialist dictatorship, as we see.

To be sure, the USA economic machine had a precursor in the English example and empire which also was under-going the same Jew financial take-over. The new American nation was even more stream-lined economically and demonstrated an even greater power and capacity.

But indeed, something amazing happened in 2016: evidently the Jew master-minds observed and noted Jew S A would be tooo damaged by a hitlery Clinton victory, so the Israeli Jews of the pretended "right-wing" perpetrated the Trump counter-coup against the "leftist," "globalist" Jews, Trump their obedient flunky. Otherwise Jew S A is HOPELESSLY lost to those Jews, there being mere different faction of Jews ruling, that's all.