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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Obvious 800 lb. Gorilla in the room, and NO ONE has the guts to observe and take note....

Obvious "Deep-State" (Read Jew) Obstruction Of FBI And Justice Dept.--IGNORED By Jews-Friendly Media
(Apollonian, 16 Jun 18)

So what now is the REAL story regarding the hitlery e-mail investigation, including the totally criminal Clinton Foundation scam, phony "charity," the contrived investigation of Trump and any Russian connections, all this having to do w. DOJ (Justice) and FBI?

The REAL story is the CUCKOLDING of Trump who's had it made clear to him that his own DOJ is stonewalling, delaying, slow-walking, and COVERING-UP against legitimate demands fm Congress and citizens for turning-over documents and evidence (see does nothing about this continuing criminal activity--WHY? Well, it's because Trump is TOTALLY OWNED by these "deep-state" Jew scum who control everything, who give Trump his marching orders, and tells him what he can and should do and not do--same Jews tell Ajax Jewns ( what and how to do things.

But Ajax has now been pushed (see his latest, 15 Jun 18 show) to identifying the real nature of the beast, the US Federal Reserve central Bank which puts-out nearly infinite currency, specifically funding endless law-suits after law-suits filed against him, Ajax, purpose being to simply exhaust Ajax and cause him to spending all his money defending and hiring shysters.

Little did Ajax suspect this strategy of censorship and law-suits when he was puffed by noneother than hitlery Clinton during the 2016 Pres. campaign. Just like "good-cop vs. bad-cop" strategy, we see present "good Jew vs. bad Jew," btwn the "globalist" "leftists" of CFR (council on foreign relations) and "neo-cons" and Israel-first "rightists."

Ironic, isn't it?--that Trump is now emphatically pretending to being the "strong" leader against N. Korea for putting such pressure (instigated by Jews and Israel, no doubt) against their nuclear program--which program is only thing keeping Jew S A honest and off-balance fm attacking--just like Libya (which was attacked after de-activating their own nuke program, yrs ago). Kim, the N. Korean leader is simply betraying his people by going along w. Trump.

And u can ck the last several dozen Judicial Watch vids to confirm they have been complaining all about this delaying and refusing to turn over documents by Trump administration appointees at DOJ. See just for the last/latest. These dumbasses at Judicial Watch are NOTORIOUS suck-ups to kikes, and the dumb puke refuse to conclude it's Jews in the deep-state at work, preventing them fm getting the documents, the cowardly, traitorous stupid puke.

And of course, no one in the Jews-media or in politics, including any Republicans or the Pauls, Rand or Ron, mentions this OBVIOUS Jew/Israel deep-state control and influence behind the refusal to present the evidence, the OBVIOUS "gorilla" sitting in the living room which anyone else can easily see--such an incredible joke.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Soros is not joking: soooooo many things going wrong for "deep-state" satanists at top....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

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"Cat" Has Long Been Out "Bag" For Sandy Hoax--Like JFK, Soon Enough 9/11 Too
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 18)

YEs, and above by Fetzer is in addition to "sloppy sniper," Dave Wheeler, caught dead on vid playing his second role in the farce, not to mention the photos of un-damaged classroom windows on morn of the hoax. And how is it Reuben Vabner is allowed to keep on taking down articles and BlogSpot posts which expose him for gross MOSSAD fraud he evidently is?

Get a clue fm the overwhelming and continuing, increasing toll of inductive evidence: Sandy hoax was elaborate, heavily staged, heavily funded psy-ops against the people--WHICH FAILED--proverbial "cat" is out of the "bag," suckers--too many people now know--like JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations. Next shoe to drop will be something like Israel did 9/11--by Chris Bollyn at

It's fake, phony "left" (Bilderberg) vs. fake, phony "right" (Israel, "neo-cons," Trump), which is the big "good-cop vs. bad-cop" hoax next to crumbling, exposing "deep-state" (central-banking, legalized counterfeiting) behind them all, by themselves at very top of satanic pyramid.

"Deep state" now needs a big war to getting rid of I-net--why they're preparing another "chem-attack" hoax in Syria (see, demolishing muzzy cemetery next to Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temp. Mount in Jerusalem (see "Deep state" is scared things are getting away fm them, as G. Soros laments, "everything has gone wrong."

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Poor, moronic, "white-nationalist" fool so totally mis-understands Christianity, it's pathetic and even comical--how stupid can one get?....

Below-copied by ap in response to blog of "Kriminalgeschichte, 68" , of 2 Jun 18,

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Cesar Tort Emulates Jew satanists For Pretending To "Good," Defending Pelagian Heresy
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 18)

Cesar: u're very poor philosopher, very poor w. simplest logic, and this is easily demonstrated:

(a) The very basic dialectic in New Test. is Christian truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Don't forget Christ is mere symbol for TRUTH. Jews hate Christ as they hate truth--and the joke is Jews imagine they can kill truth, like they killed Christ (the man).

Jews imagine they're God (or co-equal therewith), collectively, they being the creators of any truth they please. Truth is what rabbis say it is, according to "midrash" (interpretation). See also exposition on their Talmud, Talmud being their basic statement of their religion/philosophy,,, and

(b) Thus u see, Jews are SUBJECTIVISTS, such subjectivism basis of their constant, incessant lies and lying, making use of highly organized "group-think," by which they manipulate gentiles and their culture, esp. after gentiles have built and developed a sophisticated civilization. In the CYCLE of hist., then, gentiles become corrupt and HUBRISTIC (subjectivistic) as the culture becomes evermore corrupt and decadent, according to Oswald Spengler, "Decline of the West."

(c) Thus Christian ethics, which is the great attraction for Christianity among all the world's peoples, not just whites, necessarily follows fm basic metaphysics of such TRUTH premise, necessarily based upon OBJECTIVE reality (Aristotle).

(d) Thus Christian truth exists because of the OBJECTIVE (God-created) reality which gives truth substance, truth mere reflection of such objective reality, verified by sense-perception. Any abstracts then, like ethics, are built and dependent upon these basic truths founded and verified by sense-perception.

(e) Remember also that "faith" only properly means LOYALTY, not beleeeeeeving, this Judaic-style beleeeeeeving used by Jews to pretending to a contrived, made-up, false reality. Reality is NOT NOT NOT created by "beleeeeeeeeeeeving" or such understanding of "faith."

(f) "Good-evil" doesn't and couldn't exist (except by subjective definition) as humans are creatures of will, hence self-interested, of necessity and by definition. Humans always follow their interest, best they can, necessarily--even though they're not always most logical. Thus humans are held to be "sinners" (self-interested) in accord w. this inherent, necessary willful nature--and this "sinful" nature goes back to Old Test., Christ merely restating and clarifying the Old Test. theology given by Moses, defending against the heretical Pharisees, Talmud, and Jews who rejected Moses in favor of their midrash.

(g) Thus reality is necessarily "determined" and "deterministic" in accord w. absolute cause-effect, following fm the objective reality. Augustine is simply being strictly logical in accord w. basic premise(s) and the objective reality--strict determinism, no "good-evil" which is mere metaphor, mainly for children, most of the common people hardly literate, or even logical, esp. in Christ's time.

(h) So sinful humans can ONLY rely upon and pray for God's mercy and grace for salvation, the logical necessity being that humans, in proper gratitude and inspiration, emulating Christ and his ethics of compassion for fellow humans, treating them fairly, etc.--but it doesn't mean one has to sacrifice oneself and commit suicide, however, and esp. in case of race--which treason to race is forbidden by the 5th Commandment, "honor thy parentage (race)."

CONCLUSION: So note St. Augustine was pt-ing out the Jew-like SUBJECTIVISM, hence HERESY, of Pelagius who was aping the Jew subjectivism, pretending to non-existent "good," impossible in an absolutely deterministic world, in accord w. Christian objectivity, thus truth, and absolute determinism (cause-effect).

So just as the Christian vs. Jew dichotomy is TRUTH vs. lies, and objective vs. subjective (Aristotle vs. Plato and Talmud), so it is for determinism vs. the subjectivist, perfectly "free" God-like human will which such pretended perfect freedom of human will is hubristic, pretending to Godliness, hence SATANIC.

Ur hero, Immanuel Kant, is mere rehash of original Platonism, pretending to "good" and false morality of "duty" which such "dutiful" ethics EVERY philosopher has admitted in nonsense. Get a clue, sucker. Cesar, u really are most pathetic, moronic joke for ur idiot mis-understanding, mis-construal of Christianity--which Christianity is most successful anti-Semitism which ever existed, u poor fool, ho ho ho ho

Friday, June 1, 2018

Mentally deranged moralist-Pharisaist, Hoffman, wants to DECLARE what "rights" are, as he's sooooo filled w. "moralistic" righteousness....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...e-said-to.html

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Again, As Usual, Hoffman Tries To Defend Tyranny By Means Of Moralism/Pharisaism
(Apollonian, 1 Jun 18)

NEWSFLASH, Hoffman: fetuses cannot possibly have "unalienable rights" (or any rights) (a) because they're not parties to any possible contract, (b) not capable of reason, etc. Too bad a supposedly edjumacated Pharisaic and pretended "scholar," as u pretend to be, can't figure that out.

(c) Rather, fetuses are mere RECIPIENTS OF CHARITY, that's all, and the only "rights" are held by the parents who are properly considered the parties of any rights, in accord w. any possible, conceivable contract, possession of reason, capable of self-defense, that ability of self-defense basis of rights, basis of humanity to according rights to those capable of self-defense and ENFORCEMENT, which enforcement fetuses are incapable, as they're incapable of human reason until much later in their lives, given to them by their parents and will of God.

As usual w. a Pharisaic, moralistic, sanctimonious, irrationalist, anti-human golem like u, Hoffman, u utterly miss the pt. regarding "rights" and the real problem w. regard to "abortion" issue--which such abortion could ONLY, in all reason, be properly possessed by the parents, esp. the mother who bears significant life-affecting risks, aside fm the heretofore mindless fetus, not capable of any rational decisions, or any decisions at all until far later in life, that life provided by the parents (and God).

As usual for a Pharisaic heretic and golem like urself, Hoffman, u're only interested to SHOW and DISPLAY ur pretended "moralism," "sensitivity," etc., like the actual "snow-flake" u really are. Who knows?--what it is u imagine u're proving by ur moronic displays, Hoffman--pretending u're "sensitive," eh?--but WHAT do u expect to gain, thereby? All u demonstrate and manifest, Hoffman, is the usual INFERIORITY-COMPLEX, desperately trying to "prove" u're human, eh?

But u're just the same moralistic MONSTER, a golem, Hoffman, pretentious, hubristic, and disgusting, justifying dictatorship by means of ur utterly putrid emotionalism and condescension on the pretext and excuse of fetuses and babies whom u find it convenient to using as pretext.

Friday, May 25, 2018

satanist is informed as to New Test. literature conveying philosophy, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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New Test. Is LITERATURE First, Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 25 May 18)

Dan: u need to learn about literature, of which New Test. is one of the most glorious examples. Thus literature, the most elaborate and ambitious, is VEHICLE of philosophy. In New Test., following the older Old Test., it presents an allegoric account of (a) metaphysics, the objective (Aristotelian) reality, (b) following which is an ETHICS, this ethics so much idolized, admired, respected, revered, and even worshipped. Christian ethics is what makes New Test. and Christianity in general so famous as they obviously are, objects of tremendous and universal admiration.

Unfortunately, the metaphysical part of New Test. is overlooked, mis-represented, mis-understood, and ignored. (c) Note further, the New Test. story, such as it is, is presented much in elaborated DIALECTIC, esp. btwn Christ and the (satanic) Pharisees who preach the Talmudic "midrash" (interpretation), though formal Talmud hadn't been fully written-out till 500 AD in Babylon. Observe then the dialectic btwn objective view of Christ vs. (extreme) subjectivist of Pharisees.

Note further, New Test. is presented in way of story, epic, and myth, as most people were barely literate in those days, so Christ had to be adept in (a) speaking (rhetoric), and then (b) well-versed in the Old Test. literature so as to make things understandable to the people who understood things philosophic in way of what we call "religion," religion being something committed to memory and then practiced both in ritual and in daily life--religion then being something not only held within the intellect, but fully integrated (much as possible) throughout, body and spirit, intellect and emotion--this "religion" is still the case in present day for MOST PEOPLE, people in general having great difficulty w. formal philosophy, logic, science, etc.

Finally, regarding Easter, note the story requires this episode as the claim (Gosp. JOHN) is that Christ is God the Son, and only God is capable of such thing as resurrection. Hence the resurrection is the indication and proof for the readers and the people (as attested also by St. Paul) that Christ is God. Quit pretending New Test. and Gospels are presented as police-reports, text as mere accounting of facts and events--it's a STORY for purpose of conveying PHILOSOPHY, esp. in contrast and repudiation of the Pharisaic "Traditions of the Elders" which at the time was still mainly verbally understood among the Pharisees whom Christ reviled as gross heretics ("vipers and serpents"--Gosp. MATT, ch. 23).

Thus Christ defended what he held was original Mosaic Law--against the Pharisaic heretics--Christ merely re-stating, clarifying, and simplifying for the people.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Hoffman, hypocrite, Pharisaist-moralist, golem, can't figure-out why he's ignored....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...onored-by.html

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More Bleating From Pharisaist Golem, Hoffman
(Apollonian, 19 May 18)

Hoffman cries and whines in his latest blog posting, see https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...onored-by.html,

As a researcher investigating these recondite matters for the past 20 years, one would expect that my work would be welcomed, publicized and promoted by those who claim they are fighting for Jesus Christ. Instead, I am censored and suppressed at almost every turn by those claiming to be on God’s side in the fight for Truth.
But Hoffman, get over urself, buddy: u're not in any "fight for truth"--u couldn't care less about truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--u're just the typical cheap moralist-Pharisaist pretending u're "good," which "good-evil" doesn't exist, sucker.

U're "censored and suppressed"?--look who's talking, eh Hoffman, u moronic, insufferable hypocrite, ho ho ho ho ho. U're rightfully ignored, Hoffman, for the incompetent, so-called "researcher" u pretend to be. Just look at the putrid "research" u did on subject of "usury" in ur book, "Usury in Christendom...," eh?

U don't even "research" the origin and meaning of "usury," and u obviously know NOTHING about money and banking, or economics. Again, ur only purpose is moralism and the cheap moralistic pretending, preaching, and breast-beating, as we all see fm u over and again.

And urs is NOT a "truth mission," Hoffman, as has been explained to u, lying Pharisaic and moralistic golem as u really are. Fact u beleeeeeeeeeeeeev in ur moralistic lying only makes u the sort of useful monstrosity which Jews call "golem."

Friday, May 18, 2018

USA (Jew S A) and bankers started world wars--easily proven--just think of "Lend-Lease"....

How You KNOW, And Can Prove, Who Started The World Wars--Was NOT Germans
(Apollonian, 18 May 18)

Who started and instigated, guided, and sustained the world wars, one and two?--the same ones who bank-rolled the entire enterprise(s), supplied the hosts ("Lend-Lease"), the "allies" and "United Nations" (UN), and so effectively armed them, providing all the necessary and sufficient wherewithal, including food and other materials, etc., for "victory"--it was USA, who else? Rather, it was the bankers and top-most leadership (of USA) who did all the basic dirty-work, who conceived and carried-out the plans, etc. Don't forget, it was UK and France who first declared war on Germany in Sep. 1939.

And don't waste our time about Poland which threatened Germany w. war if they didn't forswear Danzig, a completely German city, which Poles horribly stole land of the Germans (after WWI), against the agreements, which lands included over a million Germans, which Germans were then horribly mis-treated, many murdered by the Poles, thus telegraphing the looming fate of Danzig--all easily verified facts of simple history.

Thus the UK made the notorious offensive alliance w. Poland in March 1939, inviting the Poles to go ahead and start something, the stupid Poles (the leadership) not expecting the Brits to do nothing when the Germans eventually closed-in--not to mention the Ruskies coming fm the east--which no one seems to have expected, eh? Did it serve the Poles right that even though they were pretext "victims" at the start, the allies yet nonetheless sold them out at Yalta (1945), giving the Russians much of the lands of erstwhile Poland of 1939?

After all, the Ruskies were original partners of Germany in 1939, weren't they?--but never mind mere trivialities. For the instigators and master-minds got what they wanted, didn't they?--world gov. and dictatorship of UN.

Thus we see the underlying mentality of FDR's idiotic thick propaganda, always pretending the Germans were the "aggressors," FDR "protesting too much," as if people can't figure-out the big bank-rollers and (lend-lease) suppliers are OBVIOUSLY and plainly the instigators and masters of the blackguards, henchmen, and thugs who actually commenced the warfare, like UK and France, not to mention the precious Poles who were suckered into providing the pretext.

And when Germany suddenly rounded upon Ruskies in Jun, 1941, well, that was fine too, eh? FDR was soooo happy to thereupon sign on w. "Uncle Joe" for some nice lend-lease, feeding and supplying Ruskies to fight and kill Germans. Thus the arms dealers and manufacturers made such excellent money producing and selling arms and other materials to be given away at tax-payers' expense, the poor fools. And on top of it all, the bankers and master-minds got their world dictatorship like they always wanted--and it's been satanic gravy-train for them ever since, even now, to this very day.

And all these facts I've herein given and recited, above, are absolutely irrefutable, admitted even by the perpetrators themselves, even if in somewhat back-handed fashion. Don't forget Germany's eager willingness to make peace w. UK after the fall of France in 1940--it wasn't the Germans who wanted war while Ruskies fought war of choice w. Finland to gain territory and then threatened Rumania to giving up Moldavia, etc.

Hence the pt. is that the glaring, in-ur-face PROOF the world wars were instigated, guided, and sustained by American, esp. the Jew, bankers, of course in collusion/conspiracy w. other bankers, too, is LEND-LEASE, which all turned-out so conveniently and lucratively for FDR and cronies (don't forget FDR was Asst Sec. of Navy during WWI, later in 1920 running, and losing, as VP nominee for Dems), getting the war(s) going and stoked-up so nicely simply by supplying and financing the goons and suckers who actually initiated and fought and died for the wars, UK, France, and Poland.