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Monday, September 26, 2016

Anti-Christ sociopathy, satanism masked, justified by moralism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Mr. Goody's Sociopathy Masked By Moralism
(Apollonian, 26 Sep 16)

"We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder." -Mr. Goody, Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM

Thus we see Mr. Goody lying and slandering the people, presumably the Christian people of USA, the "'faithful' being most easily aroused to murder," according to Mr. Goody WHO PRETENDS HE'S "PATRIOT."

But Mr. Goody, u don't tell us how u arrived at this conclusion about the "faithful"--is it wishful thinking? What are ur facts?--can u give a ref.?

"Faith," of course is quite a buzz-word, but basically meaning LOYALTY, but it's true--as we see in Mr. Goody's case--it seems to stand as a form of knowledge in place of reason, which then Mr. Goody takes as pretext for pretending he's smarter than these "faithful," or that he's better in his typical moralistic manner as he imagines he thinks whereas these other poor people merely have "faith."

Mr. Goody can't figure-out "faith" might be legitimate thing IF it merely meant LOYALTY--yet he imagines he's smart and rational, not to mention sooooo "moral."

Mr. Goody doesn't consider that if there really are these people incapable of reason, as Mr. Goody IS capable of such reason, they'd rather be quite passive and un-willing to act unless they had leadership and encouragement.

And note Mr. Goody's typical passive-aggressive trait shows as he's presently incapable of comment, despite his pretending he's so smart and better than these "faithful."

Mr. Goody seems to have same passive-aggressive difficulty resolving subjectivism w. his moralism as above at Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM.

So u see Mr. Goody: it's difficult to see how u're really "patriot" when u're so willing and quick to call folks murderers, and when u're obviously anti-Christ sociopath--all covered and masked by ur moralism which u seem to prize above all.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How could Mr. Goody be "patriot" if he's anti-Christ?--and this is aside fm other things, like treason and lies....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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"Common Ground" With Mr. Goody
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 16)

Mr. Goody (rightly, actually) looks for "common ground," but we can go back to the basic problem of 9/11 (a). (b) And we can, additionally now, examine his statement, "We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder." -Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM, above.

And we note Mr. Goody pretends he's "patriot," But Mr. Goody is anti-Christ, liar, and slanderer, as we see. Mr. Goody often makes remarks as the above lie regarding "faithful" whom he indicates are murderers.

See, Mr. Goody, USA has become Jew S A, and that's part of the problem regarding 9/11, done by satanists, satanists led by Jews, there being PLENTY of evidence, as noted by Chris Bollyn (

And as the real, orginal USA is Christian country, made by and for Christians, we see, as anyone can see, U COULDN'T BE "PATRIOT"--it's impossible, u being anti-Christ and liar prone to lying and making the anti-American sort of statements as we have fm u.

We see further, Mr. Goody: u haven't resolved ur (other) statement fm above, Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM, regarding subjectivism. U seem to indicate u're not subjectivist, but we see u claim to "good-evil."

So we see some things, Mr. Goody: (a) we see ur FUNDAMENTAL HOSTILITY to USA, a Christian country, for ur lie to effect u're "patriot"--u're actually an anti-Christ who lies (in numerous ways), who pretends u understand anything about Christianity, mis-representing it as u do and have done.

(b) And we see now, more specifically and additionally, u slander the people of USA saying "there's no respect for human life," and further, regarding the "faithful" being prone to "murder."

So u see, Mr. Goody: it's impossible that u're "patriot," buddy--U'RE AN ENEMY, why don't u admit it? And I mean u're an outright, avowed enemy of the real, original USA as it was meant to be, a Christian country for the Christian people.

Not only are u outright, anti-Christ ENEMY, but u're traitor too, holding with, sympathizing with, and lying for the real perpetrators of 9/11, satanists and Jews.

Further still, u lie about ur subjectivism and pretensions to "good-evil," which "good-evil" could ONLY be product of subjectivism and subjectivistic premises in the basic logic of it all.

Of course, I've already analyzed ur lying for the Jews who are established and proven to being CONSPIRATORS by their very religion and war against humanity as demonstrated fm their Talmud. This lying and covering for Jews is YET ANOTHER instance and facet of ur enmity and treason regarding USA and ur pretended "patriotism."

So I contend and submit there's excellent and quite sufficient "common ground" for the discussion here, Mr. Goody, though u don't want to admit it, in ur usual and typical girl-like, passive-aggressive manner.

Thus I reiterate u're integral part of the problem of present Jew S A and also 9/11, Mr. Goody, given ur sort of "philosophy" as I've noted, u being perfect willing dupe and useful idiot for the satanic complex responsible for 9/11. And there's actually excellent "common ground" by which to observe and confirm ur status and circumstances in the large scheme of things. U're certainly no "patriot"; on the contrary.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What is purpose of Christianity if not for defense against satanists and Jews--what has happened that suddenly there's no effective organized Christianity?....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not (yet) published at comments,

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What Happened To Christian Militance, Culture, And Unity?
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 16)

Golly gee, Mr. Pinay, but I DO sympathize w. u (and Ms. Haverbeck) and ur problem w. these satanists and Jews. For satanism is the larger problem in which some, even many, gentiles are involved no less. Here in USA nowadays, males are steadily being encouraged to invade female bathrooms, etc. Even the tax-payer funded American military is now subsidizing medical facilities for sex-change operations.

But then how is it Jews are allowed to collectivistically--Jews unified as Jews, and not only in Israel--wage war most effective and successful against gentiles, including whites and Germans, but by some magical, mystic dispensation, there's no reciprocal, wholesale, collectivist war allowed against Jews by united humanity desperately attempting, as we see, to defending themselves?

Sure there are some Jews not directly involved in the legalized counterfeiting known as central-banking (see and closely associated lying in the mass-corporate Jews-media--which "media" is steadily losing influence, by the way. But Jews are yet united and unified for their lies regarding "persecution" and holohoax religion. And if there's a Jew who disagrees w. establishment Jews and their lies, then the other Jews see to threatening and intimidation of this renegade Jew, and Jews are notoriously reticent to talk about this sort of unity of Jews. So the effective unity of Jews for their waging of this war is un-deniable, given the facts quite easily grasped and observed.

Why aren't gentiles allowed the same sort of unity and whole-sale, collectivistic kind of action in reciprocation? Isn't that sort of collective, united, whole-sale kind of organization what is required and necessary for effective warfare and defense? Didn't Christianity formerly provide that sort of cultural protection against Jews and satanists?--isn't that the very purpose of Christianity?

So somehow Jews are allowed to wage this war, but gentiles aren't, and gentiles suffer. Say what u will about unc' Adolf Hitler, but he yet organized his people, and they were doing pretty well till Hitler prematurely declared war against USA only a few days after Pearl Harbor, but that's another story.

So I'd say there's a slight cultural/ethical problem which isn't impossible to analyze, but which allows Jews the cultural/psychologic advantage they have, and dis-allowing the gentiles effective defense--isn't this easily observed and verifiable? Hitler solved that cultural/ethical problem, but of course, there were some special conditions which allowed for that--like lots of the fiat-currency fm the West which went into Germany for purpose of starting another world war, specifically w. the Bolsheviks, as we know fm such as Antony C. Sutton and other sources. And Hitler nearly, almost won that war, but again, that's another story.

So therefore, Mr. Pinay, isn't it incumbent upon u to explore the conditions/circumstances of this cultural war?--isn't that ur avowed purpose? Isn't it Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. satanic lies (JOHN 8:44)? And isn't it true nowadays, unlike earlier in our history, that Christian militance and unity of culture has been horribly, even fatally, lost?--how did that happen?--tell us about it, by all means.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ZOG's "narrative" about the ISIS "narrative," ho ho ho ho

ZOG's "Battle Of Narrative(s)"
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 16)

ZOG (see now wants to persuade the people it's life-or-death matter to consider the "narrative" of ISIS. But ISIS was created by ZOG, so the ISIS "narrative" is ZOG's "narrative."

ZOG says then Jew S A must not "discriminate" against Muslims, etc., as this would "play into" their (ISIS) "narrative," ho oh ho ho ho.

So observe now that ZOG has created ISIS, ZOG further wants to demand the various political parties and players must fashion rhetoric in accord w. the "narrative" (and "narrative" regarding narrative, ho ho ho).

And "Muslim" immigration is simply invasion, and thus ZOG wants to protect this invasion; that's why they're afraid of "discrimination," the whole purpose then for the new ZOG-ISIS narrative about the "narrative," ho ho ho ho ho ho.

Don't forget it was ZOG and Israel which did 9/11 (see, starting the "war on terror" (hence war on Muslims and Muslim nations, not to mention the enhanced police-state in the West), which led to the refugees, and now the Muslim refugee invasion of West.

So this "narrative" narrative (ho ho ho ho) is just more idiot ZOG lies on top of ZOG lies aimed at the stupid leftists and metro-sexuals to blame and discredit the nationalists and "deplorables," ho ho ho ho. Thus the "narrative" narrative seems quite moronic and desperate on part of psychopaths. There's un-questionably a big false-flag, psy-ops coming--they're starting to going to proverbial "well" a little often now, it seems.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Long as there are over-populated goons, suckers, willing dupes, and useful idiots like Mr. Goody, Jews/satanists will continue to ravage....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Mr. Goody, Subjectivist, Moralist, Having Fun As satanism Advances
(Apollonian, 18 Sep 16)

Get a load of what Mr. Goody writes for us, above: "CONCLUSION
" We have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war. Keep fighting.
" I still find those words very inspiring and hope you will as well."

"Keep fighting" he says, so patronizingly, like a cheer-leader at a pep-rally. Then he gives us words he's sure will "inspire"; after all, it inspired him, and it's soooo good and important (evidently) to be "inspired." Mr. Goody doesn't really care about accomplishing anything of substance regarding 9/11--he just wants people to be inspired as he is.

But whatever u do, don't u dare bother those dear, precious Jews, says Mr. Goody. After all, there's Alan Sabrosky, and he's a "good" Jew, like there are good psychopaths, according to Mr. Goody who's sooo "inspired" and looking-out for everyone's welfare and morality in general, evidently--except he cares about Jews more than anyone else, we see.

"We lost a battle," he says, but who's "we"? For don't forget Mr. Goody is an avowed anti-Christ who lies about Christianity and Christians (pretending he knows anything about them) and says Christians are hypocrites spouting "religious psychobabble" (see above note, Sep 14, 2016, 8:21:00 PM).

Cui Bono (who benefits) regarding 9/11?--answer: Jews, satanists (who are extreme subjectivists), homosexuals (as we see lately), Israel, and the Jew world order, though their currency system is faltering now, pretty badly, and they'll need a war to cover things pretty soon, hence another false-flag, surely.

So I'd say Mr. Goody demonstrates pretty well how the Jews and satanists operate and succeed, so far, as they did regarding 9/11: they've got willing dupes and useful idiots--like Mr. Goody, the moralist, who runs interference for them and defends them, lying for them, pretending sociopathy (Judaism) is ok, and there are "good" sociopaths, after all--look at Alan Sabrosky, ho ho ho ho.

So who did 9/11?--Jews and satanists, obviously (see But HOW do these Jews and satanists get away w. it?--would it be by means of allies, cohorts, willing dupes, useful idiots, moralists, and subjectivists like Mr. Goody? Thus we see there are simply too many (over-populated) goons and idiots like Mr. Goody who are manipulated and used by Jew and satanist masterminds. Such is the satanic problem within "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nature of 9/11 crime is that it's specific part of larger satanic conspiracy, and Trump surely provides fundamental thematic contrast in principle to hitlery, "Americanism" vs. globalism....

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Mr. Goody Is Problem, As I've Demonstrated Extensively, In Detail
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 16)

"There is a ridiculous "election" going on in this nation right now that is devoid of anything that matters to the average person." -fm 5th para., above, by Mr. Goody (see link, above, top).

Here's (above quote) just another lie of urs, Mr. Goody, for hitlery represents the Jew world order, following Jew, George Soros, hitlery the colleague and successor to Obola, Trump, on the contrary, who says, "Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo." This, foregoing, contrast is THEMATIC, Mr. Goody; didn't u know? But u can cover ur lie in this instance by means of ur moronic ignorance, right? Then again, Trump is wildly popular for serious number of people, even among significant portion of minorities.

For it is true, on other hand, Trump remains big fan of kikes of Israel, both of them competing to pretend who's more for mass-murdering Israeli terror-state.

But all throughout ur LONG blog article on 9/11 we are consistently peppered w. ur assertion of "good-evil," right?

At same time, u want to pretend to invoking science, even recommending vids on the bldg. demolitions. So what about simple logic and induction: "Once u eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth" -Sherlock Holmes.

So can Jews be "eliminated"?--of course not, but u won't go there, eh, Mr. Goody?

For then u'll say, but golly, surely not all kikes are involved? But then look at their religion ( which is collectivistic for ideal--the ideal of WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. So kikes will NEVER finger kikes, unless it's a particular Jew (like Bernie Madoff, eh?), and then they'll always add, "but Jews in general are ok"--which is a lie (again, just ck their Talmud).

And u can't face-up to essence of Jew and satanism which is subjectivism--why?--and it's because subjectivism is also the essence of ur sort of righteousness. And it's precisely that righteousness and subjectivism u want to cover-up as it's root of ur moralistic pretence to virtue.

And of course, ur enemy and target is Christians/Christianity, hypocrite like u calling them "hypocrites," when u know nothing about Christianity--or "good."

So, U'RE THE PROBLEM, Mr. Goody, traitor, liar, hypocrite, Pharisaic anti-Christ pretending to "good," etc., and I've made this clear for u, Mr. Goody--just ck my numerous expositions over last dozen or so comments in ur last dozen blogs, buddy. Do u really think u fool anyone? Ho ho ho ho

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mr. Goody shows how/why 9/11 had to happen in such hubristic times and circumstances, Mr. Goody making things safe for Jews and satanists....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Mr. Goody Provides Hubristic Conditions For Criminals, satanists, And Crimes Like 9/11
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 16)

Once again we get Mr. Goody babbling and yammering about non-existent "good-evil" at work in 9/11 which happened 15 yrs ago, was done by satanists and Jews (see behind the master fraud at the very top, the central-banking institute, featuring legalized counterfeiting, the US Federal Reserve Bank, who are working for world gov. dictatorship, and who've continued along w. all the latest in Ukraine and Syria, Korea, and S. China Sea. Mr. Goody doesn't have the intelligence to putting 9/11 in full context--but that isn't his purpose.

What is Mr. Goody's object?--to get featured on Mike Rivero's by which he'd get a few people to read and some to ck-in telling him what a wonderful, good, "moral" person he, Mr. Goody, is, but who won't stick around too long when they find-out what an empty, utterly worthless wind-bag Mr. Goody really is, ho ho hoho ho.

So now u see the purpose of 9/11 and how it happened when u realize so many people are such stupid, hubris-filled liars like Mr. Goody who just wants to pretend he's all for what's "good"--it's why he's called and known as Mr. Goody, who also likes to denigrate Christians and Christianity, calling others "hypocrites," thus making Jews and satanists feel so comfortable and confident for perpetrating their crimes, like 9/11.

Thus when a country is full of such scummy hypocrites, liars, and flunkies for Jews and satanists like Mr. Goody, one begins to see how 9/11 is successfully perpetrated. Mr. Goody keeps things safe for Jews and satanists, the perpetrators of 9/11, Jew S A immersed in hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For Jews and satanists THRIVE in a culture dominated by such hypocrites, liars, and scum as Mr. Goody, folks, never doubt. Mr. Goody is INTEGRAL part of the general problem, including 9/11, which couldn't have happened without people like Mr. Goody.

Long as there are hypocrites and traitorous, satanistic scum like Mr. Goody, u're going to have more 9/11s, folks.