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Dis-Info, Anti-Patriot Sites

[This page will cover the dis-info and those sites which carry it and which pretend to being patriot or "nationalist."]

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Thus "patriot"-styled dis-info is best exemplified by such as

(a) (a SATANISTIC, nearly explicit anti-Christ site, surely funded by Jews, for purpose of splitting opposition fm Christian leadership),

(b) (these emphasizing moralism-Pharisaism/subjectivism), (ditto), and

(c) perhaps most especially, by, this last run by the "respectable" Prof. Kevin MacDonald who works to legitimize and perpetuate fiction there are "good Jews," or that Jews can be "white" too--like mestizos or mulattos.  But I've confirmed MacDonald is strictly in it for Jew money.

(d) Of course then there are the ostensibly "Christian"-oriented sites, but which merely dish-out the same old stinking MYSTICISM and "faith" balderdash, so utterly useless and feckless--there are lots and lots and lots of these sites, far too many to mention any that stand-out. is run by the Jew, Nat Kapner, who now posing as Greek Orthodox, imagines he will dictate Christian orthodoxy for the brain-dead scum who frequent his site.

And note all blogspot and wordpress blogs are Jew-overseen and subject to instant removal, obviously.

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This Is Undoubtedly Worst Prop.-Dis-Info Effort Yet By White Reference
(Apollonian, 10 Jul 10)

AA (, u're really toooooo much, esp. on this particular story for which there's actual video footage for what really happened. See, "Former BART...," 10 Jul 10. The cop just out-and-out murdered the poor victim who happened to be black, and who was hand-cuffed, on the ground, on his belly, and under control of officers all around him. I don't have ready citation for the video, but it can surely be googled pretty easily w. all the other info u give.

Blacks are certainly NOT our people, and there must be racial separation--and this is a tough problem, reason being we gentiles need a coalition of ALL races in order to confront and defeat the Jew-led conspiracy--which Jews u're aiding and assisting by this present blog story of urs by which u strive so grossly to exacerbating racial animosity. U're ONCE AGAIN unquestionably doing the Jews' work, diverting fm the PRIMARY PROBLEM, Judeo-conspiracy.

I watched the video, and all testimony agrees this cop, Mehserle, calmly and gratuitously drew his revolver on the victim who was already hand-cuffed and shot him in deadly cold-blood. So cop is guilty of murder, even if involuntary, assuming jury believes he really thought it was only the taser, not revolver.

U do however, give a good exposition of the double-jeopardy issue--but which is actually rather a diversion. And u rightly note the Jew-financed "anarchist" instigators of the subsequent rioting. But u've chosen very poorly for a story about oppression of white folk. Blacks are understandably protesting outright, deliberate, and even plainly evident (due to video of event) cold-blooded murder. All people are oppressed by present ZOG-Mammon dictatorship and empire-of-lies led and controlled by Jews.

Ur dis-honesty and crass prejudice is shown when u assert Mehserle "accidentally" drew his revolver--u don't KNOW this--and u FAIL to note there's actually video of the event, even though u mention video of the rioting--very poor journalism, which is actually just deliberate propaganda on ur part.

And there's yet another MAJOR item u leave out: at first the cops were not aware of the video of the murder, and for days they lied and INSISTED the murder was justified, that the victim had resisted and posed a grave danger, etc. It was only several days later the video of the murder actually came out and cops were exposed for the horrific conspiracy to cover-up--all of which u don't mention.

So u see, AA, we're really finding out more and more about u and ur MORMON mentality and associates--how U CANNOT BE TRUSTED anymore than Jews can be trusted.

U say blacks are NOT white, not loyal part of the people of USA?--NEITHER ARE U MORMONS, are u?--and we see this antipathy of urs for the Christian and gentile people over and over and over in various different ways.

This blog of urs on the BART cop is undoubtedly ur very worst journalistic effort that I've observed, a blatant attempt to "spin" and mis-represent the full facts, attempting to working for ur mentors, evidently the Jews, sowing and promoting racial animosity and dis-unity among the gentile people.

U ought to be ashamed--for one can't blame the negroids for so understandably protesting such a gross murder and, additionally, the gross attempt of cops to lying about the plain and simple facts. And this miserable effort on ur part is why we the people so much need a free market to get the fullest story and details about these events.

Don't doubt we real patriots are keeping an eye on people like u, AA, who only work for Jews--under pretentious cover that u're working for "white" people within whom u want to pretend Jews may be included. U're now exposed as mere part of same Jew-funded/-financed axis consisting of Prof. K. MacDonald and Dave Duke who are evidently on take fm Jews.

CONCLUSION: U ought to get smart, comrade: PRIMARY enemy is not other races but for Jews and their relatively few cohorts (esp. queers) who consist of relative small minority among and within the other races. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Problem For Jews, Kapner Is THEY WORSHIP LIES
(Apollonian, 8 Jul 10)

So what's problem w. Jews? (see're Talmudists, hence liars--THE foremost liars of all time, who worship lies, lying, and liars (yes, they worship themselves). See and for best Talmudic expo.

So u see, as Jews are at war w. truth, they're at war w. all humanity, and humanity is forced to defend themselves, Christ leading the way by his Godly, but still allegorical advice, never forget.

The reason is lies are the way of war, and Jew god, never forget is a war-god who excuses all Jew criminality and mass-murder. After all, Jews murder as God told them to--according to Jews.

Furthermore, Jews lie and say they were murdered, and that's why they have to murder nowadays.

Jews are such brilliant, masterful, and sublime liars they naturally infiltrate Christian churches, as goyim are "sinners" and willing to lie to themselves--they're just not as organized, sublime liars as Jews--that's why Jews are sooooooo dominant.

Thus Jews presently run foremost, ruling fraud institution, COUNTERFEIT fraud of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see and for expo/ref.) which now owns and controls everything else but for a few brave and honest souls who continue to survive and hold-out against Jew monsters and oppressors.

And that's where Nat Kapner of comes in--he's just another Jew liar and fraud who now thinks he'll lead stupid Christians as he does presently fm his web-site.

And why and how is Nat Kapner sooo noxious Jew in his own rite?--because he pretends there are "good" Jews like there are "good" Talmudists (definition of Jews are they're followers of Talmud, led by their rabbis), like there are "good" psychopaths.

For ALL Jews must be removed and EXPELLED, PERIOD. There are NO "GOOD" JEWS, and any decent human must never let on he was Jew. Jews will be arrested, confiscated, interned, separated by sex, and watched carefully as they die out.

Jews of race who keep loyal to gentile humanity still will NOT be allowed to vote, hold office, own significant property, or pro-create--they will be watched most carefully.

CONCLUSION: So that's problem w. Kapner, a Jew case in pt., who pretends there are "good" Jews--which then causes Kapner to work for preservation and interest of Jews, this against interests of gentiles who must most urgently remove and eliminate Jews for sake of their own safety, preservation, and defense--which Kapner works against, regardless of lies he tells as typical Jew. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


"Why Spencer decided to roll over completely without even attempting to negotiate a plea deal is beyond me. Perhaps his lack of resources precluded a more vigorous legal fight.", "Johnny Logan...," 7 Jul 10

* * * * *

Obama/Soetoro And Co. Are Simply Abrogating US Constitution
(Apollonian, 8 Jul 10)

Well duhhhhhhhhhhh, AA, obviously--they got the poor schmuck in jail along w. all the other rabble, and he's obviously not happy just sitting there rotting away, eh? See, "Johnny Logan...," 7 Jul 10.

Observe usurper Obama/Soetoro and co. are conducting traitorous, illegal, genocidal wars while USA is literally BANKRUPT, w. a 13 trillion + dollar foreign debt, continuing to run trillion + dollar annual budget deficits, illegally suing state of Az. on behalf of foreigners.... U get it?--Obama/Soetoro admin is CLAMPING DOWN against the citizenry for their rights--ESPECIALLY dissent as in case of Mr. Spencer. Obama/Soetoro and co. DON'T CARE ABOUT U.S. Constitution.

And these criminals at the top are able to CONDUCT their nefarious and satanic enterprises as they control and manipulate that COUNTERFEITING scam/operation called the Fed--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank.

Hence Obama/Soetoro and associated Judeo-conspirators have succeeded in bribing and corrupting all the rest of the gov., including politicans and judges, by means of this COUNTERFEITED funding they're able to exploit, as we see.

It's important to NOT UNDER-ESTIMATE the great power and effect of this COUNTERFEITING as it enables almost literally INFINITE funding to bribing anyone, and/or alternatively paying for their assassination by means of such as CIA or Israeli MOSSAD.

And criminals will continue to doing this UNTIL the US Dollar finally collapses for its value after imminent HYPER-inflation, up-coming. Only then will lower-level enforcers begin to lose their loyalty to erstwhile pay-masters and the people then having a chance to successfully revolting.

CONCLUSION: So only practical thing we, the people, can do is to CONSOLIDATING against the Jew criminal masterminds at the top--NOT helping the Jews by fomenting race-war and -animosity, which thus diverts fm this fundamental and controlling criminal conspiracy, as u do here so often along w. ur Jew-friendly cohorts, Prof. MacDonald and Dave Duke who pretend there are "good" Jews--who are even "white," as MacDonald likes to promote. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


White Reference Strikes Low Blow In Gratuitous, Jew-Like Gloating, Following Jew Program
(Apollonian, 6 Jul 10)

Here u go again, AA, continuing to follow the Jew program, emphasizing racial animosity--RATHER THAN JEW CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY beginning w. COUNTERFEIT scam of US Fed (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) which controls literally EVERYTHING else about this culture.  See, "Another NFL...," 5 Jul 10.

Note drug laws are absolutely un-constitutional and irrational. Anyone should be allowed to own, buy, and possess whatever drugs he/she wants. Drug laws only support the Jew-owned and -controlled corporate monopoly on drugs which has dominated the otherwise free market at least since Rothschild-controlled British East India Company conducted the opium trade, conducting wars w. China in early to mid-nineteenth cent.

AA, u only continue to demonstrate u're mere shill for Jews, u along w. Linder/VNN (, Prof. K. MacDonald (, and Dave Duke.

And u're a Mormon too, as u've admitted, demonstrating the anti-Christ nature and proclivity of Mormonism, I'm constrained to pt-ing out, Mormons actually holding that ANYONE can become God--a very little-known fact which I only lately came to discover--and which very much identifies Mormons as much like Jews in their own presumed pretension to godliness and perfectly "free" will.

Regarding negroidal Russell, there's nothing particularly notable at all whatsoever for these latest happenings. All u're really doing is gloating, like white trash, over a poor nigger's mis-fortune, that's all.

CONCLUSION: Negroids are certainly NOT our people, but they're equally oppressed by the Jew, as white folk are oppressed. And negroids are indubitably potential allies against the Jew. This story of urs, on Russell, is TOTALLY gratuitous and mean-spirited, merely "piling-on," that's all, exploiting someone else's mis-fortune. Russell may be a negroid, but u're acting no better than a white-nigger urself, AA, sucking along w. the Jew program, as I say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


White Reference Has Turned Into Crass Gossip Column For Jew And Queer Impersonators, Clowns, And Buffoons
(Apollonian, 4 Jul 10)

Good Lord, AA, u seem to have hit proverbial "jack-pot" for gossip-interest w. this latest story--what purest bull-shit. See, "NSM...," 3 Jul 10. Stupid "nazi" wannabes need to get serious and quit clowning around--there's things they could genuinely be doing (see below, conclusion paragraph).

Observe how practically EVERY comment so far, above, is about gossip and PERSONALITY--NOTHING about any substantial issue whatsoever--is this how WhiteReference wants to reduce to Jew-serving absurdity?

Nazi ideology is well-known magnet for impersonators, clowns, queers, buffoons, and esp. agent-provocateurs, these last heavily stocked w. Jews pretending they can pass as "white." I'm sure there are lots of Jew trolls and their queer suck-alongs commenting too.

Of course, reason there's always such "nazi"-themed activity is it's easy way Jews can fund and finance most entertaining DIVERSION and distraction fm their paramount scam of Fed COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud).

By means of such RACE-WAR theme, Jews hope to keep stupid, lower-level gentiles occupied and distracted fm their paramount CRIMINAL enterprise and COUNTERFEITING conspiracy.

Aside then fm the COUNTERFEITING theme, fuelling and funding ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, the other primary issue that gets over-looked is necessary counter-activity against the real WEAK-PT. to Judeo-conspiracy which is that nexus w. "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

Note most Judeans of the time of Christ were not "Jews," defined as followers of Pharisees and later Talmud. Remember further, Christ was Gallilean.

Jews absolutely NEED JCs as foremost accomplices and collaborators to maintain any cultural respectability and legitimacy, JCs running interference for them, intimidating the ENTIRE rest of gentile culture, esp. here in USA.

And note Christianity is really a large CULTURAL issue--not merely "religious." In other words, note Christianity is really, at root, profoundly ANTI-SEMITIC, Christ explicitly repudiating Jew Talmud, as at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9.

CONCLUSION: Good nazis don't have to be Christian themselves to simply be able and willing to pt. these simple anti-semitic facts out to the poor JC dupes, most of whom don't willingly seek to being traitors to USA, supporting Israeli terror-state. All nazis need do is show up in front of JC churches (or ANY establishment "Christian" place whatsoever, all of them dominated by Jew funding, never forget) w. signs which remind them of obvious anti-semitism of Christ who cursed the Pharisees (see Gosp. MATT, entire 23rd chapt). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Primary Problem Is JEWS, Jews, Jews And Their CRIMINAL COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACY--NOT Race-War
(Apollonian, 2 Jul 10)

Jimbo: nigger, like all niggers world-wide, is just a monkey under control of Jew puppet-masters who manipulate things by means of COUNTERFEITING of such as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and See below-copied fm, "South African...," 1 Jul 10, comments. Most non-whites understand Jew problem too.

Jews want to divert and distract patriots by means of "white nationalism" to race-war against non-whites, Jews pretending to being "white," this Jewwy scam seconded by such high-brow agents as Prof. MacDonald of and Dave Duke who take Jew money pretending "some" Jews are okay human-beings. But we and all gentiles rather need JEW-EXPULSION as TOPMOST PRIORITY.

Primary problem is NOT niggers or race-war promoted by Jews to keep gentiles in-fighting and distracted, but rather Jew-led and master-minded CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, esp. in form of such Fed COUNTERFEITING--THIS IS SOURCE OF IT ALL, Jews taking advantage of hubris and stupidity of over-populated gentiles.

CONCLUSION: Gentiles gotta get serious and wean themselves fm idiotic abstractions and diversions. Gentiles have to get CONCRETE (in accord w. simple sensory evidence) and face up to fact US Fed, for example, is just simply COUNTERFEITING, once again--and this is how Jews get away w. all their criminality against stupid gentiles suffering "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome within CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied-----------------
jimbo! said...

that repulsive fucking nigger who wrote about butchering white babies has got a monkoid face that desperately needs "re-arranging" with a broken beer bottle!

9:26 AM


WN-Ism And A3P Are Jew Fronts Designed To Subvert Gentile Unity Against Jews
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 10)

Well, I briefly ck'd out some of the "program" positions and details for A3P; they don't seem too bad on the whole, pretty common-sensical, I'd say--they're against Fed COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), though they don't call it exactly that, unfortunately, but it's lacking a huge and obvious necessary thing--ANTI-SEMITISM--we need Jew-Expulsion, don't u see. See, "American Third...," 22 Jun 10.

For it's by means of focusing on a NEGATIVE that immediately unites people first and most, and Jews are just what doctor ordered. But with money-grubbers and sell-outs like Prof. Kevin MacDonald, A3P is un-likely to feature this necessary anti-semitism, MacDonald encouraging Jews to imagine they can be "white" too (ck his site at TheOccidentalObserver/TooBlog).

For in truth, Jews and their suck-along cohorts, like "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) are PRIMARY enemies of all humanity, including Americans.

Next best thing then after explicit, overt, outright anti-semitism is to endorse CHRISTIANITY, which is at least implicit anti-semitism, but this also A3P seems un-likely to doing--and this is what's so troubling about A3P, in all truth.

For "white nationalism" (WN) is just a JEW FRONT, designed to take-away fm that necessary Christian leadership, WN-ism designed to subvert Christian anti-semitic coalition OF ALL GENTILES against Jews.

CONCLUSION: And this then is why A3P is UN-satisfactory and inadequate--lacking explicit anti-semitism, failing to endorse that rationalist-oriented Christianity, best designed then against not only Jews, but also primary Jew supporters, JCs. Remember necessary revolution is towards anti-semitism, and Christianity is that obligatory mediating aesthetic made to order. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Necessary Revolutionary Style Must Embrace AESTHETIC, Thus Christian Ideal Of Truth, Consistent With Reason
(Apollonian, 15 May 10)

Yes Chris, just as u say in ur last sentence of commentary, "evidence" is "overwhelming"--but for what conclusion?--a total Jew take-over?--but I suspect there must be more to it. See, "Dems Idea...," 14 May 10. Thus Jews seek evermore to CONSOLIDATION for their ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies as they maneuver to "position" themselves for coming warfare.

Jews know their empire won't last in present form, US Dollar collapsing as world "reserve currency," so they're getting in position for successful warfare campaign, hoping to render gentiles to being powerless to affect them, Jews, gentiles to be reduced for their population, for one thing on Jew agenda.

And gentile people, pathetic fools, are dazzled, struck dumb, and be-numbed, like zombies, jaws-dropped, flat-footed and staring, not knowing what to do. Jews have succeeded verily in keeping the people so largely befuddled, diverted, and confused.

But basic fraud working is CRIMINAL conspiracy--NOT race-war or -conflict as is being sold by such as MacDonald at TOO (, and other "white nationalists" (WNs), who is an accomplice whether he knows it or not. Could MacDonald really be that stupid?

Hence and again, we patriots must estimate our position as dire situation evolves so as to rally our dear, good people. A PURELY INTELLECTUALIST-type approach, like that of Ron Paul (, is not going to work for style, even though there's much substance to it--still it's incomplete and inadequate.

But the substance of patriot program must surely be subject to rationalist, intellectual analysis (which I've largely already done--at

Style of appeal to people must emulate original CHRISTIAN revolution of St. Constantine the Great--it must be ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) as folks most easily unite AGAINST A NEGATIVE, and Jews perfectly fit that bill like absolutely no other--even though Jews (idiotically) attempt hysterically to making out nazis as special demons.

Only trick now is to understand well enough how to present this REAL AND TRUE, anti-semitic, Christianity--which is actually easily done. And the special targets then must be the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists and apostates, liars and gross false prophets, truly, who TREASONOUSLY support enemy terror-state of Israel. "Evidence is over-whelming," never doubt, for this horrific conspiracy before our very noses.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christian ideal is TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, converting in strict logical terms as (Aristotelian) OBJECTIVITY, necessary criterion to such truth, vs. Jew lies founded in subjectivism, thus "good-evil" moralistic fallacy/delusion, Pelagian hereticalist trap for suckers, founded upon a pretended perfectly "free" God-like will. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


WHAT Is Going On Here, Comrades, Truly?
(Apollonian, 14 May 10)

A: The Problem: Jews, the Active Agents

Good Lord, dear comrades, but the world is surely hurting, isn't it?--and not only the world, but especially now USA and the West, caught-up as we are in cultural, political, and economic turmoil. But what's specific problem?

Thus we see the world hurts because the West hurts and certain elements of West are causing great hardships against the rest of the world--esp. then the Islamic world, USA and NATO attacking and mass-murdering in Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan, and other places, including Africa and S. America too, threatening nuclear war against Iran--and why?--for these Islamic countries have not attacked us. It was Israel and other Jews who are primarily responsible for the mass murders of 9-11 (see

So now we see the active aggressive force causing world's problems are JEWS, Jews, Jews. Yes, these Jews have accomplices, dupes, suckers, cohorts, and collaborators--ESPECIALLY those supremely stupid "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists--but the active, leading force is Jews, Jews, Jews.

Thus in general "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, we see the stupid, hubristic, gentiles and goyim caught-up with in-fighting against one another, Jews then on top, capitalizing and taking advantage, dominating and directing the general activity.

B. Nature of Jew Problem: CRIMINAL Conspiracy, Not Race-War(s)

And how are Jews accomplishing this horrific turmoil and mass-murder so well, so easily?--simple, they run most sublime and successful CRIMINAL Conspiracy, beginning in practice with COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) at topmost level, this COUNTERFEITING then running everything else, including esp. Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," as in Iraq and Afgan, etc.

So now then we conclude upon Jew rule and running rampant and murderously upon the rest of the world, using USA as major instrument of this horrific, murderous Orwellian-styled "perpetual war."

C. Circumstance For Jew Criminal Problem, General Cultural Hubris In Moralism

Thus Jew lies and psychopathology seemingly prevail against human reason and all efforts thereto--how then has this sublime Jew-sponsored anti-reason taken place? Of course, Jews couldn't by themselves so brilliantly de-activate general human reason--they rather merely capitalize upon general cultural HUBRIS by means of which reason is foiled, thwarted, and flummoxed--made to seem irrelevant or subservient to something else--what could that "something else" be?--and answer, as so often, is moralism-Pharisaism which rejects reason, this moralism rather pre-empting reason, over-ruling it, corrupting and perverting such reason.

Thus so many hubristic gentiles find, in their "prosperity," they now prefer to pursue "good" rather than reason, reason now (according to such as J.J. Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, and English Utilitarians) subservient to such "good," for there is no such thing as "good," such "good" being mere conceit and subjectivist delusion in objective, determined universe of strict cause-effect.

For there is no perfectly "FREE," God-like, human will. Human will is terribly and significantly limited to self-interest, thus subject to "sin," according for example, to Christian aesthetic and tradition.

Thus Jew lies, psychopathology, hysteria, subjectivism, mysticism, narcissism, and fascism prevail in putrid general cultural environment of moralism-Pharisaism which has removed and de-activated human reason, rendering reason subservient. Reason is defeated by moralism, moralism now trumping truth; subjectivism now over-ruling objectivity.

Note then there's a parallel-complementary method to reason, that being AESTHETICS, specifically then Christianity which was originally inspired and instituted SPECIFICALLY against Jew lies, conspiracy, etc., but Jew COUNTERFEITING has infiltrated, affected, and corrupted even that--at least now for the establishment institutes and organizations, they all now preaching Jew-friendliness, -sympathy, and cooperation thereto and therewith--Jews are soooooo wonderful, according to these corrupted Christians, Jew murderers imagined now as "persecuted," etc.

For note our dear Christian aestheticalist method properly defends reason against Jew psychopathology by means of up-holding TRUTH against Jew lies, Christ equated w. such truth as at Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

(1) Thus observe first of all how Christianity has become mis-represented as something apart fm REASON in the first place--and observe how present establishment Christianity extols anti-reason, usually in form of "faith"--which originally only meant LOYALTY, but is now mystified, Christianity itself thus rendered mere mysticism.

(2) The next mis-representation of Christianity is regarding afore-mentioned ethical principle and precept, the original highest principle being HONESTY in accord w. greatest value of TRUTH. Thus Christianity is falsely represented to being primarily about such idiotic things as obsessive "love," as in love above all, even against reason and justice whereby Jew murderers are allowed to run rampant as we see today.

D. Jew Criminal Problem Now Hidden, Veiled Behind Racial Distraction, Diversion

Thus observe in actual practice how Jews have the various, different races fighting one another as presently, the races themselves not noticing Jew enemy of humanity and reason at the top of all things now, instigating practically ALL the racial turmoil, animosity, and in-fighting.

Thus tragically we see the various races themselves fight-on against other races rather than seeing they have MUTUAL INTEREST in uniting and fighting the Jew, the Jew being basically a CRIMINAL problem, the races, however, distracted over-whelmingly upon racial-orientedness, thus most horribly diverted and dis-informed.

Perfect example of this racial distraction--over the CRIMINAL conspiratorial issue--is the site run by Prof. Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald refuses to grasp the CRIMINAL conspiratorial element and issue, esp. the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam directing and determining everything else sociologically, stressing rather the racial aspect, DOING Jews' work for them, keeping gentiles diverted, distracted, and dis-informed.

There are yet other "white-nationalist" (WN) -oriented racial sites, like and who pretend to being "rational," but are really moralistic-Pharisaist -oriented and really most irrational. (VNN) is notorious anti-Christ organization.
Most interesting is, for example, the utterly perverse collaboration of VNN with an ostensive "Christian"-styled site, (SWB), SWB really a gross mystic purveyor, preaching anti-rationalist, mystic "faith," construed as wishful thinking, wishing leading to God-like powers for creating reality.

Kevin MacDonald himself is known to collaborating w. the mystic Jew, Nat Kapner of, Kapner pretending he's "good Jew" who presently preaches "Christianity" on behalf of Greek Orthodox establishment church which collaborates with and excuses Jew murderers, anti-Christs, and psychopaths.

So again, observe the common thread shared by all these Jew-friendly and -sympathetic elements, who deceptively pretend to defending Western values and reason, is subjectivism and moralism-Pharisaism, the rationalists like Kevin MacDonald ignoring the primary CRIMINAL conspiratorial issue, stressing race; the "Christian"-styled hereticalists themselves invoking gross mysticism and irrationalism, overlooking Christianity is originally meant and designed to being ANTI-SEMITIC, hence an aesthetic defending reason in spirit of TRUTH, hence objectivity (necessary criterion).

CONCLUSION: Never forget then Western REASON naturally and logically opposes Jew psychopathology, hystericism, and fanatical obsession, and dear Christianity ALWAYS upholds TRUTH, thus reason, honesty, and hence anti-semitism. Gentiles need not, and must not get bogged-down and DIVERTED in racial strife--the Jew problem is simply a matter of CRIMINAL conspiracy, all other races being willing to observe rational virtue of HONESTY, justice, and reason, perfectly compatible w. Christian aesthetic, properly understood. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


BNP Is Horrific Disaster For White Folk In Britain
(Apollonian, 10 May 10)

BNP, as I've explained, is simply a JEW-COLLABORATIONIST scam and attempt to subvert the white, Christian, and gentile people. See below-copied fm, "Tony Paulsen...," 9 May 10, comments. NO ONE is more happy about BNP "success" than Jews. The poster above (see below-copied), "someday," is simply a Jew and/or Jew supporter--this is his Jew-oriented motivation. Nick Griffin is on record as supporting the holohoax lies-complex. (See,, and for expo/ref. on holohoax fraud.)

(a) For Jews ARE NOT WHITE--any more than mestizos or mulattos. If Jews are white, then "white" is meaningless. Including Jews as "white" is reductio-ad-absurdum, not to mention gross INSULT to intelligence of white folk.

(b) Further then, Jews simply acquire white punks, by means of BNP, to enforcing Jews upon the white people--a gross horrific betrayal by such white punks who are thus guilty of treason.

(c) Real white people are then ISOLATED against everyone else while Jews are thus relieved of precisely this very ISOLATION otherwise afforded by traditional Christian culture common to so many, white and non-white too.

(d) Thus Jews AND ONLY JEWS win, succeeding now in emphasizing, complicating, and multiplying the gentile in-fighting among themselves while Jews are benefitted, continuing their domination.

CONCLUSION: The only proper course is in ISOLATING Jews by means of a rationalist Christian-oriented coalition among all gentiles and white folk. For never forget the primary problem is CRIMINAL conspiracy led by Jews, esp. in the form of their COUNTERFEITING fraud known as fractional-reserve money and banking--like the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see and for expo/ref.) in USA. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied---------------

Someday says:
May 10, 2010 at 6:35 AM

Why would anyone expect the party to have its financial affairs in order when they are subjected to constant disruption of their financial affairs (eg by banks closing their accounts, court cases).

Why would anyone expect the momentum to be maintained when every success is followed by intensified disruption of the party.

Nick Griffin wins Euro seat (8/06/2009).

Guess what happened next?

‘The EHRC has today written to BNP over possible breaches of anti-discrimination law’. (23 June 2009)
‘BNP leader Nick Griffin says the party must redraft its rules on the ethnicity of members to avoid an expensive court case he claims could destroy it’. (Thursday, 3 September 2009)

If Griffin were to be replaced the anti white forces would be exultant.


The Sad And Tragic Case Of Prof. Kevin MacDonald, Jew-Collaborator, Money-Grubber, Abject Addict For Lick-Spittle's Place In "Academia"
(Apollonian, 10 May 10)

Prof. Kevin MacDonald has now banned urs truly, Apollonian, fm commenting on his blog, (TOO). For almost a month (fm Apr 8th to May 6th, 2010), I had the greatest fun there on TOO reviling and exposing the Jew-friendly fools who like to comment on that blog. I made it my mission to argue for complete and total JEW-EXPULSION. But we see the real nature of MacDonald, who's actually mere money-grubber, small-time extorter of Jews which Jews have now successfully purchased his soul. It's yet another tragic case of "Who's kidding who?"

We now see MacDonald is actually a Jew-collaborator, typical dis-connected "intellectual," lost in abstractions, who pretends there are "good" Jews (Talmudists) like there are "good psychopaths." MacDonald's pretension is, much like David Duke, he's not "anti-semite," or "racist," but rather "pro-white." Such then are the Jew-sponsored "GATE-KEEPERS" for the white-liberation "movement."

Immediate problem now, obviously, is MacDonald's understanding of "white"--for which he includes Jews--a putrid, horrific compromise and abomination, not to mention ABSURDITY and INSULT to white folk who have always detested Jews as matter of Christian religion and obligatory anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

And MacDonald is also found to be quite the money-grubber too, who now seems veritably to rather tending to think he can "extort," so-to-speak, this money/funding fm Jews--this by such as allowing genuine anti-semites like myself to commenting--until some Jew offers to donate a sum upon condition MacDonald bans anti-semites like myself.

U know how it goes--Jew doesn't really have to say anything directly--it's an art Jews have perfected through the centuries: Jew donates typically hefty sum (compared to typical smaller gentile donation) of money and says something vaguely complimentary about MacDonald's "scholarship," buttering up the old fool; then Jew makes a little crack on the side, "...though I'm sorry ur otherwise excellent scholarly methods and blog are tainted with such crude anti-semitism as of this "Apollonian" guttersnipe."

Don't doubt MacDonald, thoroughly intimidated coward, so desperate for keeping his place in "academia," is quick to take the hint: golly gee, now he's gained a "contributor" whom he can be sure to solicit later on.

I considered MacDonald would allow my pt. of view, esp. as he allowed many, many Jew-friendly and Jew-sympathizers to comment--why not allow my commentary for some balance, truth, honesty, and reality?

But the "jig" was up, I found when MacDonald brought out his blog, "Kevin MacDonald: The White Advocacy Movement Goes Begging," 5 May 10. For my position on that topic (money-grubbing) is DON'T ASK FOR MONEY--just say what it is, SPECIFICALLY, u want to do--then u can ask for some money for that specific purpose. Ck the aforementioned blog for those comments of mine which were allowed.

So MacDonald didn't like that pt. of view I took on the money issue, evidently. I also and further pt'd out certain things that could be done, most simply, most effectively--by way of attacking at the very CRUX of Jew strength--nexus w. their ENABLERS, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who so brilliantly and effectively run "interference" for the Jews and intimidate all the other Christians of the land and nation.

Another thing MacDonald didn't like was my "OUTING" (see same TOO blog, "Kevin MacDonald: Dr. Lasha Darkmoon's Latest," 26 Apr 10 and extensive comments) his Jewwy (surely a Jew herself, as I detailed) collaborator, one "Lasha Darkmoon," who pretends to being critic of Zionism--BUT STAUNCH DEFENDER of Jews otherwise.

I pt'd out "Darkmoon's" numerous Jew characteristics and subversion of "white-advocacy" which is grossly, horribly compromised with Jews included as "white"--which is obvious absurdity. For Jews are no more "white" than mestizos or mulattos--which "Darkmoon" herself always--JUST LIKE A JEW, as I pt'd out--simply ignored. Reality just doesn't exist for subjectivist Jews who decide to IGNORING such reality they find inconvenient or inexpedient.

Ultimate tragedy then is the "waters" are muddied for the place and function of Jews within the society, Jews, gross, foremost criminals (COUNTERFEITERS who run that supreme fraud known as the Fed--see and for expo/ref.) now legitimized as part of the "white" people, this horrific fraud endorsed by a subborned and prostituted "scholar," like MacDonald.

CONCLUSION: So thus we see then the cheap, tawdry, compromised, questionable, and problematic "scholarship" of Prof. Kevin MacDonald who pretends to such dignity, who now places his scholarly and "academic" reputation for sale to Jews and their service. The poor, compromised, addicted, demented fool who imagines Jews can be considered "white"--no less than mestizos and mulattos--it's really pathetic and tragic. Don't let this horrific tragedy of compromise happen to u, comrade pilgrim. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


It's Serious Cultural Problem To Be Solved For Everyone: Who's Kidding Who?
(Apollonian, 8 May 10)

James: (Kevin) MacDonald (editor of is simply revealed as the TYPICAL "academic" who pretends to being "scholarly" and "intellectual"--these "intellectuals and scholars" really a bunch of pretentious, cowardly, muddle-heads, filled with crap, isolated within an ABSTRACT world ("ivory-tower") of "theory" and "what if?"

These "academics" are phonies, looking for MONEY, all-too-willing to COMPROMISE--esp. w. infernal Jews. And of course, that's terrible, even tragic problem for present-day academia, infested as it is with Jews. Just to maintain his position in such academia, MacDonald finds he must sell his soul to Jews. Oh well, the weak will "fall" by way-side.

If u just ck the TOO blog for 26 Apr 10, "Kevin MacDonald: Dr Lasha Darkmoon's Latest," u'll see towards end of comments section, I essentially outed Darkmoon as Jew--it's obvious she's Jew. So u see what's going on.

Like BNP in England and Dave Duke (, these "academic" morons are willing to allow Jews to pretend they're "white"--get it?--it's obvious. Talk about gross, putrid, miserable COMPROMISE of intellect and concept. So now if "Jew" is "white"--WHO ISN'T?--including all/any mestizos and mulattos.

CONCLUSION: And u know, u don't have to be a college grad to see the brainless, idiotic, gross ABSURDITY of such sell-out to Jews--letting them pretend they're "white"--who's kidding who? Thus academia and MacDonald merely REDUCE themselves to absurd, rendering themselves irrelevant, laughing-stock. Who would take them seriously, but fools? So TOO becomes another sink for fools and suckers, like and a bunch of other sites too. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

#4 by notapawn4u on May 7, 2010 - 4:26 PM
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Well, I don’t know about those buffoons over there commenting. The lot of them seem to me to be total idiots and general wastes. The fucking morons couldn’t even differentiate between your posts and mine even though each is very clear as to who the author is for each post. Them being unaware that you are not responsible for the illustrations is understandable. Despite you being very clear with them that you were not responsible for their addition those morons couldn’t grasp it even then.

I say you’re better off fishing in a cleaner pond. I sensed a heavy, if not exclusive, audience of sayanim posters over in those tainted pools. Pointless to continue on trying to make headway against fanatical zionist agents.


Strategic Objective Must Be ISOLATING Jews, Criminal Conspirators--NOT In-Fighting Among/Btwn Races
(Apollonian, 2 May 10)

"Someday": Get it straight, comrade: basic fundamental cultural/political battle/conflict is that beginning btwn TRUTH vs. lies, this converting to OBJECTIVE reality (Western Culture), necessary criterion of TRUTH, vs. subjectivism (Talmudism), basis of lies, fraud, etc. See below-copied fm, "Kevin MacDonald...," 29 Apr 10, comments.

Hence it IS NOT battle of races--except against the Jew, basically and fundamentally. We need Jew-Expulsion, and for this we need a great Christian consolidation, rationalist Christian, all gentiles, white AND non-white being tolerant of overall Christian leadership and cultural unity, united against Jews and their lies, in exemplary style of St. Constantine the Great.

Note then again Christian aesthetic upholds Aristotelian objectivity, hence reason, science, rule-of-law, etc., AGAINST Jew-led and -oriented subjectivism, moralism-Pharisaism, hystericism, mysticism, and fascism.
Hence, in most immediate practical terms, battle is against the Jew-led CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of "bankers"-COUNTERFEITERS at top, these including suck-alongs as I've specifically identified.

It is precisely Jew OBJECTIVE to induce gentiles infighting among races, esp. whites against non-whites, thus ISOLATING whites--relieving Jews of precisely such ISOLATION--as BNP disaster in Britain/UK WHICH Americans MUST AVOID most crucially and urgently.

Hence it is NOT A "RACIAL FIGHT TO FINISH" as u falsely and perniciously indicate, u always doing work of ur Jew-masters with ur spinning, manipulation, and deflection.

CONCLUSION: Note 5th Commandment of original Ten reminds of simple common-sense loyalty owed to race, ancestors, people, and culture ("Honor thy race" [parentage])--and this is well understood by all races who simply observe basic Christian virtue of HONESTY in accord w. highest Christian value of TRUTH. So Christian unity and rationalist ideal is quite sufficient for racial preservation and security of all volk, including whites. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied---------------

Someday says:
May 2, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Yes, a racial fight to the finish is underway and that’s why we need to worry what our people – not Jews – think about our rhetoric. To stand a chance of winning we to get ordinary as yet uncommitted whites lining up with us on the side of their own interests.

Talking about race war is a sure fire way of losing the real conflict; the one which is being fought for the hearts and minds of of our people.


"White Nationalism": Jew-Sponsored Attempt To Subvert Christian Unity Against Jew Enemy
(Apollonian, 13 Jan 10)

Interesting cultural analysis u give, AA; problem is it's mis-leading and woefully inadequate. See, "2009 Gallup...," 12 Jan 10. For note "liberal" and "conservative" are mere buzz-words, "liberal" originally meaning freedom and liberty, now meaning the very opposite (fascism). "Conservative" merely means staying the same as previously. Problem now is if we stay same, it means staying locked within Jew communist dictatorship.

And Mormons are a very strange group of people who believe, as I'm given to understand, that humans can become God--Mormons ARE NOT Christian. And that's the fundamental cultural conflict, Christian vs. Jew, Truth vs. lies.

Hence AA, ur cultural analysis is very superficial at best, covering only externals, not getting to the real substance. For Jews make use of subjectivism and false moralism featuring "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy by which to mis-lead hubristic, corrupt, Mammon-worshipping gentiles.

Another thing u leave out, AA, is Jews are simply Talmudic criminals (see,, and for best Talmudic expo), constituting a literal criminal gang, most sublimely organized and collectivistically inter-connected, who've taken over corrupted, perverted, HUBRISTIC, Mammon-worshipping "culture" in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, consisting of over-populated fools, dupes, suckers, inferiors, and weaklings, sad and tragic off-spring and descendents of original conquerors and heroes.

Thus we see again, life is truly tragic, as Greeks originally taught, humanity horribly susceptible to sin, as Christians teach.

Jews then are mere parasitic disease-of-opportunity who definitively control things by means, first of all, of their COUNTERFEIT scams known as fractional-reserve money and banking, like present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref.

And "white nationalism" is evermore exposed as a Jew-sponsored attempt, as for example, Linder/VNN (, to detract fm most fundamental Christian vs. Jew conflict, Jews enabled thereby to pretending they're "white," ISOLATING white folk against everyone else (instead of isolating Jew criminals), distracting and diverting attn fm primary Jew enemy, pushing rather white vs. non-white, when all peoples are oppressed first and most by Jews, and all peoples can and should be united by means of Christian ideal of truth and honesty.

CONCLUSION: Once again WhiteReference is found wanting, failing to give the accurate, substantial analysis identifying Jew oppressor and enemy of God and mankind, totally ignoring the fundamental conflict btwn Christian vs. Jew, and utterly failing for analysis of substance, Christian TRUTH founded in Western objectivity vs. Jew lies founded in subjectivity and moralistic heresy leading to cultural corruption founded in fraud, esp. COUNTERFEITING which then controls and affects literally everything else in detail. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian