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Sunday, April 30, 2017

satanic establishment built upon criminal enterprise, stupidity, ignorance of the people....

Below-copied by ap, first submitted, but then mostly deleted by kikes, at comments,

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Rise Of Satanic Establishment
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 17)

What people don't realize sufficiently is that as things have gotten going w. our dear criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting (the central-bank), by which these top criminals end owning EVERY gosh-darned THING, it begins to establishing the RELIGION of SATANISM, by which these criminal scum uphold themselves in Godly, MYSTIC manner--the empire-of-lies. After all, they (central-bankers and satanists) want to pretend their currency is real money, right?--that this criminal enterprise is actually good and productive.

Well, just imagine how powerful u'd be if u had a monopoly on this legalized counterfeiting--for it's criminal EVEN if it is legalized--it's still fraud. All u need is paper and ink, and nowadays, a computer. U'd soon enough own literally everything, even eventually, people's houses and cars, hence be able to control everybody. Gradually, u might have to cut-in some "partners" who would otherwise threaten to blow proverbial whistle on u, and eventually, ur worst enemies would be ur partners at the beginning ("no honor among thieves"). U'd own and control all edjumacation, entertainment, media, even the churches--just like nowadays, eh? And u'd have to establish a culture of constant warfare for purpose of "perpetual peace," etc.

But there's no "conspiracy," noooooooo--that's ridiculous--why would u think that?

What is satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism by which one holds consciousness/mind is the creator of reality. So it's no wonder the edjumacation establishment now teaches "climate-change" lies and "science of consensus," etc., not to mention Keynesian economics. Thus we have "Pizza-gate" and child-trafficking, the former Speaker of the House, Hastert, involved in child-molesting, etc. Naturally, the media covers it all up, as at same time, it slanders the enemies of this satanist establishment.

And this rampant, raging satanism is where we are at this moment, the satanism now heavily infiltrated within all the establishment churches, controlling the politics and legal adjudication, lately engaged in the new industry of organ-trafficking and determined upon genocidal extermination of over-populated earth (Agenda-21 and -30) by various means, outright war, and by slow-kill methods as in USA and West w. poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, glyphosate herbicide residues in all the food, poison "chem-trails," etc.

Note the socialist ethic is anti-individual, the individual required to give-up rights to the society, the larger whole, in spirit of anti-selfishness, selflessness, the culture of death, featuring altruism, the ethic of death and suicide--it's all quite integral and logically consistent for the satanic society, featuring warfare, genocide, socialist dictatorship--the empire of lies.

Friday, April 28, 2017

satanism/subjectivism threatens to ignite to irresistable, raging forest-fire proportions, as in recent "march for science" attempt to pushing "climate-change"....

Ho ho ho ho--below-copied by ap first submitted, but then deleted by kikes, at comments,

Note the diff. btwn below and the one submitted at, which barely mentioned Israel and MOSSAD, below having no mention of Israel or Jews at all--they still couldn't stand it, ho ho ho ho ho--shows these kikes are absolutely terrified of info and truth, seriously, ho hohoho ho ho

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Satanism, Spawn Of Subjectivism, Given Pretext By "Good-Evil" Delusion
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 17)

Burdzinski, above (see ref. link), most perfectly, exactly, and precisely, states: "The first goal of the March for Science is to supplant the correspondence theory of truth with the consensus theory of truth — the belief that reality is determined by social opinion."

YES!--and in still simpler terms, March for Science wants to substitute SUBJECTIVISM as criterion for Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY--the necessary assumption of an objective reality existing outside the observer--something to be OBSERVED--which is what makes any particular science more than mere logic and gives actual SUBSTANCE to the basic logical method.

For remember: that observed reality then is criterion for any measure for any quality or attribute of particular substance under consideration/study.

Note further: (extreme) subjectivism is the definition and essence of SATANISM by which one makes oneself the creator of reality, the definition of HUBRIS and the degenerate, decadent society in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And unfortunately, as it's CYCLIC, this subjectivist degeneration is inevitable, only a matter of now psychologically encouraging (by means of clever demagoguery and mass-media programming) enough of the mass of over-populated goons, suckers, fools, morons and scum, who are fed "bread and circuses," the corrupt heirs of the original conquerors and producers of the original vibrant, healthy, and productive culture, turned to empire--who however had far greater respect for the OBJECTIVE nature of things, hence real science.

What then is the greatest enemy of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)?--it's non-existent "good-evil," the invincible particular subjectivist pretext, which has always eventually, in CYCLIC fashion, according to Spengler, destroyed truth, reason, justice, logic, law, and eventually, the culture, once healthy, vibrant, productive.

Thus God forbade "eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of such good-evil"--for there is no good-evil or perfect "free" will--except for God's. But the over-populated scum, rabble, morons, and suckers insist, too easily, eventually, upon worship of their and other's self-induced inferiority- and guilt-complex, for individual and collective.

Thus the only proper, objective monetary standard--finite commodity, like gold/silver--is now replaced by nearly infinite fiat (consensus and subjective) standard, printed w. ink on paper, and nowadays, digitalized on computer--legalized counterfeiting, by which the "bankers" (the "deep-state") now own and control everything and everybody--topmost criminal enterprise which necessarily controls all other criminality, directly or indirectly--the ultimate organized crime within the ultimate satanic/subjectivist society--which won't last very long, for obvious reasons.

For HOW can such satanism/subjectivism, once generated and now on the rampage be modulated?--impossible--it's like a run-away forest-fire which can't be stopped and can only burn itself out.

So the real science must heed to necessary premise--OBJECTIVITY, hence, I submit, determinism--absolute cause-effect. And there is no, could be no fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist (Pelagianism, according to St. Augustine) "good-evil," most perfect pretext for subjectivism/satanism, ironic as it might seem. Great work though, by Burdzinski.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Never doubt: Trump is all about Jews, his only purpose, despite any "nuances"--it's Jews and Israel first for Trump....

Trump: Jewwy Liar Is For Israel/Jews And Their Lies FIRST, Suckers; Heck W. America And Goyim
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 17)

Well, Trump came out for kikes and their lies, including their religion of lies and lying at the holohoax center in Wash. DC; see And Trump couldn't care less about America, only how America can serve Jews.

Bix Weir says Trump has a "secret plan" which will "crash" the Federal Reserve; see But regardless, Trump will only do it long as it serves Israel.

Note back at start of April, Trump and Republicans had the Democrats in retreat over the Susan Rice scandal, using nat. security for political purposes, and then Trump pushes false-flag Syrian "chem" attack excuse for his firing 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, and we haven't hrd a peep about Susan Rice since. Thus we see Trump works for Jews, takes instructions fm Jews, and the Jews take care of their "globalist" agents like Rice and Obola, who disappeared for a while, but has come-back lately, now having given a speech to Wall St. for $400,000.

And of course, Trump continues surely one of the very worst lies about "TERRORISM," like that it doesn't originate in Israel, by MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, CIA and FBI essentially directed by Jews, as we know.

And of course, Trump IS a Jew himself: see Interesting that Trump would be one who, yrs ago, went prominently upon TV to question Obola's birth cert.

So u see: "America first," was brilliant campaign slogan, but it was gross lie, for Trump is a liar who worships lies and Jews, and what is Jews' FOREMOST requirement?--CENSORSHIP of I-net--this is real purpose of all the war-scare and -hysteria, combined w. the rapidly collapsing economy. And after all, u don't want to waste a good crisis, eh?

For note George Soros, another Jew, is actually close collaborator w. Trump: So why wouldn't Soros and Trump collude for more and further rioting and turmoil within Jew S A itself, and along w. the other war-hysteria and -scare, work for police-state and that essential censorship of I-net Jews need so much?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Think carefully, comrades: what's WORST enemy of satanic kike filth?--ALWAYS TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--HENCE their WORST enemy is not Russia or China, or even Cent. bank crisis--it's free I-net, don't doubt....

Worst Enemy Of Satanic Jews?--Not Russia Or China, Or Even Cent. Bank Crisis--IT'S THE FREE I-NET, Suckers--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 17)

People must realize the basic Jew game HAS NOT changed: Jews want to rule and to continue to ruling--this is their FIRST AND LAST desire, obsession, and commandment. Of course, Jews cannot do this, to maintain their dictatorship without the central-bank (see for expo), so they're going to go to war to mask the present crisis of central-banking--it's their continuing, nagging little problem, this crisis w. central-banking. Jews' bug-bears now are, (a) "globalists" (where u find the "bad Jews," according to Ajax Jewns of and (b) the muzzies, whom they call "terrorists," when it's Jews who are behind ALL the "terrorism."

By means of the war, Jews imagine they'll negotiate w. China and Russia for the basic Orwellian formula, East-Asia, Eurasia (Russia), and Oceana empires, w. Israeli kikes in command-seat, telling their goyim morons in Jew S A what to do, and here, they, aside fm central-bank, just have a slight problem for maintaining censorship which they hope to finesse by means of the war-hysteria--that's the meaning of wanting to put Julian Assange away or to shutting him up.

Never doubt Trump is a kike (see who lies and changes his mind--"America first" was merely the brain-storm brilliancy of maybe Ajax Jewns or Steve Bannon.

Jew filth imagine they've got things sewn-up, perhaps, but Trump, the liar, traitor, and flunkey for kikes will allow great civil disturbances in Jew S A in order to get the police-state they want to CENSOR AND SUPPRESS, the mighty I-net--THIS IS WHAT KIKE FILTH FEARS MOST--the I-net and real info.

So get the clue, comrades, and don't fail to preach the REAL Christianity which is necessarily anti-semitic (Christian truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, vs. Jew lies, JOHN 8:44)--this is the basic cultural abstract approach. After this large abstract foundation, there are the simple virtues, measures, and ideals of real, commodity-money, hence gold/silver, and states rights, nullification, and secession. Everything and anything else, by way of solution(s) follow.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

satanism, dictatorship thrive in midst of hubristic puke, filth, and scum, led by kike filth....

Psychopaths Glory In Midst Of Brainless, Stupid, Over-Populated Puke ("The People")
(Apollonian, 23 Apr 17)

Was watching Max Keiser (see, and he explains he had to cut fm an int-view out in city public street area w. Mike Maloney due to fact in background there was James Brown music playing and they feared "copy-right" strike by Jew-tube for taking down the vid. Such is the terror being wielded by "deep-state" powers against the stupid puke, called "the people" of Jew S A, the puke now just far too over-populated, allowing deep-state dictatorship.

There's just tooo many puke, toooo stupid, too well led by kike filth; puke led by (kike) filth, guaranteed chaos, insanity, gross corruption, which will all lead to disaster--not to mention the necessary de-population, one way or the other. For over-population requires proper leadership to really stand a chance for survival, but stupid puke ("the people") imagine now, in their horrific HUBRIS, they're morally virtuous, etc.

The puke ("people"), u see, are just toooooo addicted to the rapidly fading "prosperity," and they dare not "rock" the proverbial "boat" for fear of disturbing their kike filth over-lords, telling them what's "moral," hence what's REAL--as "morality" rules and determines what's real. Thus it's "moral" to believe in holohoax (called the "holocaust" by Jew filth--see,, and for expo), hence it's real and actually existed--the Jew-induced pop religion. The puke have always insisted, following their kike leadership, that the American "civil" war was such a great thing as it "freed slaves," etc.

So we see the effective, active "religion" of the puke ("people") is what's "good," determined by kike filth who manipulate the Jews-media, the edjumacation, etc., the "mass-consciousness," according to Marx.

And now Jews controlling ZOG (-occupied government of Jew S A) fund, direct, and foster all the "terror" events, many of them being totally fake, false-flags, and this then justifies the wars and increased spending on the police-state, and the puke go along w. it all, hoping thereby to save and preserve their moronic "prosperity."

So the only thing that will cause the brainless, scummy, stupid puke ("the people") to lose confidence in their kike rulers and leaders is reduced "prosperity"--which is coming, prices soon enough to doubling and tripling.

And it's sooooooooooooo interesting to watch the kikes and their suck-along cadre, as among the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see for expo) scum try to staying ahead of things, so as to keeping control over the puke. JCs always want to blame "Islamic terrorism"--caused, funded, and directed by Jews, MOSSAD, ZOG, CIA, FBI, et al.

So Christian soldiers must merely keep these simple sociologic observations in mind, beginning w. the CYCLIC process of Spenglerian "Decline of the West." AS THINGS GET WORSE AND WORSE, economically to begin with, everything else (esp. politically) following, we real Christians must merely continue preaching the real Christianity, always emphasizing and reminding folks its basic, essential anti-semitic core, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), adding then, when convenient, that truth necessarily implies an objective (Aristotelian) reality, while Jew lies deny this strict objectivity, Jews rather pushing subjectivism, premised in their clever manner by means of pushing "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism). "We HAVE to have 'good-evil,'" thus the necessary subjectivist premise.

Thus, just on the side, we see ZOG pushing the monopolistic economy and police-state by which they censor and suppress info, monopolistic Jew-tube and fake-book, for examples, arbitrarily censoring/suppressing info on grounds they're "privately owned"--at same time as enjoying monopoly status, getting gov. funds and favors--do u see the subjectivistic sort of legal grounds implied?--the entire system is evermore monopolized, dominated by monopolists. And it all follows the criminal central-bank which has the monopoly for issuing the currency (not real "money"). It's too complicated for the puke ("people"), of course, to understanding, BUT they will take note when they start starving, the scummy, stinking filth.

Yes I know--it takes one to know one--that's problem w. the puke, over-populated scum suffering hubris, they think they're "smart" and "moral," led by kike filth, etc.--the "Tower of Babel" syndrome.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ajax Jewns ( comes to grips w. Jewggle (Google), but still lacks for getting to the CORE of the real cultural problem....

Jones And Catches Google Censorship Attempt, Red-Handed, But It's Not CORE Of Real Problem....
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 17)

So Ajax Jewns (, w. some help (Cernovitch), has caught Google corp. working to censor the news and info, Google using it's MONOPOLY status. See Google now pretends, awwwww gee, we didn't mean it, and we promise to stop, but Google must be broken-up and sold-off, and InfoWars and Ajax should give those monopolist scum no mercy and should go for the jugular--prosecute Google to full extent, to having them broken-up and sold-off. And of course, same treatment must go for all the other such monopolist elements of this corrupt culture, society, and economy.

This monopolist-corp. activity and treatment by Google is then discussed in detail by Cernovitch and P.J. Watson at and

But people MUST understand the real basis and genesis of the monopolistic establishment--it begins with and at the top-most monopoly/cartel, the central bank (see for expo on central banking), legalized counterfeiting, US Federal Reserve Bank--THIS IS WHAT PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND. Central-banking is literally a criminal enterprise--hence necessarily a monopoly--who else is allowed to put out (legally) counterfeited currency?

Hence the only real, proper money--not currency--is commodity, gold/silver being best (again, see "Currency" itself is actually fraud and criminal enterprise. So the problem is the meaning of words, specifically MONEY. Thus the people are defrauded by means of this ignorance of money, what it is and why--which is rather hard to believe. But still this horrific scam, central-banking, legalized counterfeiting, gets past, gets inflicted and effected by the powers with all their means, the monopolistic ownership of the Jews-media and everything else that "money" affects--EVERYTHING--the police enforcement, the lawyers, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats who are paid-off w. this funny-money

So Jewns and are to be credited for opposing and exposing this gross, horrendous monopolistic treatment by Google, but we see they don't really get to the heart of it, the funny-money, legalized counterfeiting core of it all that makes it work, that makes all the rest of the monopolistic conspiracy possible, like the Jews-media, and especially the drug and medical industries which are mass-murdering the people of the world by SLOW-KILL means, poison vaccines, drugs, "chem-trails," toxic radiation, electro-magnetic as well as nuclear, poison GMO foods, etc.

Still, what's the "CORE" of this large, general cultural problem? For the problem goes beyond central-bank criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting--it's the gross, putrid stupidity and HUBRIS of the over-populated people who allow it all, the definition of MONEY being confused w. criminality of CURRENCY which is yet legitimized in minds of the people. For the over-populated people are the ones who ultimately allow and foster the criminals and central-bankers who then work to mass-murder these people, in all the horrific irony.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The false-flag in Syria, done by MOSSAD and co., obviously, is downright insult to people's intelligence--which Trump used as his excuse/pretext for illegal bombing....

Next Psychologic/Political Revolution?--Realizing Hitler Was Right About Kike Filth, Who've Taken-Over
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 17)

What's next great psychologic/political revolution?--it will be more wide-spread realization among the people about Jew-control and -dominance of Jew S A, formerly known as USA. For what's the greatest joke we've seen, politically?--it's Trump's pretending about "America first," which did well for over-throw of globalists and hitlery, but is belied by Trump's betrayal of American interests in favor of Israel, naturally, in his bombing of Syria w. the 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles.

For it's really Israel first, for Trump. And notice further how this moronic bombing of Syria came right at the time when the "globalists" and Obola himself were on the ropes over the Susan Rice spying scandal, using nat. security surveillance for political purposes. So u see: the idiot, moronic false-flag "chem-attack"--which fooled no one--was used by the kikes in favor of Trump's putative enemies, the "globalists," taking lots of pressure off them.

People are going to realize Trump's son-in-law, the kike Kushner, is himself a globalist-leftist--and I think lots of folks know all this already.

So Trump is willing to doing this idiocy for kikes at behest of his "advisor," his kike son-in-law, aggravated by circumstances of a failing economy due to that Jew-inspired criminal enterprise, the central bank, legalized counterfeiting (see on such central-bank, -banking).

And folks will understand how Hitler really was right about Jews all along: they're scummy, murdering, lying filth, and they well deserve extermination--no less than they're now trying to exterminate the Palestinians.

Jew S A now is mere "dog" being "wagged" by kike filth, through such as Kushner and Trump--HOW can people fail to see?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gosh, golly, geeeee, but little shit-heads can't unnastan' Jew-tube vids are being arbitrarily "de-monetized," and poor little shit-for-brains just can't figure-out why and what to do, ho ho ho ho ho....

Awwwwww, Poor Little Scum-Balls Are Soooooo Down-cast: What's Problemo, Snow-Flakes?
(Apollonian, 9 Apr 17)

Awwwwwwwwww--isn't it sooooooooo sad?--the poor little morons, suckers, scum, puke, and filth--"the people"--are positively crest-fallen, perturbed, disappointed, outraged--their stinking idiot Jew-tube vids are being "de-monetized" and some are even being totally censored and summarily, arbitrarily taken-down. Awwwwwwwwww, ho ho ho ho ho.

But geeeeeeeeeeeeee whiz, u stupid little bastards, WHAT do u expect fm a goddam MONOPOLY?--doesn't it occur to u brainless little ****s that's what's going-on? How did u think monopolies work, morons? U wanted a dictatorship of "moralism," run by kikes, and now, what?--u're not satisfied? Ho ho ho ho oho.

Why should ZOG (Zionist occupation gov.) support anything that criticizes it?--stupid, brainless puke? What?--u want to talk about reason, justice, and TRUTH?--how dare u?--no wonder ZOG treats u so meanly, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho oho. ZOG can't stand reason, justice or truth, dip-****s--did u ever begin to want to asking WHY?--dumbasses.

And what's the top, largest, most powerful, ruling MONOPOLY, suckers?--it's the goddam central-bank, morons--they're the "deep-state," suckers, dincha' know that, u dumb little bastards? Ck for expo on central bank, fools--get a clue, dumbasses.

For what's another word/phrase for "organized crime"?--would it be legalized counterfeiting?--isn't that what the/a central bank does?--isn't that what central-banking is all about, pea-brains? Ho ho ho ho ho ho HOW did u think the criminals control everything, ****-for-brains? Do what they like and say; u get moooola, right? And if u don't do what they say, u get jack ****, eh? Ho ho ho ho oho. Try growing some brains, dip****s, maybe u'll figure something out some day, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

So if u little pieces-of-**** want to go back to making money off ur Jew-tube vids, then maybe u OUGHT TO BREAK-UP THE MONOPOLY, EH?--stupid, brainless little bastard puke, ho ho hoho ho hoho

Friday, April 7, 2017

Ho ho ho ho--observe, Trump's absolutely illegal, un-Constitutional military strike on Syria will be hailed by all sides, his approval ratings to sky-rocket--just u watch, ho ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not yet published, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Trump's Illegal, Un-Constitutional Military Strike Against Syria Will Bring Great Benefit, Politically
(Apollonian, 7 Apr 17)

Never forget Trump is mere front-man for Israeli Zionists, working along w. his son-in-law, Kushner, their job being to making Jews "comfortable"--which they've surely done. "America first" really means Israel first.

Notice how Trump acts like mafia-don who tells Germany they owe 300+ billion dollars, and now ordered a "hit" on Syria--he made sure no Ruskies were hurt, so they have no complaint--or not too much of one, anyway.

Note also, Trump and Son have made Kushner's people happy too, Kushner being a "globalist" and leftist. For the "deep-state" and Democrats were feeling tremendous pressure and embarrassment over the Susan Rice and "un-masking" "spying" scandal, and Trump's illegal strike against Syria took some attn. fm their ("globalist") troubles.

So Trump and Co. benefit for sake of Israel AND the "globalists" and Democrats who will now give him credit and compliments, surely, saying what a strong and "alpha male" he is. It was easy, win-win proposition for Trump, whose approval ratings will surely rise.

Maybe now Trump will get his Sup. ct. nominee approved, and then get his budget and debt ceiling problems solved for political purposes. So the strike was political success even though he deserves to be impeached and removed fm office for his illegal acts.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I thought Trump was supposed to be smart?--so he's going to suck along w. this obvious kike-contrived false-flag in Syria?--it only helps kikes of "DEEP-STATE"....

So How Stupid Is Trump?--Will He Fall For Moronic False-Flag In Syria?
(Apollonian, 6 Apr 17)

Wouldn't u know it?--here the Democrats AND "DEEP-STATE" are caught red-handed using nat. security surveillance for political purposes, and look at what those wily MOSSAD kikes do--staging a false-flag "chem-attack" in Syria, moronically blaming the Syrians and Assad, which everyone knows is stupid, which Assad wouldn't do and doesn't need to doing, the Ruskies having things well in hand, the "rebel"/terrorists/ISIS on the run.

And of course, things were well set-up before-hand, the US invading the country, Syria, totally illegally. So now Trump has the opportunity to serving his true masters, Jew filth, specifically Israel, ISRAEL IN TURN SERVING "DEEP-STATE," taking the pressure off Obola and Dems for their criminal spying on Trump and other things (like IRS mis-treatment of "T-party").

So now observe how the kike filth AND "DEEP-STATE" is served soooooooo brilliantly, their clients, the Dems and "DEEP-STATE," relieved, and now tensions over a possible war in Syria suddenly enhanced--Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee--it's win-win for the Jew filth, including "deep-state" isn't it? Jews and "deep-state" are soooooo smart and clever, truly, aren't they? And Trump, is he a brainless chump and patsy, or what? "America first"?--ho ho ho ho ho--well, it was a brilliant campaign slogan, for sure, getting millions of votes. And once again the American goyim, suckers, and morons are sold-out and snookered like the schmucks they really are, eh?--w. leaders like Trump and Obola, Americans don't need enemies.