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Friday, April 7, 2017

Ho ho ho ho--observe, Trump's absolutely illegal, un-Constitutional military strike on Syria will be hailed by all sides, his approval ratings to sky-rocket--just u watch, ho ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not yet published, at comments,

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Trump's Illegal, Un-Constitutional Military Strike Against Syria Will Bring Great Benefit, Politically
(Apollonian, 7 Apr 17)

Never forget Trump is mere front-man for Israeli Zionists, working along w. his son-in-law, Kushner, their job being to making Jews "comfortable"--which they've surely done. "America first" really means Israel first.

Notice how Trump acts like mafia-don who tells Germany they owe 300+ billion dollars, and now ordered a "hit" on Syria--he made sure no Ruskies were hurt, so they have no complaint--or not too much of one, anyway.

Note also, Trump and Son have made Kushner's people happy too, Kushner being a "globalist" and leftist. For the "deep-state" and Democrats were feeling tremendous pressure and embarrassment over the Susan Rice and "un-masking" "spying" scandal, and Trump's illegal strike against Syria took some attn. fm their ("globalist") troubles.

So Trump and Co. benefit for sake of Israel AND the "globalists" and Democrats who will now give him credit and compliments, surely, saying what a strong and "alpha male" he is. It was easy, win-win proposition for Trump, whose approval ratings will surely rise.

Maybe now Trump will get his Sup. ct. nominee approved, and then get his budget and debt ceiling problems solved for political purposes. So the strike was political success even though he deserves to be impeached and removed fm office for his illegal acts.

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