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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I thought Trump was supposed to be smart?--so he's going to suck along w. this obvious kike-contrived false-flag in Syria?--it only helps kikes of "DEEP-STATE"....

So How Stupid Is Trump?--Will He Fall For Moronic False-Flag In Syria?
(Apollonian, 6 Apr 17)

Wouldn't u know it?--here the Democrats AND "DEEP-STATE" are caught red-handed using nat. security surveillance for political purposes, and look at what those wily MOSSAD kikes do--staging a false-flag "chem-attack" in Syria, moronically blaming the Syrians and Assad, which everyone knows is stupid, which Assad wouldn't do and doesn't need to doing, the Ruskies having things well in hand, the "rebel"/terrorists/ISIS on the run.

And of course, things were well set-up before-hand, the US invading the country, Syria, totally illegally. So now Trump has the opportunity to serving his true masters, Jew filth, specifically Israel, ISRAEL IN TURN SERVING "DEEP-STATE," taking the pressure off Obola and Dems for their criminal spying on Trump and other things (like IRS mis-treatment of "T-party").

So now observe how the kike filth AND "DEEP-STATE" is served soooooooo brilliantly, their clients, the Dems and "DEEP-STATE," relieved, and now tensions over a possible war in Syria suddenly enhanced--Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee--it's win-win for the Jew filth, including "deep-state" isn't it? Jews and "deep-state" are soooooo smart and clever, truly, aren't they? And Trump, is he a brainless chump and patsy, or what? "America first"?--ho ho ho ho ho--well, it was a brilliant campaign slogan, for sure, getting millions of votes. And once again the American goyim, suckers, and morons are sold-out and snookered like the schmucks they really are, eh?--w. leaders like Trump and Obola, Americans don't need enemies.


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  2. The dumb, brainless punk (for Israel, kike filth, and deep-state Satanists) launches Tomahawk cruise-missiles against Syria: