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Friday, March 31, 2017

Le Pen (France) pt.s out what we really already know about fallacious "left-right" paradigm, but still doesn't quite allow herself fullest truth--it's satanism vs. rational (hence anti-semitic) humanity....

Nahhhh, Of Course It Isn't Mere "Left Vs. Right"--It's satanism & Jews Vs. Humanity & Reason
(Apollonian, 31 Mar 17)

So Le Pen of France tells voters it's not mere "left vs. right"; see and The two vids at the daily Kenn were removed by Jew tube, evidently, naturally.

And of course, lots of folks through the yrs, including the Birchers ( have noted how the "money power," controlled by satanists (extreme subjectivists) control both sides, "left and right." Le Pen now wants to say it's "globalists" and corporatists on one side ("leftists") vs. "nationalists" and/or "patriots," nationalists often backed by the Zionist Jews, as we see here in Jew S A, who backed Trump and who no doubt back Le Pen.

Don't forget Anders Breivik (of 2011 Norway massacre) was a terrorist mason and mass-murderer (if it wasn't total false-flag) who said he supported Israel in name of nationalism. Jews are behind both factions.

Le Pen is surely correct when she says it's patriots on one side, BUT those "patriots" must be anti-satanist, therefore anti-semitic, in order to be true patriots--because it's Jews leading the general satanic power, masons, homosexuals, illegal aliens, et al. See for expo on Jews and Talmud.

For on top of the false "left vs. right" is the satanic "money power" behind the central bank (see for expo on central banking), CONTROLLING EVERYTHING and everybody, as they have all the funds, esp. in way of nearly infinite currency.

What's interesting is Le Pen admits the "corporatists" trying to monopolize everything--and how better to doing that than beginning w. the currency (not real "money") scam, a plain and outright criminal enterprise, and monopoly, the central-bank, LITERALLY legalized counterfeiting?

So the only thing to analyze is how these criminals (counterfeiters) are allowed to rule and dominate: the only way we see and can verify is by means of OVER-POPULATION of stupid people who allow and even promote this (central bank) criminality and fraud to getting-by, and they do this on pretext of fallacious "good-evil" moralism, which however, the over-populated goons, scum, filth, puke, and suckers (takes one to know one, I admit) will fight to the death to defending.

It's same moralist pretext the goons invoke for the anti-prostitution laws and anti-drug laws--MORALISM IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT problem of society which fallacious "good-evil" pretext is defended by sooooooooooooo goddam many morons, dumbasses, et al.--I don't think I need to explain. It's why--this veritable OVER-POPULATION of morons problem--things have to get horrible and un-bearable before anything useful in way of solution can be done.

That's why anti-semitism (hence anti-satanism) is such easy solution (again, just ck, much the actual raison detre' (ultimate, essential justification) for our dear Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence objective reality, against Talmudic satanism, subjectivism, foundation of that fatal "good-evil" Pharisaism, Pelagianism in Christian theology.

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