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Monday, March 20, 2017

Note all the hype, lies, spin, fake-news, etc., put out by Jews-media ("tower of babel" syndrome)--purpose?--cog. dissonance, setting-up for terror-event, coming soon, no doubt....

Satanism, Terrorism Thrive In Condition Of Confusion, Cognitive Dissonance; Don't Forget Basic Christian (Hence Anti-Semitic) Principles
(Apollonian, 20 Mar 17)

Observe the false-flags and fake-news is continuing hot and heavy--what's purpose?--to induce cognitive dissonance and a state of passivity and helplessness, esp. for the weaklings, who are legion--it's just a form of terrorism--the setting-up for it.

And one of the gross terroristic lies is the usual, typical lies by Jews and Israel about "Islamic terrorism," pushed by their present flunky, Trump, and now including the yankee hill-billy, Ajax Jewns of So the next thing to happen, coming soon, no doubt, will be a huge "event," another false-flag, of 9/11 magnitude, blamed on Islamics, serving as excuse to attack Iran, no doubt.

For there is NO "terrorism" but for that staged by CIA, MOSSAD, and then associated MI6 (UK), and NATO, including the Saudis and Pakistanis who are associated "allies," and satellites (puppets, agents, and contractors).

So the most interesting question then will be whether Trump, the Israeli flunky, will endorse greater censorship, esp. in view of fact it was the free I-net that gained him his election victory against the otherwise totally fixed and controlled Jews-media. Because when this false-flag hits, it will immediately be detected, analyzed, and torn-apart by the still free press of the I-net. I-net is worst enemy of Satanists (Jews--see

Getting back to the deliberately induced cognitive dissonance and confusion being induced, esp. on part of the world-gov. "globalists," as of CNN, MSNBC, Farce-book, et al., we merely need understand that we should place greatest attn. and focus upon the serious issues and principles, not the details by which Jews-media (Joogle, Farce-book, and Twitter) tries to distract and divert.

For the things that are happening regardless the "spin," lies, fake-news, false-flags, and diversions are implosion of US economy, despite Trump's wishful-thinking, as he continues the counter-productive military spending. Economy is collapsing, suckers; get a clue. Soon there will be horrendous currency collapse (huge devaluations).

And what good will it do to de-activate the "globalists" while empowering the Zionists and terror-state of Israel?--which seems to be what Trump is doing.

What then to do?--remember the SATANISTS RULE w. their central-bank (see for expo) still at the center of things, even though "globalist" "leftists" may seem to be in waning decline. Satanism still rules w. Israel and neo-cons; Trump is their patsy. And if Trump is right about "globalist" dicatatorship, which of course he is, then same de-centralizing principle should be applied to Jew S A for nullification, secession, and states-rights--it's what we've needed now for 150 yrs or so.

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