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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Note the great irony to ZOG's "Agenda-21" program for genocide: there actually is an "over-population" of a distinct sort....

The Great Irony To satanism And Agenda-21 (And -30) Genocide--There Actually IS "Over-Population"
(Apollonian, 21 Mar 17)

Observe the circumstances for Agenda-21 & -30 genocide ("pop.-control") is there's a certain grain-of-truth to things in that, given the historical CYCLE for Spenglerian "Decline of the West," there really is, in truth, an over-population of goons, fools, morons, scum, suckers, and hubris-filled puke.

For note the successful empire creates this sort of population, descended fm the original conquerors, pioneers, and producers: consider simply the Romans. So eventually, the descendent population who didn't have to fight and suffer, or even, in so many cases, have to work too hard, become so HUBRIS-filled, as we see fm the present generations of USA, their policies are positively destructive, as by means of socialism and welfare-state, which penalize productive work and reward non-production.

For note the socialist ethic is collectivist sacrifice of the individual in favor of the "collective," etc., which always favors the top master-minds. Such then is the culture of death, founded upon the ethic of death, altruism, self-sacrifice, etc.

So it's no wonder then eventually the policy emerges for explicit, overt genocide--"Agenda-21" (and now -30), pop.-reduction. Such is the irony, the over-populated suckers ("liberals," leftists, "progressives," homosexuals, et al.) who go along so willingly w. the satanic master-minds rather endorse their own extermination.

And look at the real "over-population"--as of the bureaucracy, and then their clients (suckers) among the population--the welfare state. Thus the communist/socialist state grows and expands, including for the lust for ever-greater power for controlling things economic and political.

So this very real over-population of hubris-filled scum, goons, and suckers, esp. composed of "liberals," and homosexuals, is why and how we find ourselves in this latest cycle of warfare against satanism, the culture of death, led, as always, by the Jews who preach "agenda-21" prop. Don't forget to ck for best expo on Talmudic satanism.

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