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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Well, latest "vault 7" info fm wikileaks rather demonstrates and verifies the overwhelming power and effect of the central-bank instrument, eh?....

Don't Forget: Legions Of Over-Populated Scum, Puke, Goons, And Morons Need It Be Emphasized
(Apollonian, 8 Mar 17)

Well, now we've had Trump's complaints over Obola's "wire-tapping" fairly verified w. the latest Wikileaks on the "Vault 7" info about the multi-faceted surveillance done by ZOG and "deep state." Further, note it's also confirmed how ZOG can commandeer control of cars, how they surely murdered Michael Hastings, etc.

And what now this info further confirms is the ABSOLUTE power of the currency cartel known as the central bank, or the US Federal Reserve (see for expo). When u can just print-up, and nowadays, digitalize practically all the funds u want or need, u have nearly the power of God, able to buy everyone and everything, etc.--and well, this is what's happened, suckers--do u get the picture? Such is the satanic "deep-state," fools.

And we see Trump is all caught-up in it, this "deep-state," his own family inter-married w. kikes (Kushner, et al.), Trump talking in their terms, according to their lingo, like "terrorism," which they, ZOG, "deep state" created in the first place--what a joke.

And never forget: satanists and Jews took control precisely because of these now over-populated scum, filth, and morons, filled w. HUBRIS, pretending to non-existent "good-evil," programmed into them fm child-hood, the primary pretext for subjectivism, hence the satanist establishment which rules, so crushingly.

Thus the currency cartel and central-bank presides at the top of the monopolistic corp. state, busily engaged upon mass-murder in all the various modes, including slow-kill, by means of the poisoned vaccines, food, water, prescription drugs, even the air w. the poison "chem-trails," the toxic electro-magnetic conditions, etc.

Even more pathetically caught-up and un-witting is such as Ajax Jewns of, pretending he's "good," etc., the brainless scum not even imagining how he serves the satanic agenda by means of his pushing the implicit subjectivism in his ignorant, idiot's manner, by way of moralism, and Jew-sympathy, etc.

Ajax merely needs grasp he's being squelched and smothered by the currency cartel (the central-bank), only a step removed fm the monopolist instruments of Joogle (google) and Farce-book.

So first, the dumbasses must strive and struggle to grasp the horrific satanic prison in which they live, the "empire of lies," including "climate-change," "terrorism," etc. And there's actually EASY and simple way to remove it, as by means of states-rights, nullification, secession, removal of IRS, income-tax, progressive taxation, minimum wage.

Thus people must grasp socialism and welfare-state for what it is, a great prison/plantation in which they're to be exterminated, in accord w. Agenda-21 and -30. Socialism is dictatorship, simply the monopolist state and mentality dedicated to GENOCIDE, necessarily, the worship (literally) of death.

And Christianity, properly understood, is worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Christians must be PROUD they're hated by Jews and satanist suck-alongs and any other worshippers of lies. Racism is virtue of LOYALTY.

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