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Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Trump a dupe?--Regardless: he's integral part of "deep state," indubitably....

Trump: Integral Part Of "Deep-State"
(Apollonian, 3 Mar 17)

Here below-copied, is discussion w. fellow consp. theorist:

I began,
Here's my theory; consider how well founded it really is. WHY do we get all this stupidity by the "leftists" (really satanically directed), as w. latest Jeff Sessions controversy? For it's evermore known and understood it (the "leftist" lies and hysteria) does no good for them, indeed, only getting more people to sympathize w. Trump. So here's what's going on: satanists WANT people to sympathize w. Trump as he gets ready to backing Israel in war against Iran, most probably.

This (foregoing conspiracy) was all strategically rigged fm back when hitlery Clinton made her infamous "alt-right" speech and explicitly mentioned Alex Jones ( And u gotta have a war to cover the horrendous economic collapse which is absolutely certain. Note Trump meantime continues w. the big-spending, esp. for military, and increasing the debt, keeping the fools happy.

And Trump is all in w. this (foregoing conspiracy), why he doesn't prosecute hitlery, or pizza-gate, or Obama who's obvious fraud and criminal--all a charade--why Trump doesn't expose the Sandy hoax false-flag, and the other false-flags--why Trump is in w. Rudy Giuliani who was integral part of 9/11 false-flag.

"J" responded:
neocons are desperate to return to power and retain rights to control govt functions

Hillary is protected but she might be offered up

To which I concluded:
Yes: it's essentially "good Jew" (neo-cons, Israel first) vs. the "bad Jews" of the "left" and "globalism," why Trump has such as Alex Jones ( in his camp. It's well-known, further, that Trump is closely associated w. "leftist," G. Soros, in at least some business deals, I understand, easily googled.

Remember, satanism is extreme subjectivism by which reality is held as mere product of mind/consciousness, so satanists have succeeded by controlling the mass-media, the "mass consciousness," according to Marxism, Marxists. And the only "trick" to such satanism/subjectivism is to making it practical, hence collectivistic, hence organized by the foremost organizers.

This satanism is real, serious thing, highly organized, entailing (a) drugs, as u've pt'd out, (b) the child-trafficking, and (c) the organ harvesting, which is ever bigger business. And note now, u have a real, discernible satanic economy, within a palpable satanic society, which includes the homosexuals, these mainly dupes, but who are deliberately and consciously cultivated openly, but only under the guise of "leftism" and "liberalism." Additionally, the "Christians" and "right" opposition to satanists remain divided and subverted, as by the satanic pope, Bergoglio, et al.

Only "loose end" now satanists must secure is the I-net which has gotten away fm them--why Trump actually won, and which victory, satanists only finally grasped at the end when they knew hitlery would lose, thus had her thereupon to trumpeting such as Jones (

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