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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ajax Jewns of is pt.-man for cog. dissonance, setting-up for HUGE false-flag coming, compliments of Israeli/MOSSAD kikes....

Purpose Of Ajax Jewns ( Dissonance (For The Morons), Setting-Up For Coming False-Flag, No Doubt
(Apollonian, 10 Mar 17)

Gotta hand it to Ajax of he's brilliant in his way, knowing sooooo much about stuff like guns, gun-control, 2nd Amendment, other stuff too, like poison vaccines, gov. snooping, as we get fm latest "vault 7" wikileaks--and it all gives impression to folks Ajax knows sooooooooooo much about things, by golly. Ajax is sure a smart hill-billy fat-head.

But then, u get the monkey-wrench--Ajax is staunch defender of kikes--and he defends kikes soooooo cleverly, always willing to grant there are "SOME bad" Jews, ho ho ho, but, golly, it's just like everyone else--there's some bad Italians and Irish too, after all, Ajax will always say. This all, foregoing, is what's called "cognitive dissonance," fancy euphemism nowadays for LYING, ho ho ho ohho--by Ajax Jones, shill for the kikes.

And like Joe Farrah of World Net (, Ajax pretends to being "Christian," which is a lot like Judaism, according to Ajax, Judaism being just a variation or version of Christianity, ho ho ho ho. See for expo on Judaism. See or for expo on Judeo-Christianity or Christian-Zionism (same things).

For the up-coming false flag absolutely, as always, always, always, must be accompanied by huge, tremendous, cognitive dissonance, promoted, enhanced, increased much as possible, magnified, amplified, pushed, puffed, and hyped by all and any means possible or conceivable. Cognitive dissonance is why Ajax was explicitly mentioned by hitlery Clinton in her infamous "alt-right" speech a few days before the 2016 election--Ajax was and is to be made a household name, the better to "catapult the propaganda," as George W. Bush explained it for us.

Meantime, u'll notice, Ajax and lots of other right-wingers, are being systematically censored and suppressed fm "leftist," "globalist" Jew-tube (, Joogle (google), Twitter, and Farce-book, these all exercising monopolistic coercion, called "racketeering," as they've gotten away with, as Jews have gotten away with fm the old TV and radio times of decades past (post WWI). One can't discriminate against blacks, for example, but it's ok to do so against hate-mongers and racists as the leftists say Ajax is (ironically enough, as u see).

And what's the topmost, primary, and principle monopoly/cartel?--the central bank known as US Federal Reserve--see for expo on central-banking, a criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting, but which gets-by because of the stupid, over-populated masses of morons who now prevail, in Jew S A, and all over world, led by their Jew masters. And of course, Ajax NEVER pt.s this out about the cartel/monopoly complex that is working against him and his buddies.

And this gross criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting gets by because the people are stupid, led by Ajax. Fools, scum, puke, goons, and trash, called "the people," just cannot for the life of them figure-out what "money" is and must be (see for expo on money subject), and why, ho ho hoho ho--poor over-populated morons--HOW is it possible so many scummy puke can go on living?

Meantime, Trump has US troops now in Syria which seems to be illegal, but as it's done at behest of Israel, Trump gets away w. it all, and the same Jews-media which calls him racist never mentions this about Trump (or Obola before him) having troops in Syria. Note all the hub-bub now about the "deep-state" and CIA spying takes-away attn. on the Syria situation where CIA and MOSSAD (Israel) have been funding and supporting al Qaeda and ISIS.

And both Trump and Ajax continue to lie about "terrorism" which is all done, funded, promoted, and sponsored by Israel and Jew S A, also MI6 and NATO.

So u see the "setting-up" of the "ducks" for the absolutely certain false-flag that's coming, which will accompany the on-going currency and economic collapse--timing of it all is entirely at their choice and discretion. Only slight question is WHO will this false-flag be blamed on?--I'm betting Iran, but it could be N. Korea, eh?--good chance it might even be BOTH, ho ho ho--those clever satanists (led by Jews) have us all in such suspense, ho ho ho ho hoho

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