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Thursday, March 16, 2017

People must begin to getting a clue: the "culture" (such as it is) is captured by satanism, suckers....

Only Cultural/Psychologic "Solution": People Must Grasp Satanism Ruling
(Apollonian, 16 Mar 17)

There are just TOOOOOOOOO MANY stupid, scummy puke, filth, goons, and morons (yes, it takes one to know one, ho ho ho ho ho)--there are too many people--hence WHO (desperately) NEED LEADERSHIP.

How else can we explain gross, in-ur-face criminal conspiracy ruling and running everything?--like the central banks, LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING (see for expo on central banking). But since the banks print-up nearly all the currency (not real "money") they need, for funding all the wars they need, to killing all the people they need to kill, etc., it's hard to keep these poor, brainless, over-populated fools informed. After all, all they (the "people") want is "bread and circuses," right?--nowadays addicted to TV and football games.

So folks merely need face and reflect on fact satanism rules--THE CULTURE OF DEATH (built upon lies). The lies, of course, are tooooo clever for the poor brainless dumbasses to figure-out, like "Keynesian economics," BUT they can figure-out the mass-media monopolies lie, "Big-Pharma" monopoly is murdering them by "slow-kill" methods, poison vaccines, drugs, the gov., controlled by bankers and associated monopolists forcing people to take the vaccines and drugs, immunizing the vaccine-makers fm law-suits, etc.

So then what's the thing about satanism?--they're behind the "banks" and legalized counterfeiting, right, but then how does satanism arise? These questions might not be understood by all the stupid, over-populated brainless fools, morons, scum, goons, and puke (our lovely "people"), but at least enough of the leaders (the "good shepherds") need to be able to understand the basic idea: SATANISM IS (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM--the idea all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making one creator of reality (making oneself God--the definition of satanism, after all).

Thus it took Christ to teach there's such thing as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which couldn't exist in first place without the objective (hence God-given) reality. That's why glorious truth always RESURRECTS (Easter) as one can't kill it, anymore than one can kill (objective) reality. It's why Jews absolutely hate Christ (= truth, objectivity) more than anything, why Jews are satan's favorite little henchmen. See

And there's just this slight little trick about (extreme) subjectivism which makes it sooooo devilishly successful: (a) it must be COLLECTIVE and organized in order to work. satanism practiced merely by the individual is pointless, worthless, useless, and actually self-destructive, merely leads to psychosis. That's why most successful satanists are the naturally collectivist Jews and their primary accomplices among gentiles, the (free-) masons.

(b) Another basic thing to understand is this satanism arises fm a formerly successful, victorious, and "prosperous" society, usually (almost always) an empire--as we see in present American instance, the Americans having taken-over leading imperialist status fm the British before them. See "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, who and which plots the CYCLIC rise and fall of these empires, the empires always giving way to HUBRIS, corruption, and perversion (see "Pizza-gate").

(c) Finally, the original subjectivist pretext for satanism is inculcated at earliest age for the fools, suckers, morons, and scum, in guise there's such thing as "good-evil": Pharisaism, also known in Christianity as Pelagian heresy.  For there's no "good-evil" (or even true "free" human will) in an objective, hence determined reality in accord w. absolute cause-effect.

For it's extremely DIFFICULT to preach against "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy for which goons, morons, and scum will fight for to the very death--sometimes, under the right circumstances--esp. if it seems to pay well and the central-banks are still pumping-out huge masses of currency which haven't yet totally destroyed the economy and society.

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