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Monday, November 25, 2013

Poor JFK: he didn't realize who was the real boss--kikes, suckers--he found out


  /  November 25, 2013 

JFK Assassination Just Tip Of Jew Criminal Iceberg
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 13)

This is a good post (see above ref.) on important subject–and indeed, I highly recommend Piper’s book, "Final Judgment," which I read many years ago. Jews were all over this horrific crime, not leastly for controlling the Jews-media which helped cover-up things and distracting attn fm the people.

Kennedy was simply following a DEATH-WISH, I submit, given he was in trouble w. Jews six ways to Sunday, never doubt.

Not only was Israel itself under pressure, but the foremost Jew gang and instrument of Jew criminals (which is a redundancy) was under significant pressure too–the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam known as US Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed)–see for best expo/ref. For I understand Kennedy had authorized the issuing of silver certificates which might well have put the fiat-fraud of the Fed out of business.

And absolutely essential to all the Jew criminal network was and is their ability to just print-up (or digitalizing) however much funny money they want and need–this way Jews own practically everything and control all the judges and politicians, w. only few exceptions, like Ron Paul.

How can people contend w. these Jew criminals?–Christianity MUST be understood in simple, rationalist manner. Thus to put it in ONE word, Christianity IS ANTI-SEMITISM, this may seem over-simplified, but it really isn’t. And New Test. is DEFINITIVE–Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Thus by means of (a) first, taking over the local churches w. such simple Christian understanding, ANTI-SEMITISM, (b) the people, of all/any races, can unify and take-over local governments in spirit of 10th amendment, primacy of local gov., whence all power comes fm the people, freely and conditionally then delegating to the gov. One immediate thing to do is removing electronic-voting which is grossly, obviously fraudulent–and nullifying all/any other laws imposed by criminals and feds. Things don’t have to be so complicated, u know. Simplification helps for seeing most clearly.

Secrecy, "discretion" ESSENTIAL to criminals in empire of lies, never doubt

HOW Do Criminals Act?--In And With SECRECY--What Else Did U Expect?
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 13)

And here's another tremendous great vid:  Further, the poignant commentary is already well edited into the vid itself--why it's so great.  So now a commentator like myself can continue, building upon the great commentary already given.

So what's the pt. (that I want to expand upon, anyway) to the vid?--well, it's the record, the witnessing of a bunch of criminals conspiring against the people--why else would they demand it NOT be recorded?--think about it.

Would the Ron Paul people move to such sort of censorship?--of course not--for OBVIOUS REASON--the Paul people want to get out their msg to everyone and anyone--they're not afraid who knows or hears & sees.  The criminals in the vid, on the other hand, want to keep it secret for SELECTED conspirators and dupes--obviously, eh?--they urgently DON'T want the people, the general public to know.

Criminals RUN this country, and the way to take it back is to begin at the bottom--the grass-roots.  U just gotta know and understand--and spread the word about--the 10th Amendment--note it's just 28 words.  Power comes fm the people and ascends--only power the gov. has is what's conditionally given, "delegated," for the good of the people, OBVIOUSLY.

Easiest, simplest way to begin, I say, is in the churches--Christians are oppressed for reason, so it's important to understand Christianity is absolutely, necessarily anti-semitic (against lies, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Observe we're already being mass-murdered--by slow-kill/soft-kill means--w. fluoride poisoning in the water, toxic vaccines, GMO foods, other poisonous food-additives, like aspartame, etc., etc.--that's why cancer rates are soooooooo high and getting worse.

And the criminals have their power by means of a simple fraud--legalized COUNTERFEITING, as by the US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.--this is their basic weapon/instrument--everything else follows fm this basic fraud, now in the great empire-of-lies.

U GOTTA start killing killing killing killing killing--executing traitors, as traitors deserve

Doesn't Get Any Clearer, More Poignant--Treason Gets By, Succeeds When People Ignore Reality
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 13)

Ck for PERFECT example/instance of precisely what's wrong w. our culture of gross hubris, satanism, and lies lies lies lies lies lies lies.

Stupid brainless bitch in the vid just blithely tells us she was aware of the illegal code inserted in the computer text, but hey, she said she was told not to worry about it--and that was good enough for her, she doesn't care.  Then the scummy whore tells the Congressman to just take it up w. someone else.

Wonder what's wrong w. our culture?--could it be LIARS and CRIMINALS like this sorry-ass scummy whore?  So what to do?

U GOTTA START KILLING KILLING KILLING KILLING KILLING--u get it?--u poor, stupid morons.  If u don't kill them, they're gonna kill u, u stupid puke--U BETTER START GETTING A CLUE, U DUMB BASTARDS--to save ur dumbass lives, brainless morons.

And I absolutely guarantee u--after u and we have PUBLICALLY EXECUTED a few of these filth, the message would start to strike home--do u think?

At this pt., there's NO ALTERNATIVE--and this is why u KNOW there's war coming--because there's too many stupid puke in our culture who just want to watch idiot football games ("circuses"), and as long as they can still stuff their fat, scummy faces w. GMO corn-chips and such ("bread"), HEY, THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

And don't doubt the puke at the top KNOW IT ALL--at least as well as we know it here--and they're arming and preparing, getting ready for the next false-flag and censoring evermore heavily of the internet--this is what's going on, u dumb bastards.

God bless the Congressman for bringing out this info and examining the whore moron in the vid so poignantly.  Show this vid to EVERYONE u know, and tell them what u think about what I've just explained, above.

For HOW, I ask u, can a culture POSSIBLY, conceivably survive, if the laws are so blithely ignored and broken like this brainless, stupid, scummy whore demonstrates?--TYPICAL of our entire culture, presently.

So, once again, dip-shits: get a goddam clue--the time is drawing near when ur stupid life will be on the line.  TAKE CONTROL of local governments; start w. ur churches.  Christianity is NECESSARILY anti-semitic (anti-lies, according to Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--DON'T COMPROMISE on this principle.  Heed the 10th amendment--all power comes fm the people.  Nullify all laws that are un-Constitutional--this will be practicable the more people u can inform and organize.  And never forget: INFORMATION is first step to organization and UNITY, never doubt.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ZOG psy-ops getting old, ZOG having gone to proverbial "well," so often

Constant ZOG Psy-Ops Getting Old
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 13)

Ho ho ho--ck for outstanding analytic expose' on the Sandy Hook hoax, "Un-ravelling Sandy Hook," by Sofia Smallstorm--it was all an amazing, elaborate, extended psy-ops stunt/event which involved lots of "players," including gov. officials who then conspired to pass anti-Constitutional (esp. "gun-control") laws, committing treason and forfeiting their lives.  The Jews-media cooperating was also notable and crucial--they've all forfeited their lives--and they KNOW it, never doubt.  These are SATANISTS we're up against.

At 1 (hr):26 (min) into the above vid--the typical, simple, little fact comes out as so matter-of-factly reported by the lady--who is a professional cleaner, who wondered WHO (like what company) did the actual clean-up of all the blood fm the shootings, blood being a "bio-hazard" which always requires elaborate clean-up procedures.  Ho ho ohoo, the people, who worked for the state, she called didn't know what she was talking about--when she talked to Lt. Vance, he actually asked, "what blood?" ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Now ck, whence the dear lady pt.s out Obongo campaign's lies about the un-employment figures and expresses her intense disappointment in fellow citizens,  ho ho ho ho ho.  The poor dear doesn't realize we're well into "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and things just haven't gotten BAD enough yet for people to realize they need to start paying some serious attention.

So comrades, u just gotta keep ur heads, keeping ur eye on the context (Spenglerian "decline...")--people are NEVER going to take notice UNTIL things become evermore terrible--as long as they have "bread and circuses," WHY should they start thinking now?  Ho ho ho ho ho.

Of course, if Sandy Hook was so totally staged, well then everything else is too, like 9/11, even if not completely in all cases--meaning in 9/11 some folks got killed, including witnesses, not to mention lots and lots--THOUSANDS of poor folks who were poisoned by breathing-in the nano-particles, including asbestos, among the "first-responders."

So heroes, Christian soldiers, and patriots must merely be prepared to speak those necessary words at the strategic times as people become evermore aware of ZOG perfidy and atrocity.  People will begin to panic, but Christian soldiers will be prepared w. cogent info and calm analysis which will provide the necessary leadership--entailing 10th amendment, nullification, and secession.  Take control of things locally, starting w. churches, etc.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Review of Katz's "Jews and Freemasons in Europe, 1723-1939"--interesting despite the predictable Jewwy lies

Interesting, Even Revealing History & Sociology Despite Jewwy Lies, Lying
Book Review Of Katz's "Jews and Freemasons in Europe, 1723-1939"
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 13)

Just finished Jacob Katz's "Jews and Freemasons in Europe 1723-1939," Harvard U. Press, Cambridge, Ma., 1970, 229 pgs text, xi, w. notes and index 292 pgs.  It's the typical heavy Jew propaganda and lies, but still interesting.  So what's Katz's thesis?--well, he wants to go on a bit about how the Jews and Freemasons ought to be understood, he pointing out that so often conservatives couple the two together, Jews and Freemasons.  Katz now wants to show how some of the masons and organizations actually shunned Jews and excluded them, esp. in Germany, and before the French Revolution, Jews then only gradually integrated within some Freemason networks, but then suffering fm renewed anti-semitism of the late 19th cent., esp. in Germany.

Katz doesn't bother saying anything about the masons but for the usual prop. by which they supposedly strove to rationalism, emphasizing the universalist "humanitarianism" and "moral law ideals" balderdash, ignoring what they really are, a subversive and criminal secret society even if many of the novice members were really dupes of the outward propaganda, which actually much emphasized Christianity, the masons of higher degrees adopting cabalistic notions fm the Jews.  The truth is the free-masons were archetypal "liberals" and "progressives" of the times (18th and 19th cent.s)--vehicle of the satanism which so much pervades and dominates in this corrupted, absolutely Jew-centric age.

But then HOW do the free-masons begin for basic pretext in early 18th cent.?--simple: they're an arm of the banking criminals, including especially Jews, who foist legalized COUNTERFEITING in the form of paper and fiat money issuing fm central -type banks which then finance the various rulers of the age--who most often desperately needed money and financing for their wars and regimes--esp. for war and defense thereto.

Katz doesn't tell us this about banking and the rulers using Jews for financial purposes and fraud which had actually been going on, increasingly, since the Reformation; he rather merely goes on in extremely tedious and dreary general terms, writing often circuitously and in the passive voice, about how Jews so innocently, but naturally, sought to enter a hostile gentile society, and, tragically (according to Katz), coming up against the predictable prejudice against Jews.  The masons then were outstanding means of integrating Jews along w. their dupes among and within gentile population--at least, and especially for the banking/finance component.

Thus the "free" masons grew out of the masons who were stone-builders, or builders in stone.  Fm the middle-ages, these stone-builders were highly distinct for their abilities as architects and scientists who had to know certain techniques and even mathematics for their specialized craft in erecting the most prestigious and important buildings and structures, including churches, cathedrals, and fortifications, but also bridges and other things.

Eventually this distinct society of masons expanded beyond strict building in stone and evolved to calling themselves, many of them, "free-masons," emphasizing their style of "free," "progressive," and "liberal" -type thought.  Free-masons were "enlightened" and "illuminated."  And as the rulers of Europe were ever looking for ways of increasing their ability to tax and spend they made use of the criminal bankers, including especially Jews, always most organized and "connected" among the criminal elements, who worked to legitimize themselves by means of this society of "free-thinking" and "liberalism."  After all, why couldn't society in general work just as well if not better by means of paper money?

Thus the free-masons were so handy and useful for the rulers, the aristocracy and nobility so closely related, and thus the Jew financiers, frauds, and criminals attached therewith.  Thus the general criminal society, within the larger civil society, became organized and legitimized by means of these free-masons--at least as far as banking and financing were concerned.  And indeed we see freemasons becoming public beginning in early 18th cent. England, the first official freemason "constitution" issued in 1723.  Organized, public freemasonry soon after appeared in Continental Europe--again, remember, because of the crucial necessity of "creative" (criminal) ways of financing.

So Katz follows the development, expansion, and spread of masonry along w. the integration of Jews.  At first the lodges required members be Christians.  Soon however, the Christian lodges began to admit Jews, especially in England and Holland, these considered most "liberal," as by Katz and the Jews, the Germans being most "conservative" as they were most reluctant and late in admitting of Jews.

The French during and after the Revolution thereupon admitted Jews w. hardly any qualifications and briefly imposed this "liberalism" upon the conquered Germans, but after the defeat of Napoleon, the Germans reverted to exclusion of Jews, which however steadily liberalized by the 1860s when some German lodges began to admit Jews.  But finally, in the late 70s, Germans again reverted to evermore strict anti-semitism, Jews relegated to their own lodges, as in Frankfurt am Main.

Katz closes his study in the post-WWI era just prior to WWII when the masons had become notorious for their criminal connections, including especially w. Jews, and this in relation w. the sensational spread of the notorious "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which described and analyzed the evermore obvious Jew take-over of Western society as we see in this day.

As I note above, Katz doesn't at all mention the banking and finance aspects w. their fatal strangle-hold upon European culture; thus his sociologic account is so tedious and barren for any drama or proper historical back-ground, but it is interesting nonetheless for the historian and sociologist for the religious angle.  Katz's work is NOT "must-read" material by any means, due especially to the putrid, dreary writing-style, but it's still informative and useful for the interested scholar and historian who understands and appreciates the banking/finance angle which is necessary part of the cultural/historical analysis.

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"--so now Obongo rules by edict, for which he expects the serfs to applaud, ho ho ho ho ho

Pimp Obongo Jerking-Around The Suckers
(Apollonian, 15 Nov 13)

Ho ho ho ho ho ho--ck  Obongo will now "fix" things with another un-constitutional edict--and the word is, I understand, this will do wonders for his ratings.

There's no crisis ZOG masterminds think they cannot manipulate, ho ho ho ho.

Fact though, is people still know ObongoCare is a disaster in other ways too, but this latest move is significant for how the totally insane, psychopathic, utterly power-mad masterminds imagine they will treat the over-populated zombies, morons, and suckers of Jew-S-A, corrupt and perverted fm the post WWII "prosperity."  But surely now, only the real Obamanoids will take this treatment--like Chris Matthews of MSNBC

It's just going to get worse, morons, and if u poor, dumb bastards don't do something significant, u're gonna be dead soon.

So to start, one must understand the problem: Jews and their sort of SUBJECTIVIST thinking, esp. by means of "good-evil."  Just remember Christianity is all about TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all, and is hence necessarily anti-semitic--against lies (JOHN 8:44).  Everything else follows.

And Christianity is best thing to unite the volk against kikes.

Pt. then is to take control of local gov. and exercise 10th Amendment nullification and secession, removing electronic voting, for one thing.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A vision of the very near future is mere matter of simplest logic--spread the word, comrades

ZOG Now Has Knives Sharpened & Out To Murder Us
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 13)

How do u know, w. absolute certainty ZOG is trying to murder u and me and everyone else?--ck this by Greg Mannarino,

See, there's not the slightest hope an absolute economic, esp. currency (US Dollar) collapse can be avoided--IT'S THE PLAN, stupid--get a clue.

Ok, so we could--I say "could" possibly, conceivably--recover and survive EXCEPT for the fact that ZOG intends to clamp-down and NOT ALLOW any recovery or survival; how do u KNOW this?--ck this: also has good stuff:

Get it?--USA could survive, quite possibly--BUT THAT'S NOT NOT NOT NOT THE PLAN.  USA could survive ONLY IF US gov. cut spending, cut taxes, and especially, cut the regulations which stifle business activity--but the very OPPOSITE is what ZOG is planning--is executing before our very eyes.

Now consider what's going to happen w. absolute certainty: (a) collapse of the currency, on-going even as we speak, HENCE then, (b) food shortages, (c) starvation, (d) civil un-rest, (e) martial law, (f) calling in UN troops, (g) GENOCIDE, suckers--as of Ukraine of early 30s, last cent.-- (h) prison-camps and re-education.

Above list is ABSOLUTELY certain to happen, and soon, soon--there are other things which may also take place by-the-by, like war, maybe a world-war and nuke exchange, but these are optional.

So comrades, this info and analysis is what u need to grasp and discuss w. ur friends and with others too, this best done, I submit, upon a CHRISTIAN basis.  End-times are here, right in front of our faces.  People gotta QUIT watching that infernal TV.

Sociologic analysis broken-down in simplest terms--"zombies," ho ho ho ho

"Zombie" Sociology: American Political Analysis
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 13)

Note the kike movie, "World War Z" alleging zombies--which included extended scene in Israel/Palestine.

Important pt. is that the zombie theme/meme is actually quite compelling, as we see the kikes themselves now in on the act.  We patriots allege zombies--like the idiot Obamanoids and "metro-sexuals."  Then there are the stupid puke, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref. on JCs) hereticalists, led by "neo-cons" fm pretended "right"/"conservatives," ho ho ho ho.

So u got THREE solid groups of these dumb bastards, "zombies": (a) backing Obongo on "left," (b) backing the JCs and Israel on "right," and (c) the rest of the brainless moron population which has grown-up in midst of the great post WWII "prosperity," ho ho ho ho, who hardly know which way is up, and like to just watch TV and football games in midst of fretting and worrying about which way to go for comfort and sympathy--poor, brainless scum.

THEN, there are the "patriots" and anti-semites (ho ho ho ho ho) who are alleged to be "zombies" by kikes and Obamanoids.  Kikes like to pretend that if u're anti-semitic, u're a zombie, ho ho ho.

And at the extremist poles are the Christian/rationalist patriots vs. the Jewwy satanists.

So u see the great drama: kikes control and manipulate the Obamanoid "leftists" and JC "rightist" puke, these two making up perhaps as much as 20% of total population, and strive to intimidate, terrorize, and manipulate the rest of the poor morons of group (c), above.

For note, if u only control a solid minority, u can most often control/manipulate everyone else if they're dis-organized, confused, and scared--esp., if on top of that, they're starving--which is what ZOG is now trying to do w. USA and total destruction of the economy, as we see happening now w. health-care sector, so utterly devastated by ObongoCare.

One funny note is it's real hard now for Obamanoids lately as everyone sees how Obongo brazenly LIED to them about keeping their health-care plans and doctors, ho ho ho ho ho ho--even the dumb-ass scum of amorphous group (c) can see that.  See

So anyway comrades, I hope u can now better and more clearly see the sociology of things--how the kikes work and succeed so often, able to manipulate things fm BOTH "right" and "left," so effectively then "leveraging" everyone and everything else.  Holding "Jews-media" monopoly doesn't hurt, either, ho ho ho ho.

Our strategy then is simple and consistent: to offer these poor, pathetic creatures that knowledge that gives power, this knowledge founded upon Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), as always--TRUTH founded upon objective ("God-given/created") reality vs. Jew lies founded in subjectivity.

Keep it simple; keep it anti-semitic, for this is what Christianity really, truly is, at bottom and in essence, never doubt--anti-semitism.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tower-Of-Babel confusion in the great empire of lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies....

Lies--How It All Works In The Empire (Of Lies, Suckas)
(Apollonian, 8 Nov 13)

USA is now Jew-S-A; USA is gone, suckas.  Jews have won--though they're still trying to consolidate--and this is where/how the only hope lies.

For note there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," and among the kikes remember there's factions--there are (a) the topmost bankers, "leftist"-type, who want to exterminate most of mankind, according to AGENDA-21--that's simplest plan for psychopaths, after all, like Stalin's inexorable consolidation of power in the 30s--and note further, these absolute, satanic psychopaths have a substantial number of willing scum, goons, and thugs to do their bidding.

These leftist psychopathic satanists probably still have a solid 10% of the population--esp. the "metro-sexuals"--who will back them, like the lower-level bolsheviks backed Stalin.

(b) Then, of course, there are the lower-level kikes who are still quite rich, comparatively, and these are the ones led by such spokes-persons as Alex Jones (, Jesse Ventura, and of course, the "libertarian"-types like the Pauls, Ron and Rand, and Ted Cruz.

But always remember there's a HUGE group of passive-minded MORONS--TV-addicts who watch the idiot foot-ball games, etc.--who merely follow the trends and the various "leader" -types--these stupid scum don't want to do too much thinking--it scares them, u see.

Pt. is these weak-minded scum in the middle live according to lies--that's the purpose of Obongo, professional liar, ho ho ho ho--and Obongo reads fm scripts written by absolute masters of sociology and psychology who know exactly what sort of lies to be selling the masses, Obongo their expertly-trained mouth-piece and actor--greater, more proficient at this sort of lying and acting than old Ronald Reagan himself.

So the task of patriots is to UNITE AND ORGANIZE THE OPPOSITION, and this can ONLY be done by means of the real Christianity--ANTI-SEMITISM.

Ultimately, don't doubt Christian soldiers won't be able to unite EVERYONE against the satanic puke at the top, BUT they do have to at least gain their passive aquiescence.  The puke and scum in the middle have to finally figure-out Obongo's pay-masters want them DEAD DEAD DEAD (according to Agenda-21 "depopulation").

Problem now for patriots is the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) element who leverage the rest of potential Christians, these JCs making-up even (slightly) larger portion of population (about 40 million, total, it is said) than the metro-sexual "leftists," perhaps up to 12%.  And even within the "patriot"-types behind Jones and the Pauls, never forget there are quite a few metro-sexual -types--like u see at

Jew-S-A: filled w. mammon-worshipping liars and worshippers of these lies, fascinated by lies, despite the significant number of genuinely good and talented patriots--and this sort of stalemate and apathetic tower-of-babel -type quagmire will continue as the lies persist for attraction and fascination for the mass of still OVER-populated brainless, lazy scum and morons--only after they've begun to DIE-OUT and definitively stand-aside will patriots be able to get things going for serious opposition--against ALL THE JEWS.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clearest, Most ACCURATE picture/analysis for what's happening is Obongo as totally irrelevant prop. & trained, dancing baboon--seriously

Remember What Obongo Is--Merely A Prop., Mouth-Piece, Front-Man--NOTHING More
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 13)

It's absolutely important to understand about Obongo--he's NOTHING but a prop, a mouth-piece, a front-man--a trained baboon dancing on the side-line for purposes of distraction and mis-direction.

People wonder when Obongo makes statements, as he did earlier, that raising the debt limit doesn't mean raising the debt--and now, over past few days, denying he made explicit speeches and told people they could keep their health-care plans and doctors, ho ho ho ho ho ho.

So what's wrong w. Obongo?--NOTHING, fools--how do u KNOW?--simple, he merely READS whats written and scripted for him to read--get it?  Obongo isn't insane--though he is a willing, knowing psychopath and satanist.  He knows perfectly well what he's doing--for that's his ONLY purpose, u see--TO READ AND SPEAK WHAT IS WRITTEN FOR HIM to read and speak--get it?

Obongo's handlers and backers KNOW perfectly what they're doing--it's all part of their plan to SPIT CONTEMPT at the people, thus to cause them to think things are sooooooooooooooo hopeless--which it is--BUT not for the true patriots who know proverbial worm MUST and will "turn" when US Dollar collapses and then ZOG will have trouble paying their enforcers.

Further, note there's NEVER "honor among thieves"--esp. when things get tight for them, which will happen when Dollar definitively collapses, hyper-inflation, food-shortages, etc.--THAT'S when patriots will be able to act w. greatest prospects.

For WHO does Obongo "lead" (ho ho ho ho ho)?--NO ONE but the most utterly stupid puke (the "metro-sexuals"--about 10%, or so, of the population) and die-hard bolsheviki--the rest he merely fascinates.  So u see, the metro-sexuals will CONTINUE to follow, even if they know he's such a liar--no less than communists followed Stalin back in the 30s of last cent.

The political tide will only begin to decisively turn we enough folks realize Obongo and handlers are satanistically trying to destroy USA, the Constitution, and further, to EXTERMINATE and mass-murder millions of people--all in accord w. "AGENDA-21" which Obongo is moving, w. recent executive orders, to enforce and enact in substance.  And this realization must lead then to serious Christianity, hence serious ANTI-SEMITISM.

Continued bad news--but u must expect this in CYCLIC course of hist. and "Decline of West," by Spengler

Patriots Only Need STRONG Stomachs, Patience
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 13)

Well suckers: Cuccinelli lost in Va. for governor to the Clintonista, Mcauliffe, and NYC elected an avowed socialist for mayor--see?--it's just got to get worse and worse and worse, in accord w. CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  There were other horrible developments too, like the GMO victory in state of Washington.  There were some good things, though not too many.  U gotta realize electronic voting is entirely in hands of satanists for obvious reasons.

Illegal invaders (immigrants) continue to flood into the country and eat-up tax-payers' funds (see

And there's not too much u can do about, fools--get it?--the scum of this land either OUT-NUMBER u, or they're in strategic positions, and they're convinced they know more or better than u.

So ONLY thing u can do is essentially to going under-ground--get it?--u can only plan and organize for when things finally blow-up and collapse definitively.

Is it believable that so many actually voted for the satanists?--like the guys in Va. or NYC?--of course not, but such is the way things are--satanists rule when there's sooooooooooo many dumb-asses and moronic idiots, addicted to TV and porno, etc.--just think of all the trendies who think Jews are cool, who believe in tolerating queers--these are the products of "prosperity" and MAMMON, comrades--but those, who like Jews and queers, remember, ARE A MINORITY (as I've previously analyzed), though highly organized and expertly led.

The rest of the people are either (a) passive, not knowing what to do or think, or (b) divided-up and isolated into small factions.  For it's still good, nonetheless, to know so many DID vote for Cuccinelli--there are good people, comrades, BUT we won't be able to get going and organized till the collapse comes, comrades, don't forget.

That's why it's necessary to support such as Alex Jones ( and the Pauls, Ron and Rand, but to do so always w. qualifications and reservations, knowing it's a losing cause, but the only thing to be done, the only way to relate w. fellow humans.

The crux is a decisive ANTI-SEMITISM--the real Christianity--and victory of state and local gov., in accord w. 10th Amendment of US Constitution.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ron Paul Caught telling stupid, senile lies again--We need ANTI-SEMITISM, suckers

Senile Lies Is No Way To Oppose Satanism, Suckas
(Apollonian, 4 Nov 13)

Ck  Here's Ron Paul, at the 8:20 mark, saying it's "good intentions" gone wrong--stupid, senile old man.  This is the problem--LIES--it's not "good intentions," moron.

Of course, Paul must worry about being assassinated, but he shouldn't help to legitimize satanists by telling stupid, gratuitous lies for them.

Folks get it straight--we're up against SATANISTS, nothing more nor less.  Never forget or doubt the meaning of AGENDA-21--"depopulation"--GENOCIDE, suckers--and they're SERIOUS, too.  Don't forget or doubt we're headed for currency collapse, thus food-shortages, starvation, civil unrest, and then martial-law--these are absolutely certain and GUARANTEED--and soon, too.

That's why we need nothing less than the REAL Christianity--ANTI-SEMITISM--to unify and inform the people.  And the great significance of the real Christianity then is especially to remove the phony "Christian" supporters, sympathizers, and accomplices to these infernal kikes.

And again, specifically, we Christians must push for 10th Amendment, nullification of federal tyranny, secession, jury-nullification, etc.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Are u happy, morons?--ho ho ho--u got ObongoCare--isn't it great? Ho ho ho ho--things are just gonna keep getting worse, fools

At Least People Now KNOW Obongo Is Scum
(Apollonian, 2 Nov 13)

So what's happening now?  Jew-S-A is in some trouble as everyone knows.  And evermore people understand ObongoCare is a disaster.  Free medical care?--ho hoo ho ho ho--nothing's free, suckers.  And so what's just happened?--well, they gave everyone "health care," didn't they?--and how did they do this?--by jacking-up the various prices to be paid, forcing everyone to buy "insurance" (which really isn't insurance).

And people are evermore beginning to realize, also, that Obongo just brazenly, flat-out lied when he was selling his health-care program, which turns out to be MONOPOLIZATION--continuing--monopolization of health-care and the insurance thereto--a tremendous large proportion of the total economy--about 15% or so.

Logically, the monopolization of the nation/state begins w. the money--which is now issued by a private bank, the Fed.  See for expo on US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam.

And since this bank literally just (legally) COUNTERFEITS-up all the money it wants/needs, is there any wonder they own everything?--and now they just pay the enforcers to exert dictatorship--is there any real question about all this?  So these oligarchs now are just CONSOLIDATING things, u see.

So now a significant number of folks KNOW they're in trouble, but the poor fools don't know what to do; they still can't get organized.

Presently the left-fascists are running things--behind Obongo.  But the other connected fascists of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers are right there too.  See for expo on CFR, etc.

Poor, stupid, utterly clueless people don't know what to do.

Only thing that's really changed significantly is people KNOW now Obongo is scum, ho ho ho ho--still, they don't know what to do about it.

Jews love it, as Obongo is taking all the blame and attn fm them,  ho ho ho ho ho ho

Ergo, things have to just keep getting worse before people begin to getting enough together for a plan, poor, brainless fools.

Ultimately, the real Christianity (anti-semitism) is the only thing that's gonna work to practically organize folks, but that requires more horror to have to happen, unfortunately.