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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jewwy "advanced thinking," considered, analyzed, debunked, ho ho hoho....

Below-copied essays first published at comments,

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Human Truth Or satanic Subjective?
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 14)

WTF?--"enemy of the human" (see below-copied)?--isn't that the satanic, by definition?  So what's "satanic"?--it's HUBRIS and extreme subjectivism as Jews feature, saying (for example) Torah only means what Jews (Talmud, "midrash," and "Oral-law") say it means--subjectivism, upon which is built all lies.  For what is a lie?--it's something subjective, not true according to the objective, represented as being the real thing.  Jews then are necessarily the CORE of the "globalist" tyrants, as Alex Jones, says.

So the human is according to truth, hence objective reality against lies founded in subjectivism, which subjectivism this article, above, wants to push, justify, and glorify, actually ("all knowledge is provisional").  It only then brings up question as to what is "knowledge"?

So is reality itself objective or "provisional"?--it's subversive, Jew-friendly article, trying to get away fm question of reality, moving to things being all "perspective" (subjectivism).

---------------------------above by ap in reply to below-copied----------------------------

anamonarchy > apollonian  • 4 hours ago 
The Jews fill the air with so much "opinion" mental masturbation bullshit. The true freedom movement is identifying the real enemy of the human, not trying to reestablish the jew freemasonic republic and worshipping their "legal" document aka the constitution . One leads to freedom the other will lead to the same demons in power.

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This Article: DEBUNKED
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 14)

Gee whiz: it must have been really smart Jew who thought-up all this brilliance for this article. Imagine--it isn't enough to be a THINKER, one needs to be a "free"-thinker, ho hoo ho ho ho. Here, below are just a few critical thoughts for this article:

(a) "Creative" thinking?--isn't there first something called, thinking? Ho hoo ho

(b) "Herd thinking"?--is that like Jews who believe they're masters of God, which God is their slave who comes down and kills the Jews' enemies for them--as Jews literally celebrate at Passover--this devil they call God who murdered the first-born of the non-Jews--these "first-born" who weren't old enough to have done the Jews (actually the Israelites) any harm. Another Jew holiday of mass-murder they celebrate is "Purim" whence they murdered the anti-semites of Persia.

(c) Yessir: "perspective is key"--which means ANYTHING GOES, whatever u want to be true is true, and false is whatever u like too--just imagine a diff. "perspective," ho ho ho ho ho. Humans are actually God; all u gotta do is change ur "perspective," by golly, and black is suddenly now white, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

(d) Items 4, 5, and 6, are actually just mere variations of preceding item 3, so let's get to item 7 regarding perception: so what is perception?--isn't simply what we see fm reality. After all, Christ assures us in Gosp. JOHN there's such thing as TRUTH (14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8), and didn't Christ free us (potentially) fm tyranny of murdering Pharisees who later wrote up the satanic Talmud? Isn't that the story of New Test.?--Pharisees hate TRUTH (= Christ), so they murdered Christ, imagining they murder any truth they don't like. But truth cannot be killed, it resurrecting, as at Easter.

So u see, this article is surely written by some Jew, purpose being to persuade morons that humans are God (HUBRIS), and that there is no truth but what u want it to be--what they call, "creative thinking." Jews suck.


Jews Suck
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 14)

Well, here's one thing I've found to be ALWAYS true: and that is that Jews suck, and they ought to be exterminated. Of course, even if Jews were successfully exterminated, they'd surely rise-up again--a bunch of devil-worshipping psychopaths who insist they have the right to murder and lie to gentiles, all in accord w. their monstrous Talmud--ck it out for Talmudic analysis at and

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christianity is founded upon literature/aesthetic w. embedded philosophy opposing Jews, satanists....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Did Jesus Exist?--Does It Matter?
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 14)

Fact remains Christ cannot be proven to have existed, PERIOD.  But is Christianity worth-while?--yes, of course, I say--why?--because it's magnificent aesthetic (literature) and most excellent (implicit) Greek-oriented philosophy endorsing and affirming Aristotelian objectivity against Platonic subjectivism.  Esp. in Gosp. JOHN Christ affirmed TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideals, principles, premises, as foremost virtue, ONLY way to Godly happiness (14:6).

And only way to have truth is for necessary objective reality as criterion.  Enemies of Christ rejected (implicitly) Aristotle and objectivity as way of buttressing their LIES (8:44), and further, they decided to kill Christ (= truth founded in objective reality).  But truth cannot be killed and RESURRECTS.

Saddest, most tragic thing is dear Christianity is called "faith," for "faith," properly understood for Christianity only means LOYALTY--not not not not not mere "belief"--because "belief" IS CHEAP, and all the "beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin'" in the world doesn't make anything true, as if "beleeeeeeeeevin'" makes one God who suddenly creates reality.  And cheap "beleeeeeeeevin" doesn't make God one's special buddy, as so many fools pretend.

One must simply be LOYAL to what one KNOWS, not merely "beleeeeeeeeeeevs."  Loyalty then to what is KNOWABLE and TRUE makes for best basis--HONESTY--of getting along w. fellow humans.  And that's Holy Spirit co-equal w. other two Persons: reason, honesty, and integrity, one's reason pervading throughout the spirit, conscious and subconscious--which renders TRUTH (= Christ).

Absolute worst thing would be if people thought putrid, cheap mysticism will suffice for salvation, for subjectivism and mysticism is foundation of that HUBRIS by which some people pretend to satanism--being God, or being the masters of God, they imagining they can ENSLAVE God, or beguile God (as by means of "beleeeeeeeeevin'"), God then being their attack-dog who kills their enemies for them.


Nan  apollonian • 31 minutes ago 
Do your research. Christ is referenced in contemporary writings of civil authorities and by historians in the first century. He existed. He still exists.


Ap replied:
U do ur research--and note proper "research" requires citations which u don't give.  There's no proof for Christ, figure of New Test.  "Writings" u refer to were NOT exactly "contemporary": Josephus came later, and Tacitus almost a hundred yrs later.  Get a clue.  Note that LYING in order to prove a pt. is most un-Christian thing u could possibly do.


Nan  apollonian • 28 minutes ago 
Because you don't believe, you don't accept the proof that exists. Only the Holy Spirit can help you.


Ap replied:
U just admit value of ur tendentious (if not outright lying) "research"--it's all based on cheap wishful thinking which u try to dignifying as "belief."  TRUTH (= Christ) DOESN'T NEED "BELIEF"--u either know or don't--get a clue.  Urs is a satanic understanding of the true Christianity--which OPPOSES satan.  Only Holy Spirit (which u seem to know nothing about) can help u.


Nan  apollonian • 7 minutes ago 
Nor is "get a clue" an argument. You simply can't use text speak in a combox and ask for scholarly research. First, it's a combox, not a scholarly journal; second, you're insulting my beliefs, as well as those held by Christians these last 2000 years. On the date which we celebrate the Birth of the Messiah, no less.
To describe ones beliefs that aren't about satanic as satanic is reprehensible. I will pray for your immortal soul.


Ap replied:
Like I say, God is NOT impressed by ur childish wishful thinking which u call "beliefs"--TRUTH doesn't need "belief."  "Getting clue" is similar to saying THINK, using ur mind which God gave u.  Truth doesn't need cheap "believing," and God is not impressed, I'm sure.  U make urself into God if u say ur "believing" makes anything true--and it insults the meaning of truth to pretend u're doing God a favor by "believing."  U need to pray for YOUR soul, kiddo.

Judaization of Christianity--how it happens, circumstances....

Judaization Of Christianity, West, And USA--"For Fear Of The Jews"
(Apollonian, 26 Dec 14)

A.  Christianity Corrupted And Judaized: How It Works For Present Reign Of Satanism

USA (the Jew S A) is now nothing but a gross, horrific, satanic empire--the empire of death, killing wholesale, by overt and covert methods, both by (a) immediate means of bombing, etc., and by (b) slow-kill means of poison fluoride in the water-supplies, horribly poisoned food and additives, toxic vaccines, not to mention the radiation poisoning of Fukushima.

So how did things come to this satanic pass, satanism being blatantly sold as in hip-hop and rap music?  USA used to be Christian country, and there's still lots of Christians.  But something happened as Christianity is on desperate defense fm Jews, pagans, homosexuals, and satanism, Christians demoralized, intimidated, and dis-united.  Of course establishment "Christianity" has plainly become Pharisaistic, tool of satanists and Jews.  And establishment "Christianity" is now mere appendage-attachment to regnant satanism, political-correctness, and especially, fear-of-the-Jews

How did it all happen?--this Judaization and satanification of Christianity in the reign of lies and Pharisaism, within Spenglerian "Decline of the West"?  First one must grasp Christianity and what it's supposed to be all about.  Thus Christianity proceeds fm the New Test. literature (a), the story being that Christ came along, and he preached to people about the word of God, esp. (b) expounding, clarifying, and restating, though not changing, the original Mosaic Law.

(c) Further, Christ opposed the Pharisees and Sadducees, these being pillars of Judean establishment of the time, collaborating w. Roman imperialists.  Most interesting thing then is we see now a thematic Hegelian-style thesis-antithesis opposition set-up btwn Christ and the Pharisees, esp. in most philosophic of all the Gospels, JOHN, whence Christ emphasizes TRUTH above all, truth the ONLY way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6).  Pharisees were sons of satan, satan father of lies (8:44)--note the sublime simplicity of this philosophic conflict and anti-thesis, (a) truth vs. lies; (b) objective reality vs. Pharisaic subjectivism.

For the Pharisees had brought-in and intruded the "midrash" and "oral-law tradition" by which the word of God fm Torah now means only what Pharisees "interpret" ("midrash") it to mean, Pharisees later writing up the Babylonian Talmud (500 A.D.), the Talmud now definitive for Jews, "Jews" understood to meaning followers of Pharisees (and now Talmud)--NOT the Judean people as a whole, descendents of "Israelites," who probably became mostly Christian.

But the pt. is that Christianity opposed Pharisaist subjectivism, Christianity upholding an objective standard for TRUTH, the highest Christian virtue, only way to happiness (God).  For HOW otherwise could any real "truth" exist without the objective reality under-lying, serving as premise/criterion?--opposed to Jew (Pharisaic) subjectivism founded upon "midrash," "oral-law" tradition, and Talmud "interpretation."


B.  "Faith": Different For Christians And Jews

And note then how this subjectivism and subversion of Christianity works by means of equivocation fallacy and different understandings of the word, "faith."  For "faith" as ideal is different for Christian and Jew--which is too little understood by Christians.  For Christian "faith" properly only means LOYALTY, whereas for Jews it means "believing"--as if "believing" in whatever proposition then makes it true.

For remember: Jews seriously believe reality is subjective or "relative"--thus "faith" of "believing" is quite significant and substantial for them, whereas for Christians it isn't.

However, note that most people aren't philosophers and have difficulty w. strict philosophy and logic, hence this distinction of Christian LOYALTY, regarding "faith," versus Jew "believing" is too easily lost upon such folk--to them, "believing" is quite legitimate, merely following leadership, as they "trust" their leaders, thus they're liable to fall for the Jew understanding and propaganda, missing the necessary distinction.  Observe then the equivocation and confusion for "trust," believing, and loyalty as they tend to blend-in to one another for so many people.

For note proper Christianity understands "faith" CANNOT make anything true apart fm the objective reality--Christians understanding humans are not God, humans incapable of creating basic reality--and "believing" does not and cannot make something become true apart fm the objective reality.


C.  "Good-Evil" Non-Existent For Christians, Strictly Understood

Further, there's problem for "good-evil" as proper Christian understands one can never be "good," one being sinner and only grace of God allowing for heavenly salvation.

But "good-evil" is all too powerful psychologic force for children (and dogs) regarding obedience to parents/master.  But for the Jew "good" is possible as one earns one's way to reward, such "good-works" mere heresy for Christianity--Pelagianism, as defined and analyzed by St. Augustine, further exposited by Martin Luther.

Thus "good-evil" is only possible in the subjectivist reality of Judaism wherein one exercises a wholly "free" human will, co-equal w. God's for such freedom.


D.  Conclusion

Thus, to sum-up for this crucial problem of the real Christianity vs. Pharisaism-satanism, we see the problem for "faith" of loyalty vs. "faith" of "beleeeeeeevin'."  For "believing" is cheap and only too easily leads to Pharisaism, Judaization of the real Christianity.  For truth doesn't need "belief"--it's KNOWN.  Loyalty must be to truth and KNOWLEDGE (not mere "belief"), hence for practical purposes, for leadership towards such truth.

Note Christianity doesn't want to reject people just because they're mystically-inclined due to parental up-bringing, for example, or can't yet understand mere "belief" is too cheap for real, genuine truth.  Hence then Christianity gives leadership for these people in need.

Thus Jew subjectivism so easily intrudes upon Christian reason, honesty, and integrity for the lies of criminals running, for example, the criminal enterprise of "central-banking," the legalized COUNTERFEITING by which Jews and satanists quickly and inexorably own and control everything and practically everyone within the affected, degenerate culture, the culture always susceptible to corruption and HUBRIS, the people inveigled to thinking they're "good" and capable of doing such fallacious, delusionary, hereticalist "good," for example the supposed, pretended benevolent, compassionate (the "great"), "socialistic" society, pretext for evermore overt dictatorship, fascism, and tyranny.

And thus Jews and Satanists, in the CYCLIC historical course of things, soon enough come to own and control all established Christian churches, the people now inveigled to supporting and working for murderous, psychopathic, satanists and Jews, like modern terror-state of Israel, as we see, on the one hand regarding the "rightist"-styled "neo-cons," and on the other hand, the "leftist"-styled United Nations world dictatorship, this upon pretext of lies like "climate-change."

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Transformation Of Organized Christianity, Servant Now Of Jew/satanic Lies--HOW Did It Happen?--Fallacy Of Equivocation Upon Word, Concept, "Faith"
(Apollonian, 4 Jul 17)

What has happened to Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), at least the organized, established "Christianity" (which is now barely any kind of real Christianity at all)?--it's become TOTALLY transformed into something totally different, now serving lies, esp. Jew and satanic lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--HOW did this take place?

And observe how now, Israel literally tells USA, now become the Jew S A, what to do, having bought and compromised nearly all the politicians and judges, as Jews control the central-bank mechanism (see for expo on central-banking, literally legalized counterfeiting, a gross criminal enterprise). Observe how Donald Trump, the new President, lies and tells people he's for "America first," when the obvious fact/truth is he's for Israel first, and proves it, lying, covering for false-flags, illegally conducting war, as against Syria, illegally having invaded Syria--all at behest of Israel.

It veritably seems that Trump wants to proceed w. the BIG-LIE to effect that even as he practices Israel-first, committing all sorts of criminal acts and treason against humanity, truth, and proper justice (including US Constitution), he imagines (so far, quite accurately) that it will all be construed as "America first," especially for the masses and hordes of over-populated, brainless, moronic goons of USA and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, who want to pretend they're "Christian," or at least compatible therewith in manner of rationality.

For an incredible, un-imaginable, nothing less than amazing transformation has taken place, sociologically and psychologically for Christian philosophy and culture, specifically this having to do w. the simple, subtle, and sublime meaning of the word, "FAITH."

For note the original, basic Christianity holds to the worship of truth (= Christ), such truth founded in the OBJECTIVE, God-given reality--for otherwise any other, non-objective "truth" is meaningless, without foundation. Never forget the immortal question put by the Roman, Pontius Pilate (Gosp. JOHN 18:38), who asked Christ, "what is truth"?--Pilate obviously wasn't sure and didn't know, and Christ rather contemptuously let the moment pass in silence, leaving it all for the people and readers of the Gosp. to ponder for themselves. For HOW is there any real "truth" unless there's a reality upon which it must be based and founded?

For Christianity, "faith" can ONLY be Loyalty. But what has happened through history and the corruption of the gradual passing of time, etc., is that Christian "faith" of loyalty has now become the Judaic "beleeeeeeeeeving," such "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeving" now understood as the CREATION OF TRUTH AND REALITY. Thus the corrupt Judaic "faith," foundation of all their lies and lying, pretending that beleeeeeeeeving creates truth and reality, has made itself Christian, and the establishment Christians have allowed themselves to become Judaized by means of this corruption, this equivocation, for meaning of "faith."

For note the Judaic reality is SUBJECTIVE (see and, and truth and reality are mere matters of "beleeeeeeeeeving" it to be whatever one wants it to be--there's no objective reality of substantial significance--everything for Jews is matter of "MIDRASH" (see and

Thus the Pharisees had such hatred and contempt for Christ (= truth), whom they murdered, who held to the objective reality and absolute nature of truth which only depended upon such objectivity, God-given--NOT SUBJECT TO "MIDRASH," or wishful thinking, or "beleeeeeeeeeving." Thus truth always RESURRECTS, as celebrated on Easter. For the true Christian, "beleeeeeeeeeeeeving" is not loyalty or proper "faith," and doesn't create or make truth or truthful any proposition, idea, thought, wish, hope, notion or ANYTHING. For the Christian, truth is objective, verified only by the God-given, objective reality, which is essentially un-affected by any "beleeeeeef" or beleeeeeeeeeeeving. One can beleeeeeeeeeeev all one pleases; it still doesn't create truth.

For note that if beleeeeeeeeeeeeeving really made anything to be true, then it would mean that the beleeeeeeeever was God the creator. Such is the fundamental difference btwn Christian and Jew, and the Christian and Jew concept of "faith."

And thus it is that Christianity, the real thing, worship of truth (= Christ), has now been lost for so many establishment-following "Christians," they having now been made slaves, suckers, and dupes for the Jews and their suck-alongs and cohorts, who now lead these poor, stupid Christians about by the nose, as we see, so pathetically, these "Christian" fools actually fighting and dying for their Jew-affected masters and leaders. Note further how the officials of the "Vatican" who pretend to leading the Church have so grossly and horrifically betrayed the Christian people, making excuses for the Jews, depriving the Christian people knowledge of the true facts about Jews, namely that Jews follow the satanic Talmud, not the Torah.


Practical, Actual satanism/Subjectivism, Done By The Morons ("The People"), Even If Un-Wittingly
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 18)

Remember: basically, satanism is simply subjectivism pushed to extreme, reality then become product of consciousness/mentality. So then observe how such moronic subjectivism is actually practiced and expressed as by the scummy puke among "the people"--even by avowed "Christians"--as in guise of pretended virtue of "beleeeeeeeeevin'.

(a) Thus these stupid puke ("the people") imagine it's virtue to beleeeeeeeeeeev crap is true, that beleeeeeeeeevin' then actually making it really true. Thus the "beleeeeeeeeeeevin'" making, in effect, one to be God. To be sure, most of the morons probably don't seriously think they're God--they don't have the intelligence or honesty to admit it. BUT they DO pretend it's true, whatever it is they "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeev," the stupid puke. So u see how these dumb scum, even if they don't realize it, actually practice satanism, pretending their "beleeeeeeeeeeeving" creates reality and/or truth/facts.

Note the word, "believe," is prominent and featured as specific virtue in Gosp. JOHN, mentioned about a hundred times in that Gosp. But observe in the sense used and meant in that Gosp., it really means PRACTICED--as in practitioner of what one genuinely KNOWS and understands fm Christ and the Gospel. So if one accepts Christian philosophy, truth (= Christ, JOHN 14:6) necessarily founded in objective reality, all proper ethics follow, and a true and proper "believer" so understands, practices, and observes, all in LOYALTY ("faith," properly understood) to the proper, basic ideal.

(b) The other actual form and version of relatively wide-spread satanism/subjectivism pushed within this stinking, filthy satanic culture is anti-racism, "racism" then properly understood as LOYALTY and pride. "Pride" then, is relatively minor, but necessary virtue within larger circumstances of warfare among humans, but the real virtue of LOYALTY to one's people is no less than the 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)."

And all honest, realistic people understand racism is virtue, and the pushing of anti-racism is simply moronic expression of a false, actually suicidal morality. Thus we always observe Jews, for foremost example, always denigrating "racism" to the gentiles, but ALWAYS practicing it in obvious loyalty to fellow Jew monsters, ALWAYS--the standing joke of all time.

And of course, as racism, racial loyalty, is AXIOMATIC--cannot not be practiced or expressed, one way or the other--loyalty either for one's own race or for the mixed-race, even if only for practical purposes, even if the moronic puke doesn't realize it.

CONCLUSION: so we see how actual subjectivism/satanism is practiced and fomented within the society as an everyday occurance--it's product of HUBRIS and stupidity, most dangerous when society is over-loaded and over-populated w. stupid scum, esp. "liberals" and "homosexuals," et al., scummy puke pushing their filthy, cheap, putrid "moralism"--all in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christianity is actually quite philosophic, never doubt, embedded within "religion" and aesthetic....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted and published at comments,

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Christianity Is MORE Than Mere "Religion"--It's Distinct Philosophy, Never Forget
(Apollonian, 20 Dec 14)

I don't know where u (see below-copied) get "[h]ow a single God is said to be composed of three distinct unrelated identities."  Doctrine of "Trinity" comes fm later Roman church theology and is NOT in the ORIGINAL literature, New Test., which is definitive.

There can be many diff. "churches" w. many diff. theologic understandings.  I personally think the Trinity is actually quite useful and not necessarily conflicting w. the original literature.  "Purgatory" is yet another product of church theology, not necessarily in original literature.

Remember, Christianity is first LITERATURE (New Test.), and "religion" then is the extrapolated aesthetic along w. the embedded, implicit philosophy.  That basic philosophy is extremely important--the whole pt. to the religion/aesthetic.

Further, one must remember the hist. circumstances, Christ preaching the original Mosaic Law, clarifying and re-stating--and OPPOSING the Pharisees and Sadducees, the Pharisees (founders of subsequent and present Judaism/Talmudism) having DIVERGED fm the original Mosaic understanding (according to Christ), the Mosaic also being a LITERARY-based "religion."

Hence philosophy of Christianity is contained most sublimely, I think, in Gosp. JOHN in which Christ emphasizes TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (8:32, 14:6, 18:37-8)--truth being the "ONLY" way to God (Father) and happiness--they're NOT "un-related."  And thus Christ = TRUTH, truth above all/any other virtues, the end being Godly happiness.

So then what is TRUTH?--as Pilate asked at JOHN 18:38.  Truth then must be something objective which corresponds w. God's created reality--it can't just be anything one wants it to be.

What then would/could be Holy Spirit?--well, it obviously has to be something "spiritual," and also Godly in its way, they all being co-equal.  So then what is co-equal w. Christ/TRUTH?--it would HAVE TO BE reason, but also honesty and integrity, reason pervading throughout both conscious and sentiment/emotion.  "Faith" then is simply LOYALTY to this truth.

Thus the Pharisees, pretending they (they STILL exist, don't forget) were/are co-equal w. God, imagine THEY determine TRUTH, the Talmudic "midrash" and "Oral law" "interpreting" God's original instructions--which Pharisaism Christ explicitly denounced.  The Pharisees, along w. Sadducees, then decided they would enforce their version/"interpretation" and to killing the real truth, Christ.

Hence the Christian lesson is TRUTH is OBJECTIVE--against Pharisaic subjectivism--this is basic philosophy of New Test. and Christianity.  Observe the present-day Pharisaics are attempting (and even succeeding) to "interpret" Christianity in their way--"Judeo-Christianity" and the "neo-cons" who've taken over USA.

--------------above by ap in response to below-copied by "Tawia"---------------------------------------

Veracious Poet said:
December 20, 2014 at 3:36 AM

Thanks for taking the time, Wendy. I understand many of the things you said as regards Christianity, which is only one of many religions. Facing judgement after death is a feature of many ancient artful religions. But I am not at all against any religion because man must believe in something.
Wendy, you can try explaining the trinity to me for the next 500 years and I will fail to understand it. How a single God is said to be composed of three distinct unrelated identities. There is a similar triad concept namely the supreme god, the divinities and the ancestors in the religion of my roots.
Now to speak of the death of Jesus, if Jesus is believed to be God and he died to save the world, then what Christians are saying is that “God became mortal and suffered death in order to save the world from himself.” Did I understand right?
Anyway, like I said before, I read many scriptures including those of other religions and I will put humanism (the desire to promote human welfare) above all. That is not to say that faith is not important. Faith gives happiness. And people can have faith without being affiliated to any religion.
Well, let me pause here Wendy. Thanks once again for taking the time. Merry Christmas! and next year, may all your dreams come true. :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fetzer and another doddering old moron imagine their stinking, idiot law-suit will have any serious effect, ho hoh oh o ho--fools....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (but deleted soon after, ho ho ho) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Morons NEVER LEARN--Jews Suck
(Apollonian, 18 Dec 14)

Ho ho ho--I listened to the two doddering, senile, old fools babbling back and forth, Shanley and Fetzer, ho ho ho--so Shanley is gonna file a law-suit? ho ho hoh ho

Gosh, but I'm sure some folks filed law-suits against the Jew-Bolsheviks and Joe Stalin too, eh?--how far did those go? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

Don't u get it, u brainless, ignorant scum?--Jew S A is totally--TOTALLY--bought and paid-for by means of "money" that's just literally COUNTERFEITED-up on printing presses and digitalized, by means of "central-banking," dumbasses. Jews at top OWN EVERYTHING and everybody--All NSA data goes to Israel FIRST, stupid asses.

And didja hear a few days ago, Republicans passed all Obola's legislation for ObolaCare and executive-order amnesty?--NSA has all the dirt on Boehner, the Republican House leader; do u doubt it?

When u let Jews control the money-supply, THEY OWN EVERYTHING and everyone--all the lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats, police, and military--EVERYTHING, suckers. Anyone who doesn't go along loses his job, or if worse comes to worse, then they get assassinated--even the Pauls know this, Ron and Rand. JUDGES ARE MOST VULNERABLE of all, stupid asses.

How is Shanley's law-suit better than that of Sean Dix's?

Nothing--NOTHING--will change until, AND ONLY UNTIL, the monetary-banking system finally goes bust--that's ONLY thing that can happen for the good. And even then, after the collapse, Jews will make sure things are chaotic, the country probably at war w. such as Russia and/or China--aside fm all the genocidal wars they're already waging on behalf of kikes, u stupid scum who NEVER learn.

Observe here on this very comments section, Jews have classic "useful idiot," one-born-brainless, babbling the typical, stupid propaganda to effect governments are corruptible no less than human-beings--as if no one ever hrd about that before, ho ho ho ho ho ho

Patriots must organize upon principle of anti-semitism, hence the REAL Christianity, hence the objective reality, there being no "good-evil," Pharisaism and politically-correct moralism being that basic delusion upon which Jews take advantage--as we see in case of Fetzer, the senile, incompetent charlatan and would-be gate-keeper who works for Jews, though pretends to denounce "zionism." Ho ho ho ho ho ho

Jews are "smart"?--it's really just a legend within their own Jewwy minds, all truth be told, ho hoo ho ho ho....

Ho ho ho hoo--I really like my performance in this dialectic I produced on a Mark Dice vid at u-tube (see ref.), which started off on bloodline of English royalty, but then moved to Aryan racial theories according to Dice, who just muddled everything up, but he started neat dialectics though--I had fun, as u can see fm below-copied, ho ho ho ho

Hitler was a piece of shit, but his biggest sin was frankly speaking out against banking control over the world, which, by the way, comprises of a lot of Zionists. It's not racist to point that out. By pointing out that fact, you're not "a nazi". The top 10 banks are Jewish (Zionist) owned, and they wield a lot of control over the foreign and domestic policies of many nations. The nonsense about the nazis and Atlantis and all that stuff.. that's nonsense. There's no credible evidence that they believed such things. There's a lot of propaganda against Germans to this day because of Zionist control over the media and governments. To be clear, I'm not German, I'm not against Jews, I believe Hitler was a piece of shit.. but the truth is the truth and when it comes to claims about WWII, in this day and age of Zionist influence over our country, including the education system, you have to be careful about what you accept as evidence, what you need to follow up on, and what you need to reject. The Atlantis stuff is false history. It's a diversion.


Aaron: u're the piece of shit--unc' adolf was hero who fought kikes, and he stood up for white folks and idea of nationalism against a world gov. which would naturally be dominated by kikes and bankers.

+apollonian apollonius Hitler was against one world government? I think he was trying to be the leader of a one world government. Where everyone speaks German.

+steven brown Brown: do u have any citations or ref.s or any proof for ur moron statements?--what's "national" mean, anyway, fool?--Unc' Adolf was attacked, war declared by ZOG of Brit. and France, ignorant scum, Britain having made offensive alliance w. Poland against Germany.  Hitler and Germany defended world against kikes and bolshies who'd mass-murdered millions in Russia and Ukraine before Hitler ever got to power in '33. 

Just because Zionism is a cancer, doesn't make Hitler good. He may have had some good points about economics, but he went off the deep end and became a mass murderer. He was a lying politician. He lied to the German people. He wasn't a "good guy" you fucking morons. You do understand that just because you oppose one group, doesn't mean you have to support their enemies from 70 years ago? Both Zionists and Nazis are to be rejected. In fact, there's not that much difference between them.

+Aaron Kasparov Kasparov, u're stupid, ignorant, lying scum talking lying Jew prop., that's all.  Dear unc' Adolf was not mass-murderer, u lying filth.  U don't even know what u're talking about, just repeating stupid prop. u've memorized like the stupid punk u are.  U're the Jewwy filth to be rejected, u and ur Jewwy lies.

+apollonian apollonius you want citations? Poland (1939) Denmark (1940) Norway (1940) Belgium (1940) The Netherlands (aka Holland) - 1940 Luxembourg (1940) France (1940) The Channel Islands (UK depencencies) - 1940 Greece (1941) Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia) - 1941 Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) -1941 Egypt (1942) The ones annexed before World War 2 were: Austria (1938) Sudetenland (1938) Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia) - (March 1939) Memel (part of Lithuania) - (March 1939) Slovakia was set up as a German puppet state (1939) Are you that stupid? He first off invaded Africa then Europe. After that north and south America. Get a clue dumb ass. Why do you think NWO supporters in America like the Rothschilds and Bush's supported Hitler?

+DABADSHAZAM I wouldn't say he was anti Christ. He preached Christianity

+apollonian apollonius Hitler had created a one party state within months of being appointed chancellor. On 7th April 1933, Nazi officials were put in charge of all local government in the provinces.

On May 2nd 1933, trades unions were abolished, their funds taken and their leaders put in prison. The workers were given a May Day holiday in return.

On July 14th 1933, a law was passed making it illegal to form a new political party. It also made the Nazi Party the only legal political party in Germany. He was elected and then used fear to make himself a dictator


ap replied:

+steven brown Steve: u're stupid, ignorant, lying moron, and u just babble scummy kike prop. and lies, dumbass, gullible, parrot that u are.  Everything done by dear unc' Adolf was done in reaction to and defense against Jews and their Bolshevik murderers and enforcers--get it?--who had already murdered millions of white, Christian Russians and Ukrainians, LONG before unc' Adolf came into power, the German people agreeing they needed Hitler and heroic Nazis for defense of the fatherland, moron.  U don't even know what references are, stupid, lying scum.  It was Britain and France who declared war against Germany in 1939, fool, starting the war.  And Poland was trying to take German city of Danzig which Hitler warned he'd defend, Britain having made OFFENSIVE alliance, encouraging Poland to start a war--these are verifiable facts.

+apollonian apollonius you still did answer my question. Why did ford, bush, Rockerfeller, and everyother NWO jew support hitler? The Bolshevik genocide was done 11 years before hitler got to power. Do you really think hitler cared for the dead Ukrainians? He had his hand in killing of 26 million comunists himself. you gave reasons why he invaded Poland, what about everyother country in Europe and Africa? He banned Freemason if communist supported it but allowed it the lodge supported him. His rise from a poor jew who never did have a friend, went to the next day having 5000 soldiers, amazing weapons, and a Calvary of horses. Where did this poor jew get all this support and money in a day? Before Poland, hitler attacked Czechosolovakia, Austria, was this for the good of its people or the good of the Nazis? I am in know way a Zionist supporter, but to support a fascist like that ugly bastard no thanks. Hitlers housekeeper was a jew and he refused to fire her. The Zionist controlled bank funded Hitler. Maybe Hitler is a greater friend of the jews than you think


ap replied:

+steven brown Henry Ford was not kike, u stupid moron.  U're right, kikes and NWO funded unc' Adolf to start WWII--this according to Antony C. Sutton in "Wall Street And the Rise of Hitler."  Hitler cared for Germany, and that's why Germans supported him, stupid ass.  "26 million" bolshies?--Jew supporters and enforcers--u don't give a ref.  Look punk, all the other countries of Europe went along w. NWO, just like today, dumbass moron.  NWO started WWII, not Hitler, fool.

U lie and lie and lie--WHY do u lie if u're not Jew, scum?  Czechs were police-state which threatened Germany, offered alliance w. USSR, oppressed Slovakia, and Slovaks asked Germany for protection, and it wasn't only Germany which occupied Czechs, Poland, and Hungary did too to suppress Czech fascists.

There's no evidence Hitler was Jew, fool--that's allegation by Hennecke Kardel, evidently, who merely asserts Hitler's father was son of Jew banker and Maria Schickelgruber--but Hitler looks NOTHING like a kike, Hitler having perfect Aryan characteristics, moron.  All u do is lie and lie w. dis-info, scummy fool.

You say "zionist" but couldn't they very well be satanist or new age, occultist? I think you dig deeper you'll find exactly that.

+jaymiles81 From what I've found it seems to be that there's all kinds. There's definitely occultists, but there's definitely also Zionists. I'm sure there's Zionist occultists. That's why I usually  focus on what they're doing to the world and our country, instead of trying to label them all as one thing or another.

+Aaron Kasparov the basic cultural conflict is Christian rationalism founded upon TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost virtue (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies and satanism.  "Jaymiles81" is certainly on to things, and Judaism (Talmudism) is satanism, Jews foremost satanists, the leaders.  What then, actually, is basis of satanism?--it's subjectivism, the denial of the objective (hence determinist) reality, Jews holding, for example, that word of God in Torah (first 5 books) is merely what Jews (rabbis) say it is, interpreted by the "Oral Law" and Talmud.  Thus we see Obola, for further example, making law by fiat and decree ("executive orders" and "actions").  And of course, there are lots of gentiles sucking-along w. Jews and satanists, but Jews are un-questionably the leaders and master-minds, running the banking system, for another example.

+apollonian apollonius​ Czech a police state? Hitler was the biggest fascist, police state lover dumb ass moron skin head nazi.  those who made jokes about the Nazi Party were also arrested jokes about Hitler were punished with death, ya the Nazis beat Czech without a fight and you say they were a threat? God you're dumb. They were anything but a threat skin head. just read how much hitler was a fascist loving joke. Hitler wasn't Jewish? Well some other man besides hitler was using Braun's hairbrush. And a jew at that. oh and whats this skin head? 39 of Hitlers known relatives had their DNA checked. What do you know more Jewish blood. DNA doesn't lie Why don't you go live in some fascist police state, since you and your pathetic skin head buddies


ap replied:

+steven brown Hey steven: I can tell right now u're Jew--ONLY a dumb kike would speak in idiot manner u do, pretending anyone who defends truth, and specifically, truth about dear unc' Adolf, is "skin-head," ho ho ho ho ho ho.  And yes, it's mere matter of hist. Slovaks asked Germans for help against Czech police-state--look it up, fool, ho ho ho ho ho

I ck'd ur ref., and it admits it was only speculating about Hitler's ancestry.  All ur ref.s admit they're only speculating, moron--what a Jew liar u are--u can't even accurately report fm what u cite.  U're not very bright, either, as u don't imagine people will ck ur refs.

Yes, Germans elected Hitler and Nazis who were quite popular and who made state militarist to face the Jew-Bolshevik threat, Jew-Bolsheviks the mass-murderers who'd mass-murdered millions upon millions of Russians and Ukrainians even before Hitler took office.  U ought to ck the Jew Talmud which says it's ok to murder gentiles, that Christ was rightfully killed for blasphemy and heresy--JEWS ARE THE MURDERERS--look what they're doing in Palestine--look at police-state they've erected here in Jew S A

+apollonian apollonius​​ the Nazi running from the east and west like the true cowards they were. Run cowards . Run from France while the British, Americans and Canadians kick your ass. Run and hide. It didn't matter they were running home because Russia was coming from the east to fuck you up. the Nazis cried and ran all the way home, just to get it much worse from the Russians. Hitler being a pathetic scared little boy hide and took a pill, while the commis took over Hitlers motherland. No resistance left. Russia just came in and took over. Laughter in the air as the Nazi flag was taken down and soviet flag put in its place. Great job Hitler. The worst thing that could of happen did. And those fascist seek high fags were all done forever. And only heard from by a pathetic skin head public. Pretty low end of the social scale. Too bad for hitler the NWO Freemason that winners write history


ap replied:

+steven brown Ho ho ho ho ho ho--spoken like the kike liar u really, truly are, eh stevie?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  What u don't say is Germans were doomed fm the very start, planned by NWO kikes, and dear unc' Adolf and Germans could only do best they could.  "Low end of social scale"?--stevie, NOTHING is lower than Jew, esp. like u, eh?  Ho hoo ho ho ho ho

I'd say Hitler screwed-up when he declared war against Jew S A--which he didn't have to do--he should have finished off Jew bolshies in east first--could have occupied N. Africa too, taking Suez, linking up w. Persians.

+apollonian apollonius​​​​ so that's not what happened. Russia didn't get all of Hitlers land? Hitler did a great job turning half his country in to communist for 50 years. I guess Germany would have been much better off without that jew in charge. Amazing how Hitlers quest went the other way and the jews are more powerful than ever now. Maybe it was all a Jewish plot to begin with. the funding came from the jews. It must have been a Zionist plot to begin with. Hey put a jew in charge and pretend he's not. Then what happens? Israel is formed thanks to Hitlers defeat. Seems to be something fishy about it. Him being a jew and all. He definitely was a closet fag. He had a hot model wife and word was he couldnt fuck her. Haha. Just a pathetic gay jew sole. watch him speak as QUEER as can be. Moving his hands around like a little girl. if you don't see that, then you're blind.


ap replied:

+steven brown righto, kike moron, ho ho ho--whatever u say.  See, at this pt., u're ur own worst opponent for ur idiot, even psychotic lies and lying--typical Jew.  Re-read my above arguments, fool--Germany was doomed regardless of unc' Adolf, Jew bankers having heavily funded and legitimized Jew bolshies in Russia.  And I'd say it was all part of necessary hist. trend of power of central-banking which, once it gets started cannot be stopped till it all goes bust, US Dollar presently tottering, about to collapse--it was coming for a long time.  "[D]efinitely was closet fag"?--ho ho ho ho--whatever u say, Jew.  At this pt. I don't need to rebut further, ho hoo ho ho ho ho

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Young, female blogger doesn't realize Jews NOT NOT NOT same as Judeans, Israelites--TYPICAL, sadly, for level of US culture, an example of Judaization of "Christian" religion, culture....

Below-copied essays and dialectic first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Jew” (Pharisaism, Talmudism) MUST NOT Be Confused With Judean, Israel
(Apollonian, 11 Dec 14)

Note (see below-copied) there’s distinction btwn Jews and Judeans–which is a problem of translation of the original Greek in which Bible, esp. New Test. was written. Old Test. had been written in Aramaic and Hebrew, but New Test. seems to have been strictly Greek product. See Hoffman’s analysis at

Strictly speaking, “Jew,” distinct fm Judean, is defined as follower of Pharisees/Talmud–and u can ck any authoritative source, Jew or Christian. Pharisees only led about 5% of population of Judea at time of Christ.

Note also Christ vehemently denounced Pharisees and Jews, esp. at Gosp. MATT, entire chapt. 23, all 39 verses–“ye vipers, ye serpents,” Christ inveighed. Oppression and persecution by Jews in noted in many places, including St. Paul, and also the Gospels.

Further, note St. Paul (don’t have the citation handy at the moment) carefully explained how Jews (followers of Pharisees) had been grafted OUT, Christians and gentiles grafted IN as true followers of original Israel.

Further still, note the basic story of New Test., Christ preaching original Mosaic Law, re-stating and clarifying–and he noted the Pharisees (Jews) had diverged, lying, telling the people that their interpretations were real word of God. Thus Pharisees conspired to murder Christ, as they think truth is subjective, but truth (= Christ, remember) is objective and cannot be killed, it resurrecting.

There is no “evil,” like there is no “good,” these just metaphors, we being sinners, creatures of will, hence self-interested, needing and totally dependent upon God’s grace for salvation. For if reality is objective, hence determined (absolute cause-effect), all things happen according to necessity (no perfectly “free” will, humans not capable of Godliness). There is insanity, but no “evil,” strictly speaking. Note also, this issue of “good-evil” is covered by St. Augustine who denounced Pelagius and Pelagian heresy, pretending to earn one’s way to heaven by means of “good works.”

Jews, followers of Pharisees, hence Talmud, hold God’s word (Torah) is only “interpreted” by rabbis by means of the “midrash” (interpretation) and “Oral law,” this then written-out in subsequent Talmud, definitive for Jews, in Babylon by 500, Christ explicitly denouncing this Pharisaism as satanic. See also Gosp. JOHN 8:44 where Christ explicitly calls Pharisees “sons of satan” for their insistence upon lies, liars, and lying, Pharisees insisting God is their slave, etc.

This Pharisaic/satanist expo is extensively given at Hoffman’s; there’s also excellent expo at

-------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------------

Wendy Brydge said:
December 11, 2014 at 3:59 PM
Apollonian: I’m sorry, but Judaism is NOT Satanism. Judaism is what the whole of Christianity is based upon. Read Romans 11, having to do with ingrafted branches, which is Christendom, warns us quite clearly not to think ourselves better than the Jew whom you put down as a Satanist. Don’t forget that Jesus Himself was a Jew. You leave the distinct impression that Judaism is evil, and to that I can only say “the Lord rebuke you for your evil thoughts”.

-------------------------------------above in response to below-copied by ap-------------------------------

Christianity Opposes Judaism, Hegelian-Type Opposites
(Apollonian, 8 Dec 14)

Yes, greatest problem BY FAR, esp. here in USA, is the Judaization of Christianity–which Christianity is supposed to OPPOSE Judaism, Judaism being satanism.

Remember Christianity MUST accommodate REASON–thus “faith” is not the Judaist “believing,” but rather simply LOYALTY.

It’s impossible for sinners to “sin no more.” Christ was surely speaking more specifically about adultery, though that also could be tough. Further, “reform” could be meant more in way of amending towards a given goal. Consider these simplistic formulations:

(a) Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44)

(b) Christian objective reality (which gives meaning to truth) vs. Jew subjectivism

(c) Christian REASON vs. Jew mysticism

This is how I grasp dear Christianity–a WEAPON against Jew dictatorship and satanism.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

Veracious Poet said:
December 8, 2014 at 10:11 AM
“…..And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,they say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.
Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them,

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”
And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her,

“Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?”
“She said, No man, Lord.” And Jesus said unto her,
“Neither do I condemn thee: GO, and SIN NO MORE.”

Here Jesus was trying to tell the woman that the fact that she has been saved doesn’t mean she shouldn’t make a conscious effort at being reformed or turning a new leaf. There are many other teachings in the Bible that emphasize reformation other than being simply and symbolically “born again.” I am not saying that humans are not fallible, of course we are, but should we settle down for wrongdoing? What is faith without works?

For instance, Zacchaeus the tax collector after accepting Christ went about and redistributed all his ill-gotten wealth back to the poor. Again, I remember vaguely there was a teaching in the Bible emphasizing leaving sacrifices at the alter, going to your brother to make peace with him first, before coming back to the alter to offer sacrifices to your God.

With the way Christ’s teachings are being distorted, I can fairly understand why many who claim they are Christians, are still lost.

----------------------------------------above in response to below by ap-------------------------------------

Christ = Truth: ONLY Way To Godly Happiness
(Apollonian, 8 Dec 14)

Hello: I’m not surprised u like Wendy’s blog–Wendy is great for being able to write so well–at same time she’s got that artistic insight for visuals/painting, I think.

“Saved by grace” means ONLY God’s grace (will) can “save” us–u/we cannot save ourselves–it’s impossible to be “good” enough to go to Heaven on our own merits, we being creatures of will, hence self-interested, doomed to always being self-interested and “sinners.”

For note that’s, for example, what Jews insist–that God is their slave who kills for them (Passover and Purim) and orders them to slaughter innocents without mercy. This issue of salvation was taken-up by the monk, Pelagius (see wiki for “Pelagian heresy”) who pretended one could do “good works” and thus EARN one’s way to heaven–which St. Augustine vehemently denied, we being sinners incapable of salvation on our own. This controversy was then, again, over a thousand yrs later, re-taken up by Martin Luther against Erasmus.

U’re right to wonder about what to be “saved from.” For we’ll always be sinners (creatures of will and self-interest), and never capable of entirely “reformed in heart and deed.” But after all, that’s way God made us–sinners, doomed to suffer here on earth.

Greatest sin is same as that for Greeks–HUBRIS–making oneself God, w. perfectly “free” will, capable then of creating reality, like God. “Whom the gods would destroy, first they make insane (hubris).”

Note Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all/any other virtue, including “faith,” “love,” peace, or (non-existent) “good,” truth the ONLY way to Godly happiness.

Of course, this, fore-going, is all my opinion, and I take an extremely rationalist view of dear Christianity, Christ defending and defining TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness. Christ thus assures us of the OBJECTIVE reality, necessary basis/premise for any truth–against the subjectivism (and lies, Gosp. JOHN 8:44) of the Pharisees who pretend and insist “truth” is anything they say it is (“midrash” and “oral law tradition” of Talmud). Thus the Pharisees imagine they can kill truth (Christ) who yet triumphantly resurrects–one CANNOT kill truth (= Christ).

So u see: only by truth and honesty can we be “saved”–and this commitment then to truth & honesty is only way we know we won’t and wouldn’t continue indulgence in sin and hubristic madness, narcissism, and psycho-pathology.

-----------------------------------above by ap in response to below--------------------------------

Veracious Poet said:
December 8, 2014 at 4:15 AM
“…Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple,
 going through the midst of them, and so
 passed by.”
I honestly like your blog. There is something unique about it. Wendy, kindly help me understand something:
What does it mean to be “Saved by grace.” What is one saved from? Does being “saved” give people the licence to continue in their sins – as I see some Christians do. Is divine redemption not strictly based on being reformed in heart and deed? Thanks.
– Tawia

Fetzer: senile, pompous, fatuous hack--typical gate-keeper for kikes....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (but soon to be deleted, ho ho ho) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fetzer: Typical Lying, Incompetent Hack Who Recites Like Trained Parrot
(Apollonian, 16 Dec 14)

Anon, let me assure u Fetzer is miserable philosophic, a mere charlatan at best, totally incompetent as u note fm his recitations of long lists of details without any ability to induce (generalize) to more useful conclusions, esp. regarding Jew dominance of the culture, by practical means of central-banking, esp. in way Jews push their lies, like the "BIG-LIE" by which Jews intimidate the stupid goyim (Fetzer being one of those) fm seriously suspecting and isolating the Jew (and associated accomplices among goyim) conspiratorial network, machinery, and hierarchy.

"Render Unto Darwin" isn't bad for the first part regarding science, which is pretty simple, actually, logic applied, but the second part, regarding ethics, is the typical Kantian-styled shambles, pretending to "good-evil," based upon Kantian "duty," simply circular reasoning, insisting duty is virtue, crass question-begging.

So u see, Fetzer is typical academic hack who memorized the Kantian canon built upon question-begging and circular reasoning, duty being virtue, this out of altruist self-lessness, no reasoning given, just asserted and insisted upon, glorified then in idiotic "categorical imperative," etc.

In the end, Fetzer comes out mere SUBJECTIVIST, incapable of analyzing reality or even logic as Aristotle did so successfully, who predated this fat, senile incompetent (Fetzer) by over 2,000 yrs.
Naturally then, as one who builds his metaphysics upon an ethical "categorical imperative," Fetzer having everything utterly back-wards and upside-down, Fetzer abides by the imperative of "good-evil" Pharisaism, Fetzer slave of and sucker for Jews, but amazingly, willing to criticize "zionists" (as if they're any essentially diff. fm kikes) and even the idiot holohoax.

Jews don't mind criticizing zionism, but they don't like questioning holohoax.  Too bad Fetzer can't figure out if kikes will lie about such fairy-tale as holohoax, what will they NOT lie about?--Jews are liars who worship lies, founded in subjectivism.  Ck for best Jew Talmudic expo at

Evidently Fetzer imagines criticizing mere details makes-up for his pathetic overall incapacity for philosophy, metaphysics, etc.--that's why he has such fun reciting long lists of details in his moronic, long-winded manner, babbling on and on as he does so pompously.

Fetzer lives in cloud-cuckoo land if he thinks he can defend Jews and their lies, including their self-serving moralism, and not commit treason--for which treason penalty is grim indeed

------------------------------------above in response to below-copied----------------------------------------------

AnonymousDecember 15, 2014 at 9:35 PM
It's been awhile since I've read it but I remember your book "Render Unto Darwin" is a wonderful book.
What were the main textbooks you used in your critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and logic courses, if I may ask?