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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's interesting how gate-keepers blogs work, how they're treated by kike "spinners," spammers, and agents....

Below-copied by ap first submitted (but then deleted) at comments,

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Gate-Keeper Sites Deserve Appropriate Contempt And Treatment
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 14)

Yes indeed anon (see below-copied): u're either a kike or perhaps worse, a friend of kikes.

After all, what's going on at this troll's blog?--DIS-INFORMATION, whence the senile incompetent charlatan, Fetzer, recites lists of details, often quite accurate, and FAILS to draw the necessary conclusions regarding Jew satanists, criminals, and psychopaths, and their collaborators, puke filth like u.

"Get a life"?--actually, I find it interesting to see how the gate-keeping craft is run, Fetzer the senile, incompetent charlatan, who yet is sometimes able to adduce some good info--but which is not treated properly for the necessary inductive logic and CONCLUSIONS--and which is rather SPUN and deflected by Jew collaborators like esp. "compass/Joan Edwards" and others too.

These Jews and cohorts (like urself) essentially keep tabs on these pathetic, miserable, worthless incompetents and charlatans like Fetzer, who is yet quite good at recitations and memory for details.

"[N]obody cares"?--ho ho ho ho ho--then why are these Jewwy half-ass puke so DESPERATE to censor the mighty apster who draws the necessary and appropriate conclusions regarding the Jew world order and Jew masterminds?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho

And otherwise I enjoy pt-ing out the moronic Jewwy comments by such as "compass/Joan Edwards" who's always defending ur precious kikes, while at same time pretending not to be kike, ho ho ho ho--insisting it was CIA, as if CIA is not also totally controlled by Wall St. Jews.

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------------------

AnonymousDecember 2, 2014 at 6:47 PM
They wouldn't have to bother gatekeeping if you would just get a life and stop commenting here (where nobody cares for you). Oh yeah I'm "just a Jew, right?"

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