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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Terror-Trance Formation of USA

Hey Dipshits: Guess What?--U're Being Toyed-With And Methodically Terrorized, Stupid Scum: IT'S TRANCE-FORMATION OF USA, IDIOTS
(Apollonian, 23 Jul 2012)

I. The "Batman" Movie Shootings In Aurora, Colorado: The BASIC RECIPE: (a) the Terror Event, (b) "Jews-media" SPIN and Prop., REPEATED And Repeated, Fools--Will U EVER Get A Clue?
What's most effective, easiest, SIMPLEST mental-programming?--TERROR, suckers--the straight application of FEAR. Then the poor suckers (brainless, TV-addicted dumbasses who are huge, large part of the population) will do nearly ANYTHING u tell them--simple.
Only problem is if u happen to have too many folks with strong, trained, and prepared rational minds who are prepared to fight for their rights (to be covered in section II, below)--but given the corrupted culture of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, this sociologic/historic circumstance is mere matter of calculation.
And this application of purest terror is what's now happening to USA and West too. The easy boogey-men, of course, are first, the musselmen; others are "lone-nuts" and "patriots" too, esp. "right-wing"-types like the Tea-party.
Observe further, the ONLY seemingly non-establishmentarians (establishment always being leftist and socialist--collectivist morons--even if, note, these are minority among the people, like bolsheviki and homosexuals) are the sympathizers of Israel and Jews, like the "neo-cons" who make up the "tea-party," who, even if not all-out collectivists yet will still and predictably affirm moralism and "good-evil," like Alex Jones of who runs the Jewwy "limited-hangout" diversion psy-ops. Poor Alex Jones is soooo hopped-up on "good-evil" Pharisaism and sanctimony he doesn't realize he's Jews' puppet for the thematic Hegelian dialectic.
So how exactly does this terrorism all work?--simple: (a) first u do the terror "event," and this only has to be somewhat and even half-assed performed ("perform" is precisely the word, too), the patsy not necessarily having to be the actual or principal perpetrator(s)--like Lee Harvey Oswald and others. The real and principal perpetrators are always behind-the-scenes--like the FBI who were behind the original 1993 WTC bombing--or the more recent "underwear bomber" of Christmas 2009 at Detroit airport who was deliberately put on plane by US State Dept., ho ho ho.
THEN (b) MOST CRUCIAL, the mass-corporate "Jews-media" SPIN and propaganda (conscious and active-programming of the mass morons and TV-addicted fools) is brought to bear, repeating, repeating, repeating--"give-up ur rights--GIVE UP UR GUNS, suckers." Ho ho ho ho ho--simple, eh?--this is what's happening now w. the Batman movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado which had the most draconian gun-control law(s) in the state. Thus the Feds knew they'd have an easy shooting-gallery to have fun and kill at will (so far, to date, toll is 14 dead, nearly 60 wounded).
So again, to sum-up, basically first u only need (a) the terror, and (b) then the "Jews-media" propaganda and programming--as we see now IN OUR VERY FACES--just turn-on the TV--look at the headlines for, ho ho ho.

II. The Cultural, Social, Historic Circumstances For Such Terror-Programming
And this terror-trance formation of the masses of scum and fools who make up such great proportion of the rabble, the "people," inevitably comes about in historic CYCLIC process whence, as we see presently in USA, as earlier in historic Roman Empire, the "people," descendents of original heroes, founders, conquerors, and pioneers, have become complacent, perverted, and corrupt, so heavily TV-addicted w. HUBRIS, esp. in way of moralism and Pharisaic "good-evil" delusion (Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine).
Thus this idiotic "good-evil" (which is absolutely anti-Christian, classic Pelagian heresy, again) founds and enables both sides of the false political paradigm of "right-left," "conservative-liberal": the (a) extreme collectivists on the one hand--the "leftists" consisting of Jew-bolsheviks, homosexuals, illegal aliens, and others, and (b) the "rightists," who may pretend to non-collectivism, but yet still up-hold moralism and "good-evil" (as above-noted of Alex Jones), esp. the Jew-sympathetic "Judeo-Christians" and "Christian-zionists" of the Tea-party, these then playing "good-cop, bad-cop" political theater for the large population--as we see in Obama ("left") vs. Republicans ("right").

III. The Terror-Trance Formation
Again, note the Terror-Trance formation of the mass of TV-addicted morons and suckers is no terrible problem (or mystery) as it requires merely the right CYCLIC "Decline of the West" circumstances as achieved already in USA, the poor brainless mass of scum and morons now stripped of their heroic (genuine, hence anti-semitic) Christian leadership.
How do u KNOW this terror trance formation is successful, in effect, and even rampaging before ur very eyes so effortlessly?--simple: observe Criminals rule and prevail as the very MONETARY SYSTEM of USA (and indeed, entire world) is the COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud of US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"--see "Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, his site is which presently holds sway, now administering purest terror, as we see, confirmed in the very legal system, even if it's against original US Constitution, ObamaCare featuring literal "death-panels" and the eugenic "depopulation" of the nation and world--GENOCIDE--which the mass of morons are distracted fm facing and grasping, the poor, brainless scum--sheep and stupid goyim waiting mindlessly and idiotically for their impending slaughter. Wake-up, dip-shits.

CONCLUSION: For, once again, note the Fed COUNTERFEIT machine, the MAIN/PRIMARY weapon/instrument of the presently-ruling criminals (master-minded by Jews, as usual), simply prints-up all the funny money Jews and criminals need for practically everything they want: the bribing and extortion--and assassination when necessary--of nearly all politicians and judges, ownership and absolute control of all corp.s, large and small, esp. the "Jews-media," public "edjumacation," and even, as we note, all establishment (hence Jew-friendly) "Christian" churches, Prot. and Cath., etc.--they literally own EVERYTHING, suckers (even the formerly privately-owned houses and cars, now in hock to the Jews)--people need to getting a clue, pronto, just to saving ur scummy lives, fools. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian