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Monday, October 29, 2012

Distinct resemblance of Judaic psychopathology, cultural effects, and rabies disease--ck it out

Jews And Judaism: Ultimate Cultural Disease Feeding Off Gentile Hubris Of "Good-Evil"
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 12)

How is it Americans and Westerners are such idiotic zombies and suckers for Jews and other criminals, as we see nowadays?--answer: their poor minds have been ravaged by a great delusionary disease, something much and quite a bit like rabies, and now they're damaged, doomed, obsessed and addicted victims, hopelessly afflicted and infected.

What then is the delusionary disease?--it is that Pharisaist heresy isolated by St. Augustine, Pelagianism, founded upon hubristic, perfectly "free" will fallacy (thus "good-works"), pretending then to "good-evil" delusion, all cemented by guilt-complex--all founded in the subjectivistic-complex of mental metaphysics and psychology, sealed in hopeless obsession--against Christian/Greek/Aristotelian objectivity and hence determinism which rejects such hubristic, perfectly "free" will.

The complicating factor is that of cultural circumstances whence a corrupted, hubristic generation of descendants still living-off the former success and prosperity of the previous, pioneering generation of heroes and victors indulges the leisure of pretending to this imaginary and delusionary "good," desperate as they are to competing w. their truly great ancestors who made such luxury available to them, but who first, so unfortunately induced and infected their descendents w. the hereticalist "good-evil" delusionary disease.

The additional cultural element is the criminal faction of Jews, foremost frauds and liars who seem thus to the poor foolish victims, to enhance the pretended and evermore false "prosperity" by means of "usury," deficit-spending, and "central banking"--in short, the most systematic COUNTERFEITING (though legalized) of the economy's money-supply.

For note Jews themselves are similar to a disease in their way, a sublime vector, as it were, which magnifies the hubris and fatal self-deception of the victim suckers, Jews the most profound and successful parasites--much like vampires who live off the blood and life-force of others, the victim goyim.

I first got the idea of Jews the cultural disease--or, especially, vectors thereof--fm the outstanding book, "Rabid"; by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy; Viking-Penguin, NY, etc.; 2012.

Wasik and Murphy's most excellent work then is an outstanding, full-fledged, cultural treatment, description, and exposition of rabies disease for its effects, not only strictly medically and historically, but also psychologically and sociologic, including artistically/literarily for the resemblance of the disease to the stories of vampires and esp. werewolves and then zombies.

Note then, esp. for the werewolf, first the victim is bitten--and then itself bites, victimizing further, reducing the sad victims to horrific mindless derangement and frenzy--alternating only w. the zombie-like state and passivity. Thus the dread (rabies) disease runs its course, the poor victim led to inexorable death in practically 100 % of the cases.

Thus we observe the parasitical Jews who actually thrive in vampire-like fashion, infecting evermore gentile victims, so many of whom then, in werewolf like fashion, thereupon attack other gentiles most ferociously--as we see the present "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists joyously murdering and genociding the world's victims, esp. Muslims, these JCs alternately ferocious and murderous, like werewolves, and then passive in zombie-like fashion as a sort of temporary remission, even as they themselves steadily die-out.

Such then is Judaism, worship of lies, subjectivism, and hubris, inducing narcissism, obsession, and psychopathology, not to mention outright criminality and mass-murder--as the course of history demonstrates quite literally before our very eyes, even as we speak.

So do I say Jews are the only ones at fault?--of course not. For all humans are sinners, given to hubris and lies, but Jews are the masterminds and exploiters, who take fullest advantage as "vectors," so-to-speak, in the large CYCLE of history as a culture and people degenerate in HUBRIS and self-delusion, esp. that of subjectivism, Pharisaism, and Pelagian heresy, entailing the fatal fallacy of a perfectly "free" human will, capable then of that pretended "good" for the victim who is thus caught-up in basic guilt-complex.

CONCLUSION: Thus Jews eventually ride the corrupted, degenerate culture to ultimate death and perdition as Jews are so organized, "connected," and united behind the ultimate cultural fraud, that (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam known as "central-banking," like the present US Federal Reserve ("Fed")--see for expo/ref.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Disunity is ever problem for patriots, must be seen within Spenglerian hist. CYCLE

[QUOTE=Whitebear;477108, see]'Racial loyalty and exclusivity' sounds like 'white nationalism' to me
(under the '[URL=""]broad spectrum of white nationalism[/URL]' even though various 'factions'
 may be totally antagonistic and would not want to be grouped together).

This is comparable to the 'broad spectrum of christianity' where there have been
bloody wars between Protestant and Catholic and at least hundreds of denominations
- none of which would be denominations if they didn't disagree.

Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves 'christian'
although other christians would call them anti-christ.

White separatists, Christian Identity, Odinists, KKK, National Socialists and the Council of Conservative Citizens
might agree on 'racial loyalty and exclusivity' but nothing else.

I was hoping that this forum might promote racial loyalty and exclusivity.
I suppose that it is fair enough to criticize an organization or individual's
program or philosophy if you feel that it has a negative effect on the goals
although this does dramatize the disunity that is part of the problem.

* * * * *

"Disunity" Problem Is Ever Condition Of Sinful Humanity
(Apollonian, 11 Oct 12)

Thanks for ur excellent and perspicuous comments.  Overall, one notes humans are sinners and ever strive to pretending to hubris, Godliness, and individualist indulgences.  It's only adversity and other horrific conditions, as presently, but still, perhaps, not heeded by enough people, which then cause humans to resorting to allying temporarily in order to deal w. whatever life-threatening problem(s).

St. Constantine the Great and his episode in early 4th cent. can serve as example for our present travails as we attempt ourselves to revive a culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus analysis of present problem shows the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY headed at top by US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"--see Griffin's work at for expo/ref.) COUNTERFEITING scam, this run by obvious Jew masterminds, as usual.
Suckers among brainless goyim so befuddled by the Mammonist culture and these Jew criminals are mostly and basically affected by "good-evil" heresy/fallacy/delusion. 

Thus true Christianity preaches TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN, esp. 14:6) founded upon basic objective reality, objectivity the necessary premise for truth, all humans being sinners, not capable of "good," there being no "evil," only insanity.

CONCLUSION: Gosp. JOHN is best, simplest, shortest capsule/nut-shell Christian theology.  For as Jew (and Jewwy) threat seems to recede, Christians then strive to "individuate" themselves, forgetting the Jew threat.  Never forget hist. is CYCLIC, and Jew culture of lies always seeks revival based upon subjectivism and then especially "good-evil" conceit.  See [url][/url].

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Conspiracy theory," ho ho ho--it really bothers Jews, doesn't it?

"Conspiracy Theory"?--Is It "Tacky"?--Like Talking Politics, Eh?--And Who's Problem Is It, Anyway?
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 12)
"Conspiracy theory" isn't appreciated, is it?--esp. by "trendies," "yuppies," "metrosexuals"--and Jews. "Conspiracy theory" makes people nervous, like talking politics.
And "conspiracy theory" is "offensive" too, isn't it?--like talking about Christianity--it's "tacky"--it's even rather anti-semitic too, eh?
It's embarrassing, "conspiracy theory" is--as it's a truth one has to face-up to--so un-pleasant for so many, beginning w. Jews and their sympathizers, but extending to others too, like the lazy-minded scum who just want to get-along and keep their stinking, going-nowhere jobs.
So just note the un-pleasantness of "conspiracy theory" as it embarrasses and alarms the criminals at the top of things in our Jew-dominated culture--they have every reason to be embarrassed and alarmed.
Heck yeah, "conspiracy theory" is very well-taken thing to be considered and discussed. And if people are offended, whose problem is that, really? Ho ho ho. So if it is "conspiracy theory," so what? Only question then is whether it's justified and what then to doing about it, such conspiracy theory.
CONCLUSION: Jews OUGHT to be nervous (about "conspiracy theory"), shouldn't they?--tough stuff, kikes--I hope it takes time off of ur lives too, scummy, psychopathic, criminal puke.