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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Conspiracy theory," ho ho ho--it really bothers Jews, doesn't it?

"Conspiracy Theory"?--Is It "Tacky"?--Like Talking Politics, Eh?--And Who's Problem Is It, Anyway?
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 12)
"Conspiracy theory" isn't appreciated, is it?--esp. by "trendies," "yuppies," "metrosexuals"--and Jews. "Conspiracy theory" makes people nervous, like talking politics.
And "conspiracy theory" is "offensive" too, isn't it?--like talking about Christianity--it's "tacky"--it's even rather anti-semitic too, eh?
It's embarrassing, "conspiracy theory" is--as it's a truth one has to face-up to--so un-pleasant for so many, beginning w. Jews and their sympathizers, but extending to others too, like the lazy-minded scum who just want to get-along and keep their stinking, going-nowhere jobs.
So just note the un-pleasantness of "conspiracy theory" as it embarrasses and alarms the criminals at the top of things in our Jew-dominated culture--they have every reason to be embarrassed and alarmed.
Heck yeah, "conspiracy theory" is very well-taken thing to be considered and discussed. And if people are offended, whose problem is that, really? Ho ho ho. So if it is "conspiracy theory," so what? Only question then is whether it's justified and what then to doing about it, such conspiracy theory.
CONCLUSION: Jews OUGHT to be nervous (about "conspiracy theory"), shouldn't they?--tough stuff, kikes--I hope it takes time off of ur lives too, scummy, psychopathic, criminal puke.

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  1. Cass Sunstein, proof alone that the Jews go into fits when people look under their rocks to see what they're up to.

    Jews fear prying eyes in front of inquiring minds.