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Friday, March 31, 2017

Le Pen (France) pt.s out what we really already know about fallacious "left-right" paradigm, but still doesn't quite allow herself fullest truth--it's satanism vs. rational (hence anti-semitic) humanity....

Nahhhh, Of Course It Isn't Mere "Left Vs. Right"--It's satanism & Jews Vs. Humanity & Reason
(Apollonian, 31 Mar 17)

So Le Pen of France tells voters it's not mere "left vs. right"; see and The two vids at the daily Kenn were removed by Jew tube, evidently, naturally.

And of course, lots of folks through the yrs, including the Birchers ( have noted how the "money power," controlled by satanists (extreme subjectivists) control both sides, "left and right." Le Pen now wants to say it's "globalists" and corporatists on one side ("leftists") vs. "nationalists" and/or "patriots," nationalists often backed by the Zionist Jews, as we see here in Jew S A, who backed Trump and who no doubt back Le Pen.

Don't forget Anders Breivik (of 2011 Norway massacre) was a terrorist mason and mass-murderer (if it wasn't total false-flag) who said he supported Israel in name of nationalism. Jews are behind both factions.

Le Pen is surely correct when she says it's patriots on one side, BUT those "patriots" must be anti-satanist, therefore anti-semitic, in order to be true patriots--because it's Jews leading the general satanic power, masons, homosexuals, illegal aliens, et al. See for expo on Jews and Talmud.

For on top of the false "left vs. right" is the satanic "money power" behind the central bank (see for expo on central banking), CONTROLLING EVERYTHING and everybody, as they have all the funds, esp. in way of nearly infinite currency.

What's interesting is Le Pen admits the "corporatists" trying to monopolize everything--and how better to doing that than beginning w. the currency (not real "money") scam, a plain and outright criminal enterprise, and monopoly, the central-bank, LITERALLY legalized counterfeiting?

So the only thing to analyze is how these criminals (counterfeiters) are allowed to rule and dominate: the only way we see and can verify is by means of OVER-POPULATION of stupid people who allow and even promote this (central bank) criminality and fraud to getting-by, and they do this on pretext of fallacious "good-evil" moralism, which however, the over-populated goons, scum, filth, puke, and suckers (takes one to know one, I admit) will fight to the death to defending.

It's same moralist pretext the goons invoke for the anti-prostitution laws and anti-drug laws--MORALISM IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT problem of society which fallacious "good-evil" pretext is defended by sooooooooooooo goddam many morons, dumbasses, et al.--I don't think I need to explain. It's why--this veritable OVER-POPULATION of morons problem--things have to get horrible and un-bearable before anything useful in way of solution can be done.

That's why anti-semitism (hence anti-satanism) is such easy solution (again, just ck, much the actual raison detre' (ultimate, essential justification) for our dear Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence objective reality, against Talmudic satanism, subjectivism, foundation of that fatal "good-evil" Pharisaism, Pelagianism in Christian theology.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ajax Jewns ( foremost narcissist paragon, caricature, "leader" of "good" vs. "evil"...--what a pathetic joke, reductio-ad-absurdum, truly....

Ajax Jewns ( Most Comical Paragon Of Purest Narcissism, Tool Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 17)

Behold Ajax Jewns (, truly and surely one of the greatest jokes, absolutely comical, in his way, but additionally significant as perfect sign of truly corrupt and decadent culture of most gross hubris. Jewns and Bill O'Reilly (FOX) are surely a couple of peas in a pod, both such amazing, incredible, gross NARCISSISTS--perfect signs of the present Jew-controlled, Jew-serving, Jew-centric culture we have, both of those scum the purest Jewwy shills, servants, and toadies.

Thus u have PERFECT PICTURES, in Jewns and O'Reilly, of narcissist SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, Pharisaism, and the Israel-first Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for best expo) component, this then in principle opposition to the "leftist" "globalists" for world-gov. and "progressivism" for morons and queers.

Such are the two Jew-serving establishment poles, "left" and "right," which so fascinate so many of the goons, fools, and suckers bred-up now by a corrupt and degenerate Jew-dominated culture, the weak-minded scum so pathetically addicted to and hung-up over "morality," esp. of the fallacious "good-evil" taught to the little scum-balls when they were young, the little pukes never getting-over it, the delusion having taken-over.

The great comedy given by Jewns is not just his usual idiot self-righteousness, ranting in his loud and hysterical mode, including his constant and repeated assertions of "good-evil" and "free-will," but now lately his amazing interrupting and talking-over his interview guests, cutting into, cutting them off, and Ajax imagines people love listening to him doing all this stupid, blatant narcissism on pretext of "MORALITY" and moralism.

And of course, all Ajax's stupid babbling is on top of his phony vocal tone and rasp he contrives to putting on, tightening on the back of his mouth, top of his throat--though he seems to be quite used to doing it over the yrs now. This phony, contrived vocal rasp he affects seems to be pretty much second-nature nowadays--what an amazing joke of a character now become caricature--Mr. morality, truly, ho ho ho ho.

There's no doubt in my mind, Jewns is absolutely psychotic and obsessed w. this idiot narcissism. And don't forget there's great similarities btwn narcissism, psychopathology and sociopathy, see and

And the kikes at top absolutely LOVE Jewns--why?--because he keeps people (at least on the JC "right") addicted/obsessed w. SUBJECTIVISM by means of his pushing non-existent "good-evil" and "free"-will, pretending and insisting it (moralism) is such virtue. The "globalist left" is similarly moralistic though they don't believe in, and indeed, positively HATE Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and Christianity. For the HUBRIS of the culture is founded in this obsession/addiction for moralism and non-existent "good-evil," psychologic foundation of, and pretext for subjectivism, hence SATANISM, non-existent "good" worst enemy of truth.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Note the great irony to ZOG's "Agenda-21" program for genocide: there actually is an "over-population" of a distinct sort....

The Great Irony To satanism And Agenda-21 (And -30) Genocide--There Actually IS "Over-Population"
(Apollonian, 21 Mar 17)

Observe the circumstances for Agenda-21 & -30 genocide ("pop.-control") is there's a certain grain-of-truth to things in that, given the historical CYCLE for Spenglerian "Decline of the West," there really is, in truth, an over-population of goons, fools, morons, scum, suckers, and hubris-filled puke.

For note the successful empire creates this sort of population, descended fm the original conquerors, pioneers, and producers: consider simply the Romans. So eventually, the descendent population who didn't have to fight and suffer, or even, in so many cases, have to work too hard, become so HUBRIS-filled, as we see fm the present generations of USA, their policies are positively destructive, as by means of socialism and welfare-state, which penalize productive work and reward non-production.

For note the socialist ethic is collectivist sacrifice of the individual in favor of the "collective," etc., which always favors the top master-minds. Such then is the culture of death, founded upon the ethic of death, altruism, self-sacrifice, etc.

So it's no wonder then eventually the policy emerges for explicit, overt genocide--"Agenda-21" (and now -30), pop.-reduction. Such is the irony, the over-populated suckers ("liberals," leftists, "progressives," homosexuals, et al.) who go along so willingly w. the satanic master-minds rather endorse their own extermination.

And look at the real "over-population"--as of the bureaucracy, and then their clients (suckers) among the population--the welfare state. Thus the communist/socialist state grows and expands, including for the lust for ever-greater power for controlling things economic and political.

So this very real over-population of hubris-filled scum, goons, and suckers, esp. composed of "liberals," and homosexuals, is why and how we find ourselves in this latest cycle of warfare against satanism, the culture of death, led, as always, by the Jews who preach "agenda-21" prop. Don't forget to ck for best expo on Talmudic satanism.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Note all the hype, lies, spin, fake-news, etc., put out by Jews-media ("tower of babel" syndrome)--purpose?--cog. dissonance, setting-up for terror-event, coming soon, no doubt....

Satanism, Terrorism Thrive In Condition Of Confusion, Cognitive Dissonance; Don't Forget Basic Christian (Hence Anti-Semitic) Principles
(Apollonian, 20 Mar 17)

Observe the false-flags and fake-news is continuing hot and heavy--what's purpose?--to induce cognitive dissonance and a state of passivity and helplessness, esp. for the weaklings, who are legion--it's just a form of terrorism--the setting-up for it.

And one of the gross terroristic lies is the usual, typical lies by Jews and Israel about "Islamic terrorism," pushed by their present flunky, Trump, and now including the yankee hill-billy, Ajax Jewns of So the next thing to happen, coming soon, no doubt, will be a huge "event," another false-flag, of 9/11 magnitude, blamed on Islamics, serving as excuse to attack Iran, no doubt.

For there is NO "terrorism" but for that staged by CIA, MOSSAD, and then associated MI6 (UK), and NATO, including the Saudis and Pakistanis who are associated "allies," and satellites (puppets, agents, and contractors).

So the most interesting question then will be whether Trump, the Israeli flunky, will endorse greater censorship, esp. in view of fact it was the free I-net that gained him his election victory against the otherwise totally fixed and controlled Jews-media. Because when this false-flag hits, it will immediately be detected, analyzed, and torn-apart by the still free press of the I-net. I-net is worst enemy of Satanists (Jews--see

Getting back to the deliberately induced cognitive dissonance and confusion being induced, esp. on part of the world-gov. "globalists," as of CNN, MSNBC, Farce-book, et al., we merely need understand that we should place greatest attn. and focus upon the serious issues and principles, not the details by which Jews-media (Joogle, Farce-book, and Twitter) tries to distract and divert.

For the things that are happening regardless the "spin," lies, fake-news, false-flags, and diversions are implosion of US economy, despite Trump's wishful-thinking, as he continues the counter-productive military spending. Economy is collapsing, suckers; get a clue. Soon there will be horrendous currency collapse (huge devaluations).

And what good will it do to de-activate the "globalists" while empowering the Zionists and terror-state of Israel?--which seems to be what Trump is doing.

What then to do?--remember the SATANISTS RULE w. their central-bank (see for expo) still at the center of things, even though "globalist" "leftists" may seem to be in waning decline. Satanism still rules w. Israel and neo-cons; Trump is their patsy. And if Trump is right about "globalist" dicatatorship, which of course he is, then same de-centralizing principle should be applied to Jew S A for nullification, secession, and states-rights--it's what we've needed now for 150 yrs or so.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

People must begin to getting a clue: the "culture" (such as it is) is captured by satanism, suckers....

Only Cultural/Psychologic "Solution": People Must Grasp Satanism Ruling
(Apollonian, 16 Mar 17)

There are just TOOOOOOOOO MANY stupid, scummy puke, filth, goons, and morons (yes, it takes one to know one, ho ho ho ho ho)--there are too many people--hence WHO (desperately) NEED LEADERSHIP.

How else can we explain gross, in-ur-face criminal conspiracy ruling and running everything?--like the central banks, LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING (see for expo on central banking). But since the banks print-up nearly all the currency (not real "money") they need, for funding all the wars they need, to killing all the people they need to kill, etc., it's hard to keep these poor, brainless, over-populated fools informed. After all, all they (the "people") want is "bread and circuses," right?--nowadays addicted to TV and football games.

So folks merely need face and reflect on fact satanism rules--THE CULTURE OF DEATH (built upon lies). The lies, of course, are tooooo clever for the poor brainless dumbasses to figure-out, like "Keynesian economics," BUT they can figure-out the mass-media monopolies lie, "Big-Pharma" monopoly is murdering them by "slow-kill" methods, poison vaccines, drugs, the gov., controlled by bankers and associated monopolists forcing people to take the vaccines and drugs, immunizing the vaccine-makers fm law-suits, etc.

So then what's the thing about satanism?--they're behind the "banks" and legalized counterfeiting, right, but then how does satanism arise? These questions might not be understood by all the stupid, over-populated brainless fools, morons, scum, goons, and puke (our lovely "people"), but at least enough of the leaders (the "good shepherds") need to be able to understand the basic idea: SATANISM IS (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM--the idea all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making one creator of reality (making oneself God--the definition of satanism, after all).

Thus it took Christ to teach there's such thing as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which couldn't exist in first place without the objective (hence God-given) reality. That's why glorious truth always RESURRECTS (Easter) as one can't kill it, anymore than one can kill (objective) reality. It's why Jews absolutely hate Christ (= truth, objectivity) more than anything, why Jews are satan's favorite little henchmen. See

And there's just this slight little trick about (extreme) subjectivism which makes it sooooo devilishly successful: (a) it must be COLLECTIVE and organized in order to work. satanism practiced merely by the individual is pointless, worthless, useless, and actually self-destructive, merely leads to psychosis. That's why most successful satanists are the naturally collectivist Jews and their primary accomplices among gentiles, the (free-) masons.

(b) Another basic thing to understand is this satanism arises fm a formerly successful, victorious, and "prosperous" society, usually (almost always) an empire--as we see in present American instance, the Americans having taken-over leading imperialist status fm the British before them. See "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, who and which plots the CYCLIC rise and fall of these empires, the empires always giving way to HUBRIS, corruption, and perversion (see "Pizza-gate").

(c) Finally, the original subjectivist pretext for satanism is inculcated at earliest age for the fools, suckers, morons, and scum, in guise there's such thing as "good-evil": Pharisaism, also known in Christianity as Pelagian heresy.  For there's no "good-evil" (or even true "free" human will) in an objective, hence determined reality in accord w. absolute cause-effect.

For it's extremely DIFFICULT to preach against "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy for which goons, morons, and scum will fight for to the very death--sometimes, under the right circumstances--esp. if it seems to pay well and the central-banks are still pumping-out huge masses of currency which haven't yet totally destroyed the economy and society.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ajax Jewns of is pt.-man for cog. dissonance, setting-up for HUGE false-flag coming, compliments of Israeli/MOSSAD kikes....

Purpose Of Ajax Jewns ( Dissonance (For The Morons), Setting-Up For Coming False-Flag, No Doubt
(Apollonian, 10 Mar 17)

Gotta hand it to Ajax of he's brilliant in his way, knowing sooooo much about stuff like guns, gun-control, 2nd Amendment, other stuff too, like poison vaccines, gov. snooping, as we get fm latest "vault 7" wikileaks--and it all gives impression to folks Ajax knows sooooooooooo much about things, by golly. Ajax is sure a smart hill-billy fat-head.

But then, u get the monkey-wrench--Ajax is staunch defender of kikes--and he defends kikes soooooo cleverly, always willing to grant there are "SOME bad" Jews, ho ho ho, but, golly, it's just like everyone else--there's some bad Italians and Irish too, after all, Ajax will always say. This all, foregoing, is what's called "cognitive dissonance," fancy euphemism nowadays for LYING, ho ho ho ohho--by Ajax Jones, shill for the kikes.

And like Joe Farrah of World Net (, Ajax pretends to being "Christian," which is a lot like Judaism, according to Ajax, Judaism being just a variation or version of Christianity, ho ho ho ho. See for expo on Judaism. See or for expo on Judeo-Christianity or Christian-Zionism (same things).

For the up-coming false flag absolutely, as always, always, always, must be accompanied by huge, tremendous, cognitive dissonance, promoted, enhanced, increased much as possible, magnified, amplified, pushed, puffed, and hyped by all and any means possible or conceivable. Cognitive dissonance is why Ajax was explicitly mentioned by hitlery Clinton in her infamous "alt-right" speech a few days before the 2016 election--Ajax was and is to be made a household name, the better to "catapult the propaganda," as George W. Bush explained it for us.

Meantime, u'll notice, Ajax and lots of other right-wingers, are being systematically censored and suppressed fm "leftist," "globalist" Jew-tube (, Joogle (google), Twitter, and Farce-book, these all exercising monopolistic coercion, called "racketeering," as they've gotten away with, as Jews have gotten away with fm the old TV and radio times of decades past (post WWI). One can't discriminate against blacks, for example, but it's ok to do so against hate-mongers and racists as the leftists say Ajax is (ironically enough, as u see).

And what's the topmost, primary, and principle monopoly/cartel?--the central bank known as US Federal Reserve--see for expo on central-banking, a criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting, but which gets-by because of the stupid, over-populated masses of morons who now prevail, in Jew S A, and all over world, led by their Jew masters. And of course, Ajax NEVER pt.s this out about the cartel/monopoly complex that is working against him and his buddies.

And this gross criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting gets by because the people are stupid, led by Ajax. Fools, scum, puke, goons, and trash, called "the people," just cannot for the life of them figure-out what "money" is and must be (see for expo on money subject), and why, ho ho hoho ho--poor over-populated morons--HOW is it possible so many scummy puke can go on living?

Meantime, Trump has US troops now in Syria which seems to be illegal, but as it's done at behest of Israel, Trump gets away w. it all, and the same Jews-media which calls him racist never mentions this about Trump (or Obola before him) having troops in Syria. Note all the hub-bub now about the "deep-state" and CIA spying takes-away attn. on the Syria situation where CIA and MOSSAD (Israel) have been funding and supporting al Qaeda and ISIS.

And both Trump and Ajax continue to lie about "terrorism" which is all done, funded, promoted, and sponsored by Israel and Jew S A, also MI6 and NATO.

So u see the "setting-up" of the "ducks" for the absolutely certain false-flag that's coming, which will accompany the on-going currency and economic collapse--timing of it all is entirely at their choice and discretion. Only slight question is WHO will this false-flag be blamed on?--I'm betting Iran, but it could be N. Korea, eh?--good chance it might even be BOTH, ho ho ho--those clever satanists (led by Jews) have us all in such suspense, ho ho ho ho hoho

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Well, latest "vault 7" info fm wikileaks rather demonstrates and verifies the overwhelming power and effect of the central-bank instrument, eh?....

Don't Forget: Legions Of Over-Populated Scum, Puke, Goons, And Morons Need It Be Emphasized
(Apollonian, 8 Mar 17)

Well, now we've had Trump's complaints over Obola's "wire-tapping" fairly verified w. the latest Wikileaks on the "Vault 7" info about the multi-faceted surveillance done by ZOG and "deep state." Further, note it's also confirmed how ZOG can commandeer control of cars, how they surely murdered Michael Hastings, etc.

And what now this info further confirms is the ABSOLUTE power of the currency cartel known as the central bank, or the US Federal Reserve (see for expo). When u can just print-up, and nowadays, digitalize practically all the funds u want or need, u have nearly the power of God, able to buy everyone and everything, etc.--and well, this is what's happened, suckers--do u get the picture? Such is the satanic "deep-state," fools.

And we see Trump is all caught-up in it, this "deep-state," his own family inter-married w. kikes (Kushner, et al.), Trump talking in their terms, according to their lingo, like "terrorism," which they, ZOG, "deep state" created in the first place--what a joke.

And never forget: satanists and Jews took control precisely because of these now over-populated scum, filth, and morons, filled w. HUBRIS, pretending to non-existent "good-evil," programmed into them fm child-hood, the primary pretext for subjectivism, hence the satanist establishment which rules, so crushingly.

Thus the currency cartel and central-bank presides at the top of the monopolistic corp. state, busily engaged upon mass-murder in all the various modes, including slow-kill, by means of the poisoned vaccines, food, water, prescription drugs, even the air w. the poison "chem-trails," the toxic electro-magnetic conditions, etc.

Even more pathetically caught-up and un-witting is such as Ajax Jewns of, pretending he's "good," etc., the brainless scum not even imagining how he serves the satanic agenda by means of his pushing the implicit subjectivism in his ignorant, idiot's manner, by way of moralism, and Jew-sympathy, etc.

Ajax merely needs grasp he's being squelched and smothered by the currency cartel (the central-bank), only a step removed fm the monopolist instruments of Joogle (google) and Farce-book.

So first, the dumbasses must strive and struggle to grasp the horrific satanic prison in which they live, the "empire of lies," including "climate-change," "terrorism," etc. And there's actually EASY and simple way to remove it, as by means of states-rights, nullification, secession, removal of IRS, income-tax, progressive taxation, minimum wage.

Thus people must grasp socialism and welfare-state for what it is, a great prison/plantation in which they're to be exterminated, in accord w. Agenda-21 and -30. Socialism is dictatorship, simply the monopolist state and mentality dedicated to GENOCIDE, necessarily, the worship (literally) of death.

And Christianity, properly understood, is worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Christians must be PROUD they're hated by Jews and satanist suck-alongs and any other worshippers of lies. Racism is virtue of LOYALTY.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Trump a dupe?--Regardless: he's integral part of "deep state," indubitably....

Trump: Integral Part Of "Deep-State"
(Apollonian, 3 Mar 17)

Here below-copied, is discussion w. fellow consp. theorist:

I began,
Here's my theory; consider how well founded it really is. WHY do we get all this stupidity by the "leftists" (really satanically directed), as w. latest Jeff Sessions controversy? For it's evermore known and understood it (the "leftist" lies and hysteria) does no good for them, indeed, only getting more people to sympathize w. Trump. So here's what's going on: satanists WANT people to sympathize w. Trump as he gets ready to backing Israel in war against Iran, most probably.

This (foregoing conspiracy) was all strategically rigged fm back when hitlery Clinton made her infamous "alt-right" speech and explicitly mentioned Alex Jones ( And u gotta have a war to cover the horrendous economic collapse which is absolutely certain. Note Trump meantime continues w. the big-spending, esp. for military, and increasing the debt, keeping the fools happy.

And Trump is all in w. this (foregoing conspiracy), why he doesn't prosecute hitlery, or pizza-gate, or Obama who's obvious fraud and criminal--all a charade--why Trump doesn't expose the Sandy hoax false-flag, and the other false-flags--why Trump is in w. Rudy Giuliani who was integral part of 9/11 false-flag.

"J" responded:
neocons are desperate to return to power and retain rights to control govt functions

Hillary is protected but she might be offered up

To which I concluded:
Yes: it's essentially "good Jew" (neo-cons, Israel first) vs. the "bad Jews" of the "left" and "globalism," why Trump has such as Alex Jones ( in his camp. It's well-known, further, that Trump is closely associated w. "leftist," G. Soros, in at least some business deals, I understand, easily googled.

Remember, satanism is extreme subjectivism by which reality is held as mere product of mind/consciousness, so satanists have succeeded by controlling the mass-media, the "mass consciousness," according to Marxism, Marxists. And the only "trick" to such satanism/subjectivism is to making it practical, hence collectivistic, hence organized by the foremost organizers.

This satanism is real, serious thing, highly organized, entailing (a) drugs, as u've pt'd out, (b) the child-trafficking, and (c) the organ harvesting, which is ever bigger business. And note now, u have a real, discernible satanic economy, within a palpable satanic society, which includes the homosexuals, these mainly dupes, but who are deliberately and consciously cultivated openly, but only under the guise of "leftism" and "liberalism." Additionally, the "Christians" and "right" opposition to satanists remain divided and subverted, as by the satanic pope, Bergoglio, et al.

Only "loose end" now satanists must secure is the I-net which has gotten away fm them--why Trump actually won, and which victory, satanists only finally grasped at the end when they knew hitlery would lose, thus had her thereupon to trumpeting such as Jones (

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Do u doubt, even for a second, there's false-flag coming?--cooked-up by those lovely, satanic Jew scum, as always, as usual, as sooooooooooooo putridly predictable?....

Why/How It Is Absolutely Certain There Will Be Anti-Iran False Flag, Coming Soon
(Apollonian, 1 Mar 17)

Could there possibly be any doubt whatever there's going to be anti-Iran false-flag? Regardless whether Trump is part and approves or not, Jews and Israel are certain to be planning and will execute an anti-Iran false-flag quite soon enough.

For Trump, for all his pretense as "alpha-male," is hopeless, gutless, mindless patsy for Jews--AND JEWS KNOW IT, including esp. his satanic son-in-law, Kushner, married to his daughter who apostatized in order to become a Christ-killer.

For observe Jew S A is in midst of hopeless economic/currency collapse, already and long in gross depression, regardless the stock-market turmoil, and regardless Trump's pretended tinkering and propaganda in way of regaining domestic manufacturing.

And then there's the deep-state machinations, "protests," and rioting activity on-going, providing additional chaos and "back-ground" for satanic world empire which Trump pretends to oppose in his half-baked manner.

And observe Trump's buddy-buddy relation w. former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani who was integral part of the 9/11 false-flag master-minded by Israel and MOSSAD.

And when one considers the horrific perfidy planned by these satanic Jews as in way of this imminent false-flag, things fall into place, for example the otherwise incomprehensible endorsing and explicit publicity given by hitlery Clinton to Jewwy flunkey and flack, Ajax Jewns of, during the Presidential campaign in her infamous "alt-right" speech. Is there anything more disgusting and putrid than that stupid, lying hill-billy, Jewns, urging us to depend upon Jew-lackey, Trump?

The false-flag and subsequent war against Iran will further work to cover things for Jew and satanic masterminds of pizza-gate which have ALREADY been served by Jews in Trump administration who subverted the great White House petition effort for investigation and prosecution of the scandal first brought to light in the wikileaks e-mail captures. See

So Trump's greatest move and innovation was/is his pretending to "make America great again," and "America first" slogan--which is and was all phony lies in favor of Jews and Israel-first, as usual, as always. Otherwise Trump continues w. same old weak-dollar and deficit spending policies as pt'd out by Ron Paul, heavy military spending, etc.

Brace urselves for more satanic and Jew-friendly, Jew-oriented, Jew-serving perfidy and betrayal, suckers, just as u ought to expect, just as over-populated, dumbass, morons and suckers NEVER want to learn.