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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Get ready for huge "terror events" w. traitor Trump, suck-along, flunky for Israel, moving embassy to Jerusalem....

Trump's Treason: Moving Embassy To Jerusalem, Start Of Huge War, Terrorism, Hit On Iran
(Apollonian, 6 Dec 17)

It never, ever was really "America first"--it is all Israel, all for Israel--that's what's behind Trump and the announced move of American Embassy now to Jerusalem, just a ratification of the inexorable Jew take-over of Palestine, the purpose being WAR, especially a big hit against Iran. But there's more.

Perhaps most of all, it (the war and Jerusalem gambit) will allow martial-law and the removal of the free internet as more than anything else, the free I-net and truthful information is fatal to Jews and Israel.

So now w. the American move to Jerusalem, the "terror incidents" that will ensue will be all done by Israel, Saudi, and US, and will be blamed on Iran, and the turmoil even here in USA, now the Jew S A, will lead to martial-law and removal of the worst enemy of Jews and Israel, the free I-net. Such is the obvious plan now made clear by Trump's announcement on the embassy move.

So we see it took a year to set-up, the move to Jerusalem, just like it took Bush administration about nine months to set-up for 9/11, but here we go--also just in time to preclude and accompany the huge economic disaster that's on-going, the decisive down-turn and crash of American "prosperity" imminent.

And now we know what Trump meant when he talked about the "calm before the storm"--it was all planned, all the way, for yrs and yrs now. And isn't it telling Trump is such good buddies w. Giuliani, the Mayor of NY during 9/11?--they're all in on it--including that fat-head, yankee hill-billy, Ajax Jewns of, just another shill, as we see.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

"Good"?--it doesn't exist, snow-flake, and it's NEVER been proven or demonstrated, never will be....

"Good": Non-Existent, And Worst Enemy Of TRUTH
(Apollonian, 3 Dec 17)

Human beings are such stupid, scummy, stinking, filthy puke, so given to HUBRIS (the idea humans can create reality, as by means of perfectly "free" will), it's a wonder they can survive, and they'll NEVER be happy, though it does seem possible to be fairly satisfied. Wisdom is surely the one thing humans never learn except by means of the "hard-way."

So what's a neat way to rule humans, taking advantage of their stupidity?--teach them HUBRIS, that it's "good" or advantageous to be hubristic and then try to take advantage of that--even though this also is doomed to failure and likely disappointment.

To a significant extent, this hubris is partially taught to many people when they're young, in way of "good" and "bad" (or "evil"), and it's often effective as the young accept it so easily. Thus "good" becomes the false-God so many are persuaded to pursue, and the problem is there is no such thing (simply try to prove a criterion for such "good"--it's impossible), but most people never can figure it out, and they incessantly and obsessively continue to pursuing it, time after time, failure after failure.

And as stupid humanity continues to pursue this false God (of "good"), they're persuaded the reason they never can attain and achieve this "good" and the "good society" is various excuses, but they're always synonymous with "bad" and "evil," and since these don't exist they simply take evermore different forms which always mystifies and fascinates the masses of stupid people.

So however it is people continue to be confused, through it all, the one thing the satanists (extreme subjectivists) pursue is that instrument of power by which they maintain their mastery, rulership and hold upon political power, and that's the CENTRAL-BANK instrument/mechanism (legalized counterfeiting--see for expo) by which they own and control everything, especially such as the mass-media and "education" by which they push their lies and lying. Thus the central-bank is always held to be that indispensable instrument which achieves "good" for the stupid people--or would if it weren't for "evil" people who are always "gumming-up the works," according to the propaganda.

Thus humanity is always struggling in the mystic pursuit of non-existent "good," and they're deliberately led in this fruitless pursuit of the non-existent, mythical "good" by the satanists who are always sure and dedicated to the mystification and confusion of the people, the satanists always lying, but doing so in clever and sufficient manner for keeping the stupid people mystified and confused, never informed.

The analysis of this lie regarding non-existent "good-evil" could go further, but it's best to keeping things simple. But the "good-evil" delusion is founded upon a further delusion regarding human "free" will, which human will is not perfectly "free," humans being sinners, slaves of their will, hence self-interest. Regardless, it's enough to note and conclude at this pt. to the horrific consequences of human delusion and esp. the delusions regarding non-existent "free" will and "good," worst enemies of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Newsflash: hatred is something that's deserved, earned, and justified; real question/issue is WHAT was cause?....

Below essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...sive-than.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Isn't Hatred Natural Effect And Consequence?--Isn't It Often Just And Deserved?
(Apollonian, 30 Nov 17)

Who cares about Jews?--isn't that question properly up to Jews? And if Jews wanted humanity to not hate Jews w. a special sort of anti-semitic hatred, wouldn't it require Jews to examine or re-examine their own hatred of gentiles?

My question is, what about humanity?--that's who I care about. Isn't hatred/repulsion then just a negative kind of emotion, the reciprocal of love/attraction?--and isn't it something that naturally happens as result of prior conditions? So the question rather regards prior conditions, including treatment given to humanity by Jews, hatred mere result and effect of natural justice.

So my observation in case of Israel and Jews, for example, stealing the land of Palestine fm the rightful owners, including the incessant murders of Palestinians through the years, is just one of those natural circumstances which causes hatred of Jews.

Jews insist on keeping the stolen land, so the murder of Palestinians becomes just a ritual thing incident to that stealing of the land which Jews want to make and keep an institution--they go together, quite naturally. Ritual murder is incident to Jews' hatred of humanity.

Thus hatred of Jews is natural consequence, and indeed, all history reflects this attitude of all humankind of all races towards Jews who have been expelled fm practically every country on earth--there's natural reason for this hatred, and it has to do w. Jews' war against God, truth, and human-kind which gives natural rise to this anti-semitism.

And of course, Jews blame this natural hatred and anti-Semitism upon God, reality, and humanity--it's all their fault. So the real problem goes beyond mere "hatred"--it has to do w. cause-effect, reason, justice, and the way the world works which Jews REFUSE to accept.

For the world is objective, God-given, according to Christ and Christian truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), objectivity the basis of truth (= Christ), but the Jews refuse to accept this, Jews holding that reality and truth are rather what they say it is, all in accord w. "midrash" (subjectivism) and what's "good for Jews."

Hence the problem of hatred of Jews stems fm Jews' problem w. nature of reality itself and their satanic worship of lies, lying, and liars as noted in Gosp. JOHN 8:44. Humanity doesn't appreciate lies, lying, and liars, so naturally humanity doesn't appreciate Jews--and this is properly Jews' problem, not humanity's; Jews' fault, not humanity's.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Latest InfoWars "star," Owen Shroyer, reductio for Ajax Jewns--another demonstration of "Peter Principle"....

"Peter Principle" At Work In Ajax Jewns (InfoWars) Embracing Owen Shroyer
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 17)

Ajax Jewns ( just can't understand things: gee whiz, but his Jewwy hero, Trump won, for goodness sakes--so Jewns wonders, gee, but why and how are the jews of Fake-book and now Jew-tube censoring him (Jewns) sooooo scandalously, openly, brazenly?--don't they know that Jewns and Trump won?--ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. See the story by jewns at , and esp. his pathetic vid on the subject at

What a poor, stupid bastard--see, he's (Ajax) just a flack for the Jews, a gate-keeper, who lies and pretends he's not, and he refuses to see it's Israel-first for Trump and the Jews he has in his cabinet and everywhere else. And u can ck Judicial Watch which continues to be stone-walled by the Jew-controlled Trump Justice dept. Even the morons at FOX News, like Judge Jeanine are stunned, not to mention certain Republicans in Congress, even, who cannot figure-out why the Trump AG, Sessions, can't get started for prosecution or even serious investigation of Clinton crime corporation, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.

And we note how the false-flags and outright hoax "shootings" just continue along, including the Las Vegas fiasco, next the Texas church shooting--which rather distracted somewhat fm the previous Las Vegas hoax. And obvious purpose is to eventually declaring martial law, founded upon these continued fakes and frauds now being done under auspices of Trump. So does Ajax warn us about this up-coming catastrophe?--not at all; rather the opposite, shilling along, giving credence to it all.

And so now (see we see Ajax employing his latest star protégé,' one Owen Shroyer, a TOTAL zero, in his early 20s, w. no experience, who knows NOTHING and has nothing of any substance to say. BUT, what's dear little Owen good at?--emotional expressions and utterances of moral outrage, all done in style of Ajax. And we see in dear little Owen the reduction-ad-absurdum for Ajax Jewns and the visible proof of the justly-famous "Peter Principle" in action (arriving at level of INCOMPETENCE).

So instead of the "globalist"-leftist Jew world order (JWO), we're just going to get the straight-out fascist martial-law fm Trump and his Israel-oriented cohorts, Ajax sucking-along and flacking for it all, including his little side-kick, Owen Shroyer, yet another reduction-ad-absurdum in the "Peter Principle" demonstration.

Thus the JWO continues to roll along, just w. a diff. style, featuring now the "golems" of Ajax and Trump, replacement for the Clinton crime corp. as face and front-men. For there are serious "events" up-coming: one is the absolutely certain economic implosion, the Chinese Yuan replacing the Dollar as world reserve currency, and another will be a more catastrophic false-flag, like perhaps an EMP attack to be blamed on N. Korea--which will be a perfect scam to distract fm the truly horrific economic catastrophe--all this while we watch Owen Shroyer exulting in all his empty-headed little "moralist" glory, though actually most perfect reduction-ad-absurdum for Ajax, who blazed the original moralistic trail.

Moralist HUBRIS, foundation of satanist triumph, never forget.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Incredible!--the un-mistakable signs of absolute genocidal mass-murder--by means of AI (art. "intelligence")--is now too blatant on Trump was hastily put in place....

AI Satanism Takes Decisive Control: Doubt Mass-Murder And Genocide Is On "International" Menu?--U're An Absolute Moron
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 17)

Here's perfect example of anti-human, anti-rational program is IN PLACE and operating. Of course we KNOW as well as are "globalist" operations/corporations, pushing for the "leftist" Jews, led by hitlery and Obola--against the "right-wing" Jews of Trump. But further, note these leftist-globalists are ABSOLUTELY serious about Agenda-2030 genocide and pop.-reduction (a), and this is the official and operating policy working by means of AI (artificial intelligence).

Specifically, u can tell this anti-human AI is in place when u ck simple thing like the sports scores. Today is merely Saturday evening, some college football games are still in progress even as I speak. But get this: if u try to ck for the scores of the college games just now played, earlier today, u'll find, on, the scores are not posted on front page--it's treated as past news, and what's posted is the game-time for next week's games--again, this is Sat. evening, some of this week's games still in progress--such is AI--such is the genocidal, anti-human program WHICH IS ALREADY IN PROCESS.

For don't forget the poison prescription drugs and poison vaccines being pushed and administered to the stupid TV-addicted population, not to mention the GMO poison foods and food-additives, poison fluoridated water, poison "chem-trails," poison glyphosate herbicides, toxic radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic.

Note this (sports scores, as I note) isn't human--for any humans of any culture KNOW the people want the news of current games and scores, which obviously such currency must exist for the games played for today--it means only one thing: anti-human genocide--it's SATANIC, and nothing less.

It all just goes to show the pass things have come to for the satanic leftist-globalists--it's all OUT-OF-CONTROL for the blatant anti-rationalism, anti-humanity, and such then is the "legacy" of hitlery Clinton and Obola the magic nigger, the faces of globalism-left, "antifa," political-correctness, and genocidal AI. The rightist-Jews evidently have taken note, seen that AI has taken decisive control for the leftist-globalists, and that's how and why they pushed Trump and paid huge funds to the controllers of the electoral college to see Trump was elected in place of hitlery which would have been absolute sociologic disaster.

So the Israeli-rightist Jews decided to intervene, installed Trump, and actively prepare for war against Iran--a few more false-flag hoax shootings is all they want, and total removal of the free Internet. And when the false-flag hoaxes push Iranian "terrorists" Ajax Jewns of will be the loudest voice pushing for war, don't doubt--Ajax Jewns, the Jews' foremost Golem.

Friday, November 3, 2017

NOW WE KNOW what and who Ajax Jewns ( is and does--he's a GOLEM, most perfect, willing dumbass, sucker, dupe for the Jews....

Ajax Jewns (, The Perfect Golem--Most Perfect Characterization For The Fool
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 17)

People have been wondering and discussing who/what is Ajax Jewns of"controlled opposition"?--gate-keeper?--flack? Well, yes, he's all of the afore-mentioned, though he surely doesn't think of it that way--for Ajax is fairly honest and sincere in his fat-headed, stupid manner, though he imagines he's soooooooooooo successful and even talented, ho ho ho hoh oho--after all, he's rich, kinda', somewhat, probably has a couple million, not doing too badly.

But he works for Jews, and he surely knows it--even though it doesn't bother him as he probably thinks Jews are perfectly all right humans, no diff. fm anyone else, hoho ho ho ho ho--as he so often says, hoho ho ho ho, scummy liar. But hey, he figures, if Jews are good to him, well, hey they must be ok--they're just like anyone else, right?--ho ho ho o ho ho--that dumb fat-faced, fat-head scum better hope so. Because if the kikes decide to getting rid of the dumbass yankee hill-billy, then he's a goner, hoh o oh ho ho ho. See and for expo on Jews and what their Talmud teaches.

For Ajax Jewns is best and most perfectly understood as a "golem"--look it up. "Golem" is a creation of the Jews, a monster, meant to serve a purpose of theirs, satanic and monstrous. For Ajax, though he doesn't know or realize it, stupid hill-billy as he is, is a satanic master-mind, most perfectly promoting and encouraging satanism which is built upon EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, subjectivism the idea that all reality proceeds fm consciousness/mentality, making oneself God.

And Ajax is most loud-mouthed, hysterical, even psychotic pusher of morality, moral virtue, good-evil, and free will--HUBRIS, though the stupid hill-billy won't admit to the last one, hubris. For Ajax is just stupid enough to truly believing in it all, good-evil, moral-virtue, and free will--he's honest in all his stupidity--the perfect, self-propelled golem. Don't forget, Ajax was psychologically examined as part of his litigation against his ex-wife, I understand, and he was diagnosed as serious narcissist.

For note, as satanism is built upon subjectivism, it requires only a pretext like "good-evil" and "free" will. And many if not most people are taught these "good-evil" and "free-will" delusions at early age, few ever over-coming these horrific, sublime lies and delusions.

And I KNEW something was up when I saw and hrd hitlery Clinton mention Ajax Jewns by name in one of her campaign speeches in 2016. I didn't immediately think of "golem" then, but I knew those filthy Jews MUST have some purpose for such otherwise against-interest puffing on part of consummate satanist as hitlery. And then, earlier today, 3rd of Nov., 2017, listening to his (Ajax) idiot babbling on his show, talking about Cory Feldman and child molesting, it hit me for his (Ajax's) putrid, moronic self-righteousness--in which self-righteousness HE NEVER FAILS, and always mentions dozens of time on his show, denouncing "evil," as he does. I knew and know and understand (a) he's totally psychotic, but in a devilish way, but (b) he's also HONEST so far as his belief in "good-evil" goes--THE PERFECT GOLEM, the perfect leader, even if he doesn't realize it, for satanism.

Thus we see how the Jews work and operate, always taking advantage of HUBRIS--and this insanity works sooooooooooooo well for Ajax as it affords him his fantasy of patriotic and moral virtue on one hand, and now combined w. MONEY on the other--it sure does PAY to being so self-righteous in his idiot's putrid fashion.

And Trump is yet ANOTHER such-like golem, though I must wonder if he seriously believes in himself in such stupid, brainless, self-righteous manner as Ajax, Trump so readily making himself of service to kikes. For Trump has to know about all the false-flags and psy-ops hoaxes, like the recent fake truck running-over of 8 people in NYC. And Trump also surely knows all about ISIS being creation of MOSSAD and CIA--just like the Russkies say.

And evermore people have to realize how Trump never makes a move without strict instructions fm his Israeli-Jew master-minds who are working in the Justice dept., state-dept., and defense-dept., all of them working for Israel, even if not so much for Jew world order gov. And one thing Jews and Israelis want is CENSORSHIP of the I-net, Jew-tube, etc.--absolutely necessary for continued domination and rulership of the goyim--even though Wikileaks was much a part of what got him elected--but Jews don't care.

People must grasp the satanic condition of the culture (a), and then (b) how Jews are masters of it, ruling by means of it and manipulations--w. stupid scum like Ajax Jewns, it's not that hard to do, most people so stupid and easily manipulated by means of inferiority-complex, moralism, and virtue-signaling, Jewns willing, eager tool, so well-paid, so self-satisfied--really and truly the PERFECT golem.

Friday, October 27, 2017

There's a HUGE, humongous, gigantic, monumental STORY that's begging to be made public: WHO double-crossed hitlery, Dems, and Obola?--and how exactly did it happen?--and now what's price they will extract fm Trump?....

Who Was It--WHO?--Who Double-Crossed Hitlery, Dems, And Obola?--And How Did It All Happen?
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 17)

Observe once again, hitlery, Democrats, and Obola himself are now EXPOSED as such gross criminals, even traitors--selling uranium to potential enemy, Russia, taking bribes, etc. And we ALREADY knew so much before this latest uranium scandal, like the Clinton e-mails, the Pakistani techs who worked the Democrat Congressional e-mails, etc.

But the Dems went ahead to doing it all, so extravagantly and recklessly--HOW did they do this and yet failed to win the election?--HOW could that possibly happen?

For obviously, hitlery and co. would have much more easily swept these horrendous scandals aside had they won the election--HOW could they possibly have failed?--given the dire and urgent positions they'd placed themselves for all these scandals--the lost election wasn't mere "blunder"--it was/is fatal (it seems).

So this is the great question--WHO was it (and how) who double-crossed hitlery and co.? For hitlery and co., MUST have thought they had everything in the bag, right?

Next question is WHAT Trump is obligated to doing in exchange for this miraculous double-cross?--looks like he's promised to kill Iran for the Israelis.

Well, we know it had to be a Jew or a few of them, at least--so WHO, exactly--and at what price?--for they sure suckered the Democrats, the saps, didn't they? The actual anatomy of this HUGE double-cross is the real, big story, un-questionably.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

There seems to be something "up" w. the top Jew powers, the "zionists" having double-crossed Bill and hitlery in super, major way--question is what is Trump to do for them (zionists)?....

Zionists Dealt Heavy Blow Against Bill And Hitlery, But What Did They Get From Trump?
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 17)

The ENORMITY of the scandal and treason may escape someone--certainly has the liberal news-media--which means the entire Jews-media aside fm the I-net. After all, Russia needs uranium--why?--to make weapons in order to threaten USA and allies, right? So heck, we should surely sell it to them, for otherwise how would they be able to threaten us w. millions in potential casualties? And after all, they're our precious enemy, aren't they? See

And then there's OBVIOUS bribery of paying 145 million to the Clinton Foundation, Bill able to double his "speaking fee" to half a million--good sort of work if u can get it.

Then, there are all the other scandals, esp. involving Clinton e-mails, not to mention the IRS, and the selling arms to the drug cartels, ObamaCare mis-appropriation of funds, etc.

And note, Clintons, Obama, et al., did all this presuming Clinton would win the "election," right?--they knew it, and they knew they had it in the bag--THAT'S why they went along w. all this treason, corruption, blatant bribery and criminality.

But THEN, something happened, right?--a slight, little thing like--they failed to win the election, tsk, tsk. And now they're exposed HUGELY--"bigly," golly gee. What happened?

Well the Jew powers at the top (the central-bank--see for expo) who run things and arrange and rig things (like elections) pulled a slight, little surprise, didn't they?--and they either rigged the election the other way, or maybe they just un-rigged it--doesn't matter, but the effect was the same--Trump got elected. After all, Trump may very well be Jew--see

But don't doubt, they got something fm Trump--what could it have been?--probably had something to do w. a hit on Iran, right? After all, it's Israel first, far as Trump is concerned--see Doubt Israel lead Jew S A by the nose? And don't forget, Israel gets all the NSA (nat. security) raw data, first thing--Israel is the boss--they did 9/11 w. willing help fm CIA.

I wonder what happened at Las Vegas shootings on first of this month?--see So now the false-flags and terror-hoaxes are a little exposed, eh?

Seems like there's something of a war going-on btwn the top powers of the deep-state, the "globalists" on the "left" vs. the Israel-first, "Zionists" on the right, eh?

I only wonder WHAT they were thinking about Las Vegas?--imagine the tremendous COMPLEXITY of everything that happened there?--HOW did they think they were going to succeed, with all the skeptics, not to mention debunkers, seasoned and expectant of yet another one?

So the very top powers that be, CFR, Tri-Lateralists, and Bilderbergers, seem to be quite a bit in dis-array versus the Zionists who messed-up the election--that's for sure, given the tremendous compromising of satanic agents, Bill and hitlery. "Globalist-leftists" seem to be very angry at the Zionists--which they mainly take-out on Trump.

Bill and hitlery have been dealt huge and heavy blow--but again, the serious and significant thing is WHAT are they (the Zionists, evidently, who did it against Bill and hitlery) planning w. Trump--a hit on Iran, but is that all?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Hoffman, pathetic and deranged, cannot refrain fm lying in his miserable manner, so desperate, so satanically obsessed he is w. virtue-signaling and Pelagian heresy....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...c-law-not.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hoffman's Pathetic Lying Has Destroyed His Reputation--Deservedly
(Apollonian, 20 Oct 17)

Hoffman: aside fm Pelagian heresy and playing "mighty-white," pretending no one can criticize Jews but u and only w. ur approval, u like to lie, don't u?

Above, u assert a "Biblical ban on renting money (usury)..."; this is a lie, and u give no reference. Further, there's no definition in any Biblic reference for "usury," which most probably actually refers to central-banking and issuance of currency, not to real money or the loaning of such. The only Biblic statements are against "usury," which then u falsely insist refers to loaning of real (commodity-based) money.

And we know there couldn't be a ban on mere loaning of real money as there's no reason for any such ban on loaning of real money. Bible only denounces "usury," which again, most probably refers to central-banking and issuance of currency--which genuinely does deserve Godly denunciation as it's literally legalized counterfeiting and criminal enterprise; see for expo.

This lying of urs regarding "Biblic ban" on loaning of real money is direct result and consequence of ur desperate, satanic obsession for pretending to "moral" virtue, Pelagian heresy, and virtue-signaling. And the result of ur Pelagian heresy is the ruin and dis-crediting of ur status as reputable researcher and scholar. U have destroyed urself, and only u are to blame.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
To David
When we reinstate the Biblical ban on renting money (Usury) the Money Power will no longer be supreme.
5:53 AM

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Isn't it simply OBVIOUS that Talmudism prevails and dominates as Christian West degenerates and accepts Talmudic/satanic premises of subjectivism and moralism?....

Below-copied essay first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...c-law-not.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Talmudism/Subjectivism Prevails And Dominates In Hubris And "Western Decline"
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 17)

Well Hoffman: the obvious pt. to my original essay, above (see, is Talmudism = subjectivism, and this subjectivism is given pretext by the hubris of Pharisaism, fallacious moralism of non-existent and hereticalist "good-evil," Pelagianism, according to St. Augustine. There's no "free" will for the human to ever not be a sinner. Humans are doomed to sin and must depend upon God's grace and mercy.

So the pt., once again, is Talmudism (subjectivism) prevails and rules to extent the gentiles and Christians ACCEPT the Talmudic PREMISES of subjectivism, which is to say, specifically, Pelagian heresy, the fallacious moralism of "good-evil" in the obsession for virtue-signaling as we see in this day--ESPECIALLY in the matter of "racism" which the Talmudists and partisans of George Soros use to CENSOR and suppress free speech and expression, making use of MONOPOLIES which get tax-payer -provided subsidies and favorable regulation, like the various present platforms, including YouTube and Google.

Charles Martel merely begs question as to WHAT is Christianity, which is worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44). Christ clearly rejected and repudiated Jew/Pharisaic subjectivism and "midrash" (interpretation) in Gosp.s MARK ch. 7, and MATT ch 15.

Thus the Christian society, at first so firm in respect for principle, Christian truth (hence objectivity) above all, gradually gives way in CYCLIC manner of Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the corrupt, "prosperous," degenerate people evermore given to hubris of "good-evil" and virtue-signaling as we see promoted so heavily in the idiot-factories of public "education." Thus the Jews, for example, were given their foot-hold in Palestine as direct object and result of first world war--HOW did that happen that Jews became so immensely powerful and influential?

For meantime, the people of the West were persuaded that "currency" should be substituted for real money, commodity-based, like gold/silver--which allows the criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting (the central-bank), the continuing issuance of currency devaluating the currency units already in circulation, the people defrauded and despoiled. Thus the Talmudic monopolists and criminals are empowered and enabled to eventual extermination of the gentile people, as we see by means of Agenda-21 and -30 "population-reduction" policies--and Palestine and its people are ignored and "disappeared."

So I consider my arguments in first essay, above, abstract as they seem, to be actually quite well demonstrated in reality and history, and indeed, also in the scripture too.

-------------------------------above essay by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

Charles Martel said...
apsterian said "... the necessary pretext to subjectivism (hence Talmudism/Judaism) is MORALISM, the fallacious and hereticalist idea of "good-evil," which doesn't exist in a God-given world of strict determinism and absolute cause-effect, the only will being God's will, there being no possible human "free"-will, humans being sinners, incapable of "good" which doesn't exist, there being no possible or conceivable premise/criterion, known to Christianity and St. Augustine as Pelagian heresy, equating to Pharisaism."

That is the view of a Calvinist, i.e. not a Christian.
5:01 AM

Michael Hoffman said...
It would be great if we would confine our comments to the topic of the column: the ramifications of the revelation of the Talmudic laws cited, their impact on the Sharia debate and on the conservative family values, and Constitutional patriot, movements, as well as the Catholic neocons and Protestant fundamentalists who have been misdirected away from the influence of rabbinic halacha by the Sharia hysteria.

Why do online comments so often veer off-topic and become an opportunity to debate issues that are not germane to the subject at hand?

Whether Calvinism is Christian or not has very little (if any) relevance to the question of the dominance of Talmudic law over America. Those who wish to reignite the fratricidal Protestant-Catholic wars of religion should do so in some forum other than the comments section of this Talmud/Sharia exposé.
6:45 AM

Monday, October 16, 2017

Jew world order (JWO) makes its satanic presence known and blatant, pushing contempt in face of gentile goons, morons, suckers, fools, and over-populated masses....

Satanic Deep-State Makes Itself Evermore Apparent For Las Vegas False-Flag Event
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 17)

Jew world order (JWO) makes itself evermore prominent, obvious, blatant, and apparent as it contemptuously exerts its force and will. I give u for decisive, conclusive proof, esp. in way JWO pushes it in ur face for this crisis-actor, purest Jew--who went by name of "Alex Israel" in the sandy hoax of Dec., 2012.

So now we see the genesis of the Las Vegas shootings of over two weeks ago, presently steadily fading in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, if u've noticed. Soon enough there will be further incidents, false-flags, and hoaxes, and note who else is in midst of it all pushing the JWO narrative, but Ajax Jewns of Ajax, to his credit, does pt. out some of the blatant anomalies of the Las Vegas event, but fails for the proper analysis and simplest observation of presence of crisis-actors.

But what surely amazes the dedicated observer/analyst is the salient fact that JWO is pushing this crisis-actor and acting in everyone's face, not caring that so many observe and take note. For JWO KNOWS these observers are small minority, and they don't care--they have a horrifying plan, obviously. So purpose is to generally TERRORIZE the people w. idea of these false-flags (a), and (b) to use the terror as excuse for evermore police-state, but specifically, for ever-increasing CENSORSHIP on Jew-tube and the other "social-media."

For simple, evermore obvious JWO plan is to continue the series of false-flags leading to a more decisive war, for example, against Iran, as we see, neo-cons and deep-state driving relentlessly, single-mindedly, megalomaniacally, Ajax Jews integral, knowing, consenting part to it all.

Seems obvious to me now that Las Vegas was originally meant to be staged ISIS event, but then there arose problem for HOW such (totally phony and staged) ISIS terrorism could have actually been carried-out, requiring the collusion of inept local police and FBI. Regardless, it all obviously turned into a disaster, the morons looking like "Keystone Kops."

Pt. now is we see "Deep-state" conclusively in control, dictating to Trump, along w. Ajax Jewns--and it all falls into the predictable pattern, the central-bank master-structure continuing to COMMAND the empire. People MUST begin to WAKING-UP, taking note of simple observations. Only interesting thing is (a) will Jew-tube take-down the vid noted at beginning top of this article here?--or (b) will they leave it up as a satanic gesture of contempt and hubristic mockery of the people?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's now evermore plain--it's deep state, not only against Trump, but against USA and the people, and Ajax Jones (InfoWars) works for them, defending Jews, always....

The Horrific Dis-Info Agent Ajax Jones (InfoWars), Plainly Now Working For Deep State
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 17)

Folks, u KNEW Ajax Jones (InfoWars) was and had been recruited by "deep-state" Jew world order (JWO) when noneother than hitlery Clinton mentioned his name, famously, during the 2016 Presidential campaign. For Clinton's mentioning is classic and well-known PUFF puffery, obviously designed to play-up and advertise someone--and now we see why and how. For Jones' purpose is to puff Trump who works for Israel, who are aiming at striking Iran, an obvious primary objective. The other objective is to promote race-war and civil war, Jones doing the typical anti-Muslim bit, covering for the Jews, for his idiot, psychotic ranting, yelling, and raving sooooo self-righteously, always pushing Pharisaic, Jew-friendly "good-evil."

Meantime, Jones says NOTHING about the Cliven Bundy persecution going on in state of Nevada, covering for Trump and Sessions who all take instructions fm the deep-state, including about the heroic Bundys.

And what's the very worst, most TREACHEROUS thing about this filthy Jew-suck-along scum, Ajax Jones?--he protests he's such a hero fighting for patriotism as he leaves-out the Bundys, never saying a single, solitary word on the subject.

And note Jones pushes all the same false-flags and hoaxes that the deep-state and Jew world order push, including now 9/11 which for Jones has gone down the proverbial "memory-hole."

And we note nothing is being done for prosecution of hitlery treason and gross criminality, nothing being done about the Obama wire-tapping which even Trump himself admits was done against him, nothing about the IRS scandal involving Lois Lerner, the Trump Justice dept. refusing to cooperate in handing over documents as requested by such as Judicial Watch.

And meantime we observe the on-going censorship prosecuted by the tax-payer subsidized monopolies, Google, YouTube, and Facebook, not to mention Twitter. Trump is duly following instructions obviously given to him by JWO deep-state, and that's why JWO has ex FBI head, Mueller riding herd on Trump, threatening to indict Trump's people and Trump himself--which Trump has dutifully allowed as he's no doubt quite compromised in his manner, one way or another--the only way he'd have been allowed to run for presidency in first place.

Note: Mueller rides herd on Trump for sake of utterly compromised and totally dependent leftists and establishment Democrats who otherwise would all be sitting in jail awaiting trials and executions for treason--they're actually lucky Trump is in there controlled and manipulated by "deep state."

Nothing is going to save USA but for a grass-roots movement against the obvious Satanism, hence against Jews and Israel, but there's still tooo many stupid people who'd prefer to watching TV and stupid football games as USA, now Jew S A, hurtles towards catastrophe.

What then is the ultimate purpose of Ajax Jewns?--to pretend it's still left vs. right, that there are "good" Jews, and to cover for the deep state consisting of Jews working the central-bank.

Friday, September 15, 2017

"White-Supremacy": another Jew-serving buzz-phrase, invoking Jewwy weapon, moralism....

"White-Supremacy"?--What Exactly Is It Supposed To Mean?--Just Another Jewwy Buzz-Phrase
(Apollonian, 15 Sep 17)

So WHAT is "white-supremacy"?--ho ho ho ho ho ho Are u a "white-supremacist"? Why wouldn't white folks want this white-supremacy? So do white folks think white is "supreme"?--but, "supreme" in what?--everything? Thus Jews and their satanist buddies seem to pretend there's something wrong w. "white-supremacy"--like there's something wrong w. "racism," this racism being something pretended to be wrong or bad or evil or immoral, etc. And of course, whites are supposed to deny being racists, being loyal to their people, and to deny advocacy of "white-supremacy"--whatever that's supposed to mean.

So does "white-supremacy" refer to something metaphysical?--like, do whites live longer, or jump higher, or something metaphysical like that? We know Jew filth are "smart," right? So how could whites be "supreme" if kikes are soooo "smart"? Does God like white folks more than anyone else?--is that what's meant by "white-supremacy"?

Or is it POLITICAL "supremacy" which is meant?--and what actually would be wrong w. that? But after all, a real equality would be good enough--"supremacy" might have problems attached--like if there was a hierarchy of such "supremacy," including something like an aristocracy.

And shouldn't whites be satisfied w. being white?--is that "supremacy"?

So u see "white-supremacy" is quite questionable notion, rather lacking for specific meaning, and it's just another buzz-phrase put-out by kike filth who, as always, want to keep the races fighting one-another, pretending such "white-supremacy" is somehow wrong or bad, etc.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

What is the bait for satanism?--none other than non-existent "good," believe it or not....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Worst Enemy Of Truth (= Christ) Is "Good"
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 17)

Brian: I sympathize w. u (see below), but u've got to be more adult and grown-up, rather than keeping it at the kid's mentality. CHRIST IS TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and truth is Christ, and only way to the Father is through truth (the "son"). Christians worship truth truth truth truth--get the picture? And HOW can u have any such thing as "truth" without the God-given OBJECTIVE REALITY as the basis/foundation of such truth?

And satanism is idea of the SUBJECTIVIST reality whence the subject is God the creator, all reality created by consciousness/mentality, this then being the foundation of satanic lies and lying (JOHN 8:44). Thus satanists assure whoever that their contrivances are as good as "truth" or any reality--and the satanist is psychotic enough to believe this.

And here's the next, crucial step. Some of these satanists ORGANIZE AND COLLECTIVIZE and contrive further a most effective and practical "GROUP-THINK," upon which they can profitably co-operate, working against the rest of the individuals of the society. These organized satanists soon enough become most powerful, especially when they contrive a practical weapon/instrument consisting of "central-banking" (see for expo), by which they replace real (commodity-based) MONEY w. CURRENCY, this currency now capable of being massively, nearly infinitely replicated for the units, known then as "INFLATION," by which they impoverish and despoil the rest of the citizenry who are required by such as "legal-tender" laws to accept this corrupt currency for payments for goods and svcs.

Such then is the nature of satanism which begins rather randomly, but soon enough becomes ORGANIZED, and proceeds to dominates the society--as we see. People nowadays must most crucially realize (a) this organized satanism is now all-powerful, and (b) that it's really simple for its root essence--extreme SUBJECTIVISM--denying the objective reality and idea of TRUTH (= Christ).

But now here's the hard part: HOW does one become attracted to this satanism/subjectivism in the first place?--by means of that hubristic pretension, insistence, obsession w. "good," distinct fm "evil"--FOR THERE IS NO "GOOD-EVIL," this being mere contrivance for purpose of intimidating obedience fm the very young, and then indoctrinating these poor victims w. a tradition of obedience for mere sake of obedience.

Thus Christ emphasizes there is no "good-evil," that EVERYONE is a sinner, and that ONLY way to salvation is by means of God's grace and mercy. Worst enemy of TRUTH (= Christ) is pretended "good"--which doesn't exist. For no one is perfect in eyes of the Lord, "no not one," says St. Paul.

-----------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------

Brian Heinz | August 25, 2017 at 12:48 pm |
We have been given a stay for 4 yrs at the moment if this country does not turn back to God and leave satan behind I am afraid we will not know this as America any more.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Idiots, scum, filth, puke only have to remember simple things: like for example, Christianity WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE anti-satanic, anti-semitic--why is that soooooo goddam difficult to figure-out?....

[Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...s-failing.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christianity: Upholds TRUTH (= Christ), Meant To Be Anti-satanic, Anti-Semitic
(Apollonian, 18 Aug 17)

What?--Hoffman, u say "anti-Trump movement is failing"?--well, if it is, then it's only because that's plot of the script written by satanic deep-state who use Trump as mere figure-head front-man for the "good-Jew" faction, pushing Israel, planning heavy, huge strike against Iran, evidently, starting a war to cover imminent economic collapse, beginning w. demise of petro-dollar. Steve Bannon confirms: see

For Trump works for the satanists, esp. Jews who tell him his every move, no less than they scripted for Obama. Why otherwise does Trump Justice dept. continue persecution of the Bundys out in Nevada? Judicial Watch notes same thing about Justice dept. slow-walking their FOIA requests, heavily redacting large chunks of the texts which they do finally release. It's because Trump knowingly works for these satanists and Jews, willingly, knowingly takes orders, follows instructions. Sheriff Arpaio is just lucky--Trump knows he'd look too bad if he continued to ignore that situation.

Attorney Gen. Sessions is old neo-con who has long supported satanists of Israel, and George Soros has long been collaborating w. Trump and lately w. Trump's Jew son-in-law, Kushner.

Note also the false-flags and hoaxes continue as at Charlottesville, then in Barcelona Spain w. more idiot hoaxes which at this pt. are mere comical travesties the Jews-media imagines people will swallow--and these idiot hoaxes are now even pushed by such as Alex Jewns of who yet makes the pt. that the mass-corp. Jews-media neglects to mention the Islamic element to the pretended "terrorism"--which "terrorism" is all caused by the satanic state which illegally invaded Syria and Iraq, for examples--it's all "synthetic," all caused by satanic/Jew "deep-state," all fm the beginning, having been perfected back in 19th cent. when Rothschilds consolidated their strangle-hold over the West and the world.

So Trump is mere continuation of the same basic story being crafted and scripted by satanic "deep-state," in general, "perpetual war for perpetual peace," by which Israel will be benefitted, advanced, and enhanced for power and territory, the I-net will be either destroyed or completely controlled, as we see, and the excess population of gentiles will be "reduced" in accord w. Agendas -21 and -30, by means especially of the Pharmaceutical/medical monopoly, funded by the central-bank, but also other monopolist corporations, like the food industry using GMOs and other poisons, the poison "chem-trails," etc.

The pertinent observation is simply to noting the top satanic masterminds are at least somewhat conflicted, the "good-Jews," pushing Israeli terror-state against "globalist" ("leftist") "bad-Jews." For there is "no honor among thieves," thank the Lord, and the prospective mass-extermination of gentiles must have even top satanic masterminds looking at one another w. good deal of suspicion as they observe their gentile slaves being prospectively killed-off in such massive numbers.

Christian patriots need "revival," this simply based upon the real Christian philosophy of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the objective, God-given and -created reality against Jew/satanic lies founded upon subjectivism and "midrash." Thus Christians merely need remove that vital and crucial satanic central-bank instrument of legalized counterfeiting (see for expo) by which Jews/satanists buy all politicians, judges, and everyone and everything, literally. Nullification and states-rights is another easy, simple counter-measure. Christianity was always meant to be anti-satanic and "anti-semitic" (as Jews understand it)--funny thing is only Jews seem know this best about dear Christianity--idiot heretics like Hoffman haven't the slightest idea.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Note satanists, satanism want to subordinate Christ/Truth principle to something else (but they don't want to use satanism itself, at least not at first, due to its bloody reputation), sooooo?--they use "good"/"moralism"....

The Deification Of "Good" And Moralism--AGAINST Truth/Christ And God-Given Reality, Objectivity, Etc.
(Apollonian, 16 Aug 17)

Remember the satanists are subjectivists so they have to have something to DEIFY to use against Truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and Christianity--something by which to subordinate and discredit truth (= Christ). Satanism itself doesn't work for that deification for the obvious and necessary death cult and death worship, too well known by too many--it's too bloody in coloration.

So the satanists use "good" and moralism, these being the typical, traditional, and foremost enemies of truth (= Christ)--lies can be justified if it's for "good" enough purpose/reason. Thus the satanic (and fascist) state is founded on "good" and "morality"--especially as long as such "good" and moralism is not specified or analyzed.

And of course, it isn't possible or expedient to actually DEFINE what such "good" (or moralism) actually is--it's best, for the satanists/subjectivists, to simply leave it "open" or not talked about and never seriously analyzed--thus the typical and obligatory anti-intellectualism of the "moralists" and satanists. And note "racism" is always condemned in most hysterical terms (see, as globalism naturally abhors nationalism, individual freedom, and local gov. based on states-rights.

For as "good" (and "evil") is subjective, it's perfect pretext for satanism (merely extreme subjectivism), hence pretext for statism and dictatorship. Thus the "moralists" and satanists always seem so "forthright," "committed," fanatical, and actually insane as they push their moralism in their typical, hysterical manner, intimidating so effectively the fools and "non-committed" who find themselves in midst of the clashes of satanists and their enemies, like the (real) Christians who uphold truth, hence objective reality and determinism (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will), hence science and rationalism, thus the rule-of-law, etc.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

All this latest noise and nonsense about N. Korean "nukes" is just MORE totally scripted, contrived diversion/distraction of goyim, never forget or doubt....

Latest Noise About "N. Korean Nukes" Totally Scripted, Contrived
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 17)

Don't doubt or forget: everything, including this latest noise and tumult about N. Korea and their so-called "nukes," is totally scripted and contrived by the Jew puppet-masters of Trump and present political establishment. And this contriving includes the recent stories about Trump's so-called "advisor," McMaster (National Security), briefing Trump's collaborator, George the Jew, Soros (see For note Soros is an old pal and partner w. Trump, and it's only natural McMaster would be carrying msgs fm Trump and briefing Soros.

Ajax Jewns of is just another Jewwy flack, pretending to playing "good Jew" "nationalists" against the "bad Jew" "globalists. Jews will continue to CONSOLIDATE their monopolist control over Jew S A, and they'll do this by means of false-flags they're no doubt cooking-up even as we speak here. Jew purpose is to further censor the I-net and prepare a hit on Iran, evidently.

The people of Jew S A must continue to isolating the Jew, by means of grasping the essence of cultural corruption and rot, hubris, and esp. by means of the general satanism within which satanism (extreme subjectivism by which the subject makes oneself God, the creator, as subjectivists hold the consciousness creates reality) Jews work so well and naturally, Jews foremost collectivistic subjectivists--"group-think" artists.

Thus the Christian people must continue to work for decisive break-up of the Jew S A empire by means of 10th Amendment, nullification, and SECESSION in accord w. states rights and sovereignty. And that central-bank instrument and criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting must be removed, money restored to commodity-base, gold/silver being best.

Monday, July 17, 2017

How did WWII actually begin?--this question/issue deserves detailed examination....

How Did WWII Begin?--An Important Subject Indeed: Brits And Poles Provoke Germany
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 17)

[For part 1, pls see]

II. The Part Played By Poland

But again, how exactly did the second world war start? Note it is so often reputed and alleged that Germany "invaded Poland," but fact is that Poland was determined and worked to take the German city of Danzig, and moreover, Poland began a campaign of beatings, riots, and murder of the relatively large number of German civilians, perhaps a million or more, who still lived in Poland, especially in the considerable land Poland had acquired fm Germany as result of the Versailles treaty. Thus the Polish Foreign Minister, Joseph Beck, so successfully instigated and suckered by UK (United Kindom, Britain), told the British Ambassador to Poland, Kennard, on August 29, 1939, the very eve of the war, that the only thing Germany could do to avoid war was to "abandon Danzig once and for all," the Poles having made clear what would happen to the German natives of Danzig to their rights and property (see "The Forced War," by David Hoggan, 539).

Finally and ultimately, the Germans had to take action for the sake of those German civilians being murdered and beaten by the Poles for deliberate purpose of provoking Germany, and invaded in full force by way of preventive war, though the war was actually first and most instigated once again by the British, Poles far too over-confident of their military chances against a re-armed Germany in 1939, not fully realizing, evidently, that once war began there was no direct way Britain or France could help far too over-confident Poland.

Surely, it was one of the most insane and suicidal policies followed by any country, as Poland followed against Germany in 1939, that any state throughout history ever imagined to under-take. And interestingly, at the end of the war in 1945, as at the Yalta conference, Polish interests were quite abused by the Stalinist soviets for territorial losses and occupation in a war first declared by UK (and France) on pretext of defense of Poland. Thus it's conclusively demonstrated Poland was mere cynical pretext for WWII by Brits and "deep-state."

For the plan of the British, encouraged and instigated by the "deep state" imperialists of Rothschild-Rhodes "Round Table" conspirators, was to have a second war, this to entangle USA especially, and to consolidate and establish definitively the new UN world dictatorship. Thus Roosevelt (FDR) of USA began to war-monger against Germany upon his re-election in 1937. Thus Germany, after WWI and Versailles dictate, had been divested of the German port city of Danzig, population of which was over 90% German, at the mouth of the Vistula River, for effective purpose of enslavement for Polish trade, exports and imports. Thus the Poles were encouraged to think Danzig was now their property, and Polish leadership, since 1926 governed by a military junta, was determined Danzig would become and remain theirs--and Poles were encouraged in this wishful thinking by the UK and esp. Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax.

But Germany under Hitler had made it clear Danzig was to return to Germany eventually, this in accord w. the German people of Danzig and their right to self-determination, and thus war was made inevitable btwn Germany and the psychopathic Polish leadership, the Poles now encouraged and instigated by the British by means of an offensive treaty made btwn UK (Britain) and the Poles in March of 1939.

Thus the new Polish state had begun in some respects in practice by the end of 1916 when the Germans decided it expedient to sponsor an ally against the Russians; Poles then were given autonomy in some areas of government, though not nearly complete sovereignty. Soon enough, even before the war-ending Armistice of 11 Nov. 1918, Polish forces were in serious conflict w. Ukrainian forces which Ukraine had been independent since the Brest-Litovsk Treaty Germany had signed (March 1918) w. the new Bolshevik gov. of Russia. And as German forces were withdrawn and dis-armed after the Nov 11 Armistice, Polish forces steadily took significant territory fm the Germans which new acquisitions were largely ratified by the subsequent Versailles Treaty of June 1919.

The new Polish nation quickly found itself in military conflict w. the new states of Lithuania and Czechoslovakia both of which were fairly quickly resolved. Most significant in this immediate post-WWI period was the Polish-Soviet conflict which was finally resolved by the Treaty of Riga, 1921, which netted significant territory for Poland under the leadership of Joseph Pilsudski. So one easily observes the general militarist orientation of the new post-WWI Polish state and gov. in view of that nation's origins forged by means of intensive combat on so many fronts. The bold Polish military initiatives were impressive in many respects, but unfortunately for the Poles, led them to push their luck too far against Germany in 1939, Poles tragically victim to the British instigation, as noted.

Note further, that in 1933, not long after the accession of Hitler as Chancellor, the Poles under Pilsudski offered several times to go to war against Germany, while Germany was still militarily weak, w. cooperation of the French, but as the British were against the idea, the French also rejected the plan(s). Again, in 1936, after Pilsudski's death, and after the German re-militarization of the Rhineland territory, Polish Foreign Minister, Joseph Beck, after consulting w. Polish Marshal Smigly-Rydz, offered to France that Poland would attack Germany in the east if France would attack, but again the British urged the French not to react. Evidently, the Brits and "deep state" calculated the time wasn't quite right to start the war which would have to await the new and coming regime in UK of PM Chamberlain and FM Halifax who strove for war against Germany fm the beginning of their administration in May 1937.

Thus the situation leading to the origin of WWII is more clarified now, much as possible, but for the situation of the state of Czechoslovakia which was another intensively militarist state and which suffered fm its isolated and land-locked position bordered on three sides by Germany, after the "Anschluss" (union) of Germany w. Austria in early 1938. On the only other side was the hostile Slovakia which resented the Czechs as occupiers and oppressors. Thus the Slovaks appealed to Germany for an alliance against the Czechs, and the Germans thereupon found it most expedient to occupy the rump Czech republic as a protectorate (March 1939), the Czechs otherwise hostile to Germany, un-trustworthy as a neighbor, and additionally allied w. the sinister Bolshevik Soviet entity of Russia, which was, however, separated fm the Czechs geographically.

The British thereupon worked to make the German occupation of the Czech state a casus belli (cause for war), but had difficulty when the Poles themselves took a slice of the erstwhile Czechoslovakia (Zaolzie), along w. Hungary, and when Italy supported Germany, France remained indifferent and not enthusiastic for a war merely for the distant and isolated Czechs. Thus the British made their fateful offensive alliance w. Poland (March 1939), and now Poland was given "green light" to instigate war w. Germany w. the connivance of the British.

So the Poles began to put more pressure on Danzig, increasing the number of "customs inspectors" who were conspicuously armed, belligerent, and militant within the city of Danzig, the Poles threatening to halt food shipments to the city. Additionally, the Poles began afore-mentioned most extreme measures against the ethnic Germans who had remained on the land the Poles had taken fm Germany after WWI, the Poles confiscating German-owned land and in many cases physically assaulting the Germans, which led to many deaths. Additionally, the Poles made public threats against the Germans for what they called aggression for the natural German desire to re-unite w. Danzig and German refusal to renounce claims to Danzig.

Thus in the face of extreme Polish hostility, numerous border attacks, loud and prominent making of threats, and intensive oppression, rioting, assaults and murder of German citizens of Poland, all instigated and deliberately encouraged by UK, and especially the devilish Lord Halifax, Hitler and Germany were provoked into the preventive war and invasion of Poland which allowed and led then to the British/French declaration of war against Germany which soon enough became the catastrophe known as WWII and the present genocidal and satanic Jew world order.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

References: See "Shadows of Power," by James Perloff; "Hidden History," by G. Docherty; "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution," and "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler," both by Antony C. Sutton; and "The Forced War," By David Hoggan.

For expo on central-banking, see and "The Creature From Jekyll Island," by G. Edward Griffin.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jews are sooooo good--they were made that way, by nature (and God), and there's nothing for mere gentiles to be done about it, though at least u can convert to being a kike....

Below-copied by ap submitted, but not published, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wonderfulness Of Jews: The Sublimity Of It All Never Ends
(Apollonian, 9 Jul 17)

Yes, this (ck above ref.) is very interesting by the Jews who pretend to an absolutely free, God-like will, by which they create reality and achieve Godliness and ultimate virtue, in union w. their fellows, organized and led by rabbis, in sublime group-think. Truth and reality then are what Jews and rabbis say they are (subjectivism), by means of "midrash." Any reality created by God is mere illusion if the Jews say so.

BUT at the very same time there's this deterministic element about Jews, fm the objective reality, Jews being born to the chosen race, not subject to a perfectly "free," God-like will, which ALSO makes them God-like, not only in potential, and better than mere gentiles by their very nature and circumstances--they're God-like Jews BY NATURE, not only their God-like "free" will. Aren't Jews wonderful?--don't u wish u could have been Jew?

Thus we see Jews are such exalted and special beings in both and all possible, imaginable ways, by way of their God-like "free" will, and also even prior to that state of God-like and absolute "freedom" of will--all fore-ordained. What a wonderful reality Jews inhabit, so God-like they are, regardless of what they may do, or think. Doesn't it make u wish u were a Jew too?--golly, gee--I'm sooooo jealous and resentful God didn't make me a Jew too. Shucks, life is hardly worth living if u're mere gentile, u know. Doggone it--if only I could have been a Jew. God is sooooo mean.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The power and effect of simple fallacy of EQUIVOCATION, subtle change in meaning of a word, "faith"....

Transformation Of Organized Christianity, Servant Now Of Jew/satanic Lies--HOW Did It Happen?--Fallacy Of Equivocation Upon Word, Concept, "Faith"
(Apollonian, 4 Jul 17)

What has happened to Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), at least the organized, established "Christianity" (which is now barely any kind of real Christianity at all)?--it's become TOTALLY transformed into something totally different, now serving lies, esp. Jew and satanic lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--HOW did this take place?

And observe how now, Israel literally tells USA, now become the Jew S A, what to do, having bought and compromised nearly all the politicians and judges, as Jews control the central-bank mechanism (see for expo on central-banking, literally legalized counterfeiting, a gross criminal enterprise). Observe how Donald Trump, the new President, lies and tells people he's for "America first," when the obvious fact/truth is he's for Israel first, and proves it, lying, covering for false-flags, illegally conducting war, as against Syria, illegally having invaded Syria--all at behest of Israel.

It veritably seems that Trump wants to proceed w. the BIG-LIE to effect that even as he practices Israel-first, committing all sorts of criminal acts and treason against humanity, truth, and proper justice (including US Constitution), he imagines (so far, quite accurately) that it will all be construed as "America first," especially for the masses and hordes of over-populated, brainless, moronic goons of USA and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, who want to pretend they're "Christian," or at least compatible therewith in manner of rationality.

For an incredible, un-imaginable, nothing less than amazing transformation has taken place, sociologically and psychologically for Christian philosophy and culture, specifically this having to do w. the simple, subtle, and sublime meaning of the word, "FAITH."

For note the original, basic Christianity holds to the worship of truth (= Christ), such truth founded in the OBJECTIVE, God-given reality--for otherwise any other, non-objective "truth" is meaningless, without foundation. Never forget the immortal question put by the Roman, Pontius Pilate (Gosp. JOHN 18:38), who asked Christ, "what is truth"?--Pilate obviously wasn't sure and didn't know, and Christ rather contemptuously let the moment pass in silence, leaving it all for the people and readers of the Gosp. to ponder for themselves. For HOW is there any real "truth" unless there's a reality upon which it must be based and founded?

For Christianity, "faith" can ONLY be Loyalty. But what has happened through history and the corruption of the gradual passing of time, etc., is that Christian "faith" of loyalty has now become the Judaic "beleeeeeeeeeving," such "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeving" now understood as the CREATION OF TRUTH AND REALITY. Thus the corrupt Judaic "faith," foundation of all their lies and lying, pretending that beleeeeeeeeving creates truth and reality, has made itself Christian, and the establishment Christians have allowed themselves to become Judaized by means of this corruption, this equivocation, for meaning of "faith."

For note the Judaic reality is SUBJECTIVE (see and, and truth and reality are mere matters of "beleeeeeeeeeving" it to be whatever one wants it to be--there's no objective reality of substantial significance--everything for Jews is matter of "MIDRASH" (see and

Thus the Pharisees had such hatred and contempt for Christ (= truth), whom they murdered, who held to the objective reality and absolute nature of truth which only depended upon such objectivity, God-given--NOT SUBJECT TO "MIDRASH," or wishful thinking, or "beleeeeeeeeeving." Thus truth always RESURRECTS, as celebrated on Easter. For the true Christian, "beleeeeeeeeeeeeving" is not loyalty or proper "faith," and doesn't create or make truth or truthful any proposition, idea, thought, wish, hope, notion or ANYTHING. For the Christian, truth is objective, verified only by the God-given, objective reality, which is essentially un-affected by any "beleeeeeef" or beleeeeeeeeeeeving. One can beleeeeeeeeeeev all one pleases; it still doesn't create truth.

For note that if beleeeeeeeeeeeeeving really made anything to be true, then it would mean that the beleeeeeeeever was God the creator. Such is the fundamental difference btwn Christian and Jew, and the Christian and Jew concept of "faith."

And thus it is that Christianity, the real thing, worship of truth (= Christ), has now been lost for so many establishment-following "Christians," they having now been made slaves, suckers, and dupes for the Jews and their suck-alongs and cohorts, who now lead these poor, stupid Christians about by the nose, as we see, so pathetically, these "Christian" fools actually fighting and dying for their Jew-affected masters and leaders. Note further how the officials of the "Vatican" who pretend to leading the Church have so grossly and horrifically betrayed the Christian people, making excuses for the Jews, depriving the Christian people knowledge of the true facts about Jews, namely that Jews follow the satanic Talmud, not the Torah.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's NOT NOT NOT "America first" at all--rather Israel-first--but Trump (and Jews) wants to pretend it's same thing, America = kikes....

Trump Continues Big Lies, Lying, Fakery--All For Israel And Jews
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 17)

Well folks, never forget and never doubt: EVERYTHING being done by US gov. is FOR JEWS, satanists, and Israel--it's NOT "America first" at all, not in the slightest, and this is the greatest, huge Big Lie, suckers (a).

(b) The other huge lie is "fake news"--which is mere cover for the afore-mentioned Big Lie about "America-first." For the fact is everything is for Israel (and Jews) first, u poor moronic goons.

Note we find-out now an FBI agent was indicted for lying and making false statements in the Lavoy Finicum murder of a yr and a half ago, which was presided over by the same criminal, James Comey. And there's lots of other strange activity continuing w. the ATF gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, the IRS tampering in the T-party tax-status, and now lately for the Obama-care funding which was mis-directed fm the housing bureaucracy, reported by Jerome Corsi and

And the ex-FBI director, Mueller, is still in place providing for the fake-investigation of Trump and Russia.

Note then, Ajax Jewns of continues to help fan the hysteria and diversion fm this Israel-first activity, same as Fox News.

So evidently the theme is being pushed that Israel = USA, and being Israel-first is same as "America-first." U notice the "UN representative" fm US, someone named Nicky Haley, the Hindu ex-gov. of S. Carolina, I understand, is pushing the lies about "chem-attacks" by Syria--these people (Jews in the Trump admin) are psychotic--WHO do these scum think they're fooling?

So here we all are wondering what these scummy kike-loving puke are getting ready to do--surely there are the usual false-flags coming up--they can't figure-out it's getting old and predictable. And it all centers on Israel, Israel the focus, for Israel must benefit--that's why they keep USA illegally fighting in Syria, Iran being steadily readied as the next to be victimized by Israel and Jews, Trump the willing henchman, hired for the purpose. Meantime, Jews keep making money on Wall St., the US Federal Reserve continuing to pumping-out that funny-money. And notice the supposed "fix" by Republicans for Obama-care is just the same old Insurance corp.-serving crap, meant to benefit the Insurance corp. monopoly.

So everything we see on TV and "news" is all for cognitive dissonance (confusion) and distraction, and when Syria gets boring, then Jews-media brings-up Ukraine or N. Korea. Jews stay floating on top long as they keep the goons and people distracted, and CNN and their "fake news" is the latest joke, travesty, and diversion played-up by the Jew suck-alongs, like Ajax Jewns and Mark Dice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bible is product of Holy Spirit, but it isn't God, and should be treated as literature and w. reason....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but so far not published, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...l-enemies.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hoffman: Liar Who Lies, Like About The Bible
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 17)

Hoffman in an earlier blog article, 14 May, this yr, noted the "great divide" is btwn truth and lies, and that's why God gives humans reason so as to discern truth fm lies. Christ is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and thus we worship truth above all. For truth is dependent upon the God-given (objective) reality. Truth is NOT subjective, as satanists (who make themselves God) and Pharisees teach ("midrash"--in accord w. their satanic "Oral Law Tradition," see and

So lending at interest is simply a matter of rational analysis, but Hoffman wants to lie and say, "the Bible says so," regarding a so called "commandment" against such lending--which isn't contained in original Ten Commandments, and which isn't contained anywhere. Hoffman says "usury" is Biblically debarred, but if it is, there would have to be good reason for it. For "usury" couldn't merely be lending (real money) at interest in a real money system (without "legal tender" laws, for example, which requires people to accept "currency" in all buying and selling).

For again, the Bible teaches necessity of human reason, hence freedom, reason the only way to discern lies and truth. Hence if "usury" and lending at interest were wrong, there'd have to be reason for it. But Hoffman isn't aware of any reasoning regarding such "usury" or lending at interest, but he insists they're bad things as the Bible "says so," which Bible additionally enjoins us fm so behaving in such manner, according to Hoffman.

For Bible is mere literature, NOTHING more. People say Bible is God's word, but then so would any other book or written material be God's word. Bible surely is exalted literature and ought to be taken seriously, but to worship the Bible as Hoffman demands is idolatry, by definition, not to mention heresy, and just stupid lying.

So Hoffman needs to realize the Bible is only useful as it complements human reason and informs accordingly--as we see it does so often and upon so many subjects. And just because Hoffman insists the Bible says so upon some subject-matter doesn't mean it's true. Hoffman is just pathetically confused--on lots of things, like "usury" and lending at interest, but also regarding the Bible and why and how it's so valuable to humanity.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our hero and saint, unc' Adolf (Hitler), within context of large hist. and sociologic trends, CYCLIC "Decline of West," by Spengler....

Context Of Hitler Within Large Scheme Of History, Sociology
(Apollonian, 10 Jun 17)

Thus to see the great heroism of our saint, Adolf Hitler, we need merely place him most accurately within proper historic and sociologic context. Consistent then w. objective reality and determinist cause-effect, we observe the CYCLIC nature of things in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West." And observe Spengler wrote his great work during the first world war (WWI), a hundred yrs ago.

So first we note the CYCLIC waves of "Enlightenment" and following late modern period fm French Rev., and we see at least two or three large trends: (a) the rise of the Rothschild central banking empire (the criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting; see for expo on central-banking), with serious, even monumental effects and implications for USA throughout its history, and (b) the continuing rise of the middle-class, but now additionally the new moralistic culture and psychology of Immanuel Kant, featuring the hubristic and subjectivist ethics of "good-evil" and altruist self-sacrifice, leading ineluctably to Marxian socialism/communism (bolshevism) as political expression.

(c) Thus, especially in USA and England (UK), the great economic machine, guided by middle-class culture and remnant Christianity, continued to generate an incredible force and productivity which grew even despite in USA the outbreak of horrendous war btwn the states of the 1860s, north and south, the northern section enabled to decisively and ruthlessly conquering the south, and doing this while the economy barely suffered, the north simply continuing along, pacifying the western parts of the continent and expanding even further fm there in 19th cent. to 20th, to world empire, beginning in Hawaii and Philippines, for examples.

Meantime we see (historically) dear unc. Adolf (Hitler) growing-up in the middle-class German culture, but having to work on his own then, among the working-class, after his parents died when he was still quite young, thereupon after the outbreak of WWI becoming a hardened veteran soldier and later political leader by his thirtieth yr., after his country found itself the loser of the first world war.

The second world war (WWII) must be seen as mere continuation of the first as it was designed to be, the satanic objects being (a) world-"government" dictatorship by means of the League of Nations (1919), later the United Nations (UN), during and after WWII; (b) the taking of Palestine fm Ottomans and Arabs, and (c) the establishment of Bolshevik Russia, the specific template/model for eventual world dictatorship begun officially by League of Nations (see "Shadows of Power," by Perloff).

Thus Hitler and the Germans faced-off against the satanist-bolshevik power, the Germans to be attacked once again, the people of the West rather blind-sided by infernal perfidy of the satanist Anglo-American leadership led by Jew bankers, the pure criminal and satanic nature of central-banking not yet understood by the people, yet the tremendous economic power unleashed fm the former enlightenment, rationalist, middle-class culture continuing for impetus, all of these factors feeding the horrific HUBRIS of that very same middle class and Western culture, now in Spenglerian "decline."

But again, note though the Western middle-class culture was surely in "decline," yet the economy, just as after 1860s war btwn states in USA, continued in strongest health and vitality, even though it would be doomed to increasing and eventual bureaucratic encumberment soon enough, as we see today.

Here in USA of the second decade of 21st cent., we are watching the twilight of American post-WWII boom-times and economic "prosperity," such as it was. US Dollar as world reserve currency is about to decisively vanish, perhaps never to return, and the poor fools of the population, distracted by the Jew-tube (TV), among sundry other diversions, hardly realize the disaster as it arises all about them.

Such then were and are the horrendous and tragic circumstances of Spenglerian "decline" which afforded the satanic treachery which suddenly confronted Hitler and the Christian people of the West. The Germans never really had much of a fighting chance during the wars, the satanists having worked so sublimely to rig things in favor of bolshevism, criminal monopolism, and world government dictatorship, as we see presently, the people doomed to "population-reduction" and genocide, according to Agenda-21 and -30 addendum.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hitler: dear unc' Adolf, evermore the hero, as we observe continuing rise of satanism, rule of Jew filth....

Hitler, The Hero; Lincoln The Real Demon Within Cultural Setting Of Ever-Rising satanism
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 17)

I'm now in process of reading, "Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939," by Volker Ullrich, the latest "definitive" biography (defamation in svc to Jews); it's 758 pages, so it'll take a little time yet to finishing it, but already I see Ullrich quotes Hermann Rauschning, the fraud, who wrote the hoax, "Voice of Destruction," also titled "Hitler Speaks," though he acknowledges problems w. Rauschning also brought up by Kershaw (another, slightly earlier biographer of unc' Adolf who first published in the 1990s).

But great and most notable thing about Hitler, no matter what else, is he fought the satanic (hence Jew) power to the best and fullest of his ability, and he made use of the great strength of determinist metaphysics (absolute cause-effect) for his racialism, flawed though the rest of his cultural-political-economic effort may have been. Hence Hitler is presently and naturally defamed and demonized most intensively by satanists, specifically, Jews, Jews the leaders, most organized and "successful" of satanists (see,, and for expo on Jew, Talmudic "religion").

A good and useful contrast for Hitler, Hitler great victim of Jew/satanic defamation, is the 16th American President, Lincoln, so much lionized by Jews/satanists, Lincoln truly the real mass-murderer, definitive destroyer of American freedom and constitutionalism.

Thus we observe now, in the great historical CYCLE, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," satanism (extreme subjectivism) has become so popular and entrenched within the corrupt culture in "decline," as it has, the phony currency, in place of real money (see for expo on central-banking) continuing to holding-out, the stupid, corrupt, and hubristic people continuing, so far, to accept such currency in place of real money, commodity-based, gold and silver.

How does satanism prevail, succeed, and prosper as we see it has?--the HUBRIS (increasing subjectivism and especially moralism) and cultural corruption of the over-populated masses of descendent generations who merely now continue to parasitically subsist upon achievement of original, founding, conquering, and producing generations, who made USA, now become corrupt Jew S A, the great economic power it was, though not much anymore.

For note subjectivism at root, is idea that reality is mere construct or product of consciousness which reality doesn't otherwise exist on its own (objectivity). Satanism then is the more extreme subjectivistic idea that one, by means of consciousness, is the God-like creator of any "reality," such as it's contrived by consciousness. Note subjectivism often leads to psychosis, but in a collectivistic form, as with Jews, for example, it can be quite effective in way of group-think for attainment of particular ends.

That original and monumental economic productivity of original USA has now been practically entirely squeezed out along w. rule-of-law and constitutional respect for natural law and rights of the individual, Jew S A now mere fascistic, mass-murdering enforcer for Jew and satanic world order and Israel.

Thus Hitler sought to rally and restore Germany and Christian West against the Jew and satanic world order dictatorship and came so close to success, Jews want to make sure they've definitively defamed Hitler in the minds of people so that no more threat to their infernal and satanic hegemony can ever again arise. But the Jew effort is in most pathetic vanity, surely, Hitler only a single element by himself, but also along w. significant others, like the real Christianity, standing against Jews and satanists, yet Hitler standing by himself so well.

Thus Jews have so pathetically staked their survival and continuing dominance to the huge lies they tell about holohoax (see,, and, for example, which they strive to make a kind of secular religion, disallowing free speech, discussion, and inquiry. But the free society and especially free Internet has not served them, people evermore aware of Jew crimes, lies, mass-murders, and psychopathology--Jews only benefit as so many gentiles aren't aware of who they are, esp. in history, and what they do and believe (Talmudic satanism).

Thus the great saga of Adolf Hitler and world wars of the twentieth century serve as such problematic mystery and preceding culmination of world history, people striving and struggling to make sense of it all, both for large principles along w. the innumerable details. Slowly but steadily people see how Jews, their fascist suck-alongs and toadies who serve them, and the lies and lying done by Jews and satanists work, the heroic and saintly figure of Hitler weathering all the Jew slanders and slurs, Hitler the great and noble lightening-rod, defying satanic lies, liars, and Jew monsters.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jew/satanist main, immediate goal is REMOVAL OF FREE I-NET, fools--try to get a clue....

Trump's Big-Lie: That He's For "America First" When He's For Israel First
(Apollonian, 2 Jun 17)

Well, we have the "good-guys vs. bad-guys" for many if not most of the people, at least involving significant minorities--the "in" people who are "hip." They are the "leftist" "globalists" (according to Ajax Jewns of who are "anti-racist," the "antifas" who hate hatred (a). See (b) And the other side is Trump and his people who are for Israel first, the biggest big-lie Trump pushes--pretending to "America first"--which is "racist" according to the "Prophets of Rage" (see aforementioned vid).

So Trump and Ajax push the subtle equation of Israel w. America, appealing to the significant Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) constituency--which conflates Judaism w. Christianity which are necessarily opposites.

So u have the battle btwn subtleties, conflation of America and Israel and Judaism w. Christianity (a) vs. (b) the equation of racism w. bad or "evil," and hence mixed-race racism as "good"--I hope this isn't too subtle for people, though I guess it is.

So what's the pt. then?--well, it's designed for cognitive dissonance and confusion of the people, because never doubt or forget, Trump's foremost mission and purpose is to back Israel, hence ISIS, though he lies and says he's against this "terrorism."

And that's the other big lie--about "terror," which is totally a product of CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, and their satellites, Saudi and Paki. Notice the lies on top of lies, on top of lies and lying--typical Jews, whom Trump works for, never doubt.

And goal is removal of free Internet which will come about by means of civil strife btwn these elements, the "left" and "antifas" on the one hand, and the Ajax constituency, "Christian" is general style, but actually the same old JCs who were suckered by G. W. Bush, if u remember, and his daddio before that, fm 1988 campaign.

And remember, G. Soros is old collaborator w. mafia-don, Trump, so the antifas and leftists will continue to prosper, committing acts of violence and getting-away w. it all, the larger, slower-witted Christians being the victims. And Trump will then declare martial law completing the ruin of the free I-net--THIS IS THE PLAN.

But, as usual, it will be Jews and Israel that will benefit, along w. SATANISM--which Trump will play stupid about, pretending he doesn't know what's going on (regarding satanism, which is extreme subjectivism, making oneself God).

Meantime we're headed for economic and currency collapse, but through it all, and no matter who suffers, Israel and Jews will benefit and prosper, as always--we still have tooooo many stupid people for whom all this brainless stupidity, "good" Jews, vs. "bad" Jews, "left vs. right," is such entertainment.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Kikes continue to push establishment of their filthy, satanic state-religion, enforced by central bank....

Establishment Of State satanist Religion: Enforcement Of Holohoax Lies
(Apollonian, 29 May 17)

Observe the two recent stories, (a) kikes move to remove David Irving's books fm Manchester (UK) University library,, and (b) ADL op, Jon Vick, agitating for Google to censor holohoax exposers, like Irving, fm their search results,

So these kikes CONTINUE to work to making holohoax lies effective state religion forced upon the people, and don't doubt there's excellent chance kikes will succeed, at least to an extent, as they control the central bank, literally legalized counterfeiting (see for expo on central banking).

But of course, central bank is criminal enterprise and doomed to failure--no wonder Jews are associated w. lies and lying like holohoax. But it, this attempt by kikes, goes to show how the satanic state/empire works to ensconce itself, insinuating itself within people's minds and sentiment.

And the danger is in the attempt to establish the satanic state, the people and humanity will be exterminated--which is what would be deserved if such satanism was successfully established. The people's attn. then is stimulated and alerted by this satanic attempt as we see, Jew filth attempting to extort the Brits in Manchester and exhorting cooperation of their fellows at Jew-gle (Google)--which is surely an embarrassment for Jew-gle, though they'll go ahead and do it, thus losing business and respect as they do so--which is why they (Jew-gle) work to make themselves evermore monopolist cartel w. help of their friends in politics and banking.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ever hrd of "Cui bono"?--who benefits?--look around u, suckers; who's winning everywhere u look, fools?--satanists and Jews--who's losing?--all humanity is losing, morons--does this suggest any conclusion(s)?....

Who's Winning, Everywhere?--satanists And Jews, That's All--Who's Losing?--All Humanity: Get Clue, Suckers
(Apollonian, 23 May 17)

Look around, look EVERYWHERE, fools--who's winning, who's losing? Well, the satanists and Jews (they're same thing, remember, Jews just a particular form of the general thing, Jews most organized, most successful--see for expo) are winning--everywhere, anywhere. Sure, there's still lots of resistance, but now, who's losing?--EVERYONE, all gentile humanity is losing, Christians and Mooselmen, everyone. Is there any conclusion to be drawn?--any observation(s) to be made?--ho ho ho ho ho

So how is this?--Jews and satanists winning, everywhere, humanity LOSING everywhere, though, thanks to God, there's still significant resistance in many places.

Well, (a) Jews/satanists' great weapon/instrument continues to function, though it may be on last legs, the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting machine (see for expo on central-banking). (b) There's still lots of stupid, brainless, over-populated morons who suck-along and assist kikes/Satanists--like the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalist scum, heretics, and traitors. (c) The establishment Christian churches all still suck-along w. Jews/satanists, being totally sold-out, bought, bribed, and owned by Jews/satanists.

So remember, something's got to give, sometime, and the Jews/satanists are SUBJECTIVISTS, of extremist sort, who consider reality is mere product of consciousness, making themselves God, creator of reality. The satanist leaders then intimidate and lead the larger cadre of suck-alongs, everyone else being dis-united, confused, and diverted, many of the over-populated morons not even aware there's problem, the morons totally fascinated by the false-reality induced by such as TV, "bread and circuses."

But obviously, the anti-thesis to this satanic subjectivism is the objective reality, a necessary assumption, and idea of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), such truth necessarily dependent and based upon that prior objective reality. So Christians and establishment Christianity has obviously totally forgotten these necessary precepts of the original Christianity.

And the pretext to subjectivism then is fallacious/delusionary "good-evil," Pelagian heresy in Christianity, taught to the people as children at early age, which is necessarily founded upon subjectivism--and this is how subjectivism, thus satanism gets its toe-hold in popular consciousness. And most of the people NEVER, ever recover fm this early programming for non-existent "good-evil" and perfectly "free" will, which legitimizes subjectivism, hence satanism.

Other problems are equivocation fallacy regarding word, "faith," for example, which really and properly only means LOYALTY, not idiot, subjectivistic, beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'. Believing something DOES NOT make it true.

So the people need UNITY of anti-satanist, hence anti-semitic sort. See and for expo on Judaism which is mere particular form of Satanism. Judaism, leading element of satanism, must be totally and completely WIPED-OUT. Such UNITY of proper, rationalist Christian ideal must obtain, along then w. such practical measures as real commodity-based money, hence gold/silver, states rights, nullification, and secession.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

OBVIOUS Trump conspiracy w. kike filth (Israel) to setting-up Saudi for big hit on Iran, removal of free I-net....

Obvious Trump Conspiracy: Setting-Up With Israelis And Saudis To Hit Iran, Remove Free I-Net, Ajax Jewns ( Sucking-Along
(Apollonian, 21 May 17)

Observe the big, OBVIOUS conspiracy being set-up by Trump--actually by his Jew/Israeli handlers. There's horrific economic disaster on-going, even as we speak, this is the economic back-ground. For there's TWO large things Jews/Israelis want: (a) Israelis want a big hit on Iran, (b) Jews, not just Israelis, want the I-net totally controlled and censored. Free I-net has not been kind to Jews over these last few yrs, esp. since 9/11.

Such then is the import of the present Trump visit to Saudi, this even in the midst of the gross criminal Saudi war against Yemen, including mass-murders of Yemeni civilians. For Trump and Israel want to prop the Saudi base to Petro-dollar, the dollar yet doomed regardless. Fact is Saudis are stealing the oil reserves belonging to Yemen. And kike filth, including Trump, want to set-up Saudi for heavier military opposition/conflict w. Iran, Saudis as base for US strikes if necessary.

And note the continuing circumstances: (a) Jew S A is still illegally engaged in Syria, following Jew instructions, these instructions relayed by Trump's slimey little son-in-law, Kushner.

(b) Trump continues to relay his idiot lies about "terrorism," "Islamic extremism," etc., at same time complaining about "fake-news." For ALL "TERRORISM" IS EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT OF CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, etc. Some of these "terror" incidents are just total hoaxes, like the Sandy hoax--which, u notice, Trump continues to covering-up for Jews, "globalists," and leftists. And actually, there seem to have been some subsequent deaths connected w. the Sandy hoax, but these were surely renegades threatening to divulge information.

Note also Trump, or esp. the Jews behind him, continue to cover-up all the criminal aspects of Obola, a total fraud w. the phony b. certificate, also phony soc.-sec. number, the criminal IRS scandal w. Lois Lerner against the T-party people, not to mention the arming of the Mexican drug cartels by the ATF. Observe how they've covered-up Pizza-gate.

All the rest of the balderdash and "controversy," including esp. that Yankee-sympathizing hillbilly, who says South was wrong for seceding fm USA back in 1860s, Ajax Jewns (, is cover and diversion, setting-up for the further false-flags planned in way of "domestic disturbances," engineered, master-minded, organized, and funded by G. Soros, past collaborator w. Trump and Kushner, these to serve as excuse/pretext for suppression/censorship of the free I-net. REMOVAL OF I-NET IS KEY for Jews, never forget--a big goal of theirs, which they've decided is best done by Trump, rather than globalists/leftists.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Morons of Jew S A gotta face-up to reality, somehow, some way: the satanic disaster and the Jew problem; real Christian unity only comes after....

Trump Problem?--It's A Jew Problem, Suckers--FACE IT, Fools
(Apollonian, 20 May 17)

Well, here Jew S A is, utterly stymied, in the lull before proverbial "storm," the storm which will consist of horrendous economic disasters, an entire series, coming up, no doubt, and we get, as confirmation, a story now fm, "...Trump under attack fm own staff" (see

But of course, after all, didn't Trump sell his soul to kike filth of Israel, to whom he's beholden?--and isn't he utterly and totally compromised even by his own family, his own children?--like Ivanka and her treacherous husband, Trump's son-in-law, Kushner? And all this was Trump's own doing--it was, after all, the only way to beat the "globalists," evidently.

So hitlery was defeated at the cost of ever-greater prostitution of Jew S A to Israel. But the price is now Israel will preserve the "globalists," guilty of the Sandy-hoax ("Sandy Hook"), guilty of the Seth Rich murder--which is coming-out now even regardless Jews trying to cover it up.

See folks, Jew S A is doomed as they've also sold soul to kike filth, and until Americans realize what they're up against--SATANISM--they're going to continue to fail and flounder, flop and fizzle. For this is the next necessary step: facing-up to the satanic monster--the Jews, not just "Zionists," but Jews, suckers.

Only after Americans realize the satanic problem in its fullness will they have a chance to recover--(a) the satanic disaster, and (b) the Jew, esp. the Israeli problem--they all go together, naturally and necessarily.