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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bible is product of Holy Spirit, but it isn't God, and should be treated as literature and w. reason....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but so far not published, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...l-enemies.html

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Hoffman: Liar Who Lies, Like About The Bible
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 17)

Hoffman in an earlier blog article, 14 May, this yr, noted the "great divide" is btwn truth and lies, and that's why God gives humans reason so as to discern truth fm lies. Christ is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and thus we worship truth above all. For truth is dependent upon the God-given (objective) reality. Truth is NOT subjective, as satanists (who make themselves God) and Pharisees teach ("midrash"--in accord w. their satanic "Oral Law Tradition," see and

So lending at interest is simply a matter of rational analysis, but Hoffman wants to lie and say, "the Bible says so," regarding a so called "commandment" against such lending--which isn't contained in original Ten Commandments, and which isn't contained anywhere. Hoffman says "usury" is Biblically debarred, but if it is, there would have to be good reason for it. For "usury" couldn't merely be lending (real money) at interest in a real money system (without "legal tender" laws, for example, which requires people to accept "currency" in all buying and selling).

For again, the Bible teaches necessity of human reason, hence freedom, reason the only way to discern lies and truth. Hence if "usury" and lending at interest were wrong, there'd have to be reason for it. But Hoffman isn't aware of any reasoning regarding such "usury" or lending at interest, but he insists they're bad things as the Bible "says so," which Bible additionally enjoins us fm so behaving in such manner, according to Hoffman.

For Bible is mere literature, NOTHING more. People say Bible is God's word, but then so would any other book or written material be God's word. Bible surely is exalted literature and ought to be taken seriously, but to worship the Bible as Hoffman demands is idolatry, by definition, not to mention heresy, and just stupid lying.

So Hoffman needs to realize the Bible is only useful as it complements human reason and informs accordingly--as we see it does so often and upon so many subjects. And just because Hoffman insists the Bible says so upon some subject-matter doesn't mean it's true. Hoffman is just pathetically confused--on lots of things, like "usury" and lending at interest, but also regarding the Bible and why and how it's so valuable to humanity.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our hero and saint, unc' Adolf (Hitler), within context of large hist. and sociologic trends, CYCLIC "Decline of West," by Spengler....

Context Of Hitler Within Large Scheme Of History, Sociology
(Apollonian, 10 Jun 17)

Thus to see the great heroism of our saint, Adolf Hitler, we need merely place him most accurately within proper historic and sociologic context. Consistent then w. objective reality and determinist cause-effect, we observe the CYCLIC nature of things in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West." And observe Spengler wrote his great work during the first world war (WWI), a hundred yrs ago.

So first we note the CYCLIC waves of "Enlightenment" and following late modern period fm French Rev., and we see at least two or three large trends: (a) the rise of the Rothschild central banking empire (the criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting; see for expo on central-banking), with serious, even monumental effects and implications for USA throughout its history, and (b) the continuing rise of the middle-class, but now additionally the new moralistic culture and psychology of Immanuel Kant, featuring the hubristic and subjectivist ethics of "good-evil" and altruist self-sacrifice, leading ineluctably to Marxian socialism/communism (bolshevism) as political expression.

(c) Thus, especially in USA and England (UK), the great economic machine, guided by middle-class culture and remnant Christianity, continued to generate an incredible force and productivity which grew even despite in USA the outbreak of horrendous war btwn the states of the 1860s, north and south, the northern section enabled to decisively and ruthlessly conquering the south, and doing this while the economy barely suffered, the north simply continuing along, pacifying the western parts of the continent and expanding even further fm there in 19th cent. to 20th, to world empire, beginning in Hawaii and Philippines, for examples.

Meantime we see (historically) dear unc. Adolf (Hitler) growing-up in the middle-class German culture, but having to work on his own then, among the working-class, after his parents died when he was still quite young, thereupon after the outbreak of WWI becoming a hardened veteran soldier and later political leader by his thirtieth yr., after his country found itself the loser of the first world war.

The second world war (WWII) must be seen as mere continuation of the first as it was designed to be, the satanic objects being (a) world-"government" dictatorship by means of the League of Nations (1919), later the United Nations (UN), during and after WWII; (b) the taking of Palestine fm Ottomans and Arabs, and (c) the establishment of Bolshevik Russia, the specific template/model for eventual world dictatorship begun officially by League of Nations (see "Shadows of Power," by Perloff).

Thus Hitler and the Germans faced-off against the satanist-bolshevik power, the Germans to be attacked once again, the people of the West rather blind-sided by infernal perfidy of the satanist Anglo-American leadership led by Jew bankers, the pure criminal and satanic nature of central-banking not yet understood by the people, yet the tremendous economic power unleashed fm the former enlightenment, rationalist, middle-class culture continuing for impetus, all of these factors feeding the horrific HUBRIS of that very same middle class and Western culture, now in Spenglerian "decline."

But again, note though the Western middle-class culture was surely in "decline," yet the economy, just as after 1860s war btwn states in USA, continued in strongest health and vitality, even though it would be doomed to increasing and eventual bureaucratic encumberment soon enough, as we see today.

Here in USA of the second decade of 21st cent., we are watching the twilight of American post-WWII boom-times and economic "prosperity," such as it was. US Dollar as world reserve currency is about to decisively vanish, perhaps never to return, and the poor fools of the population, distracted by the Jew-tube (TV), among sundry other diversions, hardly realize the disaster as it arises all about them.

Such then were and are the horrendous and tragic circumstances of Spenglerian "decline" which afforded the satanic treachery which suddenly confronted Hitler and the Christian people of the West. The Germans never really had much of a fighting chance during the wars, the satanists having worked so sublimely to rig things in favor of bolshevism, criminal monopolism, and world government dictatorship, as we see presently, the people doomed to "population-reduction" and genocide, according to Agenda-21 and -30 addendum.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hitler: dear unc' Adolf, evermore the hero, as we observe continuing rise of satanism, rule of Jew filth....

Hitler, The Hero; Lincoln The Real Demon Within Cultural Setting Of Ever-Rising satanism
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 17)

I'm now in process of reading, "Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939," by Volker Ullrich, the latest "definitive" biography (defamation in svc to Jews); it's 758 pages, so it'll take a little time yet to finishing it, but already I see Ullrich quotes Hermann Rauschning, the fraud, who wrote the hoax, "Voice of Destruction," also titled "Hitler Speaks," though he acknowledges problems w. Rauschning also brought up by Kershaw (another, slightly earlier biographer of unc' Adolf who first published in the 1990s).

But great and most notable thing about Hitler, no matter what else, is he fought the satanic (hence Jew) power to the best and fullest of his ability, and he made use of the great strength of determinist metaphysics (absolute cause-effect) for his racialism, flawed though the rest of his cultural-political-economic effort may have been. Hence Hitler is presently and naturally defamed and demonized most intensively by satanists, specifically, Jews, Jews the leaders, most organized and "successful" of satanists (see,, and for expo on Jew, Talmudic "religion").

A good and useful contrast for Hitler, Hitler great victim of Jew/satanic defamation, is the 16th American President, Lincoln, so much lionized by Jews/satanists, Lincoln truly the real mass-murderer, definitive destroyer of American freedom and constitutionalism.

Thus we observe now, in the great historical CYCLE, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," satanism (extreme subjectivism) has become so popular and entrenched within the corrupt culture in "decline," as it has, the phony currency, in place of real money (see for expo on central-banking) continuing to holding-out, the stupid, corrupt, and hubristic people continuing, so far, to accept such currency in place of real money, commodity-based, gold and silver.

How does satanism prevail, succeed, and prosper as we see it has?--the HUBRIS (increasing subjectivism and especially moralism) and cultural corruption of the over-populated masses of descendent generations who merely now continue to parasitically subsist upon achievement of original, founding, conquering, and producing generations, who made USA, now become corrupt Jew S A, the great economic power it was, though not much anymore.

For note subjectivism at root, is idea that reality is mere construct or product of consciousness which reality doesn't otherwise exist on its own (objectivity). Satanism then is the more extreme subjectivistic idea that one, by means of consciousness, is the God-like creator of any "reality," such as it's contrived by consciousness. Note subjectivism often leads to psychosis, but in a collectivistic form, as with Jews, for example, it can be quite effective in way of group-think for attainment of particular ends.

That original and monumental economic productivity of original USA has now been practically entirely squeezed out along w. rule-of-law and constitutional respect for natural law and rights of the individual, Jew S A now mere fascistic, mass-murdering enforcer for Jew and satanic world order and Israel.

Thus Hitler sought to rally and restore Germany and Christian West against the Jew and satanic world order dictatorship and came so close to success, Jews want to make sure they've definitively defamed Hitler in the minds of people so that no more threat to their infernal and satanic hegemony can ever again arise. But the Jew effort is in most pathetic vanity, surely, Hitler only a single element by himself, but also along w. significant others, like the real Christianity, standing against Jews and satanists, yet Hitler standing by himself so well.

Thus Jews have so pathetically staked their survival and continuing dominance to the huge lies they tell about holohoax (see,, and, for example, which they strive to make a kind of secular religion, disallowing free speech, discussion, and inquiry. But the free society and especially free Internet has not served them, people evermore aware of Jew crimes, lies, mass-murders, and psychopathology--Jews only benefit as so many gentiles aren't aware of who they are, esp. in history, and what they do and believe (Talmudic satanism).

Thus the great saga of Adolf Hitler and world wars of the twentieth century serve as such problematic mystery and preceding culmination of world history, people striving and struggling to make sense of it all, both for large principles along w. the innumerable details. Slowly but steadily people see how Jews, their fascist suck-alongs and toadies who serve them, and the lies and lying done by Jews and satanists work, the heroic and saintly figure of Hitler weathering all the Jew slanders and slurs, Hitler the great and noble lightening-rod, defying satanic lies, liars, and Jew monsters.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jew/satanist main, immediate goal is REMOVAL OF FREE I-NET, fools--try to get a clue....

Trump's Big-Lie: That He's For "America First" When He's For Israel First
(Apollonian, 2 Jun 17)

Well, we have the "good-guys vs. bad-guys" for many if not most of the people, at least involving significant minorities--the "in" people who are "hip." They are the "leftist" "globalists" (according to Ajax Jewns of who are "anti-racist," the "antifas" who hate hatred (a). See (b) And the other side is Trump and his people who are for Israel first, the biggest big-lie Trump pushes--pretending to "America first"--which is "racist" according to the "Prophets of Rage" (see aforementioned vid).

So Trump and Ajax push the subtle equation of Israel w. America, appealing to the significant Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) constituency--which conflates Judaism w. Christianity which are necessarily opposites.

So u have the battle btwn subtleties, conflation of America and Israel and Judaism w. Christianity (a) vs. (b) the equation of racism w. bad or "evil," and hence mixed-race racism as "good"--I hope this isn't too subtle for people, though I guess it is.

So what's the pt. then?--well, it's designed for cognitive dissonance and confusion of the people, because never doubt or forget, Trump's foremost mission and purpose is to back Israel, hence ISIS, though he lies and says he's against this "terrorism."

And that's the other big lie--about "terror," which is totally a product of CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, and their satellites, Saudi and Paki. Notice the lies on top of lies, on top of lies and lying--typical Jews, whom Trump works for, never doubt.

And goal is removal of free Internet which will come about by means of civil strife btwn these elements, the "left" and "antifas" on the one hand, and the Ajax constituency, "Christian" is general style, but actually the same old JCs who were suckered by G. W. Bush, if u remember, and his daddio before that, fm 1988 campaign.

And remember, G. Soros is old collaborator w. mafia-don, Trump, so the antifas and leftists will continue to prosper, committing acts of violence and getting-away w. it all, the larger, slower-witted Christians being the victims. And Trump will then declare martial law completing the ruin of the free I-net--THIS IS THE PLAN.

But, as usual, it will be Jews and Israel that will benefit, along w. SATANISM--which Trump will play stupid about, pretending he doesn't know what's going on (regarding satanism, which is extreme subjectivism, making oneself God).

Meantime we're headed for economic and currency collapse, but through it all, and no matter who suffers, Israel and Jews will benefit and prosper, as always--we still have tooooo many stupid people for whom all this brainless stupidity, "good" Jews, vs. "bad" Jews, "left vs. right," is such entertainment.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Kikes continue to push establishment of their filthy, satanic state-religion, enforced by central bank....

Establishment Of State satanist Religion: Enforcement Of Holohoax Lies
(Apollonian, 29 May 17)

Observe the two recent stories, (a) kikes move to remove David Irving's books fm Manchester (UK) University library,, and (b) ADL op, Jon Vick, agitating for Google to censor holohoax exposers, like Irving, fm their search results,

So these kikes CONTINUE to work to making holohoax lies effective state religion forced upon the people, and don't doubt there's excellent chance kikes will succeed, at least to an extent, as they control the central bank, literally legalized counterfeiting (see for expo on central banking).

But of course, central bank is criminal enterprise and doomed to failure--no wonder Jews are associated w. lies and lying like holohoax. But it, this attempt by kikes, goes to show how the satanic state/empire works to ensconce itself, insinuating itself within people's minds and sentiment.

And the danger is in the attempt to establish the satanic state, the people and humanity will be exterminated--which is what would be deserved if such satanism was successfully established. The people's attn. then is stimulated and alerted by this satanic attempt as we see, Jew filth attempting to extort the Brits in Manchester and exhorting cooperation of their fellows at Jew-gle (Google)--which is surely an embarrassment for Jew-gle, though they'll go ahead and do it, thus losing business and respect as they do so--which is why they (Jew-gle) work to make themselves evermore monopolist cartel w. help of their friends in politics and banking.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ever hrd of "Cui bono"?--who benefits?--look around u, suckers; who's winning everywhere u look, fools?--satanists and Jews--who's losing?--all humanity is losing, morons--does this suggest any conclusion(s)?....

Who's Winning, Everywhere?--satanists And Jews, That's All--Who's Losing?--All Humanity: Get Clue, Suckers
(Apollonian, 23 May 17)

Look around, look EVERYWHERE, fools--who's winning, who's losing? Well, the satanists and Jews (they're same thing, remember, Jews just a particular form of the general thing, Jews most organized, most successful--see for expo) are winning--everywhere, anywhere. Sure, there's still lots of resistance, but now, who's losing?--EVERYONE, all gentile humanity is losing, Christians and Mooselmen, everyone. Is there any conclusion to be drawn?--any observation(s) to be made?--ho ho ho ho ho

So how is this?--Jews and satanists winning, everywhere, humanity LOSING everywhere, though, thanks to God, there's still significant resistance in many places.

Well, (a) Jews/satanists' great weapon/instrument continues to function, though it may be on last legs, the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting machine (see for expo on central-banking). (b) There's still lots of stupid, brainless, over-populated morons who suck-along and assist kikes/Satanists--like the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalist scum, heretics, and traitors. (c) The establishment Christian churches all still suck-along w. Jews/satanists, being totally sold-out, bought, bribed, and owned by Jews/satanists.

So remember, something's got to give, sometime, and the Jews/satanists are SUBJECTIVISTS, of extremist sort, who consider reality is mere product of consciousness, making themselves God, creator of reality. The satanist leaders then intimidate and lead the larger cadre of suck-alongs, everyone else being dis-united, confused, and diverted, many of the over-populated morons not even aware there's problem, the morons totally fascinated by the false-reality induced by such as TV, "bread and circuses."

But obviously, the anti-thesis to this satanic subjectivism is the objective reality, a necessary assumption, and idea of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), such truth necessarily dependent and based upon that prior objective reality. So Christians and establishment Christianity has obviously totally forgotten these necessary precepts of the original Christianity.

And the pretext to subjectivism then is fallacious/delusionary "good-evil," Pelagian heresy in Christianity, taught to the people as children at early age, which is necessarily founded upon subjectivism--and this is how subjectivism, thus satanism gets its toe-hold in popular consciousness. And most of the people NEVER, ever recover fm this early programming for non-existent "good-evil" and perfectly "free" will, which legitimizes subjectivism, hence satanism.

Other problems are equivocation fallacy regarding word, "faith," for example, which really and properly only means LOYALTY, not idiot, subjectivistic, beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'. Believing something DOES NOT make it true.

So the people need UNITY of anti-satanist, hence anti-semitic sort. See and for expo on Judaism which is mere particular form of Satanism. Judaism, leading element of satanism, must be totally and completely WIPED-OUT. Such UNITY of proper, rationalist Christian ideal must obtain, along then w. such practical measures as real commodity-based money, hence gold/silver, states rights, nullification, and secession.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

OBVIOUS Trump conspiracy w. kike filth (Israel) to setting-up Saudi for big hit on Iran, removal of free I-net....

Obvious Trump Conspiracy: Setting-Up With Israelis And Saudis To Hit Iran, Remove Free I-Net, Ajax Jewns ( Sucking-Along
(Apollonian, 21 May 17)

Observe the big, OBVIOUS conspiracy being set-up by Trump--actually by his Jew/Israeli handlers. There's horrific economic disaster on-going, even as we speak, this is the economic back-ground. For there's TWO large things Jews/Israelis want: (a) Israelis want a big hit on Iran, (b) Jews, not just Israelis, want the I-net totally controlled and censored. Free I-net has not been kind to Jews over these last few yrs, esp. since 9/11.

Such then is the import of the present Trump visit to Saudi, this even in the midst of the gross criminal Saudi war against Yemen, including mass-murders of Yemeni civilians. For Trump and Israel want to prop the Saudi base to Petro-dollar, the dollar yet doomed regardless. Fact is Saudis are stealing the oil reserves belonging to Yemen. And kike filth, including Trump, want to set-up Saudi for heavier military opposition/conflict w. Iran, Saudis as base for US strikes if necessary.

And note the continuing circumstances: (a) Jew S A is still illegally engaged in Syria, following Jew instructions, these instructions relayed by Trump's slimey little son-in-law, Kushner.

(b) Trump continues to relay his idiot lies about "terrorism," "Islamic extremism," etc., at same time complaining about "fake-news." For ALL "TERRORISM" IS EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT OF CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, etc. Some of these "terror" incidents are just total hoaxes, like the Sandy hoax--which, u notice, Trump continues to covering-up for Jews, "globalists," and leftists. And actually, there seem to have been some subsequent deaths connected w. the Sandy hoax, but these were surely renegades threatening to divulge information.

Note also Trump, or esp. the Jews behind him, continue to cover-up all the criminal aspects of Obola, a total fraud w. the phony b. certificate, also phony soc.-sec. number, the criminal IRS scandal w. Lois Lerner against the T-party people, not to mention the arming of the Mexican drug cartels by the ATF. Observe how they've covered-up Pizza-gate.

All the rest of the balderdash and "controversy," including esp. that Yankee-sympathizing hillbilly, who says South was wrong for seceding fm USA back in 1860s, Ajax Jewns (, is cover and diversion, setting-up for the further false-flags planned in way of "domestic disturbances," engineered, master-minded, organized, and funded by G. Soros, past collaborator w. Trump and Kushner, these to serve as excuse/pretext for suppression/censorship of the free I-net. REMOVAL OF I-NET IS KEY for Jews, never forget--a big goal of theirs, which they've decided is best done by Trump, rather than globalists/leftists.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Morons of Jew S A gotta face-up to reality, somehow, some way: the satanic disaster and the Jew problem; real Christian unity only comes after....

Trump Problem?--It's A Jew Problem, Suckers--FACE IT, Fools
(Apollonian, 20 May 17)

Well, here Jew S A is, utterly stymied, in the lull before proverbial "storm," the storm which will consist of horrendous economic disasters, an entire series, coming up, no doubt, and we get, as confirmation, a story now fm, "...Trump under attack fm own staff" (see

But of course, after all, didn't Trump sell his soul to kike filth of Israel, to whom he's beholden?--and isn't he utterly and totally compromised even by his own family, his own children?--like Ivanka and her treacherous husband, Trump's son-in-law, Kushner? And all this was Trump's own doing--it was, after all, the only way to beat the "globalists," evidently.

So hitlery was defeated at the cost of ever-greater prostitution of Jew S A to Israel. But the price is now Israel will preserve the "globalists," guilty of the Sandy-hoax ("Sandy Hook"), guilty of the Seth Rich murder--which is coming-out now even regardless Jews trying to cover it up.

See folks, Jew S A is doomed as they've also sold soul to kike filth, and until Americans realize what they're up against--SATANISM--they're going to continue to fail and flounder, flop and fizzle. For this is the next necessary step: facing-up to the satanic monster--the Jews, not just "Zionists," but Jews, suckers.

Only after Americans realize the satanic problem in its fullness will they have a chance to recover--(a) the satanic disaster, and (b) the Jew, esp. the Israeli problem--they all go together, naturally and necessarily.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hoffman continues his idiot, Jew-friendly lying, desperate to pretending to being "good," etc....

Below-copied essay submitted, but probably not to be published, ho ho ho ho, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.c...-all-cost.html

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Poor Hoffman: Continues His Lying, Treason, Cowardice
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Well, Hoffman, time again to take u to task for ur latest lies--even though u're surely right, so far as u go, at the end of ur piece, about the great divide being btwn truth and lies, but u don't and never give the WHY and how to this truth vs. lies, and hence, why and how u urself are such a lying liar who lies, as bad as any Jew--as in ur idiot book, "Usury...." For truth is necessarily premised upon the objective reality--whatever is reflected accurately by such reality is truth--truth is dependent and based upon that PRIOR objective (hence God-created) reality. U, Hoffman, are a SUBJECTIVIST as u pretend to "good-evil" Pelagianism, hence a liar.

So ur notes are interesting regarding English King, Charles II, beginning the large Jew immigration, but then u go astray, as usual, when u say Belloc was "usurer," but this is false, as "usury" could only be destructive under regime of central-banking (see and fiat-money, as I've noted over and again. And what actually do u know about "usury," as u fault Belloc?

For u don't understand basic economics, Hoffman, and less do u understand the subject of money. For a real (hence commodity-based) money system well and easily provides for lending at interest, and the Italians and Pope of the time are to be commended for revising and approving such lending at interest which greatly advanced Western civilization.

Next, u start to talking (writing) about Hitler, and u say Germans, "[t]hey lost the war mainly because they were burdened with the policies of obstinate and obtuse German generals." But fact is Germans were victims of a large conspiracy of Jew-bankers, along w. their suck-alongs among the goyim, naturally, who wanted, (a) Palestine, (b) League of Nations, (c) bolshevist Russia. And fact is Bolsheviks were heavily involved in Germany. So dear unc' Adolf is proven correct and justified once again, despite the lies of a filthy hereticalist, ignorant liar like u, Hoffman.

U say, "[b]ut of his [Hitler's] claim (and it was hardly his alone) that Germany had lost the war because of a Judaic “stab in the back,” there was almost no evidence." But fact is, Hoffman, u're just a Jew-serving liar, and u don't really look for the actual, real truth of things. Not only are u a liar, Hoffman, but u're a traitor to gentile humanity, desperately making excuses for ur Jewwy clients by whom u're intimidated so miserably, u cowardly scum--people see this cowardice on ur part, Hoffman, and it's what always works against u, rightfully so.

Hoffman mentions, "Talmud-despising German Judaics." But first there's obvious problem of presumption on part of the hereticalist, cowardly traitor and liar, Hoffman. And further, if they're soo "despising" of the filthy Talmud, then why do they still call themselves "Judaics," Hoffman? For no decent human being identifies with, and would call himself a Jew--may as well call himself a satanist, or psychopath, or child-molester. To say they're Jew is to show loyalty to the race, hence the culture, hence the Talmud, pure and simple.

So if u're for the truth, Hoffman, u'd withdraw ur stupid, lying book, "Usury...," but u won't, BECAUSE U'RE A LIAR. People see, eventually, the truth about u, Hoffman, a cowardly, ignorant, traitorous, willful, hereticalist liar, as in case of ur idiot book. And people are rightly disgusted by ur putrid, traitorous sucking-up to Jew monsters, Hoffman. I see little hope for u, buddy.

Trump's problems are all self-inflicted when he put his interests in hands of Jews, promising to serve Israel--and now look how Jews are serving him, the fool....

Ajax Jewns (, Neo-Cons, Rinos Flustered Over Trump's Inevitable, Continuing Flops, Floundering
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Ajax Jewns (, Jewwy flunkey, was in fine style, riding high yest., 15 May 17, on his show (see when a call came in at 2 hrs 15 mins into the show (see link), asking why doesn't Trump stop w. all the "chem-trails"? Jewns then starts stuttering about, making excuses for his Jewwy hero, Trump. Jewns and his buddies, Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich, soon enough, during the show, start into agitation against Reince Priebus, Trump's Chief of Staff, talking about how Priebus is subverting and betraying the Pres.

But the simple fact is Trump merely gets what he asked for, Trump, after all, mere flunkey and servant for Jews, as he's effectively admitted, proven by his idiot, totally, grossly illegal "tomahawk" stike on Syria, at behest of Israel, and despite the brilliant campaign lie about "America first." So when Trump defers to the Jews, it isn't Priebus's fault that Trump falters and is made to look the fool. And of course the "chem-trails" continue, as that's the "program" deep-state and Jews have put in place, and the Jew masters of Trump see to it that it, the "chem-trailing" continues.

Meantime, of course, Jew S A and Trump continues to serve Israel in the middle east, continuing to aid terrorists fighting against the Russian-assisted Syrian, Assad gov., Trump lying, babbling about "terrorism," when all the terrorism is done by MOSSAD and Jew S A, NATO, etc.

So the people have excellent opportunity to taking note of things regarding the complete and continuing Jew hi-jacking of US gov. and policy, Israel in perfect co-ordination w. rest of "deep-state," Trump doing what he's told, even as he looks the fool, as he deserves. For Trump doesn't oppose deep-state or "globalists" as he sucks-along w. Jews.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Apster attempts to lend order, sense to the metaphysical understanding....

Below-copied dialectic by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

garegin Dean Jackson • 3 hours ago

Materialism has been shown to be patently false by both Rothbard and Mises. If idealogy comes from tools where do the tools come from?

Apster then responded:

Metaphysical Confusion Is Rife
(Apollonian, 14 May 17)

Wtf are u talking about?--do u mean "dialectic of materialism"?--determinism against "free will"? Note this is the classic dichotomy of basic metaphysical premises, objectivity (immanence) of Aristotle, vs. the "transcendentalism" (subjectivism) of Plato--these are necessarily ASSUMPTIONS which cannot be proven or dis-proven, for there are necessarily no prior premises--these are the very first, most basic.

So neither Mises nor Rothbard could possibly have "shown" determinism (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" will) to being true or false--u simply pick-out what u want for ur purposes. U need determinism (absolute cause-effect) for science, but then for "good-evil" by which u program and condition the masses of people, u need subjectivism.

Problem w. subjectivism is the extreme form of it is satanism, idea that mind/consciousness creates reality, making the subject God, which was integral part to Immanuel Kant's pretended "insight" for his Neo-Platonism by which he strove to impose the "morality" of self-sacrifice, another implication of satanism, as we see, for inducing the masses to commit suicide--all for the greater good, of course.

-------------in response to above by ap, I soon got below-copied-------------

freeharmonics apollonian • 16 minutes ago

Marxism is the philosophy of leftism from metaphysics all the way through to political economy. Leftism is collectivist materialism as opposed to rightism, which is individualist idealism.

The belief that material forces are the cause of ideas leads to determinism. If all is material, then all is determined by physical laws. So the economic base determines the ideological superstructure. The metaphysical basis of this is atheism-pantheism. The belief that the economic base brings about ideas is simply applying consistently materialist metaphysics, which says that consciousness comes from the material. Materialism holds that ideas are subordinate to the material.

On the other hand, rightism holds that the material is subordinate to ideas. So rather than the economic base bringing about beliefs and ideas on morality, religion, social and economic relations, etc, beliefs and ideas bring about the material conditions. These ideas are not determined but are the product of free will of the spirit. The metaphysical basis of this is God. The consciousness of God brings about the material world.

If you look at Rand's philosophy, her metaphysics was leftist atheistic materialism. This view believes that everything which exists in the natural world is the result of mindless, purposeless, amoral material forces. Since everything in the universe is finite, they must resort to epistemological and metaphysical collectivism to explain the eternal existence. However, once passed metaphysics, Rand then, without explanation, jumps from the collectivist mindless materialist world to a reality of free will where ideas determine material conditions and objective morality exists. This all the while now claiming that there are no collective entities. So Rand's atheistic metaphysics is the leftist round hole that she tried to put much of the rest of her square rightist philosophy into. You cannot base a rightist philosophy on a leftist metaphysics.

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Well, "freeharmonics," I find this all very interesting that u write here, some of it even starting to somewhat making some sense, but it really is just a jumbled bunch of babbling, and note, u give no references for any of ur assertions. But as a former student of Rand's works, I can assure u u know very little about Rand who is strict follower of Aristotle, another u know very little about. U also know very little of Hans Herman Hoppe who the Austrians here have high regard for, so now how can I conclude this?--I'm not sure that I can, except to say reason depends upon logic and non-contradiction, in accord w. Hoppe, and u don't seem to grasp even this basic thing, non-contradiction depending upon the objective, hence determined reality, determinism defined as absolute cause-effect, if u only ck any dictionary. But like I say, I do find ur stuff interesting.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Present-day economists fail to note the satanic stage of CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West"....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, then deleted by kike filth, at comments,

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Economics Is Surely Useful; It's Economists Who Lose Perspective For Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 12 May 17)

Well, to listen (read) to Salerno, Meltzer, Keynes, and even the Austrians rather suffer fm being too much into the weeds and proverbial "trees," failing to see the larger "forest"--the forest of larger, most tragic corruption and CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West." For isn't central-banking just literally legalized counterfeiting?--and isn't that criminal enterprise and gross corruption? Yes, but the MASSES of fools of "the people" demand this sort of corruption and criminal manipulation is the excuse.

So the problem is economists, and other social-scientists, like Meltzer, have been by-passed by the times in which the "deep-state" is found heavily involved in the satanistic mass-murder of the people in accord w. "Agenda-21" and -2030, "population-reduction," this by means of poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, poisoned, fluorididated water supplies, poison "chem-trails," etc. Thus people like Meltzer, Salerno, Keynesians, and "Austrians" are all rather irrelevant as they totally mis-understand basic cultural issues which at least Oswald Spengler understood and analyzed in useful way for people today.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fundamental concepts being overlooked....

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Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Mises Institute.

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Face-Up To Real Cultural Conflict: Subjectivism Vs. Objectivity
(Apollonian, 10 May 17)

Noah, buddy: we're prisoners of TRUSTS, monopolies, cartels--just like the car insurance was forced upon drivers decades ago. And now the soc. media are enforcing PC, "Soc. Justice," censorship, etc., on Twitter, Jew-tube, and farce-book ( too)--don't u get it?--the "NGOs," in form of corporations which now dominate mere nations (as in that old Wm. Holden movie, "Network").

And note how all of it, "corporatism," follows fm the central-banking trust/monopoly/cartel, exclusive right to legally counterfeiting the currency--central-bank the lead trust/monopoly/cartel, corporation--simply a criminal, satanic enterprise. It was all inevitable fm 1865, never doubt--and the onset of Immanuel Kant fm 18th cent.

But further, and most of all, note it's literally SATANISM which is taking-over, satanism being the extreme form of subjectivism by which mind/consciousness poses as creator of reality, satanism a more organized, collectivistic form of this otherwise psychotic thought-pattern. Christianity was and still is the traditional defense of the culture and people, and it's this basic clash/conflict of founding principle which is at issue: subjectivism/satanism vs. the objective determinist (no perfectly "free" will).

U gotta face up to this huge cultural problem. Satan himself may not exist, but satanism un-questionably not only exists, but presently DOMINATES and rules. People gotta open their eyes to save their lives.

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noah • 2 hours ago

"Under the Ryan proposal, if you don't have health care, once you do get it, your insurance carrier can bill you 3,000 dollars a year over and above your premiums for each year you didn't have it."

Huh? Wonder how and why they came up with $3k as a magic number for.... what's that for, exactly?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Doesn't it bother u dumbasses how easily kike, satanic filth manipulate ur emotions, terrorizing u moronic fools?....

Jew Terrorists, satanists, Manipulating Their American Victims, Morons, And Goons Again, As Usual
(Apollonian, 9 May 17)

Well folks, just ck the news, like yesterday's Hannity show (see, in which the scummy lying prostitute, who works for kikes, comes on all breathlessly (again), and starts babbling about the latest--yes, the very latest--"scandal" over "surveillance," ho ho ho ho ho. So of course, it's a scandal, but what's behind and at bottom of it all?--Jews and satanists, Hannity being integral part of it.

And the pt. I'm trying to make for us here is how the stupid American morons are having their idiot emotions manipulated w. the "latest scandals," etc. For the large problem is the Jew strangle-hold upon American goons' attn., and their manipulation.

Ultimate target of all this activity and scandal-mongering is the free I-net and it's censorship and suppression, fools. For never forget Trump is a Jew and a criminal; see, and the scum illegally attacked Syria w. the "Tomahawks" upon his idiot lie about "chemical weapons," etc., Trump working for kike filth and Israel. Worst enemy of Jews is TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

And the thing to remember about Trump is his consistent, constant lying about "terrorism," which is the exclusive product of Israel, Jews, MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, NATO, etc. So sure, there's the fake-news media, all controlled and managed by kike filth, but Trump is their little stooge, telling their lies for them, no less. American morons better wake up to save their idiot lives, the stupid, brainless bastard scum.

So we see the usual formula, scare-mongering, terror, and hysteria, including N. Korea, don't forget, which suddenly we don't hear much of, eh?--at least for a day or two, now, ho oho ho ho ho ho ho. Always the same stupid crap by Jew liars, murderers, and criminals, manipulating their suckers and goons--the American people

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jew filth knows perfectly what's going on, including basic precepts, suckers--here's proof....

Jews Are Watching, Never Doubt, Understand PERFECTLY Basic Precepts, Suckers
(Apollonian, 6 May 17)

Perfect example of the "good Jew" (in present "good-Jew ("rightist"/nationalist) vs. bad Jew" (leftist/"globalist")) machinations for the political-economic debate/discussion is at, who play "good Jews," which sedulously and intensively censors their discussions, making sure to suppress the real, anti-Semitic Christianity. Interesting, and deserving note is the actual censors at are much probably gentile suck-ups like McMaken and Diest, a couple of flunkeys there; there are no doubt others too.

These censors WILL NOT ALLOW any reference to Jews' filthy Talmud. I know, as I left a simple little entry there, consisting of the statement, "ck," and they (censors) promptly, within a few mins, removed it. These censors understand the damage done to kike filth by simple ref. to their putrid Talmud.

And these censoring scum at are clever, for observe another entry (below-copied) I made which was quickly removed. This entry was a little more elaborate for reasoning, and u'll note I don't directly accuse kikes explicitly, I merely referred to underlying philosophy, Christianity defending the objective reality, kike filth (a redundancy, of course) and Talmud pushing lies and subjectivism:

Particular thread is at,

Christian Philosophic Ideal Within Aesthetic, Dramatic Context
(Apollonian, 3 May 17)
Austrian: what u need to realize is Christianity IS Greek culture, all of it, in essence, literally, only now placed within a more perfect mythologic context, streamlined fm the preceding Homeric. Now, New Test., esp. the Gospels, and esp. the "Passion" narrative, replace(d) Illiad and Oddysey, for examples, w. more substantial dramatization of conflicting ideals, featuring the Greek, Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, the heroic ideal and character of Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. the satanic SUBJECTIVE, who/which insisted and pretended they determine what "truth" is, imagining they're the arbiters thereof--as their co-religionists to this day do also--thinking they can kill truth and the objective reality, at least within the minds of humans, but which truth triumphantly resurrects, as on Easter, greatest of the Christian Holy days. And thus, the Christian metaphysic, OBJECTIVITY, hence truth (= Christ), leads naturally and logically to the Christian ethic, treating others as u'd be treated, etc., giving the examples of the Gospels as in the text. This, foregoing, is the long and short of it. Amen.
So I wrote up another entry by way of assessing their ( half-baked exposition, which of course was also removed:

Thread is found at

There's Reason Christian Culture Against Central-Bank Criminality Is Defeated
Apollonian, 5 May 17
The obvious problem for this weak accounting of the recent problems of Venezuela by Nino is failure to pt. out the presence of a central-bank establishment which is what finally determines and destroys the general culture, including the political institutions. For there's nothing said here about the central-bank, a criminal enterprise entailing legalized counterfeiting, and which always prevails due to the population's gross ignorance regarding an abstract subject-matter, MONEY--what is and why it must be that way.

It used to be Christianity was sufficient for keeping the ideal of HONESTY alive among the people, but nowadays, in this modern age, we find the otherwise simple issue of money to be so confused, Christianity defeated, and that's the problem--what happened to the Christian culture?--why can't it defend the people and culture fm the liars and criminals of central-banking? For it looks like the Christian establishment itself is bought and controlled--as we observe it was also in soviet Russia--HOW did that happen?

Hence we see the people here at are responsible as any for this issue of obfuscation of the real history of things and how that precious Christian culture was and is defeated to allowing the criminals of the world ruling and running their satanic organized crime and criminal empire of lies, liars, and lying.

For Christianity is something real and significant, and the ruling criminals of central-banking cannot and will not allow for the successful expression of that Christian culture, and the people at are in FULL ACCORD w. this policy of obfuscation, suppression, and deliberate confusion by means of their practice of INTENSIVE censorship, for one thing.

So continue on w. ur (truly) devilish policies, McMaken and Diest, among the others here at satanic Pay-backs are known as harsh, and they will be applied, never doubt, suckers.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Observe: Trump is kike, traitor, terrorist, enforcer for kikes, Israel--and he just breezes along, Jews-media just a side-show, the stupid puke ("people") of Jew S A befuddled as always....

Trump: Traitor, Terrorist, Enforcer For Kikes, Israel
(Apollonian, 2 May 17)

Is there a BIGGER lie than Trump's "America-first"?

What's Trump's function and purpose?--he works for kikes. "America first," was/is just the most brilliant lie, and it continues to serve a excellent smoke-screen for all his doings and machinations designed to secure kikes and Israel.

Don't forget: Trump is kike himself; see Jews-media and even the "alt-right" media (which is yet ANOTHER instrument of kike filth) keeps silent about Trump's being Jew, no less than Jews-media was and still is silent about Obola, his tranny, so-called "wife," and not to mention Obola's other problems, his real father being F. Marshall Davis, etc.

Now, after his illegal strike on Syria w. the 59 "Tomahawks," Trump has stirred trouble w. N. Korea, but it looks like his great effort now is against Iran.

For the purpose is to secure Jews and Israel, and hence the Internet MUST be absolutely censored, and this censorship is the Jews' foremost purpose and end--the truth, after all, is always Jews' worst enemy.

Next little parts of the plan for Trump will be civil un-rest, which is coming anyway w. currency-collapse, on-going, but will be further aggravated by means of Trump's buddy and partner, George Soros, and his "antifa" gangs, which all will provide for police-state here in Jew S A and the censored I-net--isn't it all plain as day?

Surely, the "alt-right" press, libertarians, and JC (Judeo-Christian--see and for expo) have not emphasized Trump's partnership w. Soros, these all Jew instruments and instrumentalities.

For everything must serve Jews and Israel, and this is Trump's job and function, the reason why he's in as Pres. And don't fail to take due note of Trump's typical chutzpah, asserting as he does, there's such thing as "terrorism"--for all of it (terror) is done by CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, and then Saudi and Paki satellites--all of it, including the fake-terror.

Trump is a typical Jew w. the typical chutzpah, absolutely shameless liar, talking about the "fake-news," when he himself is just as fake. But the fakey Jew-media stays silent about Trump's lies and working for Israel, for the obvious reasons.

Monday, May 1, 2017

US Constitution was FAILURE--face facts....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but deleted by kikes, at comments,

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US Constitution: Sorry, Horrible FAILURE
(Apollonian, 1 May 17)

No Tex, buddy (see below-copied), the US Const. was a failure, overall, though I agree w. u about the economics, but that came before, fm the Articles of Confederation and general advance of Western Civ., the "enlightenment," which produced an incredible general economic explosion in wealth, as u say, but which was doomed, and finally began to flicker-out in the 30s of the 20th cent., though there was yet more to be squeezed before present satanic times of Agenda-21 and -30 addendum population-reduction and genocide, US gov. pushing poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison GMO foods, poison, fluoridated water, poison "chem-trails," slow-kill genocide--still the program to this day.

US Const. was corrupted quite early in 1832 when Andrew Jackson threatened state of S. Carolina w. the infamous "Force" bill and bloody invasion, barely 44 yrs after institution, the consolidation of the union of formerly free states. U're right that economic advance was sooooo dramatic, the other states refused to support S. Carolina. The TOTAL, absolute destruction of US Const. was in 1861-5, and it's amazing u can't simply acknowledge this simple fact. Mass-murder of a million white people of the South, and probably another million slaves was barely felt as the tremendous US economic machine breezed along to developing the virgin western territories and California.

In 1898, mere 33 yrs after Confederate defeat, there was the outright imperialist war w. Spain, taking of Philippines as colony and suppression of their independence movement, the rest is sorry history, though again u're right about economic advancement. But don't forget, Japan advance economically, under purest fascism in the late 19th cent. to winning the brief Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5. And Germany of late 19th cent. was another instance of authoritarian state which also yet advanced economically. US Constitution was HORRIFIC FAILURE, overall, regardless the economic advancement which happened anyway, for Constitution FAILED to guard states-rights, the foremost defender of individual rights and freedom. And Constitution was NOT "excellent," as u pretend, but rather a decisive step-DOWN, fm previous Articles of Conf., as I noted--certainly INFERIOR to the Confederate Constitution of 1861.

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BornAgainSouthernPride • an hour ago

I don't believe so. 100 years ago men like Spooner already knew the country and the Constitution was a failed experiment where liberty had lost its meaning and elites were running amok, with no regard for those they stole both money and freedom from.

Texas Chris BornAgainSouthernPride • 7 hours ago

A failed experiment? It proved with astounding success that the more liberty a society has (and guards), the more prosperous that society tends to be. Was it perfect? No. Was it excellent (compared to the rest of human history)? Yes.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

satanic establishment built upon criminal enterprise, stupidity, ignorance of the people....

Below-copied by ap, first submitted, but then mostly deleted by kikes, at comments,

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Rise Of Satanic Establishment
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 17)

What people don't realize sufficiently is that as things have gotten going w. our dear criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting (the central-bank), by which these top criminals end owning EVERY gosh-darned THING, it begins to establishing the RELIGION of SATANISM, by which these criminal scum uphold themselves in Godly, MYSTIC manner--the empire-of-lies. After all, they (central-bankers and satanists) want to pretend their currency is real money, right?--that this criminal enterprise is actually good and productive.

Well, just imagine how powerful u'd be if u had a monopoly on this legalized counterfeiting--for it's criminal EVEN if it is legalized--it's still fraud. All u need is paper and ink, and nowadays, a computer. U'd soon enough own literally everything, even eventually, people's houses and cars, hence be able to control everybody. Gradually, u might have to cut-in some "partners" who would otherwise threaten to blow proverbial whistle on u, and eventually, ur worst enemies would be ur partners at the beginning ("no honor among thieves"). U'd own and control all edjumacation, entertainment, media, even the churches--just like nowadays, eh? And u'd have to establish a culture of constant warfare for purpose of "perpetual peace," etc.

But there's no "conspiracy," noooooooo--that's ridiculous--why would u think that?

What is satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism by which one holds consciousness/mind is the creator of reality. So it's no wonder the edjumacation establishment now teaches "climate-change" lies and "science of consensus," etc., not to mention Keynesian economics. Thus we have "Pizza-gate" and child-trafficking, the former Speaker of the House, Hastert, involved in child-molesting, etc. Naturally, the media covers it all up, as at same time, it slanders the enemies of this satanist establishment.

And this rampant, raging satanism is where we are at this moment, the satanism now heavily infiltrated within all the establishment churches, controlling the politics and legal adjudication, lately engaged in the new industry of organ-trafficking and determined upon genocidal extermination of over-populated earth (Agenda-21 and -30) by various means, outright war, and by slow-kill methods as in USA and West w. poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, poison GMO foods, glyphosate herbicide residues in all the food, poison "chem-trails," etc.

Note the socialist ethic is anti-individual, the individual required to give-up rights to the society, the larger whole, in spirit of anti-selfishness, selflessness, the culture of death, featuring altruism, the ethic of death and suicide--it's all quite integral and logically consistent for the satanic society, featuring warfare, genocide, socialist dictatorship--the empire of lies.

Friday, April 28, 2017

satanism/subjectivism threatens to ignite to irresistable, raging forest-fire proportions, as in recent "march for science" attempt to pushing "climate-change"....

Ho ho ho ho--below-copied by ap first submitted, but then deleted by kikes, at comments,

Note the diff. btwn below and the one submitted at, which barely mentioned Israel and MOSSAD, below having no mention of Israel or Jews at all--they still couldn't stand it, ho ho ho ho ho--shows these kikes are absolutely terrified of info and truth, seriously, ho hohoho ho ho

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Satanism, Spawn Of Subjectivism, Given Pretext By "Good-Evil" Delusion
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 17)

Burdzinski, above (see ref. link), most perfectly, exactly, and precisely, states: "The first goal of the March for Science is to supplant the correspondence theory of truth with the consensus theory of truth — the belief that reality is determined by social opinion."

YES!--and in still simpler terms, March for Science wants to substitute SUBJECTIVISM as criterion for Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY--the necessary assumption of an objective reality existing outside the observer--something to be OBSERVED--which is what makes any particular science more than mere logic and gives actual SUBSTANCE to the basic logical method.

For remember: that observed reality then is criterion for any measure for any quality or attribute of particular substance under consideration/study.

Note further: (extreme) subjectivism is the definition and essence of SATANISM by which one makes oneself the creator of reality, the definition of HUBRIS and the degenerate, decadent society in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And unfortunately, as it's CYCLIC, this subjectivist degeneration is inevitable, only a matter of now psychologically encouraging (by means of clever demagoguery and mass-media programming) enough of the mass of over-populated goons, suckers, fools, morons and scum, who are fed "bread and circuses," the corrupt heirs of the original conquerors and producers of the original vibrant, healthy, and productive culture, turned to empire--who however had far greater respect for the OBJECTIVE nature of things, hence real science.

What then is the greatest enemy of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)?--it's non-existent "good-evil," the invincible particular subjectivist pretext, which has always eventually, in CYCLIC fashion, according to Spengler, destroyed truth, reason, justice, logic, law, and eventually, the culture, once healthy, vibrant, productive.

Thus God forbade "eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of such good-evil"--for there is no good-evil or perfect "free" will--except for God's. But the over-populated scum, rabble, morons, and suckers insist, too easily, eventually, upon worship of their and other's self-induced inferiority- and guilt-complex, for individual and collective.

Thus the only proper, objective monetary standard--finite commodity, like gold/silver--is now replaced by nearly infinite fiat (consensus and subjective) standard, printed w. ink on paper, and nowadays, digitalized on computer--legalized counterfeiting, by which the "bankers" (the "deep-state") now own and control everything and everybody--topmost criminal enterprise which necessarily controls all other criminality, directly or indirectly--the ultimate organized crime within the ultimate satanic/subjectivist society--which won't last very long, for obvious reasons.

For HOW can such satanism/subjectivism, once generated and now on the rampage be modulated?--impossible--it's like a run-away forest-fire which can't be stopped and can only burn itself out.

So the real science must heed to necessary premise--OBJECTIVITY, hence, I submit, determinism--absolute cause-effect. And there is no, could be no fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist (Pelagianism, according to St. Augustine) "good-evil," most perfect pretext for subjectivism/satanism, ironic as it might seem. Great work though, by Burdzinski.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Never doubt: Trump is all about Jews, his only purpose, despite any "nuances"--it's Jews and Israel first for Trump....

Trump: Jewwy Liar Is For Israel/Jews And Their Lies FIRST, Suckers; Heck W. America And Goyim
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 17)

Well, Trump came out for kikes and their lies, including their religion of lies and lying at the holohoax center in Wash. DC; see And Trump couldn't care less about America, only how America can serve Jews.

Bix Weir says Trump has a "secret plan" which will "crash" the Federal Reserve; see But regardless, Trump will only do it long as it serves Israel.

Note back at start of April, Trump and Republicans had the Democrats in retreat over the Susan Rice scandal, using nat. security for political purposes, and then Trump pushes false-flag Syrian "chem" attack excuse for his firing 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, and we haven't hrd a peep about Susan Rice since. Thus we see Trump works for Jews, takes instructions fm Jews, and the Jews take care of their "globalist" agents like Rice and Obola, who disappeared for a while, but has come-back lately, now having given a speech to Wall St. for $400,000.

And of course, Trump continues surely one of the very worst lies about "TERRORISM," like that it doesn't originate in Israel, by MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, CIA and FBI essentially directed by Jews, as we know.

And of course, Trump IS a Jew himself: see Interesting that Trump would be one who, yrs ago, went prominently upon TV to question Obola's birth cert.

So u see: "America first," was brilliant campaign slogan, but it was gross lie, for Trump is a liar who worships lies and Jews, and what is Jews' FOREMOST requirement?--CENSORSHIP of I-net--this is real purpose of all the war-scare and -hysteria, combined w. the rapidly collapsing economy. And after all, u don't want to waste a good crisis, eh?

For note George Soros, another Jew, is actually close collaborator w. Trump: So why wouldn't Soros and Trump collude for more and further rioting and turmoil within Jew S A itself, and along w. the other war-hysteria and -scare, work for police-state and that essential censorship of I-net Jews need so much?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Think carefully, comrades: what's WORST enemy of satanic kike filth?--ALWAYS TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--HENCE their WORST enemy is not Russia or China, or even Cent. bank crisis--it's free I-net, don't doubt....

Worst Enemy Of Satanic Jews?--Not Russia Or China, Or Even Cent. Bank Crisis--IT'S THE FREE I-NET, Suckers--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 17)

People must realize the basic Jew game HAS NOT changed: Jews want to rule and to continue to ruling--this is their FIRST AND LAST desire, obsession, and commandment. Of course, Jews cannot do this, to maintain their dictatorship without the central-bank (see for expo), so they're going to go to war to mask the present crisis of central-banking--it's their continuing, nagging little problem, this crisis w. central-banking. Jews' bug-bears now are, (a) "globalists" (where u find the "bad Jews," according to Ajax Jewns of and (b) the muzzies, whom they call "terrorists," when it's Jews who are behind ALL the "terrorism."

By means of the war, Jews imagine they'll negotiate w. China and Russia for the basic Orwellian formula, East-Asia, Eurasia (Russia), and Oceana empires, w. Israeli kikes in command-seat, telling their goyim morons in Jew S A what to do, and here, they, aside fm central-bank, just have a slight problem for maintaining censorship which they hope to finesse by means of the war-hysteria--that's the meaning of wanting to put Julian Assange away or to shutting him up.

Never doubt Trump is a kike (see who lies and changes his mind--"America first" was merely the brain-storm brilliancy of maybe Ajax Jewns or Steve Bannon.

Jew filth imagine they've got things sewn-up, perhaps, but Trump, the liar, traitor, and flunkey for kikes will allow great civil disturbances in Jew S A in order to get the police-state they want to CENSOR AND SUPPRESS, the mighty I-net--THIS IS WHAT KIKE FILTH FEARS MOST--the I-net and real info.

So get the clue, comrades, and don't fail to preach the REAL Christianity which is necessarily anti-semitic (Christian truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, vs. Jew lies, JOHN 8:44)--this is the basic cultural abstract approach. After this large abstract foundation, there are the simple virtues, measures, and ideals of real, commodity-money, hence gold/silver, and states rights, nullification, and secession. Everything and anything else, by way of solution(s) follow.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

satanism, dictatorship thrive in midst of hubristic puke, filth, and scum, led by kike filth....

Psychopaths Glory In Midst Of Brainless, Stupid, Over-Populated Puke ("The People")
(Apollonian, 23 Apr 17)

Was watching Max Keiser (see, and he explains he had to cut fm an int-view out in city public street area w. Mike Maloney due to fact in background there was James Brown music playing and they feared "copy-right" strike by Jew-tube for taking down the vid. Such is the terror being wielded by "deep-state" powers against the stupid puke, called "the people" of Jew S A, the puke now just far too over-populated, allowing deep-state dictatorship.

There's just tooo many puke, toooo stupid, too well led by kike filth; puke led by (kike) filth, guaranteed chaos, insanity, gross corruption, which will all lead to disaster--not to mention the necessary de-population, one way or the other. For over-population requires proper leadership to really stand a chance for survival, but stupid puke ("the people") imagine now, in their horrific HUBRIS, they're morally virtuous, etc.

The puke ("people"), u see, are just toooooo addicted to the rapidly fading "prosperity," and they dare not "rock" the proverbial "boat" for fear of disturbing their kike filth over-lords, telling them what's "moral," hence what's REAL--as "morality" rules and determines what's real. Thus it's "moral" to believe in holohoax (called the "holocaust" by Jew filth--see,, and for expo), hence it's real and actually existed--the Jew-induced pop religion. The puke have always insisted, following their kike leadership, that the American "civil" war was such a great thing as it "freed slaves," etc.

So we see the effective, active "religion" of the puke ("people") is what's "good," determined by kike filth who manipulate the Jews-media, the edjumacation, etc., the "mass-consciousness," according to Marx.

And now Jews controlling ZOG (-occupied government of Jew S A) fund, direct, and foster all the "terror" events, many of them being totally fake, false-flags, and this then justifies the wars and increased spending on the police-state, and the puke go along w. it all, hoping thereby to save and preserve their moronic "prosperity."

So the only thing that will cause the brainless, scummy, stupid puke ("the people") to lose confidence in their kike rulers and leaders is reduced "prosperity"--which is coming, prices soon enough to doubling and tripling.

And it's sooooooooooooo interesting to watch the kikes and their suck-along cadre, as among the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see for expo) scum try to staying ahead of things, so as to keeping control over the puke. JCs always want to blame "Islamic terrorism"--caused, funded, and directed by Jews, MOSSAD, ZOG, CIA, FBI, et al.

So Christian soldiers must merely keep these simple sociologic observations in mind, beginning w. the CYCLIC process of Spenglerian "Decline of the West." AS THINGS GET WORSE AND WORSE, economically to begin with, everything else (esp. politically) following, we real Christians must merely continue preaching the real Christianity, always emphasizing and reminding folks its basic, essential anti-semitic core, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), adding then, when convenient, that truth necessarily implies an objective (Aristotelian) reality, while Jew lies deny this strict objectivity, Jews rather pushing subjectivism, premised in their clever manner by means of pushing "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism). "We HAVE to have 'good-evil,'" thus the necessary subjectivist premise.

Thus, just on the side, we see ZOG pushing the monopolistic economy and police-state by which they censor and suppress info, monopolistic Jew-tube and fake-book, for examples, arbitrarily censoring/suppressing info on grounds they're "privately owned"--at same time as enjoying monopoly status, getting gov. funds and favors--do u see the subjectivistic sort of legal grounds implied?--the entire system is evermore monopolized, dominated by monopolists. And it all follows the criminal central-bank which has the monopoly for issuing the currency (not real "money"). It's too complicated for the puke ("people"), of course, to understanding, BUT they will take note when they start starving, the scummy, stinking filth.

Yes I know--it takes one to know one--that's problem w. the puke, over-populated scum suffering hubris, they think they're "smart" and "moral," led by kike filth, etc.--the "Tower of Babel" syndrome.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ajax Jewns ( comes to grips w. Jewggle (Google), but still lacks for getting to the CORE of the real cultural problem....

Jones And Catches Google Censorship Attempt, Red-Handed, But It's Not CORE Of Real Problem....
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 17)

So Ajax Jewns (, w. some help (Cernovitch), has caught Google corp. working to censor the news and info, Google using it's MONOPOLY status. See Google now pretends, awwwww gee, we didn't mean it, and we promise to stop, but Google must be broken-up and sold-off, and InfoWars and Ajax should give those monopolist scum no mercy and should go for the jugular--prosecute Google to full extent, to having them broken-up and sold-off. And of course, same treatment must go for all the other such monopolist elements of this corrupt culture, society, and economy.

This monopolist-corp. activity and treatment by Google is then discussed in detail by Cernovitch and P.J. Watson at and

But people MUST understand the real basis and genesis of the monopolistic establishment--it begins with and at the top-most monopoly/cartel, the central bank (see for expo on central banking), legalized counterfeiting, US Federal Reserve Bank--THIS IS WHAT PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND. Central-banking is literally a criminal enterprise--hence necessarily a monopoly--who else is allowed to put out (legally) counterfeited currency?

Hence the only real, proper money--not currency--is commodity, gold/silver being best (again, see "Currency" itself is actually fraud and criminal enterprise. So the problem is the meaning of words, specifically MONEY. Thus the people are defrauded by means of this ignorance of money, what it is and why--which is rather hard to believe. But still this horrific scam, central-banking, legalized counterfeiting, gets past, gets inflicted and effected by the powers with all their means, the monopolistic ownership of the Jews-media and everything else that "money" affects--EVERYTHING--the police enforcement, the lawyers, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats who are paid-off w. this funny-money

So Jewns and are to be credited for opposing and exposing this gross, horrendous monopolistic treatment by Google, but we see they don't really get to the heart of it, the funny-money, legalized counterfeiting core of it all that makes it work, that makes all the rest of the monopolistic conspiracy possible, like the Jews-media, and especially the drug and medical industries which are mass-murdering the people of the world by SLOW-KILL means, poison vaccines, drugs, "chem-trails," toxic radiation, electro-magnetic as well as nuclear, poison GMO foods, etc.

Still, what's the "CORE" of this large, general cultural problem? For the problem goes beyond central-bank criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting--it's the gross, putrid stupidity and HUBRIS of the over-populated people who allow it all, the definition of MONEY being confused w. criminality of CURRENCY which is yet legitimized in minds of the people. For the over-populated people are the ones who ultimately allow and foster the criminals and central-bankers who then work to mass-murder these people, in all the horrific irony.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The false-flag in Syria, done by MOSSAD and co., obviously, is downright insult to people's intelligence--which Trump used as his excuse/pretext for illegal bombing....

Next Psychologic/Political Revolution?--Realizing Hitler Was Right About Kike Filth, Who've Taken-Over
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 17)

What's next great psychologic/political revolution?--it will be more wide-spread realization among the people about Jew-control and -dominance of Jew S A, formerly known as USA. For what's the greatest joke we've seen, politically?--it's Trump's pretending about "America first," which did well for over-throw of globalists and hitlery, but is belied by Trump's betrayal of American interests in favor of Israel, naturally, in his bombing of Syria w. the 59 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles.

For it's really Israel first, for Trump. And notice further how this moronic bombing of Syria came right at the time when the "globalists" and Obola himself were on the ropes over the Susan Rice spying scandal, using nat. security surveillance for political purposes. So u see: the idiot, moronic false-flag "chem-attack"--which fooled no one--was used by the kikes in favor of Trump's putative enemies, the "globalists," taking lots of pressure off them.

People are going to realize Trump's son-in-law, the kike Kushner, is himself a globalist-leftist--and I think lots of folks know all this already.

So Trump is willing to doing this idiocy for kikes at behest of his "advisor," his kike son-in-law, aggravated by circumstances of a failing economy due to that Jew-inspired criminal enterprise, the central bank, legalized counterfeiting (see on such central-bank, -banking).

And folks will understand how Hitler really was right about Jews all along: they're scummy, murdering, lying filth, and they well deserve extermination--no less than they're now trying to exterminate the Palestinians.

Jew S A now is mere "dog" being "wagged" by kike filth, through such as Kushner and Trump--HOW can people fail to see?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gosh, golly, geeeee, but little shit-heads can't unnastan' Jew-tube vids are being arbitrarily "de-monetized," and poor little shit-for-brains just can't figure-out why and what to do, ho ho ho ho ho....

Awwwwww, Poor Little Scum-Balls Are Soooooo Down-cast: What's Problemo, Snow-Flakes?
(Apollonian, 9 Apr 17)

Awwwwwwwwww--isn't it sooooooooo sad?--the poor little morons, suckers, scum, puke, and filth--"the people"--are positively crest-fallen, perturbed, disappointed, outraged--their stinking idiot Jew-tube vids are being "de-monetized" and some are even being totally censored and summarily, arbitrarily taken-down. Awwwwwwwwww, ho ho ho ho ho.

But geeeeeeeeeeeeee whiz, u stupid little bastards, WHAT do u expect fm a goddam MONOPOLY?--doesn't it occur to u brainless little ****s that's what's going-on? How did u think monopolies work, morons? U wanted a dictatorship of "moralism," run by kikes, and now, what?--u're not satisfied? Ho ho ho ho oho.

Why should ZOG (Zionist occupation gov.) support anything that criticizes it?--stupid, brainless puke? What?--u want to talk about reason, justice, and TRUTH?--how dare u?--no wonder ZOG treats u so meanly, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho oho. ZOG can't stand reason, justice or truth, dip-****s--did u ever begin to want to asking WHY?--dumbasses.

And what's the top, largest, most powerful, ruling MONOPOLY, suckers?--it's the goddam central-bank, morons--they're the "deep-state," suckers, dincha' know that, u dumb little bastards? Ck for expo on central bank, fools--get a clue, dumbasses.

For what's another word/phrase for "organized crime"?--would it be legalized counterfeiting?--isn't that what the/a central bank does?--isn't that what central-banking is all about, pea-brains? Ho ho ho ho ho ho HOW did u think the criminals control everything, ****-for-brains? Do what they like and say; u get moooola, right? And if u don't do what they say, u get jack ****, eh? Ho ho ho ho oho. Try growing some brains, dip****s, maybe u'll figure something out some day, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

So if u little pieces-of-**** want to go back to making money off ur Jew-tube vids, then maybe u OUGHT TO BREAK-UP THE MONOPOLY, EH?--stupid, brainless little bastard puke, ho ho hoho ho hoho

Friday, April 7, 2017

Ho ho ho ho--observe, Trump's absolutely illegal, un-Constitutional military strike on Syria will be hailed by all sides, his approval ratings to sky-rocket--just u watch, ho ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not yet published, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Trump's Illegal, Un-Constitutional Military Strike Against Syria Will Bring Great Benefit, Politically
(Apollonian, 7 Apr 17)

Never forget Trump is mere front-man for Israeli Zionists, working along w. his son-in-law, Kushner, their job being to making Jews "comfortable"--which they've surely done. "America first" really means Israel first.

Notice how Trump acts like mafia-don who tells Germany they owe 300+ billion dollars, and now ordered a "hit" on Syria--he made sure no Ruskies were hurt, so they have no complaint--or not too much of one, anyway.

Note also, Trump and Son have made Kushner's people happy too, Kushner being a "globalist" and leftist. For the "deep-state" and Democrats were feeling tremendous pressure and embarrassment over the Susan Rice and "un-masking" "spying" scandal, and Trump's illegal strike against Syria took some attn. fm their ("globalist") troubles.

So Trump and Co. benefit for sake of Israel AND the "globalists" and Democrats who will now give him credit and compliments, surely, saying what a strong and "alpha male" he is. It was easy, win-win proposition for Trump, whose approval ratings will surely rise.

Maybe now Trump will get his Sup. ct. nominee approved, and then get his budget and debt ceiling problems solved for political purposes. So the strike was political success even though he deserves to be impeached and removed fm office for his illegal acts.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I thought Trump was supposed to be smart?--so he's going to suck along w. this obvious kike-contrived false-flag in Syria?--it only helps kikes of "DEEP-STATE"....

So How Stupid Is Trump?--Will He Fall For Moronic False-Flag In Syria?
(Apollonian, 6 Apr 17)

Wouldn't u know it?--here the Democrats AND "DEEP-STATE" are caught red-handed using nat. security surveillance for political purposes, and look at what those wily MOSSAD kikes do--staging a false-flag "chem-attack" in Syria, moronically blaming the Syrians and Assad, which everyone knows is stupid, which Assad wouldn't do and doesn't need to doing, the Ruskies having things well in hand, the "rebel"/terrorists/ISIS on the run.

And of course, things were well set-up before-hand, the US invading the country, Syria, totally illegally. So now Trump has the opportunity to serving his true masters, Jew filth, specifically Israel, ISRAEL IN TURN SERVING "DEEP-STATE," taking the pressure off Obola and Dems for their criminal spying on Trump and other things (like IRS mis-treatment of "T-party").

So now observe how the kike filth AND "DEEP-STATE" is served soooooooo brilliantly, their clients, the Dems and "DEEP-STATE," relieved, and now tensions over a possible war in Syria suddenly enhanced--Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee--it's win-win for the Jew filth, including "deep-state" isn't it? Jews and "deep-state" are soooooo smart and clever, truly, aren't they? And Trump, is he a brainless chump and patsy, or what? "America first"?--ho ho ho ho ho--well, it was a brilliant campaign slogan, for sure, getting millions of votes. And once again the American goyim, suckers, and morons are sold-out and snookered like the schmucks they really are, eh?--w. leaders like Trump and Obola, Americans don't need enemies.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Le Pen (France) pt.s out what we really already know about fallacious "left-right" paradigm, but still doesn't quite allow herself fullest truth--it's satanism vs. rational (hence anti-semitic) humanity....

Nahhhh, Of Course It Isn't Mere "Left Vs. Right"--It's satanism & Jews Vs. Humanity & Reason
(Apollonian, 31 Mar 17)

So Le Pen of France tells voters it's not mere "left vs. right"; see and The two vids at the daily Kenn were removed by Jew tube, evidently, naturally.

And of course, lots of folks through the yrs, including the Birchers ( have noted how the "money power," controlled by satanists (extreme subjectivists) control both sides, "left and right." Le Pen now wants to say it's "globalists" and corporatists on one side ("leftists") vs. "nationalists" and/or "patriots," nationalists often backed by the Zionist Jews, as we see here in Jew S A, who backed Trump and who no doubt back Le Pen.

Don't forget Anders Breivik (of 2011 Norway massacre) was a terrorist mason and mass-murderer (if it wasn't total false-flag) who said he supported Israel in name of nationalism. Jews are behind both factions.

Le Pen is surely correct when she says it's patriots on one side, BUT those "patriots" must be anti-satanist, therefore anti-semitic, in order to be true patriots--because it's Jews leading the general satanic power, masons, homosexuals, illegal aliens, et al. See for expo on Jews and Talmud.

For on top of the false "left vs. right" is the satanic "money power" behind the central bank (see for expo on central banking), CONTROLLING EVERYTHING and everybody, as they have all the funds, esp. in way of nearly infinite currency.

What's interesting is Le Pen admits the "corporatists" trying to monopolize everything--and how better to doing that than beginning w. the currency (not real "money") scam, a plain and outright criminal enterprise, and monopoly, the central-bank, LITERALLY legalized counterfeiting?

So the only thing to analyze is how these criminals (counterfeiters) are allowed to rule and dominate: the only way we see and can verify is by means of OVER-POPULATION of stupid people who allow and even promote this (central bank) criminality and fraud to getting-by, and they do this on pretext of fallacious "good-evil" moralism, which however, the over-populated goons, scum, filth, puke, and suckers (takes one to know one, I admit) will fight to the death to defending.

It's same moralist pretext the goons invoke for the anti-prostitution laws and anti-drug laws--MORALISM IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT problem of society which fallacious "good-evil" pretext is defended by sooooooooooooo goddam many morons, dumbasses, et al.--I don't think I need to explain. It's why--this veritable OVER-POPULATION of morons problem--things have to get horrible and un-bearable before anything useful in way of solution can be done.

That's why anti-semitism (hence anti-satanism) is such easy solution (again, just ck, much the actual raison detre' (ultimate, essential justification) for our dear Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence objective reality, against Talmudic satanism, subjectivism, foundation of that fatal "good-evil" Pharisaism, Pelagianism in Christian theology.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ajax Jewns ( foremost narcissist paragon, caricature, "leader" of "good" vs. "evil"...--what a pathetic joke, reductio-ad-absurdum, truly....

Ajax Jewns ( Most Comical Paragon Of Purest Narcissism, Tool Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 17)

Behold Ajax Jewns (, truly and surely one of the greatest jokes, absolutely comical, in his way, but additionally significant as perfect sign of truly corrupt and decadent culture of most gross hubris. Jewns and Bill O'Reilly (FOX) are surely a couple of peas in a pod, both such amazing, incredible, gross NARCISSISTS--perfect signs of the present Jew-controlled, Jew-serving, Jew-centric culture we have, both of those scum the purest Jewwy shills, servants, and toadies.

Thus u have PERFECT PICTURES, in Jewns and O'Reilly, of narcissist SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, Pharisaism, and the Israel-first Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for best expo) component, this then in principle opposition to the "leftist" "globalists" for world-gov. and "progressivism" for morons and queers.

Such are the two Jew-serving establishment poles, "left" and "right," which so fascinate so many of the goons, fools, and suckers bred-up now by a corrupt and degenerate Jew-dominated culture, the weak-minded scum so pathetically addicted to and hung-up over "morality," esp. of the fallacious "good-evil" taught to the little scum-balls when they were young, the little pukes never getting-over it, the delusion having taken-over.

The great comedy given by Jewns is not just his usual idiot self-righteousness, ranting in his loud and hysterical mode, including his constant and repeated assertions of "good-evil" and "free-will," but now lately his amazing interrupting and talking-over his interview guests, cutting into, cutting them off, and Ajax imagines people love listening to him doing all this stupid, blatant narcissism on pretext of "MORALITY" and moralism.

And of course, all Ajax's stupid babbling is on top of his phony vocal tone and rasp he contrives to putting on, tightening on the back of his mouth, top of his throat--though he seems to be quite used to doing it over the yrs now. This phony, contrived vocal rasp he affects seems to be pretty much second-nature nowadays--what an amazing joke of a character now become caricature--Mr. morality, truly, ho ho ho ho.

There's no doubt in my mind, Jewns is absolutely psychotic and obsessed w. this idiot narcissism. And don't forget there's great similarities btwn narcissism, psychopathology and sociopathy, see and

And the kikes at top absolutely LOVE Jewns--why?--because he keeps people (at least on the JC "right") addicted/obsessed w. SUBJECTIVISM by means of his pushing non-existent "good-evil" and "free"-will, pretending and insisting it (moralism) is such virtue. The "globalist left" is similarly moralistic though they don't believe in, and indeed, positively HATE Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and Christianity. For the HUBRIS of the culture is founded in this obsession/addiction for moralism and non-existent "good-evil," psychologic foundation of, and pretext for subjectivism, hence SATANISM, non-existent "good" worst enemy of truth.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Note the great irony to ZOG's "Agenda-21" program for genocide: there actually is an "over-population" of a distinct sort....

The Great Irony To satanism And Agenda-21 (And -30) Genocide--There Actually IS "Over-Population"
(Apollonian, 21 Mar 17)

Observe the circumstances for Agenda-21 & -30 genocide ("pop.-control") is there's a certain grain-of-truth to things in that, given the historical CYCLE for Spenglerian "Decline of the West," there really is, in truth, an over-population of goons, fools, morons, scum, suckers, and hubris-filled puke.

For note the successful empire creates this sort of population, descended fm the original conquerors, pioneers, and producers: consider simply the Romans. So eventually, the descendent population who didn't have to fight and suffer, or even, in so many cases, have to work too hard, become so HUBRIS-filled, as we see fm the present generations of USA, their policies are positively destructive, as by means of socialism and welfare-state, which penalize productive work and reward non-production.

For note the socialist ethic is collectivist sacrifice of the individual in favor of the "collective," etc., which always favors the top master-minds. Such then is the culture of death, founded upon the ethic of death, altruism, self-sacrifice, etc.

So it's no wonder then eventually the policy emerges for explicit, overt genocide--"Agenda-21" (and now -30), pop.-reduction. Such is the irony, the over-populated suckers ("liberals," leftists, "progressives," homosexuals, et al.) who go along so willingly w. the satanic master-minds rather endorse their own extermination.

And look at the real "over-population"--as of the bureaucracy, and then their clients (suckers) among the population--the welfare state. Thus the communist/socialist state grows and expands, including for the lust for ever-greater power for controlling things economic and political.

So this very real over-population of hubris-filled scum, goons, and suckers, esp. composed of "liberals," and homosexuals, is why and how we find ourselves in this latest cycle of warfare against satanism, the culture of death, led, as always, by the Jews who preach "agenda-21" prop. Don't forget to ck for best expo on Talmudic satanism.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Note all the hype, lies, spin, fake-news, etc., put out by Jews-media ("tower of babel" syndrome)--purpose?--cog. dissonance, setting-up for terror-event, coming soon, no doubt....

Satanism, Terrorism Thrive In Condition Of Confusion, Cognitive Dissonance; Don't Forget Basic Christian (Hence Anti-Semitic) Principles
(Apollonian, 20 Mar 17)

Observe the false-flags and fake-news is continuing hot and heavy--what's purpose?--to induce cognitive dissonance and a state of passivity and helplessness, esp. for the weaklings, who are legion--it's just a form of terrorism--the setting-up for it.

And one of the gross terroristic lies is the usual, typical lies by Jews and Israel about "Islamic terrorism," pushed by their present flunky, Trump, and now including the yankee hill-billy, Ajax Jewns of So the next thing to happen, coming soon, no doubt, will be a huge "event," another false-flag, of 9/11 magnitude, blamed on Islamics, serving as excuse to attack Iran, no doubt.

For there is NO "terrorism" but for that staged by CIA, MOSSAD, and then associated MI6 (UK), and NATO, including the Saudis and Pakistanis who are associated "allies," and satellites (puppets, agents, and contractors).

So the most interesting question then will be whether Trump, the Israeli flunky, will endorse greater censorship, esp. in view of fact it was the free I-net that gained him his election victory against the otherwise totally fixed and controlled Jews-media. Because when this false-flag hits, it will immediately be detected, analyzed, and torn-apart by the still free press of the I-net. I-net is worst enemy of Satanists (Jews--see

Getting back to the deliberately induced cognitive dissonance and confusion being induced, esp. on part of the world-gov. "globalists," as of CNN, MSNBC, Farce-book, et al., we merely need understand that we should place greatest attn. and focus upon the serious issues and principles, not the details by which Jews-media (Joogle, Farce-book, and Twitter) tries to distract and divert.

For the things that are happening regardless the "spin," lies, fake-news, false-flags, and diversions are implosion of US economy, despite Trump's wishful-thinking, as he continues the counter-productive military spending. Economy is collapsing, suckers; get a clue. Soon there will be horrendous currency collapse (huge devaluations).

And what good will it do to de-activate the "globalists" while empowering the Zionists and terror-state of Israel?--which seems to be what Trump is doing.

What then to do?--remember the SATANISTS RULE w. their central-bank (see for expo) still at the center of things, even though "globalist" "leftists" may seem to be in waning decline. Satanism still rules w. Israel and neo-cons; Trump is their patsy. And if Trump is right about "globalist" dicatatorship, which of course he is, then same de-centralizing principle should be applied to Jew S A for nullification, secession, and states-rights--it's what we've needed now for 150 yrs or so.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

People must begin to getting a clue: the "culture" (such as it is) is captured by satanism, suckers....

Only Cultural/Psychologic "Solution": People Must Grasp Satanism Ruling
(Apollonian, 16 Mar 17)

There are just TOOOOOOOOO MANY stupid, scummy puke, filth, goons, and morons (yes, it takes one to know one, ho ho ho ho ho)--there are too many people--hence WHO (desperately) NEED LEADERSHIP.

How else can we explain gross, in-ur-face criminal conspiracy ruling and running everything?--like the central banks, LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING (see for expo on central banking). But since the banks print-up nearly all the currency (not real "money") they need, for funding all the wars they need, to killing all the people they need to kill, etc., it's hard to keep these poor, brainless, over-populated fools informed. After all, all they (the "people") want is "bread and circuses," right?--nowadays addicted to TV and football games.

So folks merely need face and reflect on fact satanism rules--THE CULTURE OF DEATH (built upon lies). The lies, of course, are tooooo clever for the poor brainless dumbasses to figure-out, like "Keynesian economics," BUT they can figure-out the mass-media monopolies lie, "Big-Pharma" monopoly is murdering them by "slow-kill" methods, poison vaccines, drugs, the gov., controlled by bankers and associated monopolists forcing people to take the vaccines and drugs, immunizing the vaccine-makers fm law-suits, etc.

So then what's the thing about satanism?--they're behind the "banks" and legalized counterfeiting, right, but then how does satanism arise? These questions might not be understood by all the stupid, over-populated brainless fools, morons, scum, goons, and puke (our lovely "people"), but at least enough of the leaders (the "good shepherds") need to be able to understand the basic idea: SATANISM IS (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM--the idea all reality is mere product of mind/consciousness, making one creator of reality (making oneself God--the definition of satanism, after all).

Thus it took Christ to teach there's such thing as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which couldn't exist in first place without the objective (hence God-given) reality. That's why glorious truth always RESURRECTS (Easter) as one can't kill it, anymore than one can kill (objective) reality. It's why Jews absolutely hate Christ (= truth, objectivity) more than anything, why Jews are satan's favorite little henchmen. See

And there's just this slight little trick about (extreme) subjectivism which makes it sooooo devilishly successful: (a) it must be COLLECTIVE and organized in order to work. satanism practiced merely by the individual is pointless, worthless, useless, and actually self-destructive, merely leads to psychosis. That's why most successful satanists are the naturally collectivist Jews and their primary accomplices among gentiles, the (free-) masons.

(b) Another basic thing to understand is this satanism arises fm a formerly successful, victorious, and "prosperous" society, usually (almost always) an empire--as we see in present American instance, the Americans having taken-over leading imperialist status fm the British before them. See "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, who and which plots the CYCLIC rise and fall of these empires, the empires always giving way to HUBRIS, corruption, and perversion (see "Pizza-gate").

(c) Finally, the original subjectivist pretext for satanism is inculcated at earliest age for the fools, suckers, morons, and scum, in guise there's such thing as "good-evil": Pharisaism, also known in Christianity as Pelagian heresy.  For there's no "good-evil" (or even true "free" human will) in an objective, hence determined reality in accord w. absolute cause-effect.

For it's extremely DIFFICULT to preach against "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy for which goons, morons, and scum will fight for to the very death--sometimes, under the right circumstances--esp. if it seems to pay well and the central-banks are still pumping-out huge masses of currency which haven't yet totally destroyed the economy and society.