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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Observe the satanic, holographic, virtual reality being set-up for election fraud and vote-rigging in favor of hitlery....

satanic Virtual, Holographic Reality Being Prepared, Pushed By ZOG For Election Fraud
(Apollonian, 31 Aug 16)

Observe the satanic "virtual reality" for vote-rigging and election-fraud that's being readied and implemented by satanic powers fueled and funded by legalized counterfeiters of US Federal Reserve Bank conspiracy (see for expo on fed fraud). For that's ONLY way hitlery Clinton will ever be "elected"--GROSS FRAUD, proven already in case of Bernie Sanders, the Jew, who yet willingly laid-down for it all, even when he knew all about the fraud. That's why Google and Facebook have been intensively censoring in favor of Clinton and against Trump, same w. the Jews-media.

Note the so-called Jewwy "polls" have shown hitlery in "lead" even though truth is Trump is way ahead for voter support in real polling news. And Trump's popularity is well demonstrated by attendance of his rallies in contrast to hitlery rallies which have to pay people to turn-out, ho ho ho.

Next step is Feds now stepping-in to see to the rigging of the vote, ck

Meantime ZOG will continue to plotting for up-coming take-over and election fraud especially in way of diversions, esp. in way of warfare in Syria and Ukraine, perhaps also in S. China Sea or maybe even Korea.

Such then is the plan for ZOG and Jew world order gov. and their holographic reality they seek to present and push upon the over-populated stupid scum of the world, and it certainly could work IF the people allow it. Key to it all is seeing the satanic roots in subjectivism, Pharisaism, perfectly "free" will delusion and "good-evil" fallacy, etc. What is certain is there's horrific economic consequences that are coming and will arrive, regardless of everything, like necessary devaluations and destruction of the various fiat-currencies and central banking systems. Good luck comrades.

Monday, August 29, 2016

What's meaning of hitlery's explicit mentioning/naming of Alexei Jones ('s somewhat desperate measure to insure Jew hegemony/over-lordship....

Naming Of Alexei Jones ( By Hitlery Seeks Insurance Of Jew OverLordship
(Apollonian, 29 Aug 16)

Surely most important thing to know about hitlery's "alt.-right" speech (Thurs. Aug 25) is the explicit naming of Alexei Jones (, for this was a horribly, miserably losing move for her and all-winning for Alexei himself, but also Trump too, for it effectively legitimized Alexei Jones, along w. Trump, for rulership of Jew S A. So it now seems as if Jew powers-at-top have decided to acknowledge the possibility they won't be able to entirely rig the vote to insure election of hitlery--hence the legitimization of Alexei fm the mouth of the monster herself, hitlery.

Legitimization of Alexei only now means the "globalists" will have to take a little more time for their take-over--time now for the "good-Jews" of more nationalist bent to rule for a while as the "left" re-groups forces.

For never forget the basic issue regards the overall satanic rulership; hence this issue necessarily entails Jew overlordship, Jews natural leaders of satanism, esp. by means of Kabbalah (Zohar), not to mention Talmud. Jews want to make sure they're ONLY GAME IN TOWN, u see--thus legitimization of Alexei.

Thus the whole presidential election issue reduces to good-Jew vs. bad-Jew; "good-Jews" being the key notion endorsed by Trump and Jones. "Beyond the pale" for Jew establishment is idea of anti-semitism, the total, complete exclusion of Jews, as for exclusion of psychopaths, criminals, etc.

So I contend this latest amazing development, as we have fm hitlery and her mention of Alexei, is effective announcement hitlery is made to tacitly admit she may well lose the election, everyone knowing ONLY way she'd win is by big-time fix and rigging, as Trump has noted.

And the ONLY possible, practical opposition to this satanism (hence Jews) is the real Christianity, standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, hence the objective reality as that's ONLY way one has real truth (see Gosp. JOHN 18:38).

Hence the only real Christians are those who TOTALLY oppose Jews and Judaism, the essence of satanism, satanism defined and understood as extreme subjectivism, Jews the natural leaders of such satanism as Jews are most organized, most collectivist.

For note the West was always healthy, vibrant, and productively growing in all reason, logic, and science, long as it abhorred Judaism, Jews most practical satanists--which thorough-going anti-semitism was replaced w. anti-Christianity around time of French Revolution, as we know, Rothschild bankers emerging as strongest cultural and economic force after Napoleonic wars, Marxist manifesto subsequently arising in 1848, etc. So don't doubt Alexei Jones is simply an interjection, strategic "deflection," meant for the furtherance of satanism and Jew rulership/hegemony.

Friday, August 12, 2016

"Usury" is most interesting issue of Biblic and Christian analysis, helping separating sheep fm goats....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but probably not to be published, at

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Usury" Is Excellent Question For Christian Philosophy, Analysis
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 16)

Yes2truth: Ur question (see below-copied) simply brings up questions of basic economics. If ur money is real money, hence commodity-based, w. "intrinsic value," hence gold/silver, and NOT NOT NOT mere "currency," which is legalized counterfeiting, then the REAL money can be loaned to willing borrowers by mutual consent for mutual benefit.

Remember: only that money can be loaned which is owned by people who have it available. The "interest" would have to come fm the rest of the economy earned by the borrower. If the funds cannot be re-paid, then the borrower loses his collateral security, obviously.

"Usury" is UN-DEFINED in the Biblic literature and in the citations given by Hoffman, who himself provides NO substantial or definitive exposition upon the real meaning of the term, "usury"--why his book is such a gross failure, as I've explained to Hoffman several times.

Thus "usury" could ONLY refer to the fiat-currency system--LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING--by which the amount of currency in circulation is easily manipulated so that when total circulation is reduced ("deflated"), then the ability to pay back loans is made impossible, and the debtors are FORCED into bankruptcy, losing their collateral and impoverished.

This distinction btwn fiat-currency and REAL MONEY is what Hoffman overlooks, indeed, seems to know absolutely NOTHING about--why his book is a disaster and embarrassment. Ur question then is excellent and simple which allows a definitive exposition of the topic.

Remember also: Christianity is sublimely and magnificently rational aesthetic (literature) which conveys the Holy Spirit of reason, honesty, and integrity by which to grasp and apprehend Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the ONLY way to God and Godly happiness.

Hoffman seems to want to pretend Christ and Bible merely issue COMMANDS--which is actually what Islam does, Christianity rather conducting most sublime rationalist dialectic by which to expose, refute, and condemn satanism (extreme subjectivism) and Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

This is basic issue, not only regarding specific subject of "usury," but also the nature of Christianity which Hoffman mis-represents as an Islamic-style panoply of COMMAND(s) (a), regarding (b) something, "usury," which Hoffman totally mis-understands, as I note. Keep thinking and asking ur excellent questions, for that's the Christian method which always wins, truth (= Christ) ALWAYS resurrecting as at Easter, for truth reflects the God-given (hence objective) reality. Don't forget Pontius Pilate's rhetorical question at JOHN 18:38, "what is truth?"

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------

yes2truth said...
Thanks for this, very helpful and informative.

@ The Truth will set you free: Question for you. If 1 million pounds is put into circulation within a small community and interest at 5% is charged, where does the additional £50,000 come from?
7:08 AM

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dear Christianity is so horribly mis-understood, mis-represented, scorned, and dis-respected; so first thing is to grasp, understand the circumstances which make it necessary....

Dear Christianity, So Scorned And Mis-Represented--HOW Then To Placing Perspective?--Problem Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 9 Aug 16)

Thus we examine how and why, esp. the HOW, Christianity is sooooo scorned, denigrated, and dis-respected. Well, first, we note how Christianity is mis-represented--what is it? And we note how Christianity is only half-way understood, sooo poorly, sooo inadequately--this sooo needlessly, for it can be easily understood properly--this isn't rocket-science. For if Christianity was rocket-science, it wouldn't work, wouldn't be practical.

Thus we note further, not only is Christianity poorly understood and mis-represented, it's actually then HI-JACKED and used for its very opposite purpose--satanism, as in case of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalism by which fools, scum, and suckers are brought to supporting terror-state of Israel, as we see.

So first, it's surely appropriate and virtuous to grasp the original CIRCUMSTANCES, the problem being satanism as we see, noted by many--just type-in "satanism" on u-tube search engine and see the results. Thus satanism is extreme subjectivism, this organized, esp. by Jews, foremost liars and subjectivists (see

For as reason leads to increase in human numbers and population, the very increase in such humanity next leads to HUBRIS, and those smug and presumptuous humans now pretending they're like God w. a perfectly "free" will, capable now of "good-evil." Practical sociologic function of Jews then is in the reduction of this over-population by means of warfare.

Thus Christianity arose in explicit opposition to Pharisees, leaders of Jews (not Judeans, "Jews" defined as followers of Pharisees and Talmud, only 5 % of population of Judeans being such followers of Pharisees at time of Christ), definitive preaching of the real Torah (first 5 books of Bible). Christ then is understood as TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Thus Christian truth necessarily implies the objective reality, foundation to truth--against the Judaic subjectivism which subjectivism is always ultimately founded on false premise of perfectly "free" will and "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism).

Thus we see Christianity is further, and mostly, obscured by means of pretending it means "love" or "faith," "faith" falsely understood as mere beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin' rather than as simple LOYALTY--simple fallacy of equivocation. Another fallacy is "peace" as at any price. But Christianity is necessarily truth, truth being the only proper foundation of anything else, including love or peace, etc.

Thus we see, overall, how proper Christianity is understood according to the literature, as of New Test., in relation then w. Old Test. And just as a Greek or Hellenist was and is understood as one familiar w. the ideals fm the literature, esp. the definitive Homeric literature, same goes for Christianity and Christian culture, founded upon the literature. Martin Luther was soooo right for insisting people read it for themselves.

But again, and most of all, never forget the proper CIRCUMSTANCES: Christianity wouldn't be needed and wouldn't be so essential and important, without that horrific problem of satanism. For even if folks argue and bicker and dispute upon Christianity and it's real, proper meaning, FAR, FAR FEWER would dispute about problem of satanism, extreme subjectivism, foundation of lies, lying, etc.

CONCLUSION: So, again, to best understanding dear Christianity, FIRST explain the sad circumstances of satanism, all this consistent w. the literature as ultimate reference.

Friday, August 5, 2016

At this pt., the greater the horror and tribulation, the better it is (ironically) for the Christian anti-satanic, anti-semitic msg....

Ever-Greater Catastrophe Provides Ever-Greater Ground For Patriot Revival, Success
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 16)

"Someone commented that america is a plantation of slaves, but i think it is a plantation of cannibals."

I just now got above quoted response to my article at And I thought about it, and concluded as to what an outstanding observation it really is. For yes indeed, a degenerating and declining "culture" or civilization takes on that very sort of nature--fm slaves to cannibals--no less than in Bolshevik Russia as the Soviet gov. degenerated fm Lenin through the Stalinist years, becoming evermore ruthless and murderous. Thus for example, Stalin's enforcers succeeded one another for viciousness and treachery, fm Yagoda, to Yeshov, to Beria.

For it's the nature of dictatorship to always needing an emergency to justifying evermore power--it eventually must destroy itself. And we see present UN and Jew world order (JWO) pushing agenda-21 "depopulation" genocide--on-going in way of poison "chem-trails," toxic vaccines, and the cancer-inducing glyphosates, along w. depleted uranium being spread throughout the middle-east and anywhere NATO bombs people. Don't forget the GMO foods and poisonous food additives, MSG, bisphenol A, aspartame, HFCS, etc. Imagine then how things have to be for the masterminds at the top w. world population at, what?--7 billion? So they want to reduce things down to half a billion, according to the "Georgia Guidestones"?

So imagine u're one of the masterminds at the top (they still may use some gentiles for the various purposes) as the gentile population is steadily mass-murdered. Don't u think u'd get evermore nervous as the number of gentiles goes down, down, down? Wouldn't it be simply inevitable one would suspect a double-cross at some pt.?--why not? For as the number of gentiles is reduced, why wouldn't the number of master-minds at the top be similarly subject to reduction? Is there any "honor among thieves"?--or murderers?

And we know the Jews, at least some of them, need slaves ("Shabbat goyim"), so isn't it inevitable there'd be a clash among those who want to keep some gentiles alive versus the ones who would totally annihilate all gentiles? And then isn't that sort of clash that's going-on right now w. Trump vs. the majority faction of JWO masterminds?

So yes, absolutely: there would inexorably come a pt. in the CYCLIC process of things where the slaves would become cannibals, un-questionably, indubitably--at least some of the slaves would do that in order to get ahead or to survive within the ever-greater chaos and degeneration.

Thus I say the time is ripe to inform the people of the REAL Christianity, worship of truth, enemy of lies and satanism, hence the subjectivism upon which lies are necessarily based. All we can do is to trying our best, and regardless, as the casualties mount within the growing chaos, anarchy, and catastrophe, an ever-greater percentage of folks among the surviving remnants will begin to hear what we're saying.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump vs. hitlery entails extremely important issue: nat. sovereignty vs. world dictatorship--overlooked by too many....

Here below-copied is ltr e-mail I just now sent to the editor/writer at for their latest story at

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Trump vs. hitlery Involves Most Serious Issue, Nat. Sovereignty Vs. World Dictatorship
(Apollonian, 2 Aug 16)

Hello: First, I want to express appreciation for at least a couple of ur latest stories/articles on the fake shootings and the psy-ops at Nice, France.

But I'd like to pt. out a couple of serious pt.s u seem to overlook about ur very latest on "Clump" which suffers fm ur equating them--which equivalency, I submit, is only partially true. Note then, first of all, that the "globalist" monopolists/oligarchs have much won their long battles for world domination and control, now monopolizing the mass-media, having only to consolidate and TOTALLY removing the free inter-net, then to continue w. genocide of Agenda-21.

Thus gentile patriots are left and REDUCED now to merely supporting one faction of masterminds against another, on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES." Thus the minority faction is surely anxious about the genocidal implications of Agenda-21, for as the stock of gentile slaves is reduced, then how does that minority faction know they themselves won't be DOUBLE-CROSSED?

Thus u see, the Trump faction dissents against the majority party-line on the EXTREMELY important issue of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY--which is EXTREMELY serious and important ideal--which I suspect u're overlooking. And it doesn't matter, really, even if what u indicate about Trump's insincerity on the issue is true. Regardless, it is a principle by which the people are successfully being rallied--even apart fm Trump, as it pre-existed before Trump. Trump is simply the present and willing front-man for this genuine and substantial movement for nat. sovereignty.

Thus equating of Trump and Clinton is over-blown and not entirely accurate, it being most important--in fact, practically the ONLY tactical option--to support the minority faction Trump leads, keeping the oligarchs in-fighting and thus dis-united. Thanks for ur consideration of these observations, and by all means keep up ur good work. A.