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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump vs. hitlery entails extremely important issue: nat. sovereignty vs. world dictatorship--overlooked by too many....

Here below-copied is ltr e-mail I just now sent to the editor/writer at for their latest story at

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Trump vs. hitlery Involves Most Serious Issue, Nat. Sovereignty Vs. World Dictatorship
(Apollonian, 2 Aug 16)

Hello: First, I want to express appreciation for at least a couple of ur latest stories/articles on the fake shootings and the psy-ops at Nice, France.

But I'd like to pt. out a couple of serious pt.s u seem to overlook about ur very latest on "Clump" which suffers fm ur equating them--which equivalency, I submit, is only partially true. Note then, first of all, that the "globalist" monopolists/oligarchs have much won their long battles for world domination and control, now monopolizing the mass-media, having only to consolidate and TOTALLY removing the free inter-net, then to continue w. genocide of Agenda-21.

Thus gentile patriots are left and REDUCED now to merely supporting one faction of masterminds against another, on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES." Thus the minority faction is surely anxious about the genocidal implications of Agenda-21, for as the stock of gentile slaves is reduced, then how does that minority faction know they themselves won't be DOUBLE-CROSSED?

Thus u see, the Trump faction dissents against the majority party-line on the EXTREMELY important issue of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY--which is EXTREMELY serious and important ideal--which I suspect u're overlooking. And it doesn't matter, really, even if what u indicate about Trump's insincerity on the issue is true. Regardless, it is a principle by which the people are successfully being rallied--even apart fm Trump, as it pre-existed before Trump. Trump is simply the present and willing front-man for this genuine and substantial movement for nat. sovereignty.

Thus equating of Trump and Clinton is over-blown and not entirely accurate, it being most important--in fact, practically the ONLY tactical option--to support the minority faction Trump leads, keeping the oligarchs in-fighting and thus dis-united. Thanks for ur consideration of these observations, and by all means keep up ur good work. A.

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  1. Below-copied is reply fm HelpFreeTheEarth:

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    "Isn't Trump just a useful tool? If elected, we will be living
    under a fascist police state and brutality against protesters
    and complete suspension of human rights.

    "He's going to be ruthless. I see chaos and new world order
    out of chaos.Hillary is just as ruthless."


    I replied:

    "U talk (write) as if there's any great choice about things. Patriots have lost--ever since War Of Northern Aggression of 1860s, Constitution is gone. The Jew (not just "zionists") masterminds have won, keep consolidating, though their system presently totters. Trump fronts the minority faction of top powers, wanting explicitly to preserve nat. sovereignty, so only patriot course is to support Trump under present circumstances. Patriots can only begin to having serious chances after present masterminds have become weaker, thus we must continue to encourage minority factions like Trump's. A."